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The Collective Imagination 19/20 March 2013

CI-5D media

At this pivotal time in Humanities evolution we are beginning to remember our organic technology. A technology when used correctly, can create an experience that the majority of people the world over want to live. It is time to use this technology consciously for our own benefit and healing and no longer unconsciously for own demise.
We are divine creators, creating both our own personal experience and our collective experience moment to moment.
We invite you to join us as we reawaken this technology through experiment,  and experience our power to create and manifest.
Join Hosts Lisa M Harrison, Bob Wright, Chris Hales, Barbara Karnes and special guests for 2 hours of pure fun as we rediscover our creative power.
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Thank you KP for supplying Ginger’s Notes…

Ginger’s Notes on the Show (Mahalo, again, Ginger!!)

The Collective Imagination show March 19th (US)/ 20th (Oz) – Still-point Creators Silliness
This was the most casual free-form and silly, but still helpful fun show ever!


  • Earth’s electromagnetic fields are shifting and being seen scientifically, as well as north/south hemispheres sink water spin drainage reversals now!
  •  The final (human) choices are being tallied and finalized now . . . just before our major shift.
  • Signs of Sasquatch people are coming out now (24mins into show) . . . as it’s safe.
  • Regarding “representations of money” . . . WAIT till after the shift is complete in order to see if we will even need one or not – LOL.
  • And what exactly we need to focus on now, via Heather – at about 66 minutes into show.
  • Since all the OPPT docs are retired, please remember . . . the commercial registry was reconciled into the Universe!
  • And that OPPT was an Eternal-Heart (activation) exercise (reaching the 3% critical mass, being all that was needed).

What IF . . . our physical bodies are all the ONLY “technology” we need to manifest anything out of “nothing”??? . . . even to move between time lines/time travel???  (a hint from Greg Braden’s info, “GOD-ETERNAL IN THE BODY”) . . . so be ready and open to accept our being completely free of all limitations beyond our current imagination “bio-technology” . . . to now use as we choose.

Katrina, of People’s Trust Orange County –

. . . is holding a gathering at Del Mar Beach, sunset March 20th, to offer rose petals of the heart, while reading out loud the last updated document we will ever need to focus on right now –
I highly recommend listening to the recording of this show to join a bunch of others feeling as bubbly-high as I am today! – With Absolute Most Outrageous Love, Ginger of Kona Occupy Disclosure OPPT-IN

MY VOTE FOR – MOST INFECTIOUS GIGGLER ON ALL OPPT SHOWS is BRIAN! . . . thank you brother of another mother!



Published on Mar 1, 2013

My reaction to the latest filing of the OPPT the one people’s public trust and my interpretation on a spiritual level.

Unedited warts’n all. I just had the feeling I had to do this video and I just let it happen. I get a bit emotional and all over the place here and there, but I didn’t want to edit it out. I’d rather have it genuine than pretend to be something I am not. I don’t usually get this wound up,but when you think about the real implications of the OPPT, something like this doesn’t come round every day. Not exactly ordinary! Forgive the long-winded-ness.

–Peter Van Runt


Peter talked from the heart in this video.  Those of you who are still missing the concept of OPPT, this is the video for you to view.  Great job Peter!


Uploaded on Mar 27, 2011

In his latest film, Zeitgeist: Moving Forward, director Peter Joseph presents a case for a transition out of the current socioeconomic monetary paradigm which runs modern global society to a new sustainable resource based economy. Everyone suffers under the system that exists and suffering is inevitable, not because of politics or policy, but because of monetary existence. The system is flawed. Money is the problem. The focus should be resources, such as food, health and other aspects.


OPPT has reconfirmed Common Law, the Law of One, Universal Law as the Supreme Law of Creator’s Universe.

Changes are coming that we can not even fathom! Enjoy the Now and BE expectant for great change. We are the creator value and we are All One, equally!

Eternal essence IS, unrebutted;

All value that IS, IS eternal essence, unrebutted;

All value that IS embodied, IS eternal essence, unrebutted;

All that IS, IS eternal essence, unrebutted;

Eternal essence’s universe IS eternal essence, unrebutted;

Any and all existences that ARE, ARE eternal essence’s universe, unrebutted;

All records BE eternal essence, unrebutted;

Eternal essence IS Absolute Light, unrebutted;

Eternal essence is Absolute Love, unrebutted;

Eternal essence IS Absolute Truth, unrebutted;

Eternal essence is Absolute

In Absolute Gratitude, with Absolute Love and Peace, eternal essence embodied does consciously and lovingly duly declare, with full responsibility and liability, the memory, experience and knowing of Absolute Truth, eternal essence , unrebutted;

In Absolute Gratitude, with Absolute Love and Peace, eternal essence embodied does consciously and lovingly duly declare, with full responsibility and liability, the memory and knowing of Absolute Truth, eternal essence embodied in each and all manifestations in any and all existences of eternal essence’s universe, unrebutted;

