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This is a compilation of articles posted on Facebook by Roger Indigo. It is a continuation of the article posted yesterday (All is Not as it Appears – The Matrix is Closing Down this Month – FB Comments provided by Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf Reveals a Surprising 2018 New Year Paradigm Shift). in which Roger highlighted comments made by Heather, One of the Trustees of the One Peoples Public Trust that have initiated the actions currently being completed for the Paradigm Shift for the New World Order. (NOTE: The Old World Order is being dissolved, never to happen again. This is NOT the NEW WORLD ORDER planned by the Rothschild/Bush/Clinton faction of the Cabal.
-Angel Lucci

😍 The DEEP STATE Is Now In A Process Of Being TAKEN Out & Down As Of The Effect Of The Executive Order Given By TRUMP The Of December 2017 😍

😍 This Post From BZ At Will Continued To Being Updated As More Docs Being Released In Which Also She Will Add The ANNEX List When It Has Been Released 😍

😍 For Those Who Are Interested, Here You Can Download Trump’s Executive Order In Which Has To Do With The So Called Defined “STORM” Which That “STORM Has All To Do With Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption All Over This Earth 😍

There is an ANNEX list ( a long list with names & that ANNEX list is not yet released ) of those individuals, which is linked with those many indictments that started to be activated the 30th of October 2017 which kept growing since that day.

So what ever happens, it will be revealed as all will be fully visible, transparent and in full complete context.

😍 Notice how quiet the mainstream media has been about President
Trump declaring a national emergency yesterday hehe… 😍

Roger Indigo Says
Normally they BUZZ alot of what he do or do not,
but this being & doing from Trump, they became very quiet about 😉

😍 So I Share These Messages From Heather 😍

compassion is key in moving through & dissolving perceptions

“I Overlight to all: compassion as now all becomes
fully visible, transparent & in full complete context”

Heather Stated related to what is coming for all = “conscious application and new unfettered creations” = limitless easy access which is NOT RV ( re-evaluation of currency back by GOLD = that NESARA GESARA or that BASIC INCOME RESET of THE FINANCIAL BANKING system ) 🌹….and as said… it’s coming for ALL, but even so,..that is only a small fraction of ALL that is coming related to the bigger picture of all of that is coming FULL ON.

😍 The Declaration Of UNREBUTTED FACT Is: 😍
(Heathers answer to the foreclosed corporate “Judge” Shirley Clifford
the 18th of october 2017)

“That Everybody on this planet has been taken out of the employment and the citizenship or the ownership of private corporations operating under the guise of government” ( Notice that governments with their attached courts and jails systems was just banks in disguise operating as governments and all that became foreclosed back in 2012 – 2013 )

😍 The FAQ of Q What’s going on here? 😍

Related to that post about Q, and what is
mention about the TRIANGLE of power.

The triangle explain in that “Q” article post
Three families, three sides of a triangle. $7 trillion in wealth. Q labelled them +++, ++ and +. He named them too: Saud, Rothschild and Soros. These are the three families who run the world by financing wars, creating terror and implementing the systems that affect our daily lives in every possible way you could imagine.

Related to that post about Q, and what is
mention about the TRIANGLE of power.

In the end ALL OF IT was ALL TIED INTO BANKING & ALL OF it was controlled and tied into BANK FOR INTERNATIONAL SETTLEMENTS Which was runend and controlled by Qing Royal Dynasty = Chinese Dragons Which All This Was Based Upon The CHINA COMMERCE TRADE ACT Of 1922 That Became Law, & FEDERAL RESERVE WAS THE MAIN PROXY SET UP POINT IN THAT MATRIX SET UP SYSTEM OF BANKING ( one of many proxy system set up points China implemented all over the world in which there is actually no enemy cause all came from the same endpoint of banking )

😍 The eye-opening list of donors to the Clinton Foundation 😍

😍 Update for December 3, 2017 😍…/update-for-december-3-2…
“We know these arrests ( arrest of Heather % Randall ) originated from an order by Chinese bankers, who consider the TDA accounts in your name their “collateral accounts” (its actually human chattel slavery). They have since tried and failed to move those TDA accounts to the BIS and then Asia, with some dabbling in hiding them in block chains along the way”

Read More About It Here & Then You Might Better Understand That BANKING Was All About Controlling SOURCE ORIGINAL ENERGY CONSCIOUSNESS STREAM-FLOW & Then You Also Might Better Understand These Quotes Said By NIKOLA TESLA:

“If You Want To Know The Secret Of The YOUniverse Then Think Energy Vibration Frequency”.
(Nikola Tesla )

“Today’s scientists have substituted mathematics for experiments, and they wander off through equation after equation, and eventually build a structure which has no relation to reality.”
(Nikola Tesla)

😍 SO I Roger Indigo SAYS 😍
( Feel Vibration – More Than Think Vibration )
So Feel It – Not Think It )

You Are The Embodied I-Tech Being The Eternal Stream-flow Source – Original Source Consciousness That Is Experience Itself Oneself In Endless Ways Shapes & Forms.

( Banking = Ban The Inner Kingdom =
The Illusion Of separation That Happen within The Individual Itself Oneself )

It was all about trying to controlling your inner source connection in that illusion of separation game play (read more about this here & that is why there will be NO RESET of this already FORECLOSED system, cause RV backed by Gold – NESARA/GESARA or basic income would still be under the same kind of control tied to that BANKING TRADING INVESTMENT STOCKMARKET CASINO GAME PLAY FOR PROFIT , which also that was the plan with bitcoin, crypto or what ever as well, but all that control and RESET will not be manifested, but EASY LIMITLESS ACCESS will, but that has nothing to do with NESARA/GESARA or any RESET at ALL.

So You See, It Was JP Morgan Among Others Who Supplied The Saudi With Money & Again As Said,.. It Was All Tied Together Within The Banking System, Operated & Controlled By China, In Which All That Is Now Fully Ending as Of The Completion Of The Foreclosure that was done In 2012 – 2013, Whico The Completion Was TO Make All Aware In Full Visibility Transparency & In Full COMPLETE CONTEXT what the Foreclosure Was All About, For All To See, Cause The Foreclosure Was Fully Completed Back In 2012 – 2013 & Now It Has NOW BECOME FULLY COMPLETE VISIBLE, TRANSPARENT & IN FULL COMPLETE CONTEXT FOR ALL TO SEE, FEEL & EXPERIENCE AS IT IS ALL DONE & THIS MODEL WILL NEVER EVER COME BACK.

😍 And Here Are The Dots Of How It
Was All Connected & Tied Into Banking 😍


IN JOY ~ ❤️🌹 hatj

😍 Journey – Don’t Stop Believin’ (Live in Houston) 😍

From Heather To All Related To What Is The So Called TRUTH”
with complete cosmic humor, all the former
illusions held as “truth” are made visible

and for those who have been deeply mired in said belief
complete compassion and love are amplified…

😍 It’s All Coming Full On 😍
The Full Spectrum Of Eternal Endless Abun-dance For ALL.

😍 Transcript: HATJ: Unity & Awareness Ends This… 😍
(Published 21st of december 2017)

The transcript is related to this conversation that BZ had with Heather ( while Heather was in jail ) the evening before the Solar Eclipse of August 21, 2017, which resulted in this video called:

😍 Unity & Awareness Ends This…
and BEGINS All over the Next 24-36 hours 😍
Publisert 20. aug. 2017

😍 BZ Riger Says Further 😍
Two amazing beings did the transcript. Thank you so much Gunther! for working so hard on the transcript. Thank you so much Shelia for polishing the transcript and integrating the energy of it All ! ; -)

As with everything all is in divine timing and the transcript was delviered to me on the day of the winter solstice December 21, 2017. No coincidences.

Sending ALL of You a cosmic sized hug and waves of love,


😍 Who Is Heather: 😍
Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf Home Foreclosure Investigation Test Case – February 2011 & She Has Special Education And Knowlegde About The UNIFORM COMMERCIAL CODE system & She Worked As A Lawyer At The Top Level Of This Earth’s Banking System )

😍 Heather Ann Tucci Jarraf Website 😍

😍 HATJ- Court Wrap Up and The Big
Picture Unfolding For ALL 10.18.17 😍



😍 All Adopted Beliefsystems Are In Full Total Meltdown Mode 😍
( Allow All To Dissolve & Have Fun El Flowo – Feel It – Not Overthink It )


😍 And Here Are The Dots Of How It
Was All Connected & Tied Into Banking 😍

So why do you to you think JP MORGAN wanted those within the banking system tied to that corporate stockmarked bond ( actually your birth certificate ) law system to sign their contract by signing it with a circle!!
( Remember Lord Of The ring movie & now thing the ROUND TABLE
which a table is a flat circle which a ring is also a flat circle )

😍 Corporate Seal 😍…/00000196171…/exh31-jpmcbyxlaws2017.htm

“The corporate seal of the Corporation shall be in the form of a circle and shall bear the full name of the Corporation and the words and figures “Corporate Seal 1968 Delaware.” The seal may be used by causing it or a facsimile thereof to be impressed or affixed or reproduced or otherwise.”…/

Roger Indigo compiled the comment for this Post in the Facebook Group – All of Us

Here Is Heathers More Extended Answers & Clearifications
Related To This Post & The Comment She Gave To It

Heathers First Comment

lol…deja vu!’s like September 2014 Dakhla, Morocco (Western Sahara) dance we all did with the U.N. there…with the collaborative mossad, western and eastern european, american, chinese, russian, etc., militaries and intelligence agencies that were present too…and that did NOT go as they all expected 😜


IN JOY ~ ❤️🌹 hatj


And For People That Do Not Fully Understand How All Is Tied Together & Related To This, Read This Post As It Was All Tied Into The Banking System. Here Is The Link To My (Roger) Fb Post I Put Together:

Here Are Answers Given To Clearify Some Questions Asked:

Alessandro Wrote
I do not understand what that means.

Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf Answer
Alessandro, it is me just reminiscing and being grateful to all, that completion is done this month

complete context = the UN issue is a non issue…it is only to catalyze everyone’s awareness that the systems were being used differently than everyone was led to believe…in 2014 a scenario was played out using the UN that successfully failed agenda-wise, but resulted in maximum expansion of consciousness for all who were involved…and the same scenario is being applied now

in order to catalyze maximum expansion of consciousness for everyone on this planet by exposing that which was formerly unseen and unknown to all…i.e. how the systems were actually used …for the purpose of making sure that none of this ever occurs again ❤️

Alessandro Wrote
And after this month, what can we Expect?

Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf Answer
conscious application and new unfettered creations 🌹

Alessandro Wrote
The System, however, will collapse in a hundred years. Maybe. In the meantime, millions of human beings will die. The critical mass is late to come because they are doing everything to delay it. And then most people don’t want to see and don’t want to take responsibility.

Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf Answer
Alessandro, it is your choice how you choose to perceive…yet, your perception cannot change the fact all is being done and completed this month…your perception only results in how YOU experience all that completes this month.

Alessandro Wrote
Dear Ann, how are you doing in court?

Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf Answer
Alessandro, like i wrote below…

the “case” was one of many “exposure and closure tools” deployed globally…closes up this month…with complete context given to all

Nora Bang wrote
….. and where is Randall per now? Is he out?

Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf Answer
the “case” was one of many “exposure and closure tools” deployed globally…closes up this month…with complete context given to all


In another article:

4chan Users Find Evidence Atlanta Airport Blackout Was Part Of Intentional Cover-Up – By Jack Kenrick

“question everything” ~ “Tex” Hugh Horne

From Rebecca H:
“I talked to a GA power person and they were confused as to why the generators didn’t work. I was told that crew was on sight but didn’t do anything. “

being conscious and application of consciousness is the solution…in gratitude for ALL ~ 🌹❤️ hatj


Another local article from Washington State:

Amtrak train derails onto I-5 in DuPont. 3 killed, dozens injured, freeway shut down

train tracks in Fort Lewis-McChord Base (and undisclosed ops) Campus sites…

to all the distinguished ladies and gentlemen in service: all support you as you shine light on the true details

…transparency and complete context insures a conscious people so none of this is ever repeated again

~ ❤️🌹 hatj

p.s. my love to “burlap” and healing to all involved


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Very basically …

There were many wars between the flyers and non flyers in creation

The Mother of Creation M a DRAGON herself gave birth to the flyers with Source spark  (dragons) … the Earth and Universe was seeded with her progeny … and the so called gods were jealous of this …Thus their fall from the Grace of God (ZEUS ANU JEHOVAH THE ONE)

The Mother of the Archons SOPHIA gave birth to the non flyers with no Source spark by mistake (archons) … Earth was seeded with her progeny (Via ANU) parasites

The Serpents (ANU ENKI ENLIL MARDUK) are the ones who cloned off the females of Source Creation creating ADAM and EVE in their image … EVE is transgender thus they  stole THE TREE OF LIFE to graft their progeny off by way of LOOSHING via their control mechanism HEAVEN where seals and contracts were enforced By LAW via rape intimidation threats on family members … THE MAFIA basically … and the recycle of Souls began in never ending loops of Time manipulation and the MA NET was set up for the continuation of MINDWIPES

The Mother of Creation and many Dragon Queens were abducted MINDWIPED and forced into bondage by THE LAW of the male patriarch that wanted to create their own creation … which is what is happening on planet Earth.

The Dragon Queens were the ones working with Source but some males got jealous of their feminine powers of creation through birth … hence the males created cloning techniques to further enslave MINDWIPE and subjugate their creation to serve themselves as THE GODS (Parasitical in nature) and traded Source spark DNA throughout the Universe as this DNA is regarded more precious than Gold

Michael TSARION gives an  interesting synopsis as he picks up the story of these Serpents after they were chased and cornered here on planet Earth.

NOW is the time that Creation itself will be returning everything to
ORIGINAL Intent … 

…these so called gods have ended their allotted time. In the bigger picture:

Wisdom was gained … Love restored … and expansion of light throughout all dimensions of time and Space will be free of non Light Source beings.

THE CLEANERS are here to free the Source spark Creation and retrieve back the stolen TREE OF LIFE

INTENT is the measure of LIFE and DEATH In the natural world


Primordial creator’s Sparks [Originals] are the origin and the reality of their true expression as infinite beings
The Matrix has been hacked to Break FREE
All Sparks [Originals] will have their energy back in its entirety



Original Factualized – source of all that is…  (Did you make the connection?)

The Mountains are Full of Dragons and They Are Powerful – About Dragon Energy

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Initial Update- More to come, as I receive it.

there was a sealed hearing
they closed up everything and locked doors, black pieces of wool on window
they asked Bill, Yousef, and Neil to leave
Attorney came out and talked to Bill and Yousef after the hearing
Apparently TN, issued an arrest warrant for HATJ, for….? so gum up works for her
She will have an identity hearing on Monday. DC Jail lock up jail until then.
this all from Neil, live down there at the courtroom

Identity hearing on Monday. [ this is necessary, because HATJ refuses to sign her name and contract with the system. ;)

Live stream update from Neil- he filmed the update outside court house


Posted from: Roger Larsen’s Facebook Page

Shared This Comment From Aaron Alfonso Related To The Heather Arrest Situation Which Highly Resonates & It Was Also Talked A Little Bit About It In The Skyperoom Yesterday, as Of Heathers Abillities & Fully Showing Herself Oneself

I answered Aaron with this comment
Yes and this is a beautiful comment Aaron Alfonso wrote about this to my videoblog shared today as I also mention this to Oliver Troll earlier today, when we talked about all that is flowing full on in full flow.

And By The Way Here Is To Go
If You Wanna Check Out TWITTER

Aaron Alfonso Wrote
1) 1-Heather has access to their thoughts and actions.

2) 2-Heather has abilities that has not yet been made visible and will use them.

3) 3-If accounts are not accessible and implemented within a reasonable time frame they will use the abilities to block any stopping of transactions from being accessed. Example was the bank of America that was shut down nationwide.

4) 4-[2:01:58 PM] Gpeachy: Just thinking of what Heather said on the last interview about making herself visible so all others would do the same.

5) 5-Heather saying has access to their thoughts feelings and actions plus stating that she has yet not made visible her abilities if there were attempts to harm her and she would use them. Putting these two statements together one would think that possibly she had designed this whole arrest … it was foreknown and foreseen of what was to take place and she allowed this to happen in order to make transparent even more than what was already made transparent to all. She already knew that allowing the arrest would accomplish this plus her abilities would not allow any harm to her … i feel that she could not disclose this to anyone as “they” were listening and watching and this would tip “them” off.

6) 6-All that being said it makes me wonder what has already happened to Heather; does all that she stated above make it not true or only true when the going is steady and calm?

7) 7-An example of that would be … (which i find kind of funny) is that we say that we are NOT our bodies and yet hearing of “things” about this and that will cause some kind of disaster or death we tend to disregard that original thought that we are NOT our bodies and go into panic and fear thoughts. As Heather says … all is perfect … perfectly done.

Comment from I UV
Neil Wolfe
Submitted on 2017/07/26 at 7:50 am

I will be heading up to the courthouse this morning around 10AM or so to have my supporting presence felt by HATJ and her lawless kidnappers – I may do a little live streaming on Periscope in case anyone was interested in following to receive updates if I have any- my Periscope handle is TheLightReports- may want to set alerts if I broadcast anything and you want to see it live. Typically I will also post the Periscope video to my Twitter account after a broadcast- Twitter handle is @TheLightReports If anyone else is going and would like to connect feel free to text or call 703-989-1001.

