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These hints are not for nothing, most people take copyright infringement pretty lightly and view it with little importance or relevance to every day life. Little do you realise that copyright is the most important law on this planet, it is the one thing that removes your freedom from legal jurisdiction under Crown rules, regulations, acts and statutes of commercial law. The one thing that removes your status and rights as a living being.
The ultimate hidden fine print in the contract, obscured by assumption, not even written in words of plain language for you to see let alone comprehend.
One law that binds all to slavery by way of their own inadvertent consent.
Breach of copyright, which everyone that uses a name on a birth certificate commits on a daily basis.
Every name on every birth certificate is subject to copyright, the name itself is not copyrighted, the book in which the name is recorded is copyrighted, the names in the book are passages in the book which, all who are familiar with copyright law knows, is the copyright material in any book and cannot be copied without the consent of the creator of the copyright material.
To use a name in a copyrighted book requires express permission of the “owner” of the copyright, the owner of all registry books is the Crown corporation, world wide. Illegal use of the copyright is not challenged by the Crown as it is more profitable for the Crown to apply the assumption that the user has consented to being subject to Crown constitutional laws of commerce.
Any company is entitled to write its’ own rules/laws, consent is automatically assumed to contract without the users knowledge, placing the onus of responsibility for knowledge of the “company rules” and liability for “all debts incurred to the legal name” upon the individual. – Ignorance of the law cannot be used as a defense.
However, where there has not been full disclosure of terms and conditions of a contract the contract is fraudulent, when a fraud has been revealed, all contracts are rendered null and void, nunc pro tunc, ad infinitum.
The biggest problem can be that you have to experience the proof of this in order to really convince yourself you have been duped. In order to experience what it takes to stand in this truth you must stop using the legal name, the name your parents gave you at birth, it is illegal to use that name as it belongs to the Crown, try telling that to an agent of the Crown, or anyone in business for that matter, you will be met with reactions simply of looks complete disbelief to anger and even violence.
Unless you do stand in this truth you will continue to be raped, violated, stolen from, denied even basic human rights and even murdered by these agents of the Crown. In addition to that the weight of responsibility for every child, every human being, murdered by war or “legally” lawful action, every hardship every foreclosure, every parking ticket, every rates demand, every transaction in commerce put upon others, you are party to because you consent to being subject to the fictional authority of Crown laws, your energies being used by people that have little or no conscience or moral fibre to write laws that make destruction and harm to all living things possible simply because you continue to breach copyright and you won’t stop living a lie claiming to be a legal fiction name that belongs to the Crown thereby giving life to laws of fiction and harmful intent that ultimately serve only death.
It is illegal to use a legal name.
May God have mercy on your soul for the harm you agree to help to cause by using a legal name.

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Paige Lise YouTube Channel

Published on Mar  9, 2013

The One People’s Public Trust (OPPT) consists of every person on the planet, the planet itself and the Creator.

The One People’s Trust trustees are a group of very skilled individuals including legal professionals who, in conjunction with a positive group inside the financial system, carried out extensive investigations into the massive fraud and theft taking place at the time.

They concluded that the financial and corporate government systems were committing treason against the people and after testing different approaches at correcting the injustices against humanity they saw being inflicted, they decided that that the only solution was to terminate the entire system through UCC filings.

This video contains excerpts (edited to maximize understanding of the purpose by minimizing the “legalese”) from one of those filings, UCC Financing Statement Amendment to UCC Doc #2000043135, which can be read in its entirety here…

Intended for the heart…

For more information, visit (official) (community) (blog)




Marc Boyer has quite of few OPPT videos that would appeal to those who are Christians and would like to know how it relates to Biblical prophecy.

Marc Boyer’s YouTube Channel:

Here is one on the Early History of the UCC:

The new OPPT/UCC Trust Challenge is the return of Abraham’s Trust of serving the Creator.

– Marc Boyer


Marc may have some of his information incorrect regarding the trustees but it is really not important in his overall message.


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Brian Kelly’s Blog

April 22, 2013

This exchange just took place a few minutes ago in a Skype chat and I thought it to be well worth sharing.


Chris Hales:<<< My current conclusion is that the UCC filings done by the trust are still active and apply globally but that the operations of the UCC have been put into “permanent suspension” so no further UCC filings may take place.

H: correct

‎11‎:‎49‎ ‎AM

Chris Hales:<<< AK stated in his blog that the Universal Exchange replaced the OPPT. To me the UV Exchange is the treasury for the CVAC System, or whatever is developed, not a complete replacement for the CVAC System concept.