Eternal Essence Emodied – I Am


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The Collective Imagination
Tuesday, March 12, 2013 (USA)
Wednesday, March 13, 2013 (AEST)
Lisa: Welcome everyone to this week’s Collective Imagination show. The energies are high, aren’t they? I’m going to start by bringing in everybody that we’ve got on hand at the moment. We should have Chris in Melbourne.
Chris: Yes, good morning everybody. It’s a nice cool morning here in Melbourne, which is really a great change. We’ve had about eight or nine days of roasting here. It’s nice for a little bit of respite. You can probably tell by my voice, if I sound like I’ve been talking all night, I actually have. I will tell you about that a little bit later.
Lisa: And we’ve got Bob in Pennsylvania.
Bob: Hello, hello. Good evening everyone. Nice to be here. Wasn’t spending a whole night, lot of time talking, but definitely some unbelievable energy flying around right now.
Lisa: There is indeed. We’ve got Brian in, wherever you are. Where are you?
Brian: I’m everywhere all at the same time. I slept for 10 hours last night. I just got up from an hour nap and I’m still tired. So I’m happy to be here.
Lisa: Well I’m glad to know I’m not the only one. I actually got a nano nap yesterday, which I actually just never do. Yeah, the energies are really, really pumped up at the moment. I want to say hello to everybody in the chat room. It’s a very large list and growing. I believe we’ve also got Heather on the line. Are you on the line? Hello Heather. She’s there.
Heather: Good evening.
Lisa: Are you having power naps as well?
Lisa: We’re all wiped out. We’re all having sleeps and nano naps and 10 hours Brian, did you say? That’s huge.
Brian: 11 including my nap.
Bob: That’s a power coma. That’s not a nap.
Lisa: We did elude to it a little bit yesterday, the energies and sort of what we’re all experiencing and expecting between now and the end of the month. I’m not feeling any respite from it at all. Emotional shake-ups all around. What about you Bob, what’s going on?
Bob: (sigh) Well, I’ve been tired and I’ve been napping, doing the whole power nap thing and everything. Emotionally I’m pretty good, actually. I can feel the energy, definitely. It’s been like a roller coaster probably the last three weeks building up and building up and building up and yeah, it’s been intense. Will say that much.
Lisa: I think I’m in mourning, but I’m not too sure what I’m in mourning for.
Chris: Well, I’m in morning for my sleep routine. It seems to have passed into some other realm and I’m in some other sleep routine. We are adapting, but it’s a process. I must say I actually got a big dose of energy last night from an OPPT meet-up that I attended, which was for the city of Melbourne where I live. There were about thirty or forty people there. It was fantastic because the people who were there and I must say hi to Linda and Rod and a thanks to them to organizing a second meet-up. Also a hi to Emilio who hosted Lisa and I and several other people last weekend for another really intense meeting.
So it’s been ongoing for Lisa and myself for close to a week now; just wham bam, wham bam. This is why we are all kind of going ‘a bit tired today’. The energy I got from the group last night was fantastic, because the big energy release we had from the show yesterday where our wonderful friend and colleague Caleb gave some fatherly tough love; they all got it. The people I talked to really got his message which was fantastic. It was really good.
Lisa: I have to say I was slow off the mark. I wasn’t getting it at first. It wasn’t until a lot of you guys actually in Facebook land and in Skype rooms started sharing what you got that things are starting to click for me. One of the things I really got was the savior meme and how inappropriate that is. If we look at OPPT as a bridge between where we are now and where we want to be, we cannot carry that meme over the bridge is what I got yesterday. Subtly embedded within, and maybe not so subtly, embedded within that savior meme is a belief in hierarchy because you can’t have a savior unless they are greater than. It’s everywhere. It’s so it pervades every aspect of our lives, this hierarchy and savior meme.
Even in the Eastern spiritual religions you’ve got your gurus and your devotees. In the New Age movement, you’ve got your ascended masters. In religion, obviously you’ve got your saviors in standard religion, western religion; whatever you want to call it, but it’s everywhere. I think it’s so embedded in us that we don’t even recognize it half the time. That’s what Caleb did. He came in and slapped us upside the head and said ‘if you continue with the savior meme or with a hierarchy mentality or belief system, somebody will abuse it. Hey, I’ll even abuse it. If you look at me as a trustee, as a savior I’ll screw you over’. We won’t need the cabal to screw us over. We will do it to ourselves again and again and again.
Bob: Again and again and again. It kind of reminds me of, in that movie “The Lord of the Rings”, when Frodo offered Galadriel the ring and she stood there and before, “instead of the dark lord, you would put a queen and I would be beautiful and terrible at the same time”. Anybody in that position, where you’re in a position of authority and you’re exercising authority over another, it’s a corrupting energy. It doesn’t allow, in order for you to experience that, someone’s always got to be subjugated.
Lisa: Yep.
Bob: That’s just not where we want to be. Another thing that last night really showed, the only way it’s possible for you to be disappointed is if you have put your hope in an external source. If you put your hope in an external source, not only will you be disappointed, you’re likely to be disappointed. Did we just lose?
Lisa: No.
Bob: Am I still, okay, I just heard, oh we lost Heather.
Lisa: We lost Heather, yeah.
Chris: No surprise there.
Lisa: No surprise there, no.
Bob: What I’ve found is that it’s always, the OPPT is the name that we’ve given for an idea, a movement. Call it what you will, but it’s all us. It’s us who’ve created an amazing thing in just, oh my goodness, how long has it been? Who’s counting?
Lisa: Not long.
Chris: Two months.
Bob: Two months? We’ve got a whole entire worldwide movement going. Me and Brian, we were just talking with Tyrel Ventura and Sean Stone from Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theory and their new show. So it’s breaking into the mainstream, where it’s taken notice all over the world of who you are and what you are doing. Everyone’s taking notice. If you’re in that space, you’re still listening, so obviously you’re tuned in. If you’re in that space, you can’t be disappointed. It’s impossible, because you know it’s you that’s creating it. You know where you want to go. You know what you want to do. You know what you want to be. That’s just the way it’s going to be, regardless of how it’s going to happen; it’s going to be. You are free. When you know that, you can’t un-know it.
Lisa: (affirmative response) I love it.
Chris: Yep. I think the most important…OPPT, four letters. The only ones that matter are the first two. Cross out the last ones.
Lisa: One People.
Chris: Absolutely. The One People. That’s what this is all about. It’s about us. Us being us and doing what we need to do, to get to that point where it’s just us here and hierarchy. We are the ones who are actually controlling our own destiny, our own planet.
Lisa: I’m trying to bring her back in. Heather, I think we should give you the floor while we’ve got you.
Heather: No, no, I’m sorry, it was a charger issue. We’re good on internet; I took care of that today.
Lisa: Well, everybody wants to hear from you anyway. What would you like to share at this point?
Heather: Perhaps I should clarify a few things. I think that might help a bit. Lot of questions that we get. Then I’d really like to spend as much time with your callers, as they’re the ones who always bring the questions. I never get shook(?) from them. So, the main question everyone has always asked at what point or another, is who appointed us trustees? It’s a very good question.
The answer is very revealing on even everyone else’s status. The OPPT is a tool. I am a trustee over my BE’ing and my value. Caleb is a trustee of his value, his BE’ing. Randal is a trustee over his value and his BE’ing. When we went in to get our value and our BE’ings back, we saw everyone else’s value and BE’ings there. It took us a long time to get in there, to go get it. We all asked ourselves ‘if someone else had this opportunity, would we want them to get the stuff for us and bring it out?’ So that’s what we did and (inaudible) we’ve just been standing by. OPPT is like a lost and found box. Everyone’s value is there for them to take. OPPT is just a tool. Everyone is a trustee over their own value. The reason we bonded ourselves is because we knew we were holding on basically to everyone’s BE’ing and value until they came in to claim it. A lot of people don’t even know what their value is.
A lot of people are asking, which is the next question, CVAC. When are the CVACs going to be coming out? When are the CVACs? Well you know what, I am a CVAC. Lisa’s a CVAC. Creation’s Value Asset Center. It was that alone, even itself, just a tool. When we contacted American Kabuki, Brian, Kauilapele regarding that Poof consult, it was because some (inaudible) information had been delivered through that consultation, or what they were calling at the time an interview. We knew there was dirty dealing, horse trading, going on behind the curtain. I wasn’t sure which side or where it was emanating from or who was behind it specifically. I knew that it was just East to West and they had used our (inaudible) at BIS to (inaudible), to horse trade. When they gave the information on Hong Kong, there’s only one man, the General. With that information, knowing they were shuffling essentially the corporations and at one point the corporation material would come out that every ‘country’ was just operating under the guise of the people’s governments. The tool that the people could use at some point of saying ‘What is your authority? What is your standing? What law are you operating under?’.
We went in and did the CVAC filing. Because if we registered the corporations for the people, it would stop them from being able to commercially transfer the paper from West to East. Along with the foreclosure, we were starving the beast, until we could get the news out to the people. That ‘Hey, here’s your lost and found, dig through, grab your stuff and go’.  So, I really want people to understand what the CVACs were. At that moment, they were a tool to keep them from stealing what we’d just gone in and gotten for everyone. Now, whether everyone wanted it or not, okay I can get that. I get that. So if you want, take your stuff out of the lost and found box, so to speak and then hand it back to the powers-that-were and you can go back in and try to get it. Otherwise, just take your stuff, BE and DO, because when you BE and DO, they can’t steal it anymore.
So I really hope these clarifications your understanding what we were thinking when we were doing it. It was just a matter of maneuvers to keep protecting everything. Really, (inaudible) bringing up his emails, there was a question just wanted to…I think there was a moment when he just wanted to given them all a Notice and say ‘Thank you very much. Get the hell out of Dodge. Get out of our universe.” It has to do with the clip that I’d sent him on YouTube. I was like ‘Well, we actually did that. Bye-bye corporation. Unless you can show us that you’re not a corporation, bye-bye”. (inaudible) all the corporations. It was a tool at the time for also the powers-that-were. We had said ‘no more negotiating, no more horse trading’. This was back in the end of October, beginning of November. When we had that piece of information that was the General (inaudible), we said ‘fine, here’s the CVAC system’. We registered it as a government, so that the powers-that-were knew how to switch over and here’s how you do it. ‘You say that you’re bonded to the people, that you are the people’s government. Here’s a system that mirrors it.’
That’s sort of our point yesterday. That tool was a mirror of the old, so that the old could actually come in, start fresh and say ‘I am beholden to the people. I’m your public servant. I pretended to be your public servant. I really am. I’m bonded. No questions about it. All transparency.’ They didn’t do it. They couldn’t; they were too fearful.
The question yesterday that was brought up really, in a manner of speaking, if you want a different result then change the formula. Change the formula. I said all  along these are just tools and we’re not here to be your trustees. We’re guarding it, that’s until you get it and come in and doing wonderful BE’ing and DO’ing.  Because you know what, Caleb, Randall and I are doing the same thing you are; BE’ing and DO’ing; being responsible.  We’re being liable for what we personally do (inaudible), but we are not going to step in and do for all of your BE’ing and all of your DO’ing.  That’s your job number one and that is a betrayal, an invasion in our hearts.  So I hope that clarifies those two points. 
The CVAC systems, yes I wrote it up, it was ready to go last week.  I went to go file it on Saturday and then all of a sudden I started having issues with internet, I mean just more incredibly so than ever before.  I couldn’t get any internet to save my life.  And it was a matter of “Okay, what’s going on cognitively, eternally, internally. What is it that’s holding this particular thing back?”  Well, on Monday I found out, well actually this morning, I found out ‘cause I didn’t have any internet whatsoever to see what was going on last night.  But I did get to read everybody’s stuff this morning.  It was a huge forceful power.  My gosh, the rooms, all of them, because there’s you know at least thirty of them in my Skype list, the words, the vehicles changed.  They were all over the place, but I could see the power was constant.  It was exponential; it was perpetual. I sat there amazed at the power that was going through those rooms and all I could sit there and think about was “Now where do you want to pay that energy into; an old system, a now system, yourself, your neighbor, your earth?  What is it, because there’s a hell of a lot of energy?”  That kind of energy moves universes.  So those are my clarifications. 