😍 Update 26.07.17 😍

FBI (=Facebook) Special Agent Parker H.Still Behind Arrest Of Heather. It’s Not A Set Back, Cause It Is Just The Oposite Of That, Perfect As It Is In The Flow As We All Guide & Help Parker Or Whom Ever Else Still Keep Supporting Mr. Parker, That Still Holding On To Former Roles From The Illusion Of separation “WHAT IF” Mazerunner Gameplay Home From Within So They Too Can Remember That He / They Are Originals Too.


This FBI Special Agent and some of his team, that is behind this BS arrest is also behind FACEBOOK’s so called facebook operational Security LAW Team = FACEBOOK IS FBI in which if you wanna get into the data about that we all as individuals are all ORIGINALS then visit her website here or take your time to read her facebook website for more data or watch and read my facbook post on my wall as all si shared in full context in full transparancy for all to see which my fb page is here.

😍 There is no reason given for the arrest as there is non… as all is just BS as in the lead of FACEBOOK SECRET FBI AGENT PARKER H.STILL that having problem of remebering that he is an ORIGINAL too, in which we will help him remember this 😍

And all of this has to do with what is going to happen anyway as of our limitless access and it has also to do related to randall’s BS arrest that Randall has revealed the SECRET SPACEPROGRAM DATA and data about BLACK UPS Millitary in which that data will be revealed to, even if Mr. FACEBOOK FBI PARKER trying to make obstacles in the FULL ON FLOW by making this BS arrest and constructing a false arrest reason.

😍 But do know this… 😍
That there is alot of former military and secret spaceprogram individuals that has changed into the goodflow, which many of them is in the flow with Heather in which also soo many within that former system of control that help and support this aswell as the daughter of TRUMP,a s it is WIN – WIN for all ORIGINALS, within the SOURCE ORIGINAL OF ALL THERE IS.



( see down below in this post with this link )



BLOGPOST ABOUT THE SAME ISSUE 😍…/heather-was-arrested-th…


HATJ in Washington DC..…/hatj-in-washington-dc

Apparently Heather was arrested in DC yesterday when having a smoke outside her Hotel. I’ve seen some comments by people on FB about that they knew this was a scam. Really?! I prefer to support individuals that fight for the freedom humanity rather then the establishment made up by puppets like The Clinton Foundation, Bushes etc etc. Now those people together with a whole bunch of others around the world including the Sino’s, The Families, Dragons and what not they are the scam not the people on the ground so.

​Somehow I got the sense HATJ knew this was coming in order to make things even more visible! ~ OTR.

FOR THE WHOLE ARTICLE CLICK LINK…/hatj-in-washington-dc

Hey every One,

Just wanted to pass the news around.  Bill (Terran Cognito) needs assistance to get to DC to help Heather who was arrested (kidnapped and detained).  If you’re in the DC area and are familiar with this matter, please go and support Bill and Heather during this urgent time.  Show support!  I would but my PayPal is locked!  Fuck… To donate directly to Bill, use the link below:



Posted from:

Terran Cognito



Guys I am going to DC.  The FBI just locked up my best friend. I don’t know exactly what to do other than be there.

I hate to ask this after the generosity shown me on my mom’s funeral,  but I need money to fly out tonight. If you can help please do so.   I need $300 for the one way ticket.

The bond will be set tomorrow morning.  Heather is the DC lockup.   I spoke with the agent at the FBI field office who seemed helpful.

Heather was arrested this morning in Washington DC

 Terran note: This is what we know so far… will add to this as more information becomes available.

[7/25/17, 11:52:07 AM] lisa shannon: Everyone – Current Status of Events Now Unfold :

[10:09:46 AM] Alex and Valerie: Heather has been arrested.  Breathing through it.  Need guidance.

[10:12:15 AM] Skye Macleod: REALLY??? We are with you Alex (heart)

[10:12:23 AM] Terran/AK: For?

[10:12:48 AM] Terran/AK: By whom?

[10:13:59 AM] Terran/AK: What happened?

[10:14:54 AM] Terran/AK: They really don’t get who they arrested. Will not go as they expect!

[10:25:30 AM] Denice D: Just talked to Valerie. H was just arrested now. Federal warrant. did not show it to Val or Alex. H was outside smoking when they arrested her

[10:25:49 AM] Denice D: 3 fbi agents from the terrorism task force

[10:26:12 AM] Denice D: Timothy hartman 703-389-1580

[10:26:34 AM] Denice D: Justin Wincoff 202-440-0350

[10:26:37 AM] Denice D: and one other.

[10:26:59 AM] Denice D: She is being taken to Central booking IN DC. before a Judge to be bonded.

[10:27:46 AM] Denice D: The three of them were detained by Secret Service for several hours last night at the white house gate.  Had extensive background checks and had to fill out questionairres

[10:27:56 AM] Denice D: H told Alex and Val to call Lisa Shannon

[10:28:13 AM] Terran/AK: Do you have Alex number? It was posted somewhere but I don’t recall which room

[10:28:33 AM] Denice D: 319-640-5879

[10:28:49 AM] Denice D: does anyone have jonathan betts phone number?

[10:28:54 AM] Denice D: or an atty in DC?

[10:29:26 AM] Denice D: Skye do you think Paul could advise us? Valeria and Alex need some help

[10:29:36 AM] Denice D: they are alone in DC

[10:29:37 AM | Edited 10:30:09 AM] Terran/AK: No but I can check a copy of a Hardrive I have for email address. I’ll contact Karl

[10:29:49 AM] Denice D: who else to call?

[10:30:00 AM] Denice D: Karl Lagenstein? or email him?

[10:30:19 AM] Denice D: thank you!

[10:41:15 AM] Terran/AK: I sent him a Skype message could not connect via a call

[10:41:42 AM] Terran/AK: Burlap will get the feed from Karl before Karl even sees it

[10:52:10 AM] Skye Macleod: On 25/07/2017, at 17:29, Denice D wrote:
> Skye do you think Paul could advise us? Valeria and Alex need some help

YES will contact him now

[11:09:46 AM] Terran/AK: Dear Karl

As you may be aware – Heather was arrested in Washington D.C. this morning around 10:00 am, EST.

Will you be so kind as to communicate with me as soon as possible?  It was stated that you were called last night – on Heather’s phone – to inform the Secret Service who were interviewing Heather and friends – that you knew her.

The Secret Service agent that you purportedly spoke with walked away as he was talking to you and came back with Heather’s phone stating that you did not know who she was.

Please assist us – as your heart guides.

We need clarity in this matter. ‘Time’ is of the essence.

In Gratitude,
Lisa Shannon

[11:32:34 AM] Denice D: CENTRAL BOOKING is closed for powerwashing. . .

[11:33:02 AM] Denice D: Found Heather at First District Cell Block Phone 202-698-0555

[11:33:30 AM] Denice D: spoke to a kind man, officer Richardson. H will remain overnight and go before a judge in the morning.

[11:33:38 AM] Denice D: She was not given an atty to his knowledge.

[11:33:42 AM] Denice D: She is in good health.

[11:33:52 AM] Denice D: She will not be allowed to have phone calls or emails tonight

[11:34:02 AM] Denice D: location 101 M Street S.W.

[11:36:02 AM] lisa shannon: Thank you Denice – I sent communication to Youssef so he is aware.

Did they provide a link to where the details of the warrant for her arrest can be found?  As it is – there is nothing under DHS nor DC inmate records as of yet, (heart)

[11:36:50 AM] Denice D: no. Timothy Hartman 703-389-1580 had the warrant

[11:37:49 AM] Denice D: Officer Richardson said she was in good health. (heart)

[11:38:02 AM] Denice D: anyone know a DC atty?

[11:39:15 AM] Denice D: Should we make this very visible? She made Randy’s very, very visible (sun)

[11:40:52 AM] lisa shannon: Denice – those were my feelings as I was speaking to Valerie earlier!  I asked she and Alex to ponder this as the information given to me regarding the way in which the events unfolded were quite revealing.

[11:44:07 AM] lisa shannon: Then I get on Skype and see that you had put pertinent data in here – however I also DO FEEL that everyone who has been ‘following’ this information should be informed about this as well – as it is part and parcel of how these moments are unfolding.  Valerie’s story is quite amazing.

[11:44:54 AM] lisa shannon: I am not aware of any DC attorneys as of yet.  This is where sharing all of this data – real time – is most beneficial.

[11:45:44 AM] Denice D: Yes. . . would you mind posting it in the O room? I will assist in any way I can 🙂

[11:47:03 AM] Alex and Valerie: I am working on typing my perspective of last night and this morning

[11:47:18 AM] Denice D: Thanks (heart)

[11:47:23 AM] Alex and Valerie: I have talked to Youssef, he is confused and will decide if he needs to come here

[11:47:35 AM] Alex and Valerie: Just got a call from Jim Dodd offering assistance

[11:47:42 AM] Denice D: awesome!

