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We can only be kept in the cages we do not see. A brief history of human enslavement – up to and including your own.

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Bankers Working with Eternal Essence room

But first, I am REPOSTING some EXCERPTS from above:

HeatherAnnTucciJarraf1816x475. .

WHY ME? / If not me, Who?
I have been fascinated with this “movement” for a long time.  I have probably listened to well over 100 hours of podcasts, and done a great deal of reading about this story, and even read several UCC filings.  It has been obvious to me for sometime that something or someone was missing from the OP team.  I have been waiting for someone to step forward and ask the hard questions, and point out some of the half-truths as are commonly expressed here.

When I heard the recent OP podcast where BZ spoke about how she was going to approach banks, it was obvious to me (from my background in banking), that this approach was not going to work… Given the stakes, I decided to step forward, and ask the very questions that I was waiting for someone else to ask.
/ UNQUOTE – Henry /
. .
Heather has invited me to ask Questions
Henry O’leary (your role/real name is not important)….thank you, Love.  I get that you do not want to play transparently…youl still get all the questions answered…by a co-ordinated co-operation that has been rolling out visibly, Love.
: Good night, Loves!
/ UNQUOTE – HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .
. .
To which, I responded:
Hi Heather,
I think I have been as transparent as most here, apart from not being willing to reveal my name and details of past employment – for reasons I have given.  Are YOU willing to to take next step?
. .
No Response has come from Heather (yet),
So I suppose I should be the one to Take the Next Step, regarding Questions.
. .
So that’s the Background, and Here they are …
QUESTIONS as Originally posted on the 5d-Chat
. .
HARD QUESTIONS : for The One People Forum on 5d

+ VALUE : Why does the OP talk about $5 Billion per person when $300 Trillion Global Tangible wealth (on the planet) divided by 7 Billion people is less than $50,000 per person?

+ NON-NEGOTIABILITY : What do you expect the the first bank to do with a deposited COV, when no other banks have yet accepted them in exchange for cash?

+ WHY NO EXPERTS: If banking really worked the way we have heard about on OP podcasts, why does not one single banking expert talk that way, including the many critics of big banking and the Fed?

+ LENDING SLOWDOWN: … And why has bank lending ground to a halt in 2013, if making loans is such an easy and profitable business for banks?

+ EXCHANGES: Getting two people to agree on what is a fair “exchange for value” can be difficult and slow. Won’t our complex economy grind to a halt if the existing pricing mechanism is destroyed, and a new one has to be created and negotiated?

+ DIRTY JOBS: Many think that local currencies creating and using their own local currencies is the answer. But if you look at the history of Utopian communities, these usually fall apart because it is hard to find people willing to do the regular dirty jobs that someone needs to do – these can be removing garbage, or washing dishes.
How will OP’s vision tackle these jobs?

+ NO BANKS: In a world without banks, how will people come up with the value for expensive capital items, such as a house? If it represents 20 years of savings, then people will need a reliable and safe way to store savings while they are waiting. If not banks, what then?
> see:
[6:06:12 AM] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: + VALUE : Why does the OP talk about $5 Billion per person when $300 Trillion Global Tangible wealth (on the planet) divided by 7 Billion people is less than $50,000 per person?

