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One People Bulgaria


UPDATES from Mark in MOROCCO! via Skype
[10:38:44 AM] mark hoza:
There is a lot of pressure cooking going on around SwissIndo that is revealing a lot of people’s intentions very nicely. If you find yourself feeling anxious about whether Heather and whomever is missing the boat by not rushing together delegations to go meet with them try returning to your heart centre. Heather (and I know that I am as well) communicating directly with Mr. Sino. He feels very pure. All of the drama carrying on around him, fueled by the vipers altering translations and pushing for certain actions to distract and divide will burn off in an Alchemical way.

Things are rolling out very nicely. I’m not sharing specifics because the specifics have not yet fully swung into focus. I am giving you a look in to the heart of the matter, which is that Heather is communicating directly with the principals and all is playing out nicely to reveal people and give everyone a chance to make choices. Listen carefully to what people say. Feel your heart and see what resonates and what feels anxious and rushed and brings up fears that if such and such isn’t done things won’t go well.

This is a wonderful thing. What Heather said about her being willing to underwrite the RV is very significant. It wasn’t lost on the ears of those who know what that means. Much is swinging into focus around that. It is very, very, very key. (wasntme)

I have a phone to find. I haven’t been keeping up with any of the chat rooms, including this one, tho I want to be.

Any way, I do need to focus on the work at hand so that we all have real tools to work with to buy fuel and lettuce (inlove) .

Feel my Love and tune into the golden love eminating from the Sun, coming from Eternal Essence and raying through the center of the galaxy the Sun and all of our Hearts. Here’s a blessing my family works with every morning at breakfast:

[9:43 AM] mark hoza:
<<< I know that everyone is wanting info, but this is the heart of hearts of the data and I’m telling you I feel so happy.
Bob arrived today!
Bob has GREAT energy.
So much fun.
Dang, what a guy.
I am glad that he is here.


Great update and every day we get a little closer…


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Mark Hoza & Chris Hales on (OPPT)

The One People’s Public Trust


The OPPT documents that were disclosed on December 25th have swept across the land like wildfire. It has become a grassroots movement taken on by hundreds of thousands of people across the world (soon to be millions) who all want the same thing; They want freedom from the old enslavement system and a choice to live their lives according to their own free will and to exercise their own free will choices. The current systems have failed and they are being held up only by artificial means and the last bit of energy that was already “in the pipes” before the foreclosure. The OPPT documents open the door to the possibility of allowing the people to free themselves from these failed systems and co-create a new system, according to the desires and free will choice of each acting in the highest good of all where we can all thrive.


Thanks Guys for a great overview and a great education tool!


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Brian Kelly’s Blog

April 22, 2013

This exchange just took place a few minutes ago in a Skype chat and I thought it to be well worth sharing.


Chris Hales:<<< My current conclusion is that the UCC filings done by the trust are still active and apply globally but that the operations of the UCC have been put into “permanent suspension” so no further UCC filings may take place.

H: correct

‎11‎:‎49‎ ‎AM

Chris Hales:<<< AK stated in his blog that the Universal Exchange replaced the OPPT. To me the UV Exchange is the treasury for the CVAC System, or whatever is developed, not a complete replacement for the CVAC System concept.

Chris, if one is intent on PAY’ing energy into transition from old to new, 3D to whatever D, etc…..are they still paying energy into the old? I am not attached to the old…I move quickly through tools for the purpose of not permitting the tools to become a crutch or a distraction while the conscious is perceived as arriving where it all ways IS….eternal essence…that IS Absolute Truth…all that IS, BE eternal essence with a a cloak program, so to speak. Remove the cloak, and you see, know and experience what IS. You are responsible for your embodiment, Chris. Assisting other embodiments to assist them Self…great…beautiful…PAY energy into what IS…if you PAY energy into the formula of having one foot in what isn’t and one foot in what IS, what result DO you get? what result DO you create?

everything was essentially reversed engineered, if you will, back to where it originated from in ABSOLUTE PRIME FIRST SOURCE (I am watching eternal essence work through its embodiments to expose the roles those embodiments played…the remaining embodiments that eternal essence is NOW exposing, DID NOT go back to ABSOLUTE PRIME FIRST SOURCE in their purported positions/titles/claims…they conveniently go back with data only far enough to support that their positions, titles, claims exist and are implemented)….ABSOLUTE TRUTH? Here is the current status of eternal essence conscious re-awakening in embodiments:

PRINCIPAL: Eternal essence is all that IS…all that IS, BE eternal essence embodied, I (various forms of embodiment, but there IS only one conscious, eternal essence conscious and that is revealing NOW)VALUE: energy IS THE VALUE, the currency of the embodiments of eternal essence, to create/manifest representations of Self for experiencing Self (formerly hidden and stolen by use of primarily monetary representations, but also by use of hierarchies, titles, religions, etc.)…the ABSOLUTE TRUTH of what IS…THE VALUE…is revealing NOW…it is even being revealed by those who desire that it not be revealed for their continued control and they only realize they have revealed AFTER they have done it….the example of what just occurred with Michael Dunn, Keenan, Malik Hughes, Adnan, and the purported Qing Dynasty/SWISSINDO matters is a great example of visibility that is still revealing. (chuckle)

GOVERNANCE/DELIVERY/FLOW OF VALUE: CVAC system was a bridge tool used to illuminate and contrast former systems while simultaneiously re-introducing ABSOLUTE PRINCIPAL and VALUE in preparation for eternal essence embodied and DO’ing eternal essence….the I system and UV Exchange are a graduated bridge tool from the CVAC system bridge tool…all embodiments are awakening and DO’ing eternal essence…absent any bridge tools currently existing or available

Re-read this with heart after you read it with your mind (heart)

Thank you Brian!   And thank you Chris and Heather for the dialog!


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Peter Van Runt

Published on Apr 18, 2013

The “Field” of the World Mind and how we relate to it. Healing The Shadow within.

Transmutation of Energy. Message to the “Illuminati” or Powers That Were.


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Benedick Howard


Published on Mar 13, 2013

How to hand deliver the “One Peoples Public Trust – Courtesy Notice” at a Community Association Board Meeting in 5 minutes or less.

OPPT – One Peoples Public Trust under Universal Commercial Code ( UCC) has foreclosed all Corporations including Governments worldwide in December 2012 for operating debt slavery systems. This is just the very beginning of a new legal landscape and return to Common Law – based on not harming others and honoring each person’s Divine connection to the Creator.

To anchor this claim the OPPT has created legal language under common law for supporting our sovereignty as individuals against the now foreclosed corporations, banks and governments. “Courtesy Notices” are worded in such a way to enforce sovereignty for everyone in a wide range conditions. For example to notify banks that they are foreclosed for operating a debt slavery system and therefore do not exist as a corporation only individual people each liable under common law not to harm others or collect debts, loans or mortgages. The banks are the easiest to convince because they trade under and know UCC law. Corporations like Monsanto can also be noticed, the Chief of Police etc because all corporate structures cease to exist and we are now equally liable under common law.

In this example I hand delivered the Courtesy Notices to the officers of my local community association for operating a foreclosed corporation. As such the Notice is just that until the Respondent continues the illegal action. At that time a “Terms and Conditions” clause creates a legally binding contract and a scale of fees. These fees are later invoiced according to a schedule.

After I left business returned to usual, and now I will re-notice to inform them that I will be invoicing for their violation by operating a debt slavery system and harming myself and our community.

I believe to comply the intermediate solution would be to assign a new temporary board tasked to holding a new election in our 4009 member community to decide on how to democratically meet the needs of the community under common law.

(C)2013 Benedick Howard