Yes, the CVAC systems are up, but do you want, and there’s a difference between a CVAC which all people, all the BE’ings in Source’s universe are CVACs; they’re already existing.  You are the value!  All the data that exists shows you.  You know you are the value because that is where the powers-that-were put all their time in controlling and managing; who you BE and what you DO.  So until you wake up on what the real value is…when you keep looking at dollars, I know people are not looking at the paperwork if they continue to refer to dollars or the gold and the silver. The gold and the silver want to play, hell yeah!  But they’re BE’ings just like you are.  If you’re going to recognize them as anything less than what you BE, then magnetically you’re going to push that gold and silver away.  It will never be in your hands, or it will be in your hands, but it will magnetically be pushed away in the shortest manner of time.  That’s by you, or the person doing it!  Those that receive it by BE’ing, living, honoring and recognizing it, say “Let’s co-operate, let’s co-create”. You’re gonna find more and more gold and silver flowing into your pockets. It just wants to have fun. It wants to DO. It wants to create.  So that’s where we are. 
The question that I have, if everyone had, and this is where we were going, because this is where Caleb, Randall and I would like to be, is Absolute Data, Absolute Knowledge, having the Absolute Tech. It’s like Keshe; that tech’s been around forever. I know a group of people, for at least the last twenty years, who tried to get that tech out and I have to ask myself, “Why now?”  So to me it comes out of left field. Yes, I’ve seen all that stuff before; people worked with it.
For me, it’s all irrelevant. The only thing that is, is me and my Creator. I am co-creator. I have the power to go in and do that and so does everyone else. I don’t see anyone more important or anyone less important than me. We’re all the centers. So that’s the choice of everyone. Do you want the same result? Don’t change the formula. If you want a different result, then you gotta change the formula.  Caleb, Randall and I decided on our own, in our own ways, “Yeah, we want to change the formula”.  But you know what, Caleb and Randall’s formula is not the same as Heather’s formula.  I will say the results are the same, (garbled) by our free will and not damaging any other.  But if we do damage someone, we will be liable for it; that’s really our formula.  So like I say, Caleb’s formula’s a little different, so is mine, and so is Randall’s. I’m sure so are many others. 
I see it and for the last three weeks since the CVAC systems have been mentioned and for the last two especially, I have been playing global lawyer across a planet keeping the powers-that-were at bay because what they see is old formula – we know this formula.  We know what the result will be, so let’s maneuver it. They have been maneuvering and I’ve been counter-maneuvering. 
Well, I’ll be honest with you, not only do I not want to be a trustee over anyone else’s things, neither does Caleb, neither does Randall, because we would like to co-create with all of you guys something different.  But we also, I don’t want to be the lawyer and that’s what Caleb was saying, “If you want me to work to be your whatever”, I haven’t listened to the radio show so I don’t know what he said, but I will say, “If you want me to be a lawyer” then that’s energy I’m putting out, which means that energy I can’t put out co-creating something else. Because I’ve got to sit here and play global lawyer, I’ve got to sit here and play with the old systems. 
Now if there was a way for everyone to have absolutely all the same data and everyone all at once plugging into the same grid and having everything all at once, absolute eternal conscious, would you chose that or would you choose the mirror formula, the old formula?  That’s the question to be asked, because that what needs to be decided here. So that’s all that I have to say for now, but huge amounts of energy last night. I was so incredibly in awe and inspired and I don’t know if you all know how much power and energy you pulled down last night?
Lisa:  I don’t know how many people have really understood what you’ve said based on the questions and the comments that are coming through the chat room.  They’re all over the place and I’m not even going to try today to be devil’s advocate and speak for them.  So, one thing I did hear out of that was, is what you’re saying that the powers-that-were are trying to take advantage and manipulate the CVAC systems?
Heather:  Well yeah, I mean they see a whole bunch of people going in and wanting to BE and DO, yet they don’t have the confidence that they’re BE’ing and DO’ing correctly.  Well, there is no standard, so the people talking about having CVAC systems which mirror the governments, right? 
Lisa:  Are they?
Heather:  Yeah, but what they thought was government.
Lisa:  Yeah, they can’t have been listening to these shows if that’s what they think a CVAC is, or a CVAC system is. 
Heather:  Okay wait, people don’t even know what a CVAC system is anyway, right?  I’m getting many emails and they’re saying, “Okay I want the CVAC like this…”.  Well you are the CVAC; I’ve said it many times.  You are the value, that is just (inaudible) if you look at the paperwork that’s what it says.  And not just the CVAC filings for the government which was registered as government, but it was systems and the branch network.  CVAC was defined prior to that in the filings.  You are the CVACs, the systems themselves, yes those are the system of treasury.  I’m saying having the system of treasury period and then anything beyond that point, you all decide in the manner that you want, because they’re watching and hoping that we’ll hold onto the old systems because that’s what they’re familiar with. That’s what they can go in and work with. From Adnan Sakli to even non-galactics and it’s because they were into, there was so much horse trading/horse dealing, such as the Keshe Foundation release of free energy, but only on condition you sign a (inaudible).
Lisa:  Okay, I see what you’re saying. I actually think that once the treasury system, or access to value is up, is available to everyone, then no matter what we call them, the equivalent of a CVAC system will just automatically and organically form from the people coming together in their DO’ing.  And they will…
Heather:  Well, that’s what I’m saying, that’s what I’m saying Lisa.  Because if you sit there and structure everything, because when you have those funds, or the value, I don’t like the word funds, when you have that value your whole concept of what systems you would like are going to change just within your BE’ing and in your molecular and cellular structure, because all of a sudden you have that value and anything you worried about or paid attention to before is no longer relevant. 
Chris:  That came out in our discussions last weekend, Heather, when we were talking about the transformation.  Speculating about how it would go, the different flavors of it that might happen.  One of the conclusions that we came to is that until we’re much further advanced, we actually won’t know what exactly it is that we need. But that the general opinion was that whatever we did was actually probably going to be rebuilt from scratch and that if we try in any way to mirror what was, we’ll end up again with what was. 
Heather:  Yeah.
Chris:  So it’s difficult to actually sit from this perspective and say ‘Well, we need X, Y and Z’.  The filings specify very broadly the sorts of things you might for practicality’s sake group them into, but goes no further, which is absolutely appropriate because we’re all sitting there and saying, ‘Well, probably the best way to build an education system is to simply start from scratch.  Attract the people to it who really want to work in that way and get it in conjunction with new technology and alternative, you know alternate methods such as the Wizzdom Game etc. and begin a completely new thing’, because if we try and think about mirroring, we’ll just rebuild what we have.
Bob: Just…
Heather:  But if you look, Bob and Chris, if you look at what was written in that filing, knowing at that moment it was written, it was written to counter-maneuver. Basically, shut down the agenda of shuffling commercially of all the paper, of fraudulent paper, that they had made within the corporations. That that loose structure was actually for them.  And yet, it was a very stringent structure compared to what they usually operate under. 
Chris:  Oh yeah.
Heather: The systems operate under much looser…with nothing, no accountability, that’s why that structure was very stringent for them.
Chris:  Oh, from a transparency point of view?
Heather:  Yeah.
Chris: Absolutely, ‘cause the thing that I really like about the specifications you put forward, and at this point I take them as your suggestion about what we could do, ‘cause you know, this is up to us.
Heather:  Right, I’m getting all of this stuff sent to me. Like I said, I’m trustee over my stuff.  Caleb is trustee over his stuff. We would be violating everyone’s free will if we went in and took over trustee over all your guys stuff.  We are guarding it; we’ve always been very clear about that. We’re guarding it for you to come in and pick it up.  Now the only thing that people really want to pick up at this moment in time is value.  That’s the base of it, because with that value they feel they are free to go and then can DO.
Lisa:  Ninety, ninety percent of the comments and questions in here are value related. 
Heather:  Yeah! So…
Lisa:  You know, “When’s the treasury coming up and how can I get access to my value?”  That’s all they want to know.
Heather:  Well, why do you need a system, other than a system of treasury to start with? Because if people get their value, all these organic systems are going to pop up in between and they’re gonna change and flow like a river.
Chris:  Yeah.
Heather:  So, instead of then going and creating 194 branches of this, that or the other, just create a system of treasury and let that automatically expire if you need to, as far as giving everyone their value.  Letting them go in and create from there, their systems if they want representation for their value okay, but everything would change the moment that they have that value.  Let it sit there for let’s say even say 30 term period, whatever it maybe.  Even your systems of value may change.  Depending on what you guys come up with, what I come up with, what Caleb, Randall, everyone in their own respective BE’ing and value. 
Lisa:  So, where are we at then when it comes to the treasury system?
Chris:  Let me just define something. First for fun, because I want to make it absolutely clear what Heather is saying here. The CVACs that she’s talking about filing are the CVAC system entities; the ones that are specified to supply services for the people. What Heather is actually referring to is the fact that if she actually simply creates and opens the treasury function and then allow us to go through this initial process of freeing ourselves and let the rest of it simply grow organically, as and when we need to. Now we may choose to organize ourselves the way it’s specified in the filings, or it may be some other way, but it will grow from the ground up.  Now is that accurate Heather?
Heather:  Yeah, I mean that is very accurate.
Lisa:  Yes, I think that’s clear.
Chris:  Good.
Bob:  I think another thing it’s important for people to realize, we’ve been asleep for a long time.  I mean we’ve been in the dark for a very, very long time and a lot of times when you turn the lights on, it’s kind of blinding for a second. You get your orientation straight and actually get a bearing of where are your surroundings, what day is it, what’s going on. Even for those of us who call ourselves “awake and enlightened”, we’re waking up to a lot of things.
You know the last two months, if you haven’t felt like you’ve been in a 5D university in changing in the way that you think, changing the way that you look at everything, the way that we look at our relationships to each other, the way that we look at our relationship to the earth, the way that we look at our relationship with the universe and with nature itself.  All of that is changing. Sometimes it takes a little bit of smart slaps upside the head for us to actually, “Oh, oh now, now I see”, because a lot of us have been so inculcated in this paradigm that we’re coming out of and in the way that we look at life and the way that we look at actually ourselves and our value.
Like Bashar says, we’ve become masters of limitation. All of us have been going through in the last two months, a great transformation. I can definitively say I am a completely different person consciously than I was two months ago. Everybody who has been on this journey probably can restate that with a sure affirmation that it’s the same for them. I believe that as we’re starting to realize what it is that caused the problem and we’ve all suffered from it, but there’s one thing that I believe that’s really important about what it is that we came through and what it is that we want to take with us when we come to the other side. Not the stuff that we want to leave behind, we all know about what we want to leave behind.
The biggest thing that I want to take with me is my compassion, because I have suffered! I’ve suffered for a long time under this paradigm and so many of us have. We know what it’s like to be downtrodden. I know what it’s like to have someone stand over top of me with a gun to my head telling me what and how I’m going to behave because of my color, because of whatever reason. They only need one excuse, because any one will do. I know what that’s like and that’s something that I’m taking with me in what I do and in my DO’ing. I will never put someone in that position.
It’s something that all of us need to contemplate. This is one of the things I think is necessary, that people get access to their value so they can actually really have room to breathe.  Because despite the fact that commercially everything has already been done, the paperwork has already been done, people are still behaving in their same manners.
Lisa:  Well Bob, I’ll give you an indication. There was just a comment that I saw go past, because they’re going past rather quickly that said that ‘you can’t buy bread with compassion.  (laughs).
Heather:  Well, you can’t buy bread with gold and silver either. You still have to convert that to something else.