HEATHER:  this is where your stated experience and levels in derivatives is so interesting, yes?…depends on whether you consider the totality of data, not one piece missing, vs.  data consciously selected from all data in order to support an econimic structure/agenda, yes?
1.  there is reportedly over 1.2 Quadrillion of derivatives (if one google’s derivatives you will find many references from finance journals, congressional hearings, etc. but here is one ) …and that is just what is “on book” without transparency of “off book” amounts…I AGREE WITH A STATEMENT THAT THERE IS MUCH MORE DATA THEN IS BEING FOCUSED ON…Henry, would you be willing to explain how derivatives market ALONE, not even considering any of the other markets, can be sooooo much larger than Global GDP…what value base are they using and what are the formulas to get to the numbers (on book at least) that they are selling?  (this opens the door to the Insurance scheme of multiple policies issued for greater than the asset “covered”, which is illegal by former laws…that appeared to bring AIG down yet was the greatest robbery in history….because their national/international data base was consciously designed to not catch the multiple policies issue upon entry of policy…only upon entry of CLAIM on policy…which led to the actual robbery operating under the guise of BAILOUT.)
2.  Re-read the filings…they actually state 5 billion in equity paid in “lawful money of The United States of America” (gold and silver pre1933)…if one goes to read ANY purported “promissary note” for a purported loan all contain a statement that the signatory admits to receiving a loan of [enter FRN amount] which they agree to repay in “lawful money of The United States of America” (gold and silver)…GOLD AND SILVER pre1933… (promissory forms were last created/revised by FANNY MAE in 1985, if memory serves correctly, for the whole banking industry….BIG BANK/FANNY MAE EXECS CREATED MERS AT THE SAME MOMENT, but tested it for approximately 10 years before its launch in 1995…Marie McDonald (forensics fraud mortgage examiner is an excellent resource to speak with…lovely being who was behind the Albinez supreme court Amicus Curie…I worked with her during her moment of transparently auditing Mass. County records…75%+ titles examined were fraud.)  As all local currencies are only able to issue based on the amount of FRN’s deposited in their central banks (EURODOLLAR = a dollar deposited in a European bank…. )…which is why the purported BAILOUT MONEY FED RESERVE PAID OUT TO MANY BANKS, CORPORATIONS, ETC OVERSEAS …and which in issuing local currencies from central banks based on the amount of FRN’s is why they all subscribed under the “all debts are payable in lawful money of The United States of America” (gold and silver)…its all in the filings, Love.
3.  DO the calculation now of 5 Billion lawful money of The United States of America, pre1933 gold and silver per the filings ;)…what DO you SEE, Love?
4.  I love the fact that you state you were in high level derivatives…you should be able to shine absolute light on the inconsistencies and probably one of the greatest shadow department of banking….other than the “Loan and Original Issue Discount mechanisms”…then again the Federal Reserve did a great job at explaining everything in MODERN MONEY MECHANICS…I’ll post a copy after this post (heart)

+ NON-NEGOTIABILITY : What do you expect the the first bank to do with a deposited COV, when no other banks have yet accepted them in exchange for cash?

HEATHER:  This is where your stated experience as high level banker is so valuable, Love….you have the opportunity to show what your “world” does not want seen or focus on…what negotiable vs. non-negotiable means and how the “conversion” process actually works, yes?:
1.  APPLICATIONS for conversion (exchange for current funds) is done all the time…the conversion is cleverly templated (by Fannie/banks as stated above)the promissory note is a declaration of value, cleverly coupled with the “swap” of loan issuance (FRN’s) for “lawful money of The United States of America”, and the OID (Original Issue Discount is done and issued (IRS holds those records)…AGAIN, read MODERN MONEY MECHANICS or the many other resources of data that are issued by the system itself…NOTICE IS A MANDATORY REQUIREMENT…hence, the requirement of distraction so that the NOTICE is not….noticed (chuckle)(heart)
2.  In every application for a bank account, credit card, loan/deed of trust, etc., there is a clever Agent Clause/Accomodation Clause…making the bank a signatory agent for the purported “applicant” so that the bank can hide the entire conversion process from the one who actually holds the value…that is why the bank can accept the “Original Issue Discount” federal reserve notes that are exchanged for the original value and placed in an account in the bank under the applicants name, which the bank, per the Agent/Accomodation Clauses can then accept “on behalf of the client”/”as the client” and transfer to another account which is presented to the client as “loan account”…AGAIN …MODERN MONEY MECHANICS, and many other sources from within the system cover all this.
3.  “Negotiable” is required for the banks to leverage, derive, or to permit the “global” conversions, assignments, derivatives, leverages, etc.
4.  “Non-negotiable”…it is what it is and it ain’t no more than what it is stated to be…and only the issuer has the power…not any agent/accomodation maker…..the issuer would have to have all material facts in order for the instrument issued to have value…but that is not how the former system was.
5.  To accept “Non-Negotiable” instrument would mean all material facts have to be disclosed and all operations transparent with knowing, willing and intentional consent by issuer….very different than the former system, yes?
6.  The mission of the former systems was to successfully fail so that all could succeed, not one inbodyment left behind.  That mission is complete.

+ WHY NO EXPERTS: If banking really worked the way we have heard about on OP podcasts, why does not one single banking expert talk that way, including the many critics of big banking and the Fed?

HEATHER:  They have….multiple moments over….William Black ( (inlove) ), Congressman Bernard (Congressional Bernard hearings regarding S&L scandal…remember that?), Walker Todd, and many others….are you listening to what they actually are saying/have said, Love?