Chris, if one is intent on PAY’ing energy into transition from old to new, 3D to whatever D, etc…..are they still paying energy into the old? I am not attached to the old…I move quickly through tools for the purpose of not permitting the tools to become a crutch or a distraction while the conscious is perceived as arriving where it all ways IS….eternal essence…that IS Absolute Truth…all that IS, BE eternal essence with a a cloak program, so to speak. Remove the cloak, and you see, know and experience what IS. You are responsible for your embodiment, Chris. Assisting other embodiments to assist them Self…great…beautiful…PAY energy into what IS…if you PAY energy into the formula of having one foot in what isn’t and one foot in what IS, what result DO you get? what result DO you create?

everything was essentially reversed engineered, if you will, back to where it originated from in ABSOLUTE PRIME FIRST SOURCE (I am watching eternal essence work through its embodiments to expose the roles those embodiments played…the remaining embodiments that eternal essence is NOW exposing, DID NOT go back to ABSOLUTE PRIME FIRST SOURCE in their purported positions/titles/claims…they conveniently go back with data only far enough to support that their positions, titles, claims exist and are implemented)….ABSOLUTE TRUTH? Here is the current status of eternal essence conscious re-awakening in embodiments:

PRINCIPAL: Eternal essence is all that IS…all that IS, BE eternal essence embodied, I (various forms of embodiment, but there IS only one conscious, eternal essence conscious and that is revealing NOW)VALUE: energy IS THE VALUE, the currency of the embodiments of eternal essence, to create/manifest representations of Self for experiencing Self (formerly hidden and stolen by use of primarily monetary representations, but also by use of hierarchies, titles, religions, etc.)…the ABSOLUTE TRUTH of what IS…THE VALUE…is revealing NOW…it is even being revealed by those who desire that it not be revealed for their continued control and they only realize they have revealed AFTER they have done it….the example of what just occurred with Michael Dunn, Keenan, Malik Hughes, Adnan, and the purported Qing Dynasty/SWISSINDO matters is a great example of visibility that is still revealing. (chuckle)

GOVERNANCE/DELIVERY/FLOW OF VALUE: CVAC system was a bridge tool used to illuminate and contrast former systems while simultaneiously re-introducing ABSOLUTE PRINCIPAL and VALUE in preparation for eternal essence embodied and DO’ing eternal essence….the I system and UV Exchange are a graduated bridge tool from the CVAC system bridge tool…all embodiments are awakening and DO’ing eternal essence…absent any bridge tools currently existing or available

Re-read this with heart after you read it with your mind (heart)

Thank you Brian!   And thank you Chris and Heather for the dialog!


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Peter Van Runt

Published on Apr 18, 2013

The “Field” of the World Mind and how we relate to it. Healing The Shadow within.

Transmutation of Energy. Message to the “Illuminati” or Powers That Were.


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Benedick Howard


Published on Mar 13, 2013

How to hand deliver the “One Peoples Public Trust – Courtesy Notice” at a Community Association Board Meeting in 5 minutes or less.

OPPT – One Peoples Public Trust under Universal Commercial Code ( UCC) has foreclosed all Corporations including Governments worldwide in December 2012 for operating debt slavery systems. This is just the very beginning of a new legal landscape and return to Common Law – based on not harming others and honoring each person’s Divine connection to the Creator.

To anchor this claim the OPPT has created legal language under common law for supporting our sovereignty as individuals against the now foreclosed corporations, banks and governments. “Courtesy Notices” are worded in such a way to enforce sovereignty for everyone in a wide range conditions. For example to notify banks that they are foreclosed for operating a debt slavery system and therefore do not exist as a corporation only individual people each liable under common law not to harm others or collect debts, loans or mortgages. The banks are the easiest to convince because they trade under and know UCC law. Corporations like Monsanto can also be noticed, the Chief of Police etc because all corporate structures cease to exist and we are now equally liable under common law.

In this example I hand delivered the Courtesy Notices to the officers of my local community association for operating a foreclosed corporation. As such the Notice is just that until the Respondent continues the illegal action. At that time a “Terms and Conditions” clause creates a legally binding contract and a scale of fees. These fees are later invoiced according to a schedule.

After I left business returned to usual, and now I will re-notice to inform them that I will be invoicing for their violation by operating a debt slavery system and harming myself and our community.