Chris: Yeah, but I do get what Bob’s saying and I just got a message from someone on another Skype chat pointing out again that our perspective will, once this process starts, once value is accessed and we access it from the I AM position, from the I AM knowing, it’s going to change us so profoundly that we can’t sit here at this point in time and predict what it is we think we need in two months time, in six months time. We’ll be different, like Bob says. We’ve changed in two months; another two months of the direction we’re going in, we’ll be completely different again. I understand what Heather’s saying that the CVAC system entities are ready to file, but should she?  Would it not be better simply to begin access to value at some appropriate point…
Lisa:  I think people are still confused.
Chris:  …and then…
Lisa: Hang on, hang on Chris, people still seem to be confused. They think if Heather doesn’t file the CVAC system that they don’t get access to value.
Chris: No, that’s not the case. That’s not the case.
Lisa: That’s not the case, so let’s clear…
Chris:  …clear that up right now.
Heather: First off, you need to understand what the “corporations” operating under the guise of governments really were for. It was to push and (inaudible) a whole bunch of commerce and value. If you look at Wikipedia, on one of the littler islands (inaudible for several words) civil “war”, you’ll see that institutions, “governments”, were put in place; administrations were put in place, like Montenegro is a great one.  Look at it and see oh this was put in place, this administration for the financial administration of commerce. Okay, that’s the only thing that really they care about. It’s not governing the people. Yes, the people because you guys actually magnetically draw huge amounts of energy, which is what you did last night. You BE’ing and DO’ing, the powers-that-were couldn’t even handle that truth.  There was so much power there and all they wanted to do was tap into it. As I was reading all your guys’ flow of the energy, you all came out on top with it, still in your back pockets; nobody could steal it. Okay?
So if you go in and you do a CVAC system, I would not do a CVAC system with branches and say ‘okay, you have to operate even under this loose structure, it’s still telling people what to do’. I say make sure everyone has their value. Do a system of finance (inaudible) CVAC branch system to be able to distribute the value. That’s it, once the value is out, then let everything organically go through. I’m going to do as I choose just like so and so is going to do as they choose and as long as nobody damages each other. So I say get the value out first. The CVAC system is registered and that can protect the value as we go through and do this initial (inaudible) disbursement. Here’s the value, now what are you going to create? After last night, I think people are really going to think about that and you know what? OPPT can be retired. I’m tired of being a lawyer; I’m tired of maneuvering.
Lisa: If we can get really clear, hang on Chris, hang on. If we can get really clear and get this answer out now around this treasury system, then all the people who are listening can take a breath and relax. Because they are so anxious about that aspect of it that if they can get their answers around that they can take a breath, they can relax and then they can actually hear what is being said. Because there’s a lot that are completely cool and understanding and know exactly what is going on here. And for those that aren’t, let’s give them what they need now, so that they can relax.
Heather: Yes, get the treasury system up and out; that’s the only thing that I am focused on. Once all the values return, then I can actually go and do what I want. People ask me; what are you going to do with your CVAC when it’s all done here? I am doing with my CVAC; I am investing my energy in returning everything to everyone else. That’s it; that’s all I am doing. So yeah, let’s get the system out.
Chris: I’ll just remind the listeners of one thing, that the trustees put in place one CVAC fully activated. That is the placeholder and we actually are all part of that; e are all individual CVAC’s as well. Well not as well, that is where it begins; the CVAC is a construct that we are making for the purpose of placeholding value at this point. So all that Heather actually needs to do is put the treasury system in place and get it running and everybody has access to it there. Just from that one entity, because that is the way the filing specified. One serves all the 195 was simply an acknowledgement of regional and cultural differences. We’re going to have to answer the question, do we even need that? What Heather is suggesting is that we just go forward with the treasury under the one CVAC system entity that has been implemented, and work it out. Is that right?
Heather: Wait a minute, Chris, that is not what I am…no.
Chris: Okay, correct me.
Heather: Look, I’m saying…I don’t even like the word CVAC’s anymore for the confusion that I see it growing in every way. Okay, nobody can get over this whole value issue, so let’s deal with the value issue and then in the morning wake up and say okay, do we even need a CVAC system? Am I even a CVAC? HELL NO, trash the word. I AM a BE’ing, because that’s all the CVAC is, is a BE’ing. The CVAC was a tool at the moment to maneuver so that the PTW were stuck in the corner and could not shuffle all the fraudulent paper over to the other side. I love all you guys so much. I love myself very much. I respect and honor everyone BE’ing. So at this moment if we can get over the value issue because everyone wants to know when they’re getting the dollars which don’t exist anymore. They want to know when they’re getting their gold and silver, which in itself ends up violating their own construct of BE’ing by enslaving something else.
I’m saying just get value in there. The gold and silver have been underwritten, so that it will be the backing until we all figure out what value is. Do I know what value is? Yes, I saw it all last night sitting in all these Skype rooms as energy. I watched all you guys draw energy down and almost blow Skype up. So for now, let’s go in with the construct where everyone can have access to their value. Buy a bag of bread, put a tank of gas in their car and figure out organically what system, if any, do they need to assist them. Or is it a matter of them giving and serving humanity, themselves, their neighbor, the earth, the environment? Whatever is their passion. Does that boil it down for you? Give them access to their value, that frees them in their own mind, allows them to see what already is and has been done, that they are free.
(Heather and Lisa talking at same time)
Lisa: Yeah, it makes perfect sense. People just want to know how and when they are going to get that access. That’s all they want to know.
Thomas: Can I weigh in on this please?
Lisa: Sure.
Thomas: I just want to put it in a little different perspective to look at. We are the value; we know that we are the value, because without us their corrupt system does not operate. It’s us. If we don’t buy gas and we don’t buy groceries and we don’t go to the pharmacy and we don’t do all those things, their system collapses completely. We are the value, without us they have nothing. Start taking an active approach in the things that you buy, the choices you make, the things that you do. Don’t go out and buy something just because you want it. If you want it, that is fine. Go and buy it, but stop yourself from buying it if it is supporting their system.
Chris: When I was talking to the group last night, one of the things I was trying to emphasize whenever this subject came up was that they are going to amongst the first people in accessing their true value. The biggest responsibility will be showing others around them what it really means, not just that it is a quick fix. But that it really is them working from that I AM position and knowing who they are and stepping away from the old system, all at once. In fact, I actually view the access to value is like a de-programming tool. It’s something we can use to free the other people around us. My speculation about why we got the tough love from Caleb yesterday really boiled down to the fact that this group of people really need to get what it is that is being put in front of them. An opportunity to actually move a very large number of people from one place to a completely different place. If they’re going to go forth and do that, they need to know why. Yeah, there are people out there who at the moment just want to solve their problems, but as Lisa keeps saying, that moment will be followed by the moment when they realize who they are. And there’s…
Lisa: Yeah, but we have to have that moment first.
Chris: We have to have that moment first.
Lisa: That is the only question that everyone wants to hear an answer to right now. How do I get access to it and when does it come online? That’s it. I think everybody would (inaudible) understand.
Heather: That’s what I would propose to do if anything, is go in and instead of filing 194 branches, just go in and say the only thing that’s going to be put online is a temporary treasury system and the people can decide through this temporary moment of distribution of value. Because once the value is distributed, maybe they don’t even want that temporary system anymore. Maybe they create something even greater or maybe they learn what the value really is and they don’t need that system anymore. I would say that the only thing that needs to happen is filing and bonding a treasury system, because for the moment of passing it from the lost and found OPPT box scenario to their hands, you want to make sure that it is safe and secure. Nobody is going to steal it. So that’s the only thing, that I would go in and file in this CVAC system type of a thing. And then from there…
Lisa: I think you’ve got the support of everyone listening with that question, to go ahead and do just that.
Heather: Well, I wouldn’t put in the CVAC structure that the one that we have live, which was only a tool to keep the powers at bay, I wouldn’t even redo that. That’s what I said it needs to be redesigned. I did do the 194 branches and it just didn’t feel right. So here we are, Caleb ripped a bandaid off, like the one we thought was ripped off this whole time is gone, just gone…absolutely.  So here we are, that’s the only thing I would file; once that is filed, have all the value distributed.
Lisa: Well, last week you talked about USB and other devices that could be used. I think that when people tuned in that is what they were expecting to hear is an update on. Instead they got Caleb ripping that last little bit of bandaid off and that’s what has thrown them for a loop.
Heather: At this point, all of the tools to be able to access that value, that all be exactly where they wanted to be for whoever chooses that particular delivery transfer or whatever that may be. Those that are in the consciousness (inaudible) energetic transfer and delivery, they’ll be able to use that. I don’t really care how any decides to use whatever they may decide to use. It’s their value; let them invest where they want to invest, in whatever system they think people will adjust to. I just want to make sure that people have their value. That’s it, because I would like to close the OPPT lost and found.
Lisa: When you talk like though…I know what goes on in a lot of heads. I need something that the person down at the shop is going to recognize and accept. I need something that the bank is going to accept. I need something that the guy down at the car yard is going recognize and  accept.
Heather: Okay, I can agree with the exchange of value that’s acceptable whoever you are exchanging with. As far as the banks and all of that, they all know as far as where they stand right now. They are going to have to go in and repurpose themselves. They’re going to have to go in, hopefully if the people are awake enough, that when the people walk in the bank, the people know that they actually have all the value. They are the value and the banks in order to breathe at this moment need you to believe in them. You are the creditor. They are the debtor or the custodian (inaudible). They can even put it on paper and let you walk out with the original copy of the paper. If they say no, it stays in the, that is the same old same old. So as far as banking and all of that, I am sorry, as a former banker and as former attorney and all of that, I don’t trust the systems, those old systems, to change. We’ve already gone through that whole “here’s a change, here’s how you can change, here is a safe secure place where you can actually do what you say you’re going to do or what you’ve been doing”. None of them, they are all scared, so it’s the people. It’s going to be us that changes how everyone else thinks about us, because we think about ourselves differently in the first place. We can value ourselves. We can say ‘I am the value’. Now I’m going to walk in and I’m going to be kind and gentle. I’m going say ‘bank, would you like a lifeline today? If I even choose and I’m willing to go ahead and give you my business, but these are my terms and conditions; it is mine’.
Lisa: Hasn’t that been tried before and not worked?
Heather: What did you say?
Lisa: Hasn’t that been tried before and not worked?
Heather: Well, you are the one that brought up banking Lisa. Would I walk into a bank? No. Would I walk into a court anymore? Hell no. Okay, you brought up bank, everyone else seems to have bank on the mind. So now we have moved on from value, but now they want to know ‘well, what (inaudible) about my bank’. They’re still walking into the court room and they’re not even courtrooms. They’re private court departments of corporations that are dead, foreclosed on. Yet they still want to go in and fight. So until you guys figure out how you want to BE, meanwhile I’m over here figuring out how I want to BE. Now I just know that I only want to be responsible for myself and that’s what I have been trying to tell you guys all along, very softly very gently. Because a lot of people to even come out, to have that light switch (inaudible) we talk about coming on, after being in the dark for so long.
Yeah okay, maybe I hand held a lot more than Caleb does; we can see where we are very different. Yet we still know where the top of the mountain is. I want to be free to do what I want to do and I won’t damage anyone else. If I do, I will be responsible for it. I will be liable for it. So that is really it, be responsible, be liable for you, everything you say everything you do, that is it. Now get up and the point is get your value; yeah, I can help with that. We will go in and make sure everything is dispersed and then after that, I would really like to co-BE and co-DO with other people. I would really like to see my family.
Lisa: Yeah, I know how that feels. Can we move onto some callers because there’s quite a few lining up?
Heather: Yep.