+ LENDING SLOWDOWN: … And why has bank lending ground to a halt in 2013, if making loans is such an easy and profitable business for banks?

HEATHER:  (chuckle) … because all the original value and depositories (the people) were duly secured and returned….what happens in contracts (this is where your ship financing and overall banking experience should benefit soooo many here ;)), inclusive of contracts for a purported loan when all material facts are not disclosed? (heart)
[6:06:30 AM] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: + EXCHANGES: Getting two people to agree on what is a fair “exchange for value” can be difficult and slow. Won’t our complex economy grind to a halt if the existing pricing mechanism is destroyed, and a new one has to be created and negotiated?

HEATHER:  when a pricing mechanism, and the funding mechanism it is based on, is not completely disclosed to begin with resulting in a fraud…was it “destroyed” at inception and implementation? …hence transparency only makes visible what all ways IS.

+ DIRTY JOBS: Many think that local currencies creating and using their own local currencies is the answer. But if you look at the history of Utopian communities, these usually fall apart because it is hard to find people willing to do the regular dirty jobs that someone needs to do – these can be removing garbage, or washing dishes.
How will OP’s vision tackle these jobs?

HEATHER:  hhhhmmm…interesting, yes?  The advanced technologies that have been buried in order to maintain people paying energy into distraction, like removing garbage, or washing dishes, etc…..the “invention” of the dishwashing machine/clothes washing machine was about as far as they were to release….that is why the cookers were buried too…old “new tech” 😉 (the tech that burns the garbage back to their base elements, like the total of all used rubber tires that can be cooked back to base elements and provide the same amount of oil that Venezuela was importing to the US back in 2009…and that doesn’t even address the value of the other base elements that come out of those “tires” that are worth more on the market than oil)

….I won’t even get into the advantage of human tech…which makes those “dirty jobs” you speak of irrelevant…yet. :*

+ NO BANKS: In a world without banks, how will people come up with the value for expensive capital items, such as a house? If it represents 20 years of savings, then people will need a reliable and safe way to store savings while they are waiting. If not banks, what then?

…..for all that Jimmy Carter has done, one of the DO’ings I love the most has been his Habitat for Humanity…and when HH leaves a community, are you conscious that many of the community continue to build homes using no money?…that’s until Green Peace and USAID put a stop to it (rofl)(heart)

….the real value the banks have produced is NOW visible….to make transparent the eternal value of all inbodyments of I….The banks have served their purpose and it is the moment for all inbodyments to repurpose….the banks operated by the energy of the inbodyments within them DO’ing…and they survived by the energy of the inbodyments that believed that banks actually produced the “value”…what DO you SEE NOW, Love?
[6:07:10 AM] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: Here is another great question Henry that I am curious about I keep hearing they TBTB are running out of money I would love to have more information on that and  have some way to veify this other then someone said so.[6:04 AM] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .:

<<< Seriously, Love?  Really, Mark?  I love you! (heart)



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Skype Room: Absolute Awakening
No Room for You ~ Mooji

If you want to meet God, you have to disappear

[9/4/2013 9:37:44 PM] Howard King:

The Awakened Way
by Adyashanti

What is it like to live an awakened life?

While the world is trying to solve its problems and everyone around you is engaged in the same, you’re not. While everybody around you is trying to figure it out, trying to arrive, trying to “get there,” trying to be worthy, you’re not. While everyone thinks that awakening is a grand, noble, halo-enshrouded thing, for you it’s not. While everybody is running from this life right now, in this moment, to try to get there, you’re not. Where everybody has an argument with somebody else, mostly everybody else, starting with themselves, you don’t. Where everybody is so sure that happiness will come when something is different than it is now, you know that it won’t. When everybody else is looking to achieve the perfect state and hold on to it, you’re not.

When everybody around you has a whole host of ideas and beliefs about a whole variety of things, you don’t. Everyone on the path is getting there; you haven’t gotten anywhere. Everyone is climbing the mountain; you’re selling hiking boots and picks at the foot in the hope that if they climb it and come back down, they may be too exhausted to do it again. When everybody else is looking to the next book, to the next teacher, to the next guru to be told what’s real, to be given the secret key to an awakened life, you’re not. You don’t have a key because there’s not a lock to put it in.

When you’re living what you are in an awakened way, being simply what you’ve always been, you’re actually very simple. You basically sit around wondering what all the fuss is about.