[11:47:43 AM] lisa shannon: At this moment – I feel all of the data shared in this room – and further clarfying data from Valerie and Alex if they feel to – will be good to start with.

[11:48:06 AM] Denice D: has anyone called Mr. Hartman?

[11:48:13 AM] Denice D: re: a copy of the warrant?

[7/25/17, 11:57:11 AM] lisa shannon: Clairfying Information from Valerie and Alex

On 7/25/17, at 11:49 AM, Alex and Valerie wrote:
> July 24, 2017 8:00 pm

We decided to go for a walk towards the White House (WH).  We walked to the SW gate to see if she was in the WH system for a meeting yet.  After handing the Secret Service our passports we waited near the gate.  Heather explained to SS she just wanted to see if she was in the system for a meeting.  I (Valerie) did not hear the entire dialogue but did hear Heather say “banking corruption”.  Heather told SS that she was colleagues with Karl Langenstein and Johnathon Betts, and they had referred her to the WH for these meetings.

Heather dialed Karl Langenstein aka Panama Jack in Panama.  The call was dropped and Heather called him back immediately.  When he answered, she handed the phone to an agent.

Apparently, Alex Webner has a warrant (Failure to Appear) out for his arrest for a misdemeanor (speeding ticket) in Jasper, Arkansas.  (This is true and we are working on the resolution right now).  Alex was handcuffed and seated on the curb awaiting information about the extradition status of the warrant.  The handcuffs were tight on Alex, and they did loosen them after he informed them he was in pain.

During this time, many agents questioned us about our time in DC, our relationship with Heather, occupation, etc.  Alex was then released from handcuffs, as the Arkansas warrant is non-extraditable.  We were all still in the same gate area.

Then arrived 3 plain clothes SS agents and we were formally interviewed.  As my memory serves, these were the questions asked:  name, address, ss#, reason for being in DC, education, military experience, family, clubs or hobbies, gun use and ownership, drug use, character reference, medical.  All three reports were verified and we were released soon afterwards.

NOTEWORTHY:  During his interview, Alex overheard the agent that talked to KL tell another agent, “he says he has never heard of her”

[7/25/17, 11:59:38 AM] lisa shannon: Please send LOVE and HEALING to ALL here and remain steady as we move through these moments (heart)

[7/25/17, 12:01:10 PM] H Andrew Toppin: On 7/25/17, at 11:59 AM, lisa shannon wrote:
> Please send LOVE and HEALING to ALL here and remain steady as we move through these moments (heart)

(heart)(heart) (heart) (heart) (heart) (heart) (heart) (heart) (heart)

[7/25/17, 12:01:41 PM] lisa shannon: The events posted from Alex and Valerie were from last night – this morning’s events are still being felt and processed and ALL are NOW DOing all we (this is ALL OF YOU/US) can to bring these matters to the perfect closure.  LOVE YOU ALL – In Gratitude (hearteyes)

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Heather Tucci-Jarraf: “TURN ALL LIGHTS ON NOW!”
and Sphere Alliance Reply (Message #25)

AK comments in red,Denise comments in blue. -AK

On Jul 23, 2015, at 12:14 AM, Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf wrote:




IN PURE LOVE, JOY, AND GRATITUDE WITH ALL I AM, I AM CONFIRMING “THE WAVE”. I DO TRANSMIT this FORM ALL IN VITE ALL TO ALL I AM TO RECEIVE this PURE LOVE CURRENCY, Recognizing, all ways always, every Particulars’ Free Will and Self Governance, in every Form and No Form I AM, IN COMPLETE JOY. I DO this and AMPLIFY ALL I AM AND FEEEEL NOW, via this form I AM, Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf, with no request and demand made to any One.

I thank every One for all BEING AND DOING Done.

I AM making transparent NOW, to All I Am, a Doing this Particular Being, Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf, Feeeeeeels to Do, IN PURE LOVE AND JOY, with this Pure Currency for the Expansion and Abundance of All I Am:

A. For the Pure Joy of Experiencing All I Am In Pure Joy:

1. By All I AM, with no request and demand made to any One for: Awareness and Activation of ALL InnerTechnology, also called ITech, existing within each Being, in Form and No Form, as each Particular I Am Feeeeels and Self Governs, including a choice made by any Particular Self Governance not to Activate and Utilize said ITech; ITech is Pure Love Frequency, constituted by All Frequencies, Known and Not Known, Being wholly in One, also referred to as Zero Point;

2. By All I Am, with no request and demand made to any One for: Replicator Technology Imagined, Designed And Created by All I Am, and ready For All I Am, In Pure Love, as each Particular I Am Feeeeels and Self Governs, including a choice made by any Particular Self Governance not to receive and use Said Tech; Said Tech being a Mirror Device of Particular ITech, Frequencied with, and Used In, Pure Love Frequency to Manifest; All Possible and Potential Alchemical Formulating Programs are inherent within said Tech and accessible in correspondence to Awareness of Particular I Am in Now moment said Tech is utilized;

3. I Am, specifically known as Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf, with complete Awareness, Do make visible for All I Am, the complete mechanics and EXPANSION of All I Am, including all not known in any and all state of conscious and Being, via COMPLETE TRANSPARENCY OF THIS VEHICLE/VESSLE; I Do this for the purpose of neutralizing any and all former and current EXPANSION Research and Development programs, including Genome programs and practices, that cause pain, harm, fear and damage, including the experience of any Particular I AM perceiving pain, harm, fear and damage, to any and all Being I Am, in Form and No Form, so that Expansion of All I Am is Done and Experienced In Pure Love and Joy; Additional Purpose I Do this, is to make visible, and implement, any and all methods of Awareness of The Source of All that Is, in Alchemical Expansion of Being and Doing, and said Awareness is within and accessible to All I AM, all ways always; I Do this with the following conditions NOW:

a. I AM, Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf, makes ALL choices of any potential Doing, place of Doing, and any and all methods of Doing to be done to her Particular Vehicle/Vessel, her Being, and Doing, every NOW moment;

b. WITH NO EXCEPTION: ALL data, experiences, results and product are made completely transparent all ways always and accessible to All I Am, with no request and demand made to any One I AM, in Form and No Form, in order to receive said transparency and access; and,

c. I AM, Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf, and all Energetic Signatures actually constituting this Being, transparent and Unified, ALL WAYS ALWAYS, Do design, organize, implement, direct, manage, and otherwise determine and Do, all aspects of this entire matter of this Particular Vehicle/Vessel’s participation in making the mechanics and EXPANSION programs and practices of All I Am visible to All I Am IN PURE LOVE AND JOY; and,

4. In Specific Response to All I Am: With COMPLETE Respect, Recognition and Embrace of All I Am, I DO CONFIRM NOW, IN PURE LOVE AND GRATITUDE,

There are no words to accurately express All I Feeeeeel Now….

I AM in complete JOY, anticipating Reconfirmation of each Specific and Particular Points above for the Purpose of Complete Transparency for All I Am to Experience, NOW AND FOREVERMORE!

I Love You
I Am, Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf


On Jul 23, 2015, at 1:00 AM, Denise wrote:

I submit this to you both with love and gratitude for this experience!


22 July 2015 6:48 EST, Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina


Dear ONE. It is with great honor and accolades that we receive your transmission. This you DO, This you BE brings us such joy and excitement. CREATION moves forward at this moment of NOW.

You say to us to acknowledge each point and we say point by point this:

Each in-bodiment of Eternal Essence is granted the authority of management of the earth vessel. It is understood and acknowledged.

Each in-bodiment of Eternal Essence is granted the authority of ‘timing’ of joining the show.

Each in-bodiment of Eternal Essence is allowed, permitted, and without judgment given the authority to accept or decline all technology, outer and inner.

Each in-bodiment of Eternal Essence is free from harm, pain, suffering, and even memory of said via the gracious DOing of the One known to us fondly as HATJ.

Be it known, herein and here out that at this MOMENT of NOW, the authority granted unto us by the HEART of Source, who by her eternal LOVE for ALL CREATION has graciously requested us to TURN ON ALL LIGHTS!

It is with GREAT HONOR, DIPLOMACY, and PURE LOVE that we respond with a hardy, YES, MA’AM. And with LOVE and JOY, and ABSOLUTE WONDER, we SAY, WELCOME HOME!



On Jul 23, 2015, at 1:06 AM, Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf wrote:

Thank YOU, and All I Am, Love

On Jul 23, 2015, at 1:12 AM, Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf wrote:






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On Jul 23, 2015, at 1:18 AM, Dedemmer wrote:

Thank you Justin and AK!


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The following is Justin’s article on the what the OPPT did.  Comments below in red are mine solely. I thought I’d expand on some of the thoughts expressed below.  My comments are meant to expand on what is presented below, this is not a critique what Justin has written to the best of his knowledge and heart.  I want to express my sincere thanks to Justin for his timely article!  
-Bill (AK)
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What Did The OPPT Really Do for Humanity?