Lisa: I got caller 773 area code…..hello, yes what was your name?
Carlos (caller): My name is Carlos. I am calling from Los Angeles. First of all, I want to thank everyone for being here. I have a quick question for Heather. It is about the repurposing, when she wrote the part that says ‘Creator is now closing the old ways per se, and is now going to repurpose’. My question is…is that something that it was predetermined in time to happen at a certain time or was it became about? Because the first BE’ing that awoke to this and studied it, this is what created the repurposing? I don’t know if I am clear on the question?
Heather: So let me make sure I understand your question correctly. You’re asking about the OPPT and the duration of the OPPT?
Carlos (caller): There’s a statement that saying that Creator is repurposing from knowing himself. I mean, he decided to forget or forget self, in order to know self.
Heather: The experiment?
Carlos (caller): Right, so is this something that was predetermined to come about at this time? At a specific time? Or is it something that was to be brought about from the first BE’ing that was awakened?
Heather: I think that is a personal question for everyone, I do believe and I know that it’s time for the old (inaudible). I know that all of Source’s universe conspired for every move that I have been doing and every move that OPPT has been or any of us being on the call together tonight has come together. Yes, the time for all that old stuff, the time for the experiment is over and it’s time for everyone to know who they BE. That they BE co-creator, eternal presence, embodied. Now go and co-create. Know who you are. Know what you can do and create (inaudible) better. But that’s my (inaudible) opinion; that’s what I know within me. So I would have to say that’s something you should ask within each of yourselves. But seems like we’ve all gravitated here and nexused together in a particular moment about (inaudible). I want to BE and I want to BE me and I don’t want anyone telling me what to BE.  
Carlos (caller): Okay. Thanks a lot. I guess if I can ask the question straight up, for where you were saying we’re not going to get access to actual money because we foreclosed the bank or you foreclosed the banks. So, I guess the access to value is going to be completely different as everybody thinks.
Heather: If you go in and you do a backing of gold and silver, precious metals, whatever backing you want, something asset, tangible, then from there each person decides how they want to cut a representation. Really, the only person that can do that is the issuer, the creator, of that value. So yes, the thing that would be set up is an actual, tangible system that’s going to support however you guys want to move. Whether it’s digital for those that prefer digital, thumb drives or credit cards. Not credit cards, but the magnetic strips cards that are like data whatever you need it to be that resonates with you to transfer and transact with your value. All of that is still on the table, but as far as the financial (garbled) that is what is being created and implemented.
Carlos (caller):  Seems like it’s going to be a long time thing to come about and be used for per se for people like, let’s say the bank is foreclosed. So now I don’t want to pay my mortgage because it is fraud.  You cannot just say that and they are probably going to take your house anyway.
Heather: If you go into all of that, if you want to pay a debt that doesn’t exist, that’s your own choice. In the bank trade and finance, he who has the wallet pulls the plug; that’s how it has always been.  That’s why they control the system of the wallet. Once you get your value, that’s why I say you can do whatever you want with your value. If you feel bad for the guys that have been lying to everyone and want to pay off that mortgage which doesn’t exist, that’s okay. That’s your choice. I’m concerned, not concerned, I’m focused. I’m paying attention to make sure that financial system is up, temporary or not, just to deliver the value. Then at that point, you can do whatever you want with your value. It’s not a long term thing; the gold, the silver and the precious metals are already all in existence.
Lisa: Heather, I know that. Being in the position where you don’t have the money and you’re struggling to pay the money to try to pay off your mortgage and things like that and they’re coming after you, is a really intense energy to be in. As soon as you’ve actually got the money to pay it off if you could, that’s such a completely different energy. You won’t want to pay them then once you become in a position where you can. You suddenly become empowered to not to.
Heather:  Well, that’s okay. That is the point though. I’m focused on getting the value out, then you guys make your choices however you want to make it. That’s beautiful; that’s beautiful. I’m so excited to see how everyone does. I’m going to focus, pay my attention and make sure that system is up so the value can be delivered.
Lisa:  Thank you, Carlos. We’re going to move on to the next question. Next caller, which is area code 646. Area code 646, you have your hand up?
Rick:  Oh my gosh, hello I do, it’s Rick.
(Several say Hi to Rick)
Rick:  Rick from Connecticut. This is awesome; this is exactly what I was hoping to hear tonight.  Although I understand not a lot of concrete answers for people, I glanced at the chat. I can’t stand to really be in it anymore. I have to really concentrate on what is being said, particularly when Heather is talking, because I have to really like focus on everything that’s going on.  There is a lot of what I call metaphysical overlay, which is great because I’m down with that.  I imagine there are a number of people that aren’t. 
On to the questions if I may, which I wrote down tonight so that I could be as concise as possible. First of all, I really appreciate what happened last night with Caleb and how Heather is responding to that. I think they have always talked about transparency and I think the transparency is the inevitable forerunner of Oneness and connectedness. That’s what we all seem to be moving towards in an Aquarian consciousness. There are people still out there with a tendency towards secrecy and this reflective aversion towards a diminishing of their privacy or rights because they distrust the present system and that makes sense. It seems to be resistant to a universal calling of just laying down our fears of not having or being judged. All the while still maintaining a kind of watchful eye, because we’re still concerned that the powers-that-were which have been unseated will still try and do some sort of retaliation. That causes that harm that we talked about; that peace of mind or peace of spirit which is being taken away from us. Which is what a lot of people, including the last caller, are talking about as far as paying their mortgage and doing their duty and being a good citizen or being a good critic or what the hell ever. 
Right now my first question is, I don’t hear or read a lot of excitement about the genuine potential for BE’ing and DO’ing as a free human. What I hear is a lot of anxiety about the how and when of disbursements, so that people can buy staples or like Seraph said last night ‘shop till he drops’…whatever. There are people I’ve noticed in chats and in articles who just seem really distracted and disheartened by their pain. Their physical pain with regard to illnesses they have. Their emotional pain in regards to their relationship with dysfunctional humans, dysfunctional systems and dysfunctional institutions. They don’t seem to be able to look past the nose on their face to grasp the metaphysics that I hear spoken of quite a lot particularly when Heather is on the call. The far reaching vision and fundamentally how we are genuinely going to BE in this new construct and this new paradigm. It seems like a large part of the effort in shifting human society is going to be us with a little bit more vision, a little bit more courage, and a little bit farther ahead on the trail. How are we going to facilitate the more pitiful people, the confused people, the angry and disoriented and resistant people?  That’s going to be a big part of the work of getting some of humanity along the path. Last night, I’m sorry Lisa, last night it was pitchforks and torches in that chat room. It was really disheartening from my perspective.
Lisa:  I know. I know. The people heard when Caleb said he didn’t want the CVACs or the treasury system, people heard you’re not getting one. That’s not what he said. That’s just what they heard. It went sort of exponentially ballistic from that point on.
Heather:  He just meant that it wasn’t what he wanted for himself, but he understood the tracking part (inaudible). It’s not what we want; it’s what we create
Lisa:  Not a great connection at the moment, Heather. I wasn’t quite sure what you said there.  Rick, did you actually have a question?
Rick:  Yeah, I actually have two. One is directly for Heather and one is for the group, so which one would you like first?
Lisa:  Whatever order you’ve got them in is fine.
Rick:  Okay, group first. Since our present society is based on a number of critical systems, from monitoring nuclear reactors to making sure psychotics get their medication, I’m wondering with all of the BE’ing and DO’ing particularly as new technologies become available and more people like us are OPPTing In and claiming their BE’ing and claiming their own value, how the trustees might have considered what the transition period might look like?  What types of formidable guidelines we might being to co-create for those who have recognized their value? After all, freed slaves have historically not been so organized and rational minded and their ability to execute conscious ways of BE’ing?  Go.
Lisa:  I think Bob might have an answer for that one.
Chris:  Rick, that’s a whole show.
Lisa:  Brian, are you moving around a lot again?
Brian:  I’ve been on mute this whole call. I just want to say I’m being quiet on this call, because I am tired and for everybody to ask me to talk here you go. I love you and I’m going to go ahead and re mute myself.  (Chuckles)
Lisa:  Now the room’s hand is up.
Bob:  I think there’s only one way to do that and it’s by example. The only way that you can really affect anybody…this is what I think when we talk about systems of assistance, we’re not out to try to save anybody. We DO by our example; show them a better way. You can’t push a rope. Everybody’s got a choice that they are going to have to make individually of what they want to do and where they want to go. A lot of people don’t even realize that they have an option. They don’t even realize that they have the option to move into a direction where they can be free.  I believe that each of us that have found and discovered that way.
Everybody can choose what they want, but I believe that if you are compassionate and empathic, you will show by your example to help others see that way. I think it will happen a lot faster than you realize, because look at how fast we’ve got to where we are with just the OPPT. If everybody has their value, I tell you what, you’re going to get a lot of people talking pretty loud. When they have that value and they can actually feel it and realize it, you’re going to get a lot more confident people showing each other, their family, friends and anyone you can talk to on how to do it. That’s the difference between assisting and saving someone. You assist them to come to that realization. You assist them by your example to come to that understanding that option that they have and allow them the space in order to contemplate and exercise that option.
(Several talking at once)
Chris:  I am going to answer actually with something Bob said because he phrases things so well. Lading should actually be about serving. The message I was trying to get through last night to people that were receptive to it, is that it’s their job to serve people around them and bring this message to them. Now that ground-up approach is really the best way of doing this, because it requires time. One of the issues I can see is coming from this sort of urgency for access to value is that people are so damaged by the experiences of their lives they just need a breather. As Bob said, give someone time a little bit of time to actually reassess things after pulling the stress off of them. You get a different thought pattern happening particularly if you can work with them and direct them. That’s one of the things I see taking place in the early stages of this thing, because we are really just talking about the early stages. 
I worked out, based on some things we got the other day, that there is about .085% of the planet that even know about this yet. So we’ve got a massive job of education.  Now we know that there are specific events that will take place and things will jump to the mainstream media and it’s going to do whatever it’s going to do. But in the meantime, we really have to hold that space that we are with. Everybody needs to just sit back a bit and chill and think about it, then the creativity will start to come out.
There is some stunning, as this grows and the people that are currently drinking the Kool-Aid and stuck in the system whatever come to hear about this, can you imagine there are some stunningly talented people all across our whole society who are currently working in industry, some of them in government, in education, in health, do you think they won’t leap at this? Do you think their creativity won’t just go WOW? Provided we hold that space (garbled). When that energy is released and brought to bear, then the sorts of things like ‘how do we make sure the nuclear reactors don’t blow up?, et cetera’. Well, that’ll just fall into place. We’re just not there yet. We don’t want to think about that stuff from a fearful position. We want to look forward to that creative blast that is going to take place at some point when this reaches mainstream and everyone just goes ‘Wow!’
Rick:  Bob and Chris, I love your answers. I like it when a glass is half full and it’s nice cold fresh lemonade instead of warm piss. So that is really great. I want to get off and get on to the next person real quick. This one is for Heather. Heather darling, are you there?
Heather:  Yeah, yeah, I’m here.
Rick:  Wonderful. What event were you referring to in a post that was on the chat on Facebook with Prince Taylor regarding the Quantum Healing Hypnosis that spoke about a shift awakening? Because frankly, I think that wouldn’t hurt to have that present and happening now or soon.