When everyone is sitting around saying, “I hope that happens to me,” you remember when you did that. You remember that you didn’t find a solution to that. You remember that the whole idea that there was a problem created all of that.

When you’re being what you are, when you’re living the awakened life, there’s nobody to forgive, because there’s no resentment held, no matter what.

The truth of your being doesn’t crave happiness; it could actually care less. It doesn’t crave love, not because you are so full of love, but because it just doesn’t crave love. It’s very simple. It doesn’t seek to be known, regarded highly, or understood. When you’re living what you are in an awakened way, there’s no ideal for you anymore. You’ve stepped off the entire cycle of suffering, of becoming; you’re not interested.

It’s a curious life you find yourself in. You find yourself… where you are. Not where I am, where you are. Where you really are. Where we really are. It’s a curious place to be (especially in the beginning) not to be driven by anything—pleasure or displeasure, helping or hurting, loving or hating. The only thing that will move you (and I don’t mean to be too poetic about this) is the same thing that moves a leaf hanging from a tree. It’s simply because the breeze blows that way. So you always know what to do: The breeze blows that way, and that’s the way you go. You don’t ask questions anymore. You don’t evaluate why the breeze is blowing that way because you know that you don’t know why. And you know you can’t know why. There’s never been a leaf anywhere that knows why the wind blows that way on that day at that moment. That breeze changes the orientation of your life, moment to moment to moment, simply because that’s the way life’s moving. And when you’re living in your awakened self you have no argument with the way it’s moving because it is the same as you are.

And you know that the breeze was always there, from the very beginning, and that it wasn’t reserved for special people. If you didn’t notice it at some point in your life, you know it was because you weren’t listening, or because you thought you had to figure something out before you could listen, or because you thought there had to be some conclusion before you could just listen so deeply, so without agenda, so without hope of a better future that you would feel the movement.

Many of you know what I’m speaking of.

Truth never explains why it’s moving that way at that moment. And if you ask, it won’t give any information. It would be like a leaf asking the wind, “Why are you moving that way right now?” The question doesn’t make any sense to the wind.

But your argument with the way the truth would move—whatever that way is—is no longer there for you. You’re no longer arguing with it. You’re no longer trying to figure it out. Mother Mary didn’t figure it out. Buddha didn’t figure it out. Ramana didn’t figure it out. None of them figured it out. They just became That. Simple. Ordinary—in the same way a leaf is ordinary.

When you’re living in your awakened being and living in an awakened way, power on any level is not an issue for you. It’s not interesting. The power to control another human being is not interesting. Intellectual power is not interesting. The power to control yourself is not interesting. The power that people want to give you is not interesting to you—not because it shouldn’t be; it’s just not. What would you want to do with it? You see that there’s nothing you want to do with it.

You realize, in the truth of your being, that you are the totality itself, but you have no interest whatsoever in doing anything with that knowledge, with using that knowledge.

Finally, you realize that you really don’t want to change anybody, not because you shouldn’t want to change them, because you just don’t. You might not want to be around everyone, but still you don’t want to change them.

None of this is an ideal—it’s the end of ideals. None of this is holiness; it’s the end of holiness. It’s the beginning of wholeness. None of this is something to achieve, because it’s not achievable. It’s simply what is in the truth of your being. It’s just what is. You can’t attain what’s naturally so. And nobody anywhere can ever tell you when or why, or to what degree you’ll let go of untruth; you will let go when you let go, usually when nothing else works.

When you’re living in the awakened way, in the awakened being that you are, you’re alone, and you’re finally comfortable with it. You’re alone, but you’re not lonely at all, because the only one who was ever supposed to meet you where you are—the only one who ever could meet you where you are one hundred percent—was you. Nobody else could ever fully meet you where you are—maybe ninety percent, maybe ninety-five. Nobody can meet you fully but you. When you finally do, then you don’t need anybody else to do it for you. Then you’re alone, more alone than you could ever imagine. And strangely—very strangely—you are more connected, more intimate, more at one with everything. More. And you would have never thought that those two could in any way be together: total aloneness and total oneness. You would have never guessed that that’s the way it would end up. But it does, and it always has.

And finally, when you’re just living in the awakened way that you really are, you’ll never form an image again of what it’s like. Even as it’s happening, you won’t form an image because you’ll know they’re all images, dust. The way it was yesterday won’t be the way it is today.