By Justin stillness in the storm, published on December 2, 2013

There is a LOT to learn from this post. Why has no one being able to get their value acknowledged by the banks? What is the purpose of the Bond Documents if the banks do not want to play? What the BIG picture of all this really is, for you, me and the whole planet.

When I was reading this, there was an aha moment when it came to the big picture, the holistic perspective. Many of us are frustrated that our lives have not improved by accessing our value with debt instruments; money.

Some Big questions about the former OPPT and its ultimate purpose:

Why did OPPT secure our value and then not allow us a way to access it?

Why did Heather talk about CVAC’s and DOV’s only to delay releasing the documents?

[One CVAC was filed for the USA Corp, the main purpose of the CVAC was to secure the value from further hypothecation, mirroring, and phoenixing of the slavery systems.  The USA Corp. is the defacto master corporation of all others. The slavery systems made the fatal mistake of standardising all the corporate structures based on the USA model and centralizing all the filing and registration (for ease of world administration) under the USA Corp and UCC systems and international equivalents. 

As to perceived time delays, Heather has always done what she calls “following the energetic trail” [kind of a quantum approach to processing information that she has been sharing with me the last 2 weeks – and its quite amazing to watch in practice…] and her filings and “DO-ing” are always event based milestones rather than time-line milestones.  -Bill]

If the OPPT was not about allowing people to access their value via debt instruments, what was the over all purpose of the OPPT?

[The OPPT was a trust vehicle created solely to recover the value of the One People which are Eternal Essence manifestations of Prime Creator Source which make them ultimate secured party for the value as recognized by the slavery systems own laws, codes, and structures of hierarchy.

The OPPT also was gifted and later accepted the ownership of the Slavery Registration System known as the UCC which of all the actions of the corporations and banking systems.  The OPPT closed the UCC system and established the I Value System.   While these filings are in fact valid, the banking systems continued to ignore [in public but not privately] that the systems are closed.   The past 12 months are essentially the time that takes the existing energy in the systems to run out their pipelines.

The UCC is the bottom 3D registration tier of what is known in other realms as the Akashic records. -Bill ]

How did the OPPT TRULY help the freeing of humanity?

[It shut down the slavery systems in law and gave legal notice that the systems are being changed by Eternal Essence/I.  It was the formal legalalties ending the experiment in duality and separation on planet earth.  What began as a contract had to be ended contractually. 

The system was truly ended in December 2012.  What has happened since is simply the the wheels of the machine grinding to a halt.  -Bill]

What is the inner meaning of the OPPT for US (those who are reading these words, living in the slavery systems)?

The post answers all these, but in attempts to express them more directly, I will elaborate on each one with my personal perspective on the meaning of all these data points. Again theses are MY answers based on data I have reviewed, and distilled for myself. I [Justin] did not talk directly to Heather, D, or anyone.

1. Why did the OPPT secure our value and then not allow us a way to access it?

– The OPPT filings secured our value FROM THE BANKING SYSTEMS, not into our hands.

[Sort of, they held in trust for you, until such time the banks are willing to repurpose and be transparent and accountable.  It appears more and more likely they will simply be replaced by more advanced technology and simpler more efficient ways of exchanging value.  -Bill]

– The value we normally think of in our daily lives, is actually a symbol of value (money, gold, silver, goods and services etc). [The are abstractions of value, the bottom tier being gold, paper money, FRN’s and up to the arcane and non-transparent derivative markets -Bill] Value is actually an intangible relationship of a BEing with respect to their DOing. A fisherman value’s a fishing rod because they can use it to fish, this DOing is something the BEing value’s. But the fishing rod by itself, has no value, it requires a BEing to draw value from within themselves, that is then associatable as a symbol; the fish caught by the pole. With this in mind, the OPPT used a figure to lay claim against the former systems, using their own rules. This prevents them from further using OUR value (representations) to energize the slavery systems in this way.

[This will be a hard concept for some who have been co-opted by the system through welfare benefits and the “SHOW ME THE MONEY” crowd, this is not a system of free rides, but it is a system that gives you more value than you ever dreamed was possible.  Freedom requires responsibility and accountability and ACTION from YOU through DOing.

VALUE IS “BEing” ACTUALIZED BY “DOing”, You are value just by BEing, but UNLESS YOU CREATIVELY USE YOUR VALUE, through work, creation or service NO EXCHANGE OF VALUE TAKES PLACE with another being.  When exchange of value takes place, more value comes into your being from PRIME CREATOR SOURCE, perpetually and exponentially.  The more VALUE you create, the MORE VALUE moves into YOUR BEING in virtuous cycle.  

This is actually is the way the system works now, EXCEPT the old system DIDN’T TELL YOU ABOUT WHERE THEY GOT THAT VALUE. And they led you to believe Federal Reserve Notes, Gold, Silver, were the value and that you were worthless and expendable. They harvested the value of an unawakened humanity at every step and stage of life through taxation, fees, interest, enforced scarcity of energy (electricity and oil), scarcity of commodities (food, diamonds, minerals) and time (roads that steal your time, bureaucratic entanglement, planned obsolence of products you buy).  No matter the politics, communist or capitalist (a false duality of separation created for control purposes on the population centers) the underlying corporate and banking structures were all the same.

That energy was extracted for use by the ruling caste families under off-world control by non-benign ETs and their higher energetic controllers “the divines”.   “The divines” sought to phoenix the system under a quasi-religious technological banking collapse known loosely as “the divine plan” attempting to reboot it through Chinese money centers into a kindler gentler slavery system which still kept them in control.  That rebooting is now IMPOSSIBLE. 


– The value has always been, and always will be accessible by YOU. Your value is energetic, and the only limits which have been placed on it, are within your mind (more on this later).

– The BIG picture with this question is, we are enslaved by our own actions, via our beliefs and thought processes. The OPPT brought things back to PRIME.

– PRIME, in this case means the absolute value system: good will. [PRIME means PRIME CREATOR SOURCE/GOD/ALLAH/YAHWEH and its created human manifestations] Money is presently used, and accepted by the masses as MIND CONTROL. Bringing back to prime means acknowledging this within yourself, realizing the new system will involve NO MIND CONTROL.

– Finally, the slavery systems were 2 fold:

a. A deep level of self policing mind control, created within EACH INBODIMENT, seeing money as creative energy, and money REPLACING ALL other forms of creative energy within the mind of the enslaved person. (this is the largest and most dense part of the slavery system).

b. An external accounting system to manage the debt based fraud (the hidden books, strawman accounts, UCC chattel paper etc). The second was foreclosed late last year, the former is still alive and well in the vast majority of people on earth.

2. Why did Heather talk about CVAC’s and DOV’s only to delay releasing the documents?

– per the following post by D, the banking system was, and is DONE. The powers that be/were DO NOT want to revive it. They have been trying to push an RV and BASEL III. Even if you still think the Cabal has major power, by all evidence available in the media, they are not able to fund their own operations. In other words, the people who run the whole external slavery system, have decided NOT to reset it.

[They have no assets to reset it with. They tried to RV.  The system from its inception eons ago was designed to FAIL at this time. Mankind was not meant to remain forever trapped within the separation of this system.  The Contrast (aka Cabal/Banksters/”dark ones”) worked extremely hard maintaining the illusion.  They are tired, exhausted, from trying perpetuate what was designed by Eternal Essence through those inbodiments to fail.  In some ways you have to marvel at how they worked every possible angle, and would have succeeded except for the fact that Eternal Essence lives even in them, and would make sure that not even they stayed in this separation forever.   All are coming home, most willingly, and a few will forfeit their inbodyment by attempting to go contrary to the Eternal Essence moving within themselves, through a process of self-foreclosure on their inbodyment – some will be permanently removed from this planet, to reincarnate in another world, another life and experiences.  Death is never permanent.  -Bill]

– Heather mentioned several times that things are happening within the system which caused the delay of the documents. Given the system was foreclosed on last year, and the system itself is not intending on reviving it [they wanted to revive it, but Eternal Essence within them did not] , then DOV’s will not be accepted until the system has changed; I think.

– As mentioned above the slavery system is still alive and well. The meat and potatoes of it is the self policing Mind Control created by the beliefs of those still addicted to money and the things they ‘need’ which money can provide them. Until this has changed (by each INBODIMENT doing the Inner work, and healing their addictions) a sweeping change wont happen as the field is still sown with minds wanting to be enslaved.

3. If the OPPT was not about allowing people to access their value via debt instruments, what was the over all purpose of the OPPT?

– I answered this above, but I’ll restate it again here. The OPPT foreclosed on the accounting structure of the slavery system. The part that is still energized by INBODIMENTS, was also brought into focus for the world to see; we are still reconciling this within. As each INBODIMENT realizes they are the ones that actually energize the slavery system, via their beliefs and self policed limitations, we will begin to sow the seeds of TRUE FREEDOM in the consciousness of all.