I believe to comply the intermediate solution would be to assign a new temporary board tasked to holding a new election in our 4009 member community to decide on how to democratically meet the needs of the community under common law.

(C)2013 Benedick Howard



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MP3s (minus music, volume leveled and boosted) (30 min., 7 MB per Part)

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Complete show (1:56, 27 MB)

UCC Filing of 18 March 2013 – Eternal Essence Embodied:


Ginger’s Notes (Mahalo, Ginger)

The over arching rainbow colors of this show was one of . . . going over the last and most important document (below) with Heather and group . . . clearly “it’s all over” now . . . upon lots of Joyful giggles, like kids who know what’s in the Christmas Box already opened now . . . a completion end-of-rainbow Pot of Gold that is Us . . . and a Journey’s End as another begins.


We are coming to the tipping point (outwardly) we all have been waiting for . . . the absolute freedom to Do and De . . . beyond our current wildest imaginations . . .
. . . my thought here was start with my most outrageous one like . . . I want to instantly be a beautiful female Avatar with bright indigo blue skin, the most radiant loving amber eyes with the most magnificent tail, who gets to soars the skies on any kind of dragon I wish, right now! . . .

. . . and then to stop and realize that the things about to happen are going to be beyond my imagining even this!

. . . and the careful what I wish for, is most fully in my face NOW . . . as this document has placed all of Humanity into the purest moment to moment of Absolute Alchemy for each of us NOW!

Energetically what is to happen outwardly has already happened and is now completed. All that is left is, for it to be pulled down (by us), therefore, will be obvious over next two weeks unfolding both individually and collectively.

Question: Was this planned to happen on or around this Spring 2013 Equinox?
Answer: No, but there are no accidents!

A little more specifically what is to happen . . .
1. Access to our Value that will not look like it has in past and or what we can imagine, and the PTW cannot steal it.
2. Disclosures will be happening of all kinds, as well as the Absolute Data from within (which means to me, a huge “awakening” for Humanity). This is because the Absolute Data (no parts missing) is so much more than whatever any media network could ever report – lol . . . it can only come from within – and it is so profound and impossible to corrupt by anyone now!
3. The PTW will be able to see it in all transparency, but will not be able to harvest Human energies anymore, nor will anymore PTW fictions be allowed.
4. Therefore, this is the moment to moment to understand we have just re-birthed ourselves (it’s not just Seraph’s birthday today 🙂 . . . completely clean and clear of all our old stories. So we must keep our hearts most open and our minds most open, enjoying every moment of what we came to experience now.
– OPPT-IN website is currently being re-vamped and coming back up live sometime this week.
– There was a full acknowledgment to all of us who have contributed our individual and collective Creative Energies Focus towards assisting getting OPPT awareness out there, WITHOUT any budget of monies, while having so much fun doing it! . . . this is how humans can shift things so fast together, and still growing exponentially as we speak!
– OPPT has fully achieved what it set out to achieve today.
– Forget “the wizards behind curtain” now, as they know it’s all over today. Their last planned effort, that was supposed be implemented today, did not happen. It’s over.
– The type of energies generated by us ALL was so pure, the PTW could not touch it. And it’s imprint runs so deep now, there is no going back.
– Regarding today, the PTW were going to try to reboot the system, but it got yanked for the last time. They had been relying on the authentic St Germain Trust, but they cannot get their hands on it. (however, they did get some of it and created a “St Germain Foundation” to attempt to dupe us again with it)
– A system of value (that reverses the old harvesting tool) is fully anchored back into Prime . . . meaning The End of their enslavement stories, forever.

REGARDING THE LAST DOCUMENT (links at top of post) . . .

*OPPT: All is Eternal Essence, Debt Release UCC Eternal Essence Filing March 18, 2013*

Essentially, there are lots of multi dimensional and multi faceted things are going on in this doc. And OPPT has finished it’s job. – Heather

I have decided not not include any further notes about it here, and as I urge everyone to read it and if you feel you do not quite fully “get it”, to please listen carefully to everyone going over it on the recorded show. And I guarantee you will then, fully get it on all levels of your BE-ing as we now move into a full-on Universal Event . . . so be open to anything while having FUN!

Many Blessings of Absolute Gratitude to all Eternal Hearts that is US, in
Absolute Aloha, Ginger –

PS – In case one last critical detail has still escaped some . . . it has been each and ALL of US here, who has called forth Heather and the other two trustees to manifest all the documents, filings, etc, for what is about to happen Universally. This is so critical to understand most fully now.

