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These hints are not for nothing, most people take copyright infringement pretty lightly and view it with little importance or relevance to every day life. Little do you realise that copyright is the most important law on this planet, it is the one thing that removes your freedom from legal jurisdiction under Crown rules, regulations, acts and statutes of commercial law. The one thing that removes your status and rights as a living being.
The ultimate hidden fine print in the contract, obscured by assumption, not even written in words of plain language for you to see let alone comprehend.
One law that binds all to slavery by way of their own inadvertent consent.
Breach of copyright, which everyone that uses a name on a birth certificate commits on a daily basis.
Every name on every birth certificate is subject to copyright, the name itself is not copyrighted, the book in which the name is recorded is copyrighted, the names in the book are passages in the book which, all who are familiar with copyright law knows, is the copyright material in any book and cannot be copied without the consent of the creator of the copyright material.
To use a name in a copyrighted book requires express permission of the “owner” of the copyright, the owner of all registry books is the Crown corporation, world wide. Illegal use of the copyright is not challenged by the Crown as it is more profitable for the Crown to apply the assumption that the user has consented to being subject to Crown constitutional laws of commerce.
Any company is entitled to write its’ own rules/laws, consent is automatically assumed to contract without the users knowledge, placing the onus of responsibility for knowledge of the “company rules” and liability for “all debts incurred to the legal name” upon the individual. – Ignorance of the law cannot be used as a defense.
However, where there has not been full disclosure of terms and conditions of a contract the contract is fraudulent, when a fraud has been revealed, all contracts are rendered null and void, nunc pro tunc, ad infinitum.
The biggest problem can be that you have to experience the proof of this in order to really convince yourself you have been duped. In order to experience what it takes to stand in this truth you must stop using the legal name, the name your parents gave you at birth, it is illegal to use that name as it belongs to the Crown, try telling that to an agent of the Crown, or anyone in business for that matter, you will be met with reactions simply of looks complete disbelief to anger and even violence.
Unless you do stand in this truth you will continue to be raped, violated, stolen from, denied even basic human rights and even murdered by these agents of the Crown. In addition to that the weight of responsibility for every child, every human being, murdered by war or “legally” lawful action, every hardship every foreclosure, every parking ticket, every rates demand, every transaction in commerce put upon others, you are party to because you consent to being subject to the fictional authority of Crown laws, your energies being used by people that have little or no conscience or moral fibre to write laws that make destruction and harm to all living things possible simply because you continue to breach copyright and you won’t stop living a lie claiming to be a legal fiction name that belongs to the Crown thereby giving life to laws of fiction and harmful intent that ultimately serve only death.
It is illegal to use a legal name.
May God have mercy on your soul for the harm you agree to help to cause by using a legal name.