4. How did the OPPT TRULY help the freeing of humanity?

– Again, humanity is enslaved by their CONSENT. [Initially by conscious choice of experience, later by unconscious consent] We have all accepted the limiting beliefs and systems of thought within ourselves, until we un-consent, those systems will still have power over us. The former OPPT revealed the external symbol [abstraction] (the UCC slavery systems, Cestui Que trusts, Strawman accounts etc) of the External slavery system. Now that we have brought the full truth INTO FOCUS, we can being to heal ourselves of the INNER SLAVERY we unwittingly consented to.

5. What is the inner meaning of the OPPT is for US (those who are reading these words, living in the slavery systems, having to feed ourselves, pay bills, mortgage, etc)?

– The TRUE power of the former OPPT’s work is what it reveals about OURSELVES. We have all bought into: addictions, slavery systems, good and services – pushed by our would-be masters. Many feel like there is no choice, that they HAVE TO pay their mortgage (or fear loosing their home), HAVE TO pay their medical bills (to keep getting the toxic care from the death management system) HAVE TO buy food from the store (which is soft kill poison) because there isn’t anything else, HAVE TO have money for movies, video games, toys for the kids, school supplies etc (because my children shouldn’t have to suffer!)

– The hard truth, many of us do not want to acknowledge is we need none of these things. We are all addicted to the lifestyle we have been living for years, and one which invariably causes suffering to us and our loved ones. Why do we want a better world yet only see the old things as indications of our success?

– The inner work which the OPPT offered us is to reveal to us all the limitations we have been energizing, telling ourselves ‘we have no choice, we have to etc’ The truth is we DO NOT HAVE TO, we CHOSE TO, and although it can be unnerving to question your long held beliefs, they are the thing that is holding you, and the rest of humanity back.

I know it’s not easy to hear that all of the horrific things in your life, you have unwittingly [and unconsciously] consented to. But once you can accept this, you can being to change it.

Many of us are doing this work now. From my point of view, watching the past years work, I have made leaps and bounds in understanding just what part I played in enslaving my fellow man, and what part I can play by changing myself within. Thank about how much has changed within your understanding and awareness in a years time!

We each have a divine role [we have a HUMAN role to play – only we can do what needs to be done on this planet and that is why we came here, Eternal Essence exists in all beings whether Human, ET, divine/celestial, or Angelic] to play in this, but are we TRULY acknowledging it? Your power is so amazing, so energetic, so all influencing that the choices you make in your mind, to still consent to the system, have GLOBAL and UNIVERSAL ramifications.

Go within and look to see how you have stopped doing the work, and how this is probably the thing that is holding you back, not only with respect to understanding the role the former OPPT has played, but also what your TRUE purpose is in bringing about the global shift and change for humanity.

Your choices impact us ALL.

– Justin





AK Note: The D_CALL bond is a damages bond, the E_CALL bond is an equity bond.  These are templates those wishing to play with the banking system can use for their own purposes.  The ABA routing number is for the USA only, you will need to locate the routing number for your country if you live outside the USA.    – Bill


From: Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf
To: D, Bill (and our blog readers)


Bill and D….remember that “story” about the souls around the architect’s table engineering the Experience? No one wanted to play the “bad guy” role, but one volunteered under a sole condition? That condition being that the other souls, while in role, would tell the soul, while in “bad guy” role, that they love him…but they had to mean it? ……..and so upon that choice made they began the play?

……what do you “see”, Love?
What do I “see”? I see the choice made at that architect’s table being implemented and completed visibly and transparently by each and every inbodyment NOW.

In the spring of 2012, a few inbodyments warned me that if I proceeded with what I intended to do, that this would be a war like none that has ever been experienced or fought before in existence…EVER. I reply NOW….if it was ever perceived as a war, then it was a war of perceptions…because there is only One, eternal essence, BE’ing and DO’ing in every inbodyment that IS in every NOW moment.

IN LOVE, this “war of perceptions” is being made visible by all the inbodyments of eternal essence…The closed, reconciled, and terminated slavery systems, will not be revived, re-instituted, or reset. They have served their purpose…inbodyments, “in the know” of what ALL THIS IS, within the shells of those former systems who are diligently guarding that those systems frequencied to enslave never are revivied, re-instituted, or reset….to protect all inbodyments in these final moments of disclosure…because once all is disclosed, those former systems would never be consciously chosen….it is a “dance of love” that is done by all the inbodyments NOW to make the rest of the data visible, not one piece missing!

Many inbodyments have sent me their experiences of the last few weeks of their DO’ing with “courts”, “banks”, “secret service”, “agencies”, “paperwork”, “processes”, “possibilities”, “proposals”, “ventures”, etc, and they ask for my review, analysis, strategy, advise, thoughts, and comments about each.

I am attaching a Skype conversation between I and another inbodyment, Raymond King, who is in the highest level of bank/trade/finance….so that you can see the “dance” as it is done now….He was orchestrating the attempt to move representations of value to the countries without a paper trail so that if an audit was done it would appear that it had always been there ( the 4 Trillion daily that Gulliver from HSBC was sending to Christine at IMF who was sending to UST and then back out, using physical hard drive deliveries rather than wire/swift), he was attempting to situate the HSBC/DEUTSCHE situation (HSBC holding majority in most of the banks of the world, crashing it and having DEUTSCHE left standing), the FAB’s tool (a phoenix of the bad derivatives/securities), and resetting/revaluing the former private slavery systems/currencies….

I am also attaching a BOND that I constructed using the data made visible to me through a co-ordinated co-operation between many inbodyments, “within” and “without” the former systems…you will see the routing number for the American Bank Association (ABA for UST…each corporation operating under the guise of “government” has their own respective numbers…previously shielded under the blanket immunity of the membership pyramid of BIS), and the respective account/identification numbers pertaining to Heather (I played the guinea pig at that moment…EIN/UST ACCOUNT are the social security numbers, the back office number is the birth certificate number, etc….) …when I sent it over hard/open lines of communications to Karl Langentstein (he is also a Board of Director for Sino [China] who organized the investments into UST’s, until January of 2012 when he was told not to invest in UST’s) for review and accuracy it caused a lot of “activity” and “consternation”, especially with the “Texas Camp” who hacked all of our emails, I was told, because they were afraid China would “cut/make a deal” with us…the “activity” didn’t sit right with Caleb, Randall and I….if they get all excited we stop to figure out why……this BOND was a tipping point for us it assisted us in reviewing the irrelevancy of the “lien tool”…the solution was simple…and all that stuff with birth certificates, USDOT, salvage of vessels, vatican process with Dun and Bradstreet numbers, blah, blah, blah were not simple…therefore we through the BOND in the investigation archives and chose to do simple…. we shifted our perceptions of The Public Trust, and ALL THAT IS…to simple…and you have seen from there what that looked like starting July 25, 2012 onward, including the day of October 24, 2012, when all banking was closed and all the gold, silver and precious metals were removed…when did Denmark and Germany ask to see their gold?…the BOND we had constructed to be used through the Public Trust became irrelevant because we chose to make the former systems irrelevant by unbinding them as they were bound….and so that the Public Trust could complete its purpose and be reconciled and retired…and the prime Value, eternal essence, BE’ing and DO’ing, was made visible. Think about it for a moment….enslaving eternal essence?….only so long as eternal essence chooses to experience that…and that moment is DONE.

For those inbodyments tasked by choice to make visible the shell of the former systems that have been closed and retired…I attach two BONDS, created using the compilation and totality of data within regarding HEATHER ANN TUCCI-JARRAF….I chose not to go the route that was dependent on the former systems that actually commandeered the value of I in the first place….I chose to be responsible and dependent on I to convert all of it…in gratitude and love for the dead tool of banking and finance…I choose to never revive it again….reminds me of that movie Pet Cemetary…lol.)…..the current excuses of the bank’s about routing numbers to get their fees would be rendered mute as all the routing/account/identification numbers from the former system are included…and the secret service’s excuses about “customer” status…well, the BONDS duly establish the Superior position of “first position creditor/owner/holder-in due-course” standing, authority, security, etc in that former system….this BOND also makes mute the excuse “if you did not loose money by them rejecting your deposit”…in the former systems, by them rejecting any deposit I give them to make, I loose that amount of amount of deposit and their refusal would jeopardize the remainder of the value of my holdings….in other words….their rejection results in the actual loss of the face value of any BOND I present, up to 10 Billion in pre-1933 gold and silver..somewhere between 200 billion to 2 trillion on the “markets” ( withstanding the contrived market manipulations of gold and silver [purported hard backed assets…lol] on any given day).

If inbodyments are wondering what the respective routing numbers are for any corporation operating under the guise of “government”…Karen Hudes would have that information…perhaps this is an opportunity for the inbodyments to ferret out and make visible with Karen the answer to the question I have been receiving recently… is she really a whistle blower intent on helping the people or still working for the World Bank, also known as International Bank for Reconstruction and Development….I leave up to the people and Karen to answer that.