Heather:  Yeah, in fact we had a trustees meeting between the three. We want to make sure that everyone can just BE and have all of the tools to BE. We see all of this maneuvering. I know that we are as transparent as we can be regarding what is happening right now behind the curtains with the agenda family members calling us and them trying to see is there really grace here.  They have something that appears to come out (garbled). Then you have Christine Lagarde trying to maneuver the IMF the legal (garbled). Can you hear me?
Lisa:  We are losing you; you’re really crackly.
Heather:  Is this better?
Lisa:  Yes.
Heather:  Okay. The point is that all of these maneuvers, they all go away if everyone has access to the same Absolute Grid. The grid, which all of the old slavery systems were actually copied from and only in part so that they could control it. If everyone had access to the Absolute Grid which included Absolute Data, Absolute Consciousness, that was actually where over the last weekend we’ve been moving and preparing everything that includes access to Absolute Value.  That that destruction can be taken away if everyone has their value. All of a sudden that isn’t issue anymore. They don’t focus on it and they actually focus on what they want to DO with that value. 
Lisa:  That’s right.
Heather:  That’s where we were maneuvering everything. We got one particular phone call having to do with that. There were some people that were very not happy, really not happy, that everyone would have Absolute Access to the Absolute Grid which they had copied in part for their enslavement systems. So if everyone has that access, then all of a sudden you know everything. You know who the powers-that-were were. You know what they are doing. 
So Christine Lagarde was probably the best example over the weekend. Someone said ‘Oh, Christine is going to be launching the Wanta-Mitterand Protocols, the FTRs, the RV, the PPs; all of this stuff. Yet the agenda families knew that if she does that it’s the ones that are behind her that are going to pay the price.  This isn’t a moment of Absolute Current or energetic accountability or bookkeeping.  Even if she is the one that implements it, they are the ones that are going to take the liability for it. Instead of allowing her to do that, they put out the information about her participation in certain events of embezzlement. All of a sudden, none of that stuff came out that she wanted to implement. 
So there is a lot moving behind the curtain. I’d really rather just have that curtain pulled back, because guys I just really want to go and create something different a new experience. So that article, that morning we’ve been working on the last three days prior, I was really excited because someone grabbed it and pulled it down. That is exactly what is happening…Absolute Access to Absolute.
Lisa: So she (Christina Lagarde) was essentially hung out to dry by them.
Heather:  Yep.They hung her out to dry, but at the same time they made a proposal. The East has this heavenly mandate supposedly that when it all comes back to the East, they will do for the higher good of all. Well, I can tell you right now the West was never the West. The West was a front man for the East. So they never gave up anything; they just physically were going to move the house back.  (Garbled) It’s been them running it all along. So no, the heavenly mandate that was camouflage (garbled). Right now, the only mandate is that everybody is Co-Creator. Everyone is responsible for the value that’s within them. Give them the value so that it’s no longer a distraction and they can heal whatever needs to be healed in any way.  (Inaudible) 
Lisa:  You were cutting in and out again.
Rick:  You were cutting in and out quite a little bit, but I think I get the gist of it. I’m just not clear on…there was a disconnect as far as how the Quantum Healing Hypnosis that was between the two women I believe. That was what I believe was referred to that link was referring to, but you cut out.
Heather: Putting into words or script, they were actually putting down on paper or on the internet what we had been working on for three days prior to that.
Rick:  Right, that’s what I got and then where I kind of lost you was there was a lady that was hung out to dry; that part I didn’t get because you were cutting in and out.
Heather:  The IMF. They know that all of…with that particular article or internet exchange that I posted up…I was so excited because it was what we were working on for three days. All of a sudden, there it was manifested by somebody else that was not involved, at least with what we were doing in this particular manifestation. Here it was and at the same moment the powers-that-were, they led us that way as well. They hung Christine Lagarde, the head of the IMF, out to dry.
Rick: Got it. Googling on that, thank you.
Heather: Yeah.
Lisa: Thank you Rick.
Rick: Thank you. You guys are so awesome. Thank you for letting me vent a little bit at the beginning.
Lisa: That’s okay. Area code 617…area code 617. Hello? Hang on; it’s not unmuting for some reason. Area code 617? You there?
Caller: Hello.
Lisa: Hello. What was your name?
Caller: Can you hear me okay?
Lisa: Well, just hear you, but you’re a bit muffled.
Caller: I’m just listening. This is Steven from Thailand.
Lisa: Hi Steven from Thailand. Okay, well I will mute your phone if you don’t have a question and we’ll move on to the next caller. Thank you.
Steven (listener): Thank you.
Lisa: Area code 541.
Caller: Hey everyone, this is Zaruga.
Lisa: Hello Zaruga. How are you?
Zaruga (caller): I’m doing good, how ‘bout everyone on the panel? 
Lisa: We’re pretty good.
Zaruga (caller): Let’s see, first of all, I think I wanted to clear up where some of the misinformation and the confusion about the CVACs versus the reality came from. There was an interview I think last week with Angel Lucci where Heather was scheduled to be on but couldn’t get on due to technical difficulties as has been the case. He described his vision of the system as he understood it at that moment and described it as a swipe-card system. He was expecting to get a card in the mail and be able to go on a trip and stuff like that. I think a lot of people took that as Absolute Data, because he had been in contact with Heather and just ran with it. It’s created a lot of unfortunate expectations of a specific means of manifesting this. You know what I’m saying? 
Brian: Was that a question?
Zaruga (caller): No, I just wanted to clear that up for people because a lot of people feel, are suggesting that they feel mislead by things that Heather has suggested. I can point to that specific interview as the point where the information might’ve gone off the rails a little bit.
Heather: Yeah. I’m not even sure what interview you’re talking about with Angel. I didn’t receive any notice of it, but here’s what I can tell you. First off, who am I? I’m not anymore important or less important than anybody else. I see everyone putting OPPT and the trustees up on a pedestal and that’s not where we belong. That’s not even where we wanna be. I think that those are other people’s, what Caleb was saying, a shining white knight on a horse. We’re in there to save our own BE’ings, our own value, and responsibly manage that and responsibly use that, okay? Like I said, OPPT is just a tool and I’ve said that from the beginning.
Everyone else is a trustee of their own BEing. So please remember that if you’re going to put someone up on a pedestal, make sure that’s what they choose and where they wanna be and whether that’s really what you want. Is someone more important than you? Are you more important than them? For me, no. I’m as equal as everybody else and everybody else is as equal as me. So I can’t help that other people have certain expectations, but those are their expectations; they’re not mine. All I can do is keep doing what I’m doing, stand in truth, stand in integrity and stand in transparency and be responsible. So yep, go ahead and ask some questions. I’ll stand where I stand. It doesn’t mean you stand there with me, but this is where I stand. Here’s my notice.      
Zaruga (caller): Right. I understand all of that and it all makes sense to me. I’m with you, because I have plans on what I wanted to do to help create a new world long before I knew any of this stuff existed and had these things as tools so I still have that playbook as sort of my life mission statement, of why I’m here. I’m just pointing out where the information got confused for people as I see it, and not to stand on any of those expectations at all. I just think it’s an example of some of the challenges we have ahead of ourselves in terms of Absolute Data coming out and really understanding what’s going on versus this chain of what people are speculating on which then becomes, somehow enters the mass consciousness like ‘Oh, this is what’s happening’ and then by the time the data actually comes out, we see where we’ve been confused, and being able to backtrack to where those splits happen. That’s helpful in being able to sort through ‘cause let’s face it, there’s a lot in this information going around and it’s only gonna get, unless we deal with it now, it’s only gonna get worse as the information spreads.
I really see that that’s where I personally want to move to is being able to spread this information to people and thankfully manifest it in my life now. I’m in a situation where within just a couple of weeks I’m gonna go from having no place to live to having a place and being stable. I know there’s a lot of people out there right now that are frozen for whatever reason. They’re on the board and they can’t move. Well, I just wanna let you guys know that I’m gonna be freed up and I’m gonna be moving for people who can’t move. My job is gonna be collecting anyone else who’s free to move at the same time and see what we can do with or without the access to value. Of course that makes it a lot easier, but really the value is in what we can do and if we can gather all the people who are willing and say “Hey who wants to go create an anti-gravity city?’ as a pie-in-the-sky example that is something that could possibly be manifested in the next twenty, thirty years.
Let’s take, example, we want everyone to have access to the same things. A good example would be let’s find out how we can get together and make sure everyone has cell phones, smart phones, access to the internet so that information that’s out there is. There’s this gulf between what we have access to here in the first world and what people have access to in other countries. It’s just gonna start with us coming together and brain storming on how do we get these things to other people.    
Heather: I think you’re gonna find so much changes when all of a sudden you have access to that value. You’re able to see yourself and what you can do, before talking about property. Moving into the banks, believe me it’s you have the value. You’re holding the cheque book so to speak, worlds change. Worlds change.
Brian: I just wanna bring up one point here real quick before you go to the next caller. Bcause he brought up a good point on the data and getting points of data, ‘cause there’s a lot of data out there, a lot. Almost too much, than you can even filter through it all, but what we haven’t gotten to a point yet is where this Absolute Data that keeps being talked about is out. I want everybody to really sit on that idea, of what that idea of what Absolute Data means. Absolute Data means absolute, meaning no stone left unturned. It’s all absolutely on the table and when that moment comes of Absolute Data, and everybody’s answers, all the answers that are coming in on this chat room and all the answers that’ve been thrown out in the last twenty four hours, the last two months, the last ten years, in our whole life times are answered, that change everything instantly.
So quickly, all the systems that’re still appearing to be out there, that’re appearing to be in control, that’re still part of that fiction, fall apart at the moment of Absolute Data. So go back and reread that Quantum Healing article again if you haven’t read it. There’s some Absolute Data information in there. That’s what everybody wants. Everybody wants the freedom that comes with that so, I just wanted to throw that in right now. I thought it was important to share.
Lisa: Thanks Brian. Thank you Zaruga.
Thomas: I’d like to weigh in on something if I may for a moment before you go to the next caller. Bob brought up a point earlier in the conversation about suffer, that we’ve all suffered. If you go back to the original meaning of the word suffer, it means to allow. I think in several ways because we’re not allowing any more. We’re not allowing them to do that; we’re not allowing these things to go on. Everybody keeps asking the question in the chat room ‘how do we access the Grid?’. I’m gonna give an answer that most people won’t like that are listening, but it’s factual and Heather may want to speak on this after I say it. The longest trip that you will ever take is from your head to your heart. Quit thinking all the time and start feeling. FEEL what’s out there. Feel it, feel it, feel it. If it feels right, go with it. Don’t worry about the truth of anything, go with how it feels. Look at it carefully.
Lisa: Okay guys, thank you very much Thomas. We’ve only got half an hour left, so those of you who are in the queue, I’m gonna ask you to please keep things short; keep it to your questions. We just don’t have time for philosophical discussions anymore. I’m asking everybody on the panel please keep their answers short and sweet too. We will move on to ‘where you at’. Where You At, are you there? Hello? It’s not an area code. I’ve actually just got Where You At. Nope? Okay, moving on. Area code 307…area code 307?
Caller: This is Sherry in Wyoming.   
Lisa: Hi Sherry.
Sherry: I have a question about who is Lisa M. Harrison? I find that she is part of the Divine Province Trust and also part of the OPPT. I’m confused about that, unless there’s a connection between the two? Could you help me with that?
Lisa: Well, I’m Lisa Harrison and there’s no connection between the two. Divine Province was something that came to my attention at the beginning of last year, which I thought from the standing point of the beginning of 2012 looked pretty good. I investigated it and became a part of it as in the sense of followed what was happening there, became a member and left that at the end of last year. I’m not a trustee of anything.
Sherry (caller): Okay. Well I just saw that, it appeared that you’re a deputy.
Lisa: No, I was offered a position or commission or whatever you wanna call it, but I declined it.
Sherry: Okay. ‘Cause you were listed there on that, so anyway I was confused at that so I’m glad to know that.
