Sheldan Nidle Update 1-3-17…

Posted: January 5, 2017 in One People's Public Trust (OPPT)

Read it! Changing the world first involves changing your self. Thus, changing your vision involves focus on objectives that align with the changes desired and should include meditation to reprogram your sub-conscious processes in order to manifest the reality.

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paoweb_globegrid174Another latest Sheldan update.

“We are presently united in a number of goals and the timing to correctly implement them. This much-needed prologue occurred owing to a number of attempted shenanigans employed by the illegal US Corp. What is exciting is that we are truly on the same page.

“The inner workings of a definitive solution are owing, in part, to a long overdue meeting of minds. We now feel deeply that this new general agreement is the essential next step to move your world beyond the old system produced by the Anunnaki, which was for the sole benefit of their minions. We are creating a global society that is in tune with the increasing new global consciousness. This future realm is to be prosperous, free and, most importantly, sovereign.

“This process is deeply tied to your upward shift in consciousness. Heaven is committed to raising your perceptions of this…

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