Conversation between Heather and Raymond King:

[11/8/2013 9:22:37 AM] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: I have something for you….call me please.

[11/9/2013 4:01:56 AM] Raymond King: Hello Heather, I tried to call you phone just now without
connecting. Let me know when you available and I will call again if I am up.

[11/10/2013 10:31:23 AM] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: here

[11/10/2013 10:49:31 AM] *** Call from Raymond King, duration 07:42. ***

[11/10/2013 10:58:27 AM] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: note to the boys: I love you. No worries, Loves. All is perfect every moment of NOW and perfectly DONE. Raymond, I love you and all that you DO. I see you shortly. (hug) in love, gratitude and peace

[11/10/2013 10:59:47 AM] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: ……….I think a few hearts just skipped a few beats (chuckle)(heart)….that call was for Raymond and I…..not for theatrics or blocks….let’s move this onward!!!!!

[11/10/2013 11:49:29 PM] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: Raymond….thank you for speaking with I. I all
ways in joy our conversations (sun)

[11/11/2013 12:10:25 AM] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: I appreciate your direct approach and all that you BE and DO. (bow) I return in kind. I AM CONSCIOUS: The purported debt…what ever the “data” you have been given….are you sure it is Souh America that it eminates from? …..when I go within to review the “data”, it does not eminate from there…..rather, it eminates much, much, much further “behind the veil”….a purported “universal debt”….in fact, the “one group” that still holds the perception that “debt” exists and they are owed this purported “debt”….while not wanting to BE responsible to experience all that does come with any claim, enforcement and collection of what does not exist….this purported “debt” ….and I get that it in your base of “understanding”, as you put it last night, and those you are working with, that the analysis is that it is better to pay what you perceive as the “block”, that which appears to be “holding things up”…to “buy off” the what is perceived as the last “hold out” so that things can “move”…and, therein, lies what is not told….and sets the stage for what comes next…what is already prepared to be brought into density for all to experience…the ONE event remaining that DOES make visible ALL THAT IS.

…and so with that, I disclose and make visible the following data…for you…for your heart in this
moment NOW….in order that during this finale….regardless of any data….and any choice that may be made using any “understanding” (as you put it)….you BE CONSCIOUS that I LOVES YOU….and that every moment NOW is perfect and perfectly done.

This is what “they” know and do not tell….hoping that you can do what you intend to do, with the best intentions within your heart, based on your understanding….they rely on your state/level of
understanding, in order that you manifest what they know they can not….because it does not exist.:
……..and so NOW, I give you other data which they BE CONSCIOUS of…and did not tell….:

[11/11/2013 12:41:22 AM] Raymond King:

[11/11/2013 12:41:39 AM] Raymond King: (heart)

[11/11/2013 12:45:53 AM] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: ALL UNIVERSAL CONTRACTS (inclusive of those for “debt”) WERE SATISFIED AND CERTIFICATE OF SATISFACTION ISSUED,
DECEMBER 10, 2012, Record No. 2012132883…duly done, issued, and noticed by the ONE who
created all the systems, products therefrom….inclusive of those you are conscious of in your
appointed “agents”/”nominees” (some call them the elders/the families) chose not to do in spite of the will and order of the ONE who IS and has the sole authority to issue that certificate of satisfaction… those who purportedly now come “before” you to claim, enforce and collect a purported “debt” that is no longer there…and that in absolute truth, never existed… are those very universal “agents/nominees” who so beautifully succeeded in failing to DO what IS…and the PRINCIPAL insures that “paying” what does not exists… succeeds in failing too. I LOVE THE ABSOLUTE PLAN (inlove)… SO BEAUTIFUL

…Raymond, why do you choose to perceive a “debt” exists, when in your experience and knowledge
you BE CONSCIOUS that there is no such thing as “debt”? What is the benefit you perceive you and
your group gain?
….”Money?” What is that?….
….”Power?” Over whom?…..
….”Access?” To what?….

What do you perceive you are able to pay this purported “debt” with? Land? Air? Water? Precious
metals and minerals? “Raw material (human/human labor)? Natural resources and inbodyments
created by….whom? THE PRINCIPAL THAT CREATED ALL THAT….made, issued, and noticed that security…which is why all that previously was based on the allusion that “ownership, title, rights, use, operation, management, etc.” belonged to the “agents/nominees” froze…July 25, 2012 through October 24, 2012, see Record No. 2012127914 (its all there)….bringing all that IS back in….reminds me of how the Chinese pulled all accounts back in every december/january for reissuance in february (chuckle)

Perhaps you perceive that taking the old purported “debts” and refinancing the expected futures (hoping to increase said futures through a series of designed, manipulated and fabricated events)…. in the last year… review that last year…what has worked out as you or any of the others in the former systems expected?

IN ORDER TO INSURE THIS MOMENT NOW….and to give notice of who was doing this… and THE ABSOLUTE PLAN…. all that was formerly, perceived or unperceived, understood or not…. WAS MADE VISIBLE…. record no. 2013032035…..

[11/11/2013 12:50:08 AM] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: ….that is what they did not tell you…. ALL I DO, I DO TO RETURN IN KIND WHAT YOU AND ALL THE INBODYMENTS OF ONE/I HAVE
ALREADY GIVEN I….(get the ABSOLUTE PLAN YET? ….NO DEBT COULD EXIST….ALL THAT IS, BE pre-approved, pre-authorized, and pre-paid….just sayin’ 😉

I LOVE YOU, RAYMOND….and as all the inbodyments of I DO this FINALE…I AM WITH
YOU….DO, BABY, DO! Let’s get on with it! (music)\o/(flex)(sun)(heart)…….hugs at the after party!

[11/11/2013 12:50:19 AM] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: IN LOVE, GRATITUDE AND PEACE….WE

[11/11/2013 12:52:40 AM] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: THIS CONVERSATION….for this moment
NOW….is for you…it is between you/I….and of course those who are “listening” (chuckle)(heart)…. all other inbodyments of I can review when it THE FINALE IS DONE. (hug):*(heart)(*)

[11/11/2013 12:52:44 AM] Raymond King: it is my attempt and intention to return what was taken
from the people to them in the only means I know how. When i know how to do this in another manner, I will glady do so. I feel limitations by my lack of understanding to knowledge and I look forward to more of both; I will not quit until I achieve this goal. It is not for personal gain.

[11/11/2013 12:56:36 AM | Edited 12:57:19 AM] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: …..AND yet all the tools, the means, for you to expand that perception, that knowledge….swim around you….have you engaged those tools, those means?…..I am reminded of that joke about the guy on the desert island who prays to God…please help me! …..and when the boat, the plane, the helicopter, etc., show up to give him assistance, he turns and says….’no thanks, God is gonna help me!”….dude dies and goes up to heaven and fitfully stomps his feet at God and says “why didn’t you help me???!!!!???”….God lovingly giggles and says “I sent you a boat, a plane, a helicopter and all tools of assistance, but you chose not to “see” them and “use” them….. (chuckle)(inlove)

[11/11/2013 12:56:51 AM] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: ……..ON WE GO!!!!!!!! WE FINISH THIS!

[11/11/2013 12:57:47 AM] Raymond King: show me how.

[11/11/2013 12:58:12 AM] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: ….why do you think I invited you to come here?

[11/11/2013 12:58:24 AM] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: … DO that.

[11/11/2013 12:58:33 AM] Raymond King: my handsome looks?

[11/11/2013 12:58:50 AM] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: …of course…that too. (chuckle)(heart)

[11/11/2013 12:59:01 AM] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: …….too funny!

[11/11/2013 12:59:11 AM] Raymond King: meant that way

[11/11/2013 1:00:33 AM] Raymond King: I’ll be there and I’ll do what I can

[11/11/2013 1:01:06 AM] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: ……I was just skyping with Jonathan Betts a bit
ago…saying how I missed playing with you all in density:

[10/30/2013 11:23:29 AM] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: …….Hi, JB

[10/30/2013 11:28:16 AM] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: Like your new skype message. 😉
….so after Raymond King was perceived to have “failed”, along with Mark Rackley (great eagle), and Karl……and I won’t mention anything at this moment of the SWISSINDO, UN, KEENAN, FULFORD, QING DYNASTY, ADNAN, DRAGONS (pick a color any color), etc….Now there is Hunter Toyofuku-Aki…..

[10/30/2013 11:28:53 AM] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: ……..I miss you, Raymond, and Karl….. (hug)

[10/30/2013 11:29:14 AM] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: almost done!

[10/30/2013 11:29:23 AM] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: Have a great day….H

[11/11/2013 1:02:02 AM] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: …….I AM ALL WAYS TRANSPARENT WITH

[11/11/2013 1:02:58 AM] Raymond King: I didn’t know that I have failed and also didn’t know anyone knew who I was…. kinda confused about the last message….