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ImageHere is how I explain value: the only valid purpose of money is to recognise value provided. If I perform some service for someone else and they write a note of thanks to me, that “Thank you” Note is proof and recognition of the value I have created and provided. I could endorse the “Thank you” Note and use it to “pay” someone else. For me, the idea of a Note (money), passed from one to another, becoming a unique annotated history of the kindness and generosity of human spirit is rather lovely, the Note gaining in value with each good deed. Alternatively, you could keep the note (credit account) and write new notes of your own. There is no debit account as the depth of your gratitude from which you draw is limitless. There is no possibility of false profit, usury or interest with this, there can be no debt.
Raw materials do not “cost” anything other than writing the Earth a “Thank you” Note and recognising the value of human effort necessary to acquire and process the materials. Technology does not “cost” anything other than recognising the value of human effort necessary to design, create and maintain the machines.
Currently, at least 90% of our value disappears into fractional reserve accounting and compounded multiple layers of interest, tax and false profit. Currently, only 10% of the working population produce anything of value, the other 90%, one way or another, are employed shuffling paperwork to facilitate the transfer of value through the system from the bottom to the top. The paper shufflers are generally “wealthier” than the producers of actual value, especially the head paper shufflers. All this amounts to the fact that the real producers of value are currently only receiving, at most, one hundredth of their true value.

ImageFollowing the change to true value, there will be no fraudulent banking, interest, tax or false profit, the paper shufflers will not be needed and will be free to be creative and valuable in their own right. Just 24 minutes of a working week or 25 weeks of a working life are all that is needed by true producers to generate the same value they now receive, as the rest of their time is currently spent for the un-earned benefit of others. Would you be prepared to dedicate just half an hour a week to the benefit of others in return for the same living standards you now have? In this system, the “wealthiest” are those that are the most creative and generous of spirit while even the meanest and “poorest” can still have all they need.

Without fear of want, there is no point in theft or greed. Without fear for our safety, without media promoted false terrorism, we can feel more free to be kind and generous to others. In taking responsibility for our own freedom, we also accept the responsibility of real justice should we injure anyone else, negating the need for legislation, which was only ever a means of transferring value to the head paper shufflers.

ImageWe are free and infinitely valuable, always have been. If someone does not agree, we do not need to lambast them with paperwork, they have to show us proof of when and where we have relinquished that freedom and value.

The only “law” needed to keep this system going is an extension of The Golden Rule, “Do unto others as you would be done by.”, being, “If you see a job you want doing and you are capable of doing it, then it is up to you to do it, otherwise, it is up to you to find someone else who would gain pleasure from doing it for you.”. We can all spend our time “working” at things we are good at, that inspires us and brings us joy, with plenty of time just to live in joy and BE who we are. Is that not a dream worth manifesting?

–AuturoDekko (Skype)
Decahedron Void (Facebook)


I Am in FULL AGREEMENT with you Arturo!

Thank You Arturo for the wisdom you share… We are All One


Since I have begun my research into Alternative Currency Systems, I have run across some interesting, creative people. Keimpe de Jong is one of those Eternal Essence Embodied.

There are many who feel a transition or bridge between the old and new paradigm systems is necessary for every One to catch up before totally going to a completely cashless society. There are some who feel going “cold-turkey” is the best approach.

Keimpe has come up with a concept of BEing Points!  Enjoy his proposal.