Lisa: If there’s still anything on the website, it shouldn’t be.
Sherry (caller): Okay, and it is. But that’s good, I’m glad to know that, because that was a confusing thing to me ‘cause I heard from you. I saw you with that and I thought ‘Oh dear’. (Garbled) I’m having a hard time grasping the CVACs in any way other than very literally. I’m thinking that’s what a lot of other people are having issues with too. It’s hard for me to step outside the box here.
Lisa: Do you know what CVAC stands for? Do you know what the letters stand for?
Sherry (caller): Yes.
Lisa: So looking at it from a spiritual perspective, we’ve got the Creator and the Creator’s value which is an asset. You are a center for that value; your BE’ing is a centre for that value, that asset of the Creator. You are an aspect of the Creator. To me, that’s all I can say on that because that’s what it is. Then there are the CVACs as a system that was discussed. On American Kabuki and on Removing The Shackles, you’ll find definitions that really do outline what these all are. A Creator’s Value Asset Center System is when two or more BE’ings, otherwise known as CVACs, come together with a mutual intent to create. It becomes a Center in and of itself, and those Centers would be connected to others forming a system. Does that make sense?
Sherry (caller): Yes.
Lisa: The same word is applied to different things.
Sherry (caller): So when they talk about distribution of that, what is that then? 
Lisa: Distribution of what?
Sherry (caller): The CVAC that they were talking about last night with the treasury and asset things set up.
Lisa: The treasury, if you have a look at the original CVAC documentation, what it had was there would be 194 CVACs representing each country. Around that main hub would be eight satellite CVACs dedicated to different areas that would fulfil and meet our needs in terms of health, education, transportation, technology and so forth. They would essentially be identical to one another with complete transparency and communicate with each other and it would be a network around the planet. The people, and they don’t exist without people giving them life, any more than a government is just a building unless people walk in the door. Heather, do you want to elaborate on this?
Sherry (caller): Excuse me?
Lisa: I was just asking Heather if she wanted to elaborate.
Heather: Yeah, I mean you did a great job. It’s just that those branches were initially just to have people have access to the same thing, like the library on a street corner having the same librarian data base as the libraries across the globe. It’s all about Absolute Data. Information and banking is currency. That is the currency. They use that information, that data, to maneuver people in places and make sure that they’re taking  and able to steal or barter or trade representation. Well, the people, if they have absolute data, access to that, and that’s what those systems on the ground were so that you knew where you could go and get Absolute Data…well it can just all be done from within. That’s where it was moving and that’s where the disclosure was coming in to assist a co-operation, but in a very transparent and honest way so that people would know it’s not how the powers-that-ere painted it. So, those systems, it can be whatever you want. I say just remove the distractions one by one. If there is a mistake that we make with each movement, we can correct it. So let’s start with the first big distraction which the powers-that-were made, are life and breath for all this time, which is value. So get the value out first and then everything else will be much easier to see in a different light.
Lisa: Does that answer your question Sherry?
Sherry (caller): Somewhat, yes. I’m just too new.
Lisa: Okay, go back and have a look and see. Read those definitions on American Kabuki or Removing The Shackles and that’ll help.
Sherry (caller): Thank you.
Lisa: Okay, thank you. Area code 970?
Caller: Oh good. Hellooo?
Lisa: Hi.
Caller: Hi, it’s Katie in Colorado.
Lisa: Ah, had a feeling. (Laughter)
Katie (caller): (Garbled) Okay. The only thing that keeps coming to my imagination is we type numbers into a computer, okay? Or (inaudible) that’s representing the value ‘cause I’m the value of my creation ‘cause I’m living and breathing and speaking, but what if we did like an (inaudible) craigslist or something? I don’t have the tech skills to do that or to orchestrate that whole massive computer operating system. I don’t know how to do that, but I’m just throwing the idea out there that because, essentially we have you, me…I’d be trading with you or bartering or sharing the system. It’d be a Pay It Forward system and so why not? Let’s just do it.
I don’t know who’s gonna do that, so whoever’s listening out there and feels that yes, this is me.. I don’t know, who knows what’s out there? Or who’s out there and who’s BE’ing out there, so if any of these ideas sparks an interest, like let’s just do it. Let’s just create a network for all of us and then be like ‘hey look you guys, hey I’m networking with these people’, but then again it’s, all you have to do is just put your name in. You can even put your YouTube name in or whatever, your handle. You don’t even have to use your real name, as long as it’s something that represents you as you and you know who you are…why not? What’s the hang up?
Brian: I love her, I love you (Laughter)
Katie (caller): I love you too Brian.
Brian: I think it’s a great idea. I think a lot of amazing ideas are gonna be coming out in the near future. I think that everybody’s gonna be free to co-create. I understand that there’s a lot of unanswered questions out there and that a lot of people are getting hung up on a lot of things, but answers are coming and where this is all headed, sooner or later we’re gonna look back and we’re gonna laugh hysterically. I do it every day. I giggle-fest hysterically every day.
Now on these calls, I haven’t done a lot of giggling on this one because I’m so tired, but we’re gonna look back at this and we’re gonna say ‘Oh my God I did it, thank you for this experience’ because it’s all about, at the end of the day it’s all about the experience. We’re all going through this experience and we’re creating this together and where we’re headed is a beautiful  place, it’s beautiful right now. It’s just hard for some people to enjoy it, because there’s so much suffering. I realize that’s still going on out there, but suffering is gonna come to an end. People just need to have faith and hold that space in their heart that this is all winding down. We’re coming to a very pivotal moment right now and just watch in awe as it unfolds.
Katie (caller): Yeah. Thanks all, I love you all.
Brian: Thank you. Love you.
Lisa: Okay, I know we’ve only got twenty minutes left. Heather, I’m being asked repeatedly in the chat room to please get you to clarify before this show finishes the when and the how of the treasury system.
Heather:  Okay. So I’ll go in and the only thing that’s gonna be secured will be the treasury part to get the value out.
Lisa: Yep.
Heather:  That’s it, so I’ve got to take that particular part out. Someone asked ‘Oh so is the USA going to be the only one that is in charge of it all since it’s the only branch that’s up?’.  No.  Let that branch, basically don’t have any branches, just have the CVAC temporary financial system, period.
Lisa: Now that’s funny, this is exactly a conversation I had over the week end and I said that I don’t think we need the 194 CVACs. I think we just need one, if anything.
Heather:  Well, people are at the point now where they’ve got the proof that all these corporations were operating under the guise of the people’s governments. So they can ask the questions now, so really back to school is unnecessary. As far as getting value out, you just need one source of that. Go in and file it and then make sure that it’s transparent and it can’t be messed with. It can’t be manipulated or fabricated or have someone stealing (inaudible) what (inaudible) are moving right in front of your nose.  So (inaudible) focus on just for that treasury.  Basically the 194 CVACs to go out (inaudible) then treasury can fall behind it. Now I can just scrap that middle part… go in, shut up the treasury, the temporary treasury, get all that value, all of the physical tangibles and then have people access that value. That’s it.
Lisa: So what’s…
Heather: That’s what I’m focused on.
Lisa: Okay. I hate to do it to you, but I need to ask you these couple of questions: time frame on how long that would take?
Heather:  For the actual securing the treasury system?  I’ll need this week to do that. The 194 was what we focused on last week. I’ll need this week to get the verbiage down, get it filed in and then after that it’s the next week…it usually takes me about three or four days to get the actual verbiage, pull it down from the Absolute Grid. It goes in the minute that it’s filed, it’s done. Then it’s a matter of the physical systems following. It’s all about energy, so the physical systems, once the energetic part is done, it takes usually about three (days)…seventy two hours for that to root and actually physically manifest somewhere.
Lisa: So the question, I know most people who are thinking along these lines, what they’re thinking is when do I get something in my hand that I can use? When do I get something that I can use to buy bread and put petrol in my car? Fulfill my dream, or be of service? Whatever their question is. And what is it gonna look like when it does?
Heather:  I can tell you what steps are going to be taken by me personally that I have control over. Then it’s a matter of putting the physical tangible behind that and I can tell you the timelines of those. As far as having coins to rub together, if that’s what they’re thinking it’s going to be, however they’re going to act as their value, I’m gonna get these first two steps in. Then I can give you an update, because if I give you a timeline and then we don’t reach that timeline, I’ve created an energetic event where energy is drawn down and then it’s crashed because everyone’s been trained to be fixed on a date.
I’m not gonna do that to everyone, but I will be responsible and tell you what I know. I can have that verbiage locked in, the verbiage is the security and the insurance behind the financial system. As far as the gold and silver and the precious metals, those will be physically moved in the next week. Then any representations or access devices for that representation or that value into that financial system? It could take another week to actually have that. I don’t know, it could be as quick as the twinkling of an eye, so let me move the (inaudible) pieces in place. My goal is the twinkling of an eye, so that the value would be accessible next week, but I want to make sure everyone is clear there’s an order here that needs to be done.
I’ll have the first part of the order done next week. The physical stuff actually moved into place the next week and possibly the access, it will be immediately thereafter. What does immediately mean? It could be the twinkling of an eye or it could be a week away from that particular moment. So if you guys can get some flexibility as far as expectations and I know there’s distractions.  I’m inspired and absolutely moved to make this happen tomorrow even. So those are the steps that I personally am taking responsibility for and DO’ing. Those two are the foundation in order for people to have coins to rub together or digital usb drive or a magnetic card to go and access that to buy bread and to take (inaudible) nd hopefully you won’t even need that.
Lisa:  Yeah, hopefully not, but do we need to collectively come together and make a decision on what that representation will look like? Or is it personal choice or…?
Heather: Start thinking about it, because some people are definitely dead on not having a digital system. I totally get that. With the work that I do in banking, everything is digital; easiest way to manipulate the data. I prefer magnetic; I prefer the energetic. That’s me personally. Can I operate with that? Can I use that? Can I manifest with that? Hell yeah.
Lisa: I thought it was also one of the easiest to manipulate as well, to hack.
Heather: Energetic?
Lisa: No no no. Magnetic.
Heather: When I’m talking magnetic, I mean magnetically drawing the energy to you; that’s what I mean by energetic/magnetic.
Lisa: Okay.
Heather: …is pulling down the energy, ‘cause you can only access whatever energy you pull. So I can’t access energy that Lisa pulls, not unless Lisa gives me consent to touch it, which is how the powers-that-were have operated their enslavement system. They just didn’t tell you what they were actually having pulled down or what the value really was. So for me, I access the Prime value but for others, they may want cheques. They may want magnetic cards. If that’s what you’re referring to about magnetic, you know..magnetic cards. They may want the usb sticks where they can transfer the data. They may wanna just have their phone converted into essentially a point of sale device where they can transfer and track. I’ve seen those. They’re pretty cool, but not something that I’d choose.
So everyone can just think about how, what system, what devices they want. When you have access to your value, it’s just a matter of going in like to your bank and saying ‘Hey bank, I want this product, this service to access my value and I want this convenience’. You dictate because you’re the only one that accesses the value in that particular scenario of bankers and client. We’ve just been told that bankers are God and you are less than, when in reality everyone is no lesser, no greater than anybody else. So start thinking about those concepts
Lisa: So are you, I just wanna be clear here, are you saying that once this system’s up, we can actually go to a bank of any description and say ‘this is my value, I want you to facilitate access to it.’
Heather: Okay, I’m gonna go back to when you brought up the bank the last time; this time I understand I brought it up. Okay? I was using that as an example. When you end up having access to your own value, you’re gonna determine who gets to play with you and under what terms, who gets to actually experience your value and  under what terms. If you wanna walk into a bank, great. Will Heather walk into a bank? No. After all that we’ve been through and all the energy spent to help the banks repurpose themselves, I don’t know. I think I’m gonna take a break, not walk into a bank.
Lisa: I just don’t think people can get their head around not having a bank as a facilitator.
