OPPT-IN Radio Show 3-18-13… MP3s (plus Ginger’s notes)… “OPPT: All is Eternal Essence, Debt Release”

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MP3s (minus music, volume leveled and boosted) (30 min., 7 MB per Part)

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Complete show (1:56, 27 MB)

UCC Filing of 18 March 2013 – Eternal Essence Embodied:



Ginger’s Notes (Mahalo, Ginger)

The over arching rainbow colors of this show was one of . . . going over the last and most important document (below) with Heather and group . . . clearly “it’s all over” now . . . upon lots of Joyful giggles, like kids who know what’s in the Christmas Box already opened now . . . a completion end-of-rainbow Pot of Gold that is Us . . . and a Journey’s End as another begins.


We are coming to the tipping point (outwardly) we all have been waiting for . . . the absolute freedom to Do and De . . . beyond our current wildest imaginations . . .
. . . my thought here was start with my most outrageous one like . . . I want to instantly be a beautiful female Avatar with bright indigo blue skin, the most radiant loving amber eyes with the most magnificent tail, who gets to soars the skies on any kind of dragon I wish, right now! . . .

. . . and then to stop and realize that the things about to happen are going to be beyond my imagining even this!

. . . and the careful what I wish for, is most fully in my face NOW . . . as this document has placed all of Humanity into the purest moment to moment of Absolute Alchemy for each of us NOW!

Energetically what is to happen outwardly has already happened and is now completed. All that is left is, for it to be pulled down (by us), therefore, will be obvious over next two weeks unfolding both individually and collectively.

Question: Was this planned to happen on or around this Spring 2013 Equinox?
Answer: No, but there are no accidents!

A little more specifically what is to happen . . .
1. Access to our Value that will not look like it has in past and or what we can imagine, and the PTW cannot steal it.
2. Disclosures will be happening of all kinds, as well as the Absolute Data from within (which means to me, a huge “awakening” for Humanity). This is because the Absolute Data (no parts missing) is so much more than whatever any media network could ever report – lol . . . it can only come from within – and it is so profound and impossible to corrupt by anyone now!
3. The PTW will be able to see it in all transparency, but will not be able to harvest Human energies anymore, nor will anymore PTW fictions be allowed.
4. Therefore, this is the moment to moment to understand we have just re-birthed ourselves (it’s not just Seraph’s birthday today 🙂 . . . completely clean and clear of all our old stories. So we must keep our hearts most open and our minds most open, enjoying every moment of what we came to experience now.
– OPPT-IN website is currently being re-vamped and coming back up live sometime this week.
– There was a full acknowledgment to all of us who have contributed our individual and collective Creative Energies Focus towards assisting getting OPPT awareness out there, WITHOUT any budget of monies, while having so much fun doing it! . . . this is how humans can shift things so fast together, and still growing exponentially as we speak!
– OPPT has fully achieved what it set out to achieve today.
– Forget “the wizards behind curtain” now, as they know it’s all over today. Their last planned effort, that was supposed be implemented today, did not happen. It’s over.
– The type of energies generated by us ALL was so pure, the PTW could not touch it. And it’s imprint runs so deep now, there is no going back.
– Regarding today, the PTW were going to try to reboot the system, but it got yanked for the last time. They had been relying on the authentic St Germain Trust, but they cannot get their hands on it. (however, they did get some of it and created a “St Germain Foundation” to attempt to dupe us again with it)
– A system of value (that reverses the old harvesting tool) is fully anchored back into Prime . . . meaning The End of their enslavement stories, forever.

REGARDING THE LAST DOCUMENT (links at top of post) . . .

*OPPT: All is Eternal Essence, Debt Release UCC Eternal Essence Filing March 18, 2013*

Essentially, there are lots of multi dimensional and multi faceted things are going on in this doc. And OPPT has finished it’s job. – Heather

I have decided not not include any further notes about it here, and as I urge everyone to read it and if you feel you do not quite fully “get it”, to please listen carefully to everyone going over it on the recorded show. And I guarantee you will then, fully get it on all levels of your BE-ing as we now move into a full-on Universal Event . . . so be open to anything while having FUN!

Many Blessings of Absolute Gratitude to all Eternal Hearts that is US, in
Absolute Aloha, Ginger – http://www.meetup.com/Kona-Occupy-Disclosure-OPPT-IN/

PS – In case one last critical detail has still escaped some . . . it has been each and ALL of US here, who has called forth Heather and the other two trustees to manifest all the documents, filings, etc, for what is about to happen Universally. This is so critical to understand most fully now.

And a huge thanks to all of you in our KOI group and Darlene, whom have
supported me for over the past year for hanging in there with our web site and our un-wavering creative matrix inner-visionings . . . as well as Katrina calling me today! I Love you StarSistah . . . see her OPPT website here –

Happy Birthday to our guardian Seraph and to us ALL!

OPPT: All is Eternal Essence, Debt Release

Posted on March 18, 2013
by D Breakingthesilence
*Please read out loud, and read from your heart.*
…. So it is done.*
*Below is the true, accurate, and complete vehicle of word of the
Absolute Energy entered into all that IS
so it is done





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