BEing points – A Common Value System
– by Keimpe de Jong
I too think, we can live in a world without money. But we may need a transitioning system where those who aren’t yet as enlightened and need a currency to feel they are treated as equals. This is just a proposal, that could work.
Consider a LETS system where each of us get “100” BEing points per day from the system for free.  You can spend it on whatever you need. These points need no backing, they are given to you for BEing you. And this could be our common exchange value all around the world.
LETS = Local Exchange Trading System
The most used software for LETS is Cyclos:
But there are others that can do nearly the same thing, perhaps even more ?
Cyclos is currently not built to serve BEing points, but a simple adjustment could do that trick. The system is transparent in account value. When it gives daily BEing points to its users and an audit is done to hack-ability.  We are done, it does not need much work.
Heather spoke of gadgets, well those are nice later on.  Some gadgets already exist.  Digital exchange is recommended though.
Why a “100”?
Well my idea is, you are 100% a BEing, it is also easy to make value of a percentage.
You would earn a steady 36500 BEing points per year.  Technically it is desired to avoid comma points.  We can multiply this by any factor of 10 (10/ 100/ 1000).
You sleep “8” hours per day so your sleep is worth (100/24)*8 = 33,333(%).
You eat “3” hours per day, so daily all the food on your table is worth (100/24)*3 = 12,5
(%) points.  It should be a kings meal.
The Cost of Living
The cost of living should be at maximum 50(%)points per day.
The rest of the points, I really do not want to call them credits, as they are given to you, can be saved or spend to do and be all the other nice things.
There remains an incentive to work, if you can, and enjoy a different life if you cannot.
Everybody is able to hire someone else to do a task you cannot.
If you work 8 hours for someone else, they give you 33,333(%) BEing points.
But you can settle this, perhaps you liked their presence and think 25(%)points is fine.
Of course, everything needs to be revalued.
From an egg to a house, from labor to art, from travel to postal transport, etc.
People still want to be able to save, be able to buy a house, a natural amount of savings for a house is 15 years ?
50(%)x 7B x 365 x 15 = 1.943.625 Billion points to house everyone on the planet.
A house thus could cost 273.750 points.
And for even larger structures the price may even exceed this.
BEing Points Cycle
One thing not addressed is the BEing points cycle.
With 7 billion people x 36500, the amount of points in the system grows quickly and without a system taking value out of distribution, deflation happens.  So it is merely a short term (10 years max) teaching tool that money has no value.  How these points expire remains open for discussion.
What is a natural way for them to end ?  A possibility is to date-stamp each point created and expire after (15?) years. That way there will always be a limited amount of points in the system.
These points reflect your energy, your Being.  In that sense I cannot dismiss the work that has been done and the energy that has been given.  My feeling is not to let points expire, look where they accumulate over time and investigate why.  A 10 year maximum seems a natural way to end the use of currency.
The Money Addiction
Look at the adoption rate of the Internet, especially for those in the age-range 45-65 (1995-2005).  Money has been a drug, people are addicted to it, there will be withdrawal, some will do bad things to “get ahead” of others.
If we do not teach all to act in love, I am afraid some will not be able to forgive and do bad things.  The problem seems with this is keeping track of points, people trying to “beat” or “hack” the system.
Well, simply do not, if they try to gain currency in Cyclos, then that is the only hack they can do. And where currency accumulates, you know there is a problem with those persons.  So it actually teaches you where there is a problem. What if money records are public ?  You would not dare to accumulate wealth over others.
Changes Within and Outside Us
In my former country we pay 70% taxes, and it is not enough.  The debt is on average per household is 250% GDP.  Everywhere around the world debt is strangling people taken them hostage.  If everyone can breathe again, and we do away with PTW and the money that was, people will be able to do what they like.
Yes millions of people will have to reinvent themselves, but they are not limited, as they do not have to fear their survival.  It is important to organize community meetings, and educate each other what freedom means.  I know a lot of people that would love to do farming, others would like to build houses.  When you are young some may dream of their dream house, only to find they are not allowed to build it by government.
I got to know many scientists, they just wanted to do their job and make the world better, unlimited by silly constraints they could be able to go forward a lot faster.  Ending the constraints of a country, you would be able to live where you want to, travel where you want to.
Journalists will be able to speak their minds again, all this copycat news is not benefiting humanity.  There are many positive influences if money is not your driving force anymore.  Some things will become expensive, crowd-funding could actually be a solution here.  Money is at least as old as Mesopotamia (former Iraq) and it stopped there too, until it was re-invented.
Why Points
There is a reason why I call this BEing points.  It is not money, it is a given base, which you can use as currency.  We should educate the world (within 10 years) to live in a world without currency.  Being point teaches those that need transition, that you are the value, and that money is created out of nothing. From that they can learn live without money rather quickly.
People will still do jobs, they would do them because they want to help another, being that their own family, or a perfect stranger. If the community agrees to spend 2 hours per week to do the chores no one likes to do, the rest can be spend to do what you love. Do not give any possibility to transfer money into points, so everyone starts at equal footing.  We cannot demand from people to redistribute their belongings, so some will start “richer” then others, no matter what.
Find the comfort of like-minded people around you and let go, we can take care for each other.  We should take care for each other, that is exactly what we expect from all.  I favor the gift economy: I give to you because I care about you, I accept your gift and I am grateful.
By Keimpe de Jong