#HATJ- Court Wrap Up and The Big Picture Unfolding For ALL 10.18.17

Posted: October 27, 2017 in One People's Public Trust (OPPT)

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ccrtc10.11.17This phone conversation was recorded with Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf and BZ Riger at 6 AM PDT, on October 19, 2017. HATJ and BZ discuss the court hearing held on 10.18.19 and the big picture unfolding for ALL.




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This is a sample of the latest recording between BZ and Heather on I-UV.com (#HATJ– Court Wrap Up and The Big Picture Unfolding For ALL 10.18.17) … there was a couple of words with a “?” that could not be made out and a couple of words added or deleted to make it easier to read …
Aaron Alfonso

It deals with core beliefs being heard and then shifting. This case … if it felt contrived … staged, yes, all that is … absolutely, from the top all the way down. What is meant by contrived is make all that isn’t and make visible all that is … the end result that we were looking at, the big picture had been accomplished and more. In the court it doesn’t matter what is said in there … what matters is what occurs behind the scenes. This case is just one actual action going on globally and universally speaking and is all coordinated. Everything is interconnected.

It’s the banking side that is going to be making visible. Ledger is just a statement, of what has been ledgered. The only thing that was shut down was the corporations operating under the guise of governments. Things are crumbling and all that is left and has always been is all there is. On the universal side those that were creating, running and managing mirrors, are really upset because those mirrors are gone and they are seen and for the most part, about to see the rest of them and they can’t stop the universal ledgering that is going on, so you’re going to have those that were part of the universal trust of all of existence … they are now coming in … that is what you are going to be seeing.

China and Russia has been prepping for it, releasing documents and you know that those in America were not releasing those, and that was their biggest concern since 2010 … how do you tell everyone we’ve been lying to them all this time. Washington DC has been in a panic since July and they are trying to figure out what to do, meanwhile, China and Russia just sort of put out the evidence they have that America has also.

You have all this inner action engagement with former universal trust partners that nobody knew about where all of the advance technology came from and of course got buried by certain broker families, mind you, these families like the Rothschild, Rockefeller and all the international equivalents were just keepers … managers or brokers … they were never the top, top … more of a upper middle management. It is the top, top that is actually coming in now and that happened in 2016, known as the tipping point, which is what the Supreme Court in Washington DC insisted years ago, that a tipping point be created.

Everyone inside and they already had enough experience with those inside of different agencies and departments making sure that things change. There is a lot of good people out there so any kind of worry that … there were going to be retribution and all this, honestly when all be there and everyone accesses their inner tech as well as any kind of device or mechanism that anyone chooses externally or humanly externally to use, um… they don’t care … they don’t care what went down before, they are just so happy that now they get to do all that they choose to do and you don’t have to fight anymore battles … which is basically an inner battle.

The big part is you’re going to have come in for everyone to see and recognize, is you’re going to have the old completely fail to work, every system on all levels, every, everything … there are just going to fail to work and all of a sudden incredible abilities and which unconsciously been used this entire time, this is the best time, they come out and consciously used.

Everyone’s tired, and now you have the former universal trust partners and all the families and management and brokers here which used to work secretly, that what’s coming out now for everyone else. So, most of the feelings and attitudes that have been manufactured whether by Hollywood, politicians or even Steven Hawkins or any of these guys, you are going to find that a lot of the stuff you have been hearing for the last 20 years and more that it’s been done by those that would like you to think of as threats.

DC, Russia and China, that was the big thing back in early July that they were upset because those former universal trust partners pulled everything away from them, where they were the filters for entrance on this planet to manage and to bury to use for their own private profit. Those partners now all pulled away from them, and they all sided with humanity. So right now you have these former universal trust partners that have secretly and quietly working with these families, secret societies and seemingly leaders of all these corporations under the guise of government they’re all coming directly with humanity.

No more filters … it is all going to be transparent and you cannot have transparency without full context. So when there is this actual meeting, and mind you, China, Russia and the US and others has been preparing this for the last month … that these beings are familiar and it’s because you had interaction with all of them for this entire time, there were just no complete contexts. So complete context will be given and that is the biggest part of the picture.

Those filings that were done were done by everyone for the entire mirror system so that they could be removed and all that comes in and so there is already a value system and it’s (unfettered) and that’s what now is going to be coming in and utilized which have already been utilized but utilized by everyone … so that’s the big picture that is actually coming in.

The value of all that is will be utilized by everyone. Everyone will have proof of account … it’s not monies … or other forms of tools like religion or politics or education which are all tools and it’s not about the tools, it’s about each individual being one and being all these flavors and unique and beautiful frequencies. Each make up the total and are the total in them-selves is going to be consciously applied by everyone in existence.

A significant shift, so much along the ladder rungs of the former hierarchy, the ones that still perceive that hierarchy still exist … and that was shattered far as in July and all along they’ve known something was coming up but didn’t know what for… because of all the glitches and hacks I can tell you that they weren’t glitches, they weren’t hacks, you know they just sort of … their access to facilitate and manage is being removed … it was revoked, as far as being custodians but as far as being facilitators, that was being replaced because they wanted a (?petition) to participate, and that is what is actually… what is being removed, right now. Complete context is coming in as far as the glitches, those hacks that they weren’t glitches and hacks. It is like the light dimming out before the place gets blacked out … that was their cue that you’re being removed from having any access to facilitate … and that comes from the top levels.

Everyone has everything, and that is what is going to be experienced … not just known by some, hoped by many and not just fathomed by a few. Washington DC is just in a scramble right now… don’t worry though, it all works out. I knew the end result that is why I even did all that I did and there was a lot people involved in this and all these agencies and departments … it’s just the banking and the mirrors that are dissolving physically right now for everyone visibly to see.

BIS has the funds that are fortified, fortified for everyone’s use, and if that doesn’t occur they already know what’s going to happen … that all the physical gold and silver and all these devices and mechanics or anything valued in the past will be out on the street for everyone to use… either way, it’s all covered and even with that part, there is another part … you have the eternal essence cards, and if they become irrelevant, it’s absolutely OK because the inner tech comes out and what do you need money for if you can manifest all that you want, from thought.

The schools have already been done; everyone here is already a master, that’s why they are here at this time. There was a lot more to all of this … I’m not going into this right now because that’s a part of everything that comes out NOW regarding the former universal trust partners that were always kept secret and usually filtered through the families and planetary keepers of this planet. The case will finish by paper.”

— Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf

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