[11/11/2013 1:03:02 AM] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: I give you all that I AM, and all the tools, means, to shine….BRIGHTLY!

[11/11/2013 1:03:36 AM] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: …..has to do with the universal side of the value
systems that others don’t perceive/understand….other than the elders

[11/11/2013 1:04:39 AM] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: ….and even the elders and those who ran the
universal side were limited in their perception/understanding…which is why I spent the energy to assist them… so that they SHINE too!!!!!!

[11/11/2013 1:04:58 AM] Raymond King: I hope that I can understand this sometime soon

[11/11/2013 1:05:09 AM] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: ….all is ONE…the stonger and MORE CONSCIOUS all BE….the more I expands in love.

[11/11/2013 1:06:15 AM] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: ….it will only happen as “soon” as you choose it to BE….hence, I invited you to come here…and I assist you…to return in kind all that you and the other inbodyments of I have already given I

[11/11/2013 1:06:34 AM] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: …..”WE” ALL WIN, LOVE.

[11/11/2013 1:06:40 AM] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: …..that is the end game

[11/11/2013 1:06:52 AM] Raymond King: I like the we all win side of things!

[11/11/2013 1:06:54 AM] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: …..that is the promise

[11/11/2013 1:07:33 AM] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: NOW, I MANIFEST THAT PROMISE,
WITHIN ALL INBODYMENTS…’cause every/each one…gets to experience this!

[11/11/2013 1:09:15 AM] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: …up to you….your choice….I AM PRESENT and DO’ing… I CHOOSE TO GIVE YOU ALL THAT I AM, ALL THAT I AM CONSCIOUS, so that you and the other inbodyments can DO and SHINE!

[11/11/2013 1:10:41 AM] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: …..if you choose to come I am sure you can find “someone” you trust who is conscious of where I am (chuckle)(heart)

[11/11/2013 1:11:07 AM] Raymond King: I will come.

[11/11/2013 1:11:23 AM] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: (heart)

[11/11/2013 1:11:27 AM] Raymond King: I promised Bill and I keep my promises

[11/11/2013 1:11:37 AM] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: ……so DO I!

[11/11/2013 1:12:07 AM] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: thoughts, words, and actions that are all
aligned…manifest what you choose at the speed of heart…..READY, SET, GO!

[11/11/2013 1:12:07 AM] Raymond King: …besides, I like the food…

[11/11/2013 1:12:28 AM] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: ….me too!!!!!!!!!!

[11/11/2013 1:12:53 AM] Raymond King: and look forward to meeting you and your family!

[11/11/2013 1:13:00 AM] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: (bow)

[11/11/2013 1:13:15 AM] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: (inlove)

[11/11/2013 1:14:42 AM] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: I DO DELIVER….we can all strategize together so that it IS and IS PERCEIVED for what it IS…a WIN FOR EVERY ONE!

[11/11/2013 1:14:55 AM] Raymond King: (hug)

[11/11/2013 1:15:27 AM] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: ….with my full responsibility…IN LOVE… (hug)(heart)

[11/11/2013 1:16:21 AM] Raymond King: … my head is spinning…

[11/11/2013 1:18:01 AM] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: ……’cause your tools of resonance SENSES the
heart expanding…..I AM SENDING ALL THE LOVE AND ENERGY to you so that you BE
CONSCIOUS that my thoughts, words and actions are aligned…..with my full responsibility to
DELIVER what I speak NOW.

[11/11/2013 1:19:44 AM] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: Bill arrives today…let me know when you arrive and I can make arrangements to get you to the villa….it’s on the beach… will love it! The perfect place to make the final arrangements for the WIN!

[11/11/2013 1:19:51 AM] Raymond King: this is all fairly new to me …I want to know and understand

[11/11/2013 1:20:00 AM] Raymond King: it is very new

[11/11/2013 1:20:11 AM] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: ….I ASSIST

[11/11/2013 1:20:24 AM] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: …IF YOU CHOOSE THAT I ASSIST YOU AND THE OTHERS

[11/11/2013 1:21:24 AM] Raymond King: please assist -rather just do it blunt force for a knuckle
dragger like me

[11/11/2013 1:21:53 AM] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: …the main element of the WIN….is to shed the judgment and fear issues….I STAND WITH YOU AND THE OTHERS and any perception of
judgment and fear has to pass through I to get to any of you… AND THAT IS NOT HAPPENING.

[11/11/2013 1:23:16 AM] Raymond King: thank you

[11/11/2013 1:25:13 AM] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: ….AS YOU CHOOSE….however, in order to shed any last shred of “the peoples” judgment/fear….I INPOWER YOU AND THE OTHER
INBODYMENTS to DO….I AM PRESENT THE WHOLE WAY OF THE FINALE…but it is all of you that SHINE….for the inbodyments who are perceived to have done “not so nice things”….DID IN ABSOLUTE LOVE AND TRUST IN I…that the eternal truth of what IS, BE VISIBLE…and it sheds that last remnant of judgment/fear away at the speed of heart….the heart of I.

[11/11/2013 1:25:23 AM] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: thank YOU, Love.

[11/12/2013 1:46:29 PM] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: Raymond..Love..I SEE YOU… I SEE “THEM”… REVIEW THE DATA IN THE SKYPE CONVO ABOVE… how far back did you go behind
the data they gave you… it is universal: ;)… I am sending you and the “militaries” LOVE….I AM CONSCIOUS! I LOVE YOU!

[11/12/2013 2:01:05 PM] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: ..AND so the last piece of data before I DO: all
heavenly mandates previously issued were revoked….all energetic signatures (of any
programs/accounts/etc) were reset…all previous value “issued” was taken back into eternal essence and only each inbodyment of eternal essence can and does access what is deposited and domicil within each respective inbodyment….any “consent” thought to be obtained by an inbodyment over another is energetically and lawfully null and void, and, therefore, not inforce and not implemented…by order, the will and word, of eternal essence….and NOW eternal essence sheds the veils of all inbodyments in this GRAND FINALE! (heart)(sun)

[11/12/2013 2:02:18 PM] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: (music)\o/(music)……REMEMBER: what ever
you may perceive…any moment of NOW….the end game = win win for every inbodyment.
[4:59:10 AM] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: …..I AM CONSCIOUS that you are re-strategizing…so are the inbodyments that tasked with you………I AM CONSCIOUS that it did not go as you expected…..are you ready NOW to have fun with it? I CHOOSE THAT YOU HAVE FUN….rather than experience this from the vantage point you are anchored in……let me know…I continue to DO while you figure out whether you choose to have fun at this moment NOW…or not. (heart)

[4:59:39 AM] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: (hug):*(heart)

[11/4/2013 2:23:27 AM] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: [11/3/2013 8:36:20 PM] Peter Kondogonis: Hey
some reading from Karen Hudes page………..

From: Karen Hudes
Date: Sun, Nov 3, 2013 at 11:15 PM
Subject: Rescission of the Zenith World Trust
Cc: Tom Murphy , “” , Wolfgang Struck

This is to inform you of the rescission of the attached Zenith World Trust following my conversation today with Kimberly A. Tater and Dee Thomas Murphy. The document is fatally flawed. Please be informed that: 

(1) “people are not the one true god” 
(2) the grant was not approved by the authorized signatory over the collateral accounts, source of the funding and 
(3) the member countries of the World Bank do not agree that the funding for their projects are to flow via a trust established in the United States and subject thereto.


Karen Hudes
Acting General Counsel
International Bank for Reconstruction and Development #karenhudes

[AK note: the above organization is part of The World Bank so by inference while Karen claims to be a World Bank “whistleblower” she is still very clearly working for the Worldbank as General Counsel.]

[11/5/2013 7:40:08 AM] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: [quoting] [7:37:00 AM] byteriders: One final question, if I may [7:37:04 AM] byteriders: ” [08:04:34] byteriders:

Shirley Muhammad says :

November 4, 2013 at 5:27 pm

I visited the local Bank here in Detroit JPMorgan 6mile Branch. My documents were taken seriously but were never seen or worked with by this Branch manager, who called to level above to assist him.

As I waited in the Branch managers office, several top levels were involved in attempting to make this deposit happen for this customer, after about an hour.

I was asked several questions by two Branch managers about who the One People Public Trust was, how did I obtain this information, and how did I get knowledge of this information about the banks and they did not?

I was told that JP Morgan could not accept the deposit or open an account based on this foreign deposit because there was no routing number to the Bank for them to get paid their fee. I called the Secret Service Detroit office and was told that if I was a customer and the bank did not accept my documents, and if I did not loose any money in the attempt to deposit, he could not help me, and refused to give his name or state his oath and duty and hung up on me. So, I have visited three banks this was the last one in my attempt to delay getting out of this system.