And a huge thanks to all of you in our KOI group and Darlene, whom have
supported me for over the past year for hanging in there with our web site and our un-wavering creative matrix inner-visionings . . . as well as Katrina calling me today! I Love you StarSistah . . . see her OPPT website here –

Happy Birthday to our guardian Seraph and to us ALL!

OPPT: All is Eternal Essence, Debt Release

Posted on March 18, 2013
by D Breakingthesilence
*Please read out loud, and read from your heart.*
…. So it is done.*
*Below is the true, accurate, and complete vehicle of word of the
Absolute Energy entered into all that IS
so it is done




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When we realize our value we will be valuable.  When we realize our value we will be valuable.  When we realize our value we will be valuable.  We are not valuable until we say so.
Why do you have low self esteem? Who told you to hate yourself? You were programmed to comply and made to be obedient.  When you realize your value you will become valuable.
You do not realize your value and so you do not see yourself as valuable.
What makes one piece of paper more valuable than another?  One rock more valuable than another?  An agreement – words like “In God We Trust” or “14 Carat” or “Twenty Dollars”.  These words are not real.  They are ink blots, fabrications, illusions; all made up in someone’s head and by agreement, you call them true.
Ever have a tea party?  You take a toy tea set and fill the cups with sugar water and say that for today, its tea.  You know you are playing.  When the game is over you go home and play something else.  For those of you who listened to the Blog Talk Radio show last night with Lisa Harrison, it was like the middle of the tea party, and your big brother showed up.  He looks in your tea cup and says “What are you drinking? This isn’t tea!” Then he walks out.  The game is over.
When the game ends you go home and play something else.  Maybe you play house and pretend to be a mom or dad.  Maybe you play army and become a soldier.  While you play, every necessary component is there because you imagine it to be.  At the end of the game, they are all gone.
Our slavery system is over.  By agreement we have been declaring our value with our labor, our paper and what we could manage to “own” with it.  Those who wrote the rules in the game summed up their value using how much they “owned” – people, property, precious metals.  It is finished, done, and complete.
Now that we’ve stopped playing, how will we “get” our value?  We’ve played the game so long we forgot we were pretending.  Value is not found in paper or rocks.  The value is you. There is nothing to “get”.  Just BE.
We’ve completely replaced self awareness with low self esteem and outsourced our worth.  It’s not valuable unless we work for it, it spends, it’s shiny or it can be converted into a number and tallied.
Love, compassion, kindness and care sound nice but they don’t feed hungry mouths or buy houses. For that – you need cold, hard cash.
When you feel valuable – you are.  When you expect everything, you’ll accept a life of complete and constant fulfillment.  Abundance is doing what you want to, whenever you want to. (Bashar)
These “Creation Value Asset Centers” are another tool.  Think about the tea set.  You don’t really need one in order to have a pretend tea party, since the tea is not real anyway.  They are fancy though, and fun.  They are much easier to understand than invisible teapots pouring invisible tea.
The CVAC’s exist as places we’ll go, and just because we are alive – we’ll have access to monetary representations of ourselves.  They will function as interim equalizers; all will have equal value there and equal access.  They will operate until we “get it” ourselves.  Then the game will change and we’ll know where the value is.
All are equal.  All are worthy.  The value is within.  The CVAC’s are us.
We are the Ones we’ve been waiting for.
~~ I will include here a few more wise words, from another teacher.  Thank you, for your contribution to our understanding.
The conversation about our innate worth as living breathing humans is so big and so noble that I am still taking it in.
We have been indoctrinated with the idea that we are worthless as BEings, that only the product of our DOing has any value at all and that our “net worth” can be stated on a balance sheet.
We have been steered toward the “representation” of our worth (the monetary figure on the balance sheet) and conditioned to believe that it equals our true value. All the while the Powers that Were have been “harvesting” our life energy for their own selfish gain.
OPPT has opened my eyes to the places in the old paradigm that I bought in without even realizing it.
The $10 Billion figure may or may not materialize in my personal life but I now have a monetary representation that represents the magnitude of my true worth. Truly, we are each priceless and invaluable but the $10 Billion figure was a wake up call for me to see just how much of my SELF had been stolen from me without me realizing it or me doing anything to prevent it.
In my mind, OPPT is the greatest blessing to mankind in centuries. The trustees are heroes for the risks they took to bring this forth for all the People of the planet, equally.
There is nothing more for any of us to do, except digest this fact, integrate it’s meaning and begin to live our lives free from the control of any other. OR NOT.