Heather: Well you are the bank; that’s the point. The new system, the temporary system, will make it so that you are your own bank. You are the only one that can access it, transfer it, deliver it; you just are the bank. You’re not going to have a banker. Do you want to delegate your value over to someone else to hold on to you at this point?
Lisa: No:
Heather: After what we all just went through? Okay well, the new financial system should make it so that you don’t have to rely on anything external, shouldn’t it? It should make it so that you are the one that’s responsible. You are the one that gets to transfer it, move it around. So now, just go in tonight, consider, “Okay, I’m the bank. I’m going to be moving the value around how I choose and in the manner I choose, but it’s going to be something that will be acceptable and recognizable by someone else.”
Maybe you’ll come up with a whole new idea of a device for transfer if it’s not the actual prime value. Maybe you’ll come up with a whole new thing. Not a USB stick, not a magnetic card, not a check, a piece of paper. Maybe it’ll be something even different, who knows? But until you get access to that value, people are going to focus just on
the value and not what they can create with it. So does that answer your questions?
It may not be as satisfa…(garble) as you want. You may not have a deadline, a date. I’ve got to be honest with you though, if I sit and I give you a date and we don’t reach that date, we’ve created an energetic pull-down of energy. At that point, it creates confusion and it just sits there, because energy is supposed to flow, it never stops. So I would rather go in and tell you, these are the steps, the two things that need to be done. From there, it can be as quick as the speed of heart, or it can be as quick as the speed of DO’ing, or as quick as the speed of thought.
Lisa:  Access to the internet will allow. (chuckle)
Heather: Yeah, so, I just want to be clear on that. I want to create, and co-create, responsibly with you guys, so I hope that information is at least new data, and it’s something I stand behind.
Lisa: Okay. I hope so too. We do have a little bit of time left to take a couple of more calls. (cough) Excuse me. Area code 612.
Caller: Hello, it’s me Lisa. I just gotta tell you I love you so much. You’re such a good host on this show. Thank you.
Lisa: Aw, thank you! Is your name Lisa too?
Caller: No, it’s Elizabeth.
Lisa: Oh it’s Elizabeth, of course!
Elizabeth (caller): I wanted to tell Heather I had “The” question for her, but you just, she just answered it. So thank you Heather.
Heather: Oh thank you.
Elizabeth (caller): There’s so many inspirations tonight on the call and putting together last night’s call, it’s been so awesome, such a week! Such a week in these two days, oh my god. But I just want to go back to Heather’s first comment, what she said, “Choose. Do you want to choose the old system or do you want to choose something brand new?” So, you know that saying “You will receive the desires of your heart.” Our hearts are magnets, so to speak. So I just want to encourage everybody, even though we don’t know what we’re going to do, we don’t know what we’re going to create, and that’s the excitement of it, that makes it fun and that’s okay.
Just relax and starting tonight just desire… well you can desire if you want to stay in this old slave system blah, blah, blah. But I think I’ve learned my lesson all these centuries, of being in the slave system, I’ve grown as a spirit. You know we’re spirit, we’re physical flesh, and we have a soul. So my spirit man, we don’t even know how much we have grown, as a spirit man, until we come out of it. And we have grown a lot. So, you can desire the old system, slavery one, I’m not going to. I’m going to continue to desire the new paradigm, the new shift, the new system whatever that is. And remember it’s a paradigm shift. It’s a new way of being, a new way of thinking, a new way of doing things, a creative movement, individually and co-operatively. I believe we’ll still have this call, because we’re going to cooperate. We’re going to create awesome things. We can still use the Courtesy Notices still.
Lisa: Absolutely.
Elizabeth (caller): Yeah. So, I hear you laughing Brian.
Lisa: There’s still a lot individuals in the system that need to be educated.
Brian: I’m just wondering where the “standing ovation” emoticon is in the chat room.
(group laughter)
Brian: I can’t find one. (laughter)
Chris: Yep.
Elizabeth (caller): Oh you’re silly.
Lisa: Well thank you (several people talkover)
Elizabeth (caller): Okay, if there is actually 200,000 on this call or whatever, all around the world, if we just simply desire something new, the new way… even though we’re nervous about how it’s going to work out, just desire that new thing and desire to come out of this old thing, it’s going to happen. Boom, right Heather? And Brian and everybody?
Chris: Yep. Absolutely.
Brian: Absolutely.
Heather: That’s what I will stand behind. That’s what I’ll move my energy into.
Lisa: Those that will be listening to this call and participated in this show, members of the 3% we called ourselves throughout last year, we made that decision. We put out that vision. We did it weekly. I think that’s why we celebrated at the beginning of this year, when we heard about OPPT, Because it was like “We did it!”. We put that call out, it was crystal clear for us. So, thank you very much Elizabeth.
Elizabeth (caller): I just want to mention one more thing. Remember, March is a big, big energy month. March 28th, I’ll just say ‘i know that I know that I know.’ We’re going to be born into a brand new world. So, we’re going to be brand-spanking-new. I’ve been a mother of twins and another girl, when you give birth, it’s a little bit messy. I’m not saying war, killing or anything, it’s a little bit messy. But you know what? You look way beyond that, because it’s magnificent. It’s a wondrous beauty. It’s an awe thing. So anyway, love you guys.
(Lisa and Chris talking over each other)
Brian: We’ve got great energy in the chat room again, finally. Thank you chat room. I love you guys.
Lisa: Okay, area code 347?
Caller: 347, is that me? I sure hope so, because I’ve been sitting here listening to all these calls. I hope you guys know that this is the Prince Taylor from so many days ago, so many weeks ago, who was out in the cold. How you guys doing?
(All saying ‘Hey, Prince’)
Prince (caller): Hi, hello, greetings, salutations and all the like. Ladies and gentlemen, I, oh my gosh Heather as well. Listen, you guys don’t understand. You do understand. You’ve been talking about it all week. The roller coaster. I’ve been up and down. I’ve been in this surroundings of fear. All I see is fear around me. You see I tell people what’s happening and then they kind of come back at me like “Whoa, how are going to be telling me this? Because I don’t believe in that.” I’m like ‘Wait, what do you mean you don’t believe in your freedom? Can you let go of these dollars long enough to understand?” I always do it, the way that I always come down to it, is like this. You pull it from the 5D. I learned things that I already knew.
Lisa: Prince, sorry to interrupt you, but we’re about to lose everybody. Just stay there. If you’ve called in, you”ll be able to hear the call once we’ve gone over time. If you’re just listening at blogtalk, you ‘ll have to hear whatever comes after this on the archive. So, thank you all very much for joining us. If you’ve called in, stay with us. We love you all. Everybody in the chat room, you’ve done an amazing job today. I’ll leave it with that. Thank you and keep going Prince.
Prince (caller): Well, thank you everyone for listening. Peace, love and light. That’s the only way to break it down. Love is living one vibration everywhere. You have to be the change you want to see around you. You see something that you don’t like, you have to reach in that world and become it and pull it out. You see what I’m saying? You don’t like your dirty street, walk outside and clean it up. You understand me? That’s literally how we have to live. If it takes drudging through the system to wake up everyone, if that’s what you want it to be, if that’s how you want it to change, go ahead and do that. Because that’s your value. Your ability to reach into that 5th dimension and pull out what you want and place it into this 3rd dimension. That’s your power. That’s who you are. I mean, I’ve gone through these awakenings where they’re physical and spiritual, all at once. It’s only because of the (inaudible) of the mind. My mind was perceiving something at the time. So I was able to figure all these wonderful, new, outrageous things out by kind of putting together this puzzle that I’ve been continually, perpetually collecting my whole life. Now that I’ve gotten this (inaudible) peace, it literally magnetized them all together into the new, bigger picture. That’s what we want to have to pull, that puzzle that you’ve been putting together your whole life. But you couldn’t see around, because you didn’t see it. You have to want that. You have to imagine it. You have to walk into it. You have to bring it down. You see?
I’ve written lyrics in the 5D that I’m just now are realizing are 5D lyrics. I was walking down the street. I’m the OPPT New York City division. Understand me? Me and Grant, we are OPPT NYC. You understand me? We hold meet-ups every week. You understand me? Starting just with the first one last week. Now we’re going to do it for the second one this Friday in Times Square and we’re going to continue having them every week in probably different locations. Just to bring this energy to new parts of the world, to new parts of the city. You see what I’m talking about? Because of the way that it’s sparking in all of our hearts. Just on a normal, every day basis with synchronicity is the same way that I’m going to make it happen in my mind. Because that’s the way that it works in 5D. (phone ringing) That’s my mind. That’s where we live.
The last couple of days I said ‘I live in the area of pure potentiality’. That’s where I live, because I’m pulling all of these things down from that 5th dimension. I have no more questions. I was going to give them until Friday for this value assets to be in my hands and I said ‘wait a minute, it’s in my soul’. You see, it’s not in my…
Lisa: Ohh, whoo hoo. THAT was nice. (laughs)
Prince (caller): You see what I’m saying? It’s not something I can reach out and grab and push over there and hand to somebody else and say ‘hold that, that’s my value’. No. It’s inside of you; you have to work it, with your energies and how you interact with everything around you. That’s what Source is; it interacted with the things that it has. It created what it did with what it had; what it had was nothing but consciousness. A consciousness arose. Science and all these theories of what I understand are how I came about this understanding. So there may be conflicts in my explanation. You see? But it’s a 5D way of thinking. It’s just a symbol. It’s just something to put in place of the truth. Because we can only understand as far as our minds will allow us.
Thomas: Prince, can I ask you a question?
Prince (caller): Please.
Thomas: What you’re describing, would that coincide with what I was saying earlier about the longest trip you will ever take is from your head to your heart?
Prince (caller): That’s a lifetime journey. Some of us never reach it. That’s absolutely correct. Sometimes it’s the shortest trip, though, because we never lose that from birth. We lose it in life. You see what I’m sayin’? It’s not like we came from…I used to imagine when some people told me about coming from the great beyond into existence, we went down the chute. The movement through the chute made us forget. When we wake up, we’re a baby and we’re going ‘goo goo gaga’, because we don’t know nothing now. You see what I’m saying?
Thomas: (affirmative response)
Prince (caller): But really, we know everything. We’re just trying to learn how to communicate that to the outside world. What happens is the programming makes us forget.
Lisa: Prince, as a mum of three, I would say when we come into the world we still know exactly who we are. It’s those first seven years that can make or break that connection. From that point on, it’s a lifetime of trying to reconnect it.
Prince (caller): Yeah, I learned that a long time ago that it’s the childhood that damages a person, that leads into the deviance that are the things that we’re afraid of every day. It’s that childhood, something from high school and down. Sometimes it even happens a little bit into adulthood where we still have that in is, because it hasn’t been stolen from us. Bur you just get that innocence stolen. I’ve written lyrics about this. Just as I come back from…2010 I came back from college the first time and I wrote some lyrics around that time. I was writing lyrics forever. Starting this last five or six years, I’ve been writing some 5D lyrics. Even, oh my god!, I can’t even say just only that long. It’s been a long time coming. I’ve been doing music really since the turn of the millenium. You see what I’m saying? I came to New York in 1998. I can continue. You know what I’m saying? The synchronicity of these things and my awakening, it’s just magnificent. I hope everyone is still (inaudible), because I hear this. I hear this wind blowing in my ears; it’s kind of ominous right now. It’s crazy.
Lisa: Well thank you Prince for giving us this lovely note to end the show on. I apologize to everybody who’s still in the queue hoping to get their questions answered, but we’ve gone over time. It was a good show.
Prince (caller): I appreciate you all. Thank you so much for listening. (inaudible — talk over)
Brian: We love OPPT NYC, by the way.
Lisa: (laughs)
Prince (caller): Oh yes, OPPT is all of us. When you call in, you’re OPPT wherever you’re from. You see what I’m saying? That’s what it is. Once you become awakened, you’re OPPT wherever you’re from. That’s it. You come together every so often, whenever you can. That’s you. You guys move forward. Get together with your local grocery store. Start to help out everybody who’s hungry. Do what you can do. Do what you CAN do, because you can do anything.
Brian: Much love to you brother.
Prince (caller): Thank you guys. Peace and love to all.
Lisa: Thank you everybody. Thank you to everybody participating in the chat room; we do love you. Thank you to D, who was very quiet, but she’s in the background there. Bob, Chris, Thomas, Heather, Brian, thanks guys.

(All saying thank you and goodbye)



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When we realize our value we will be valuable.  When we realize our value we will be valuable.  When we realize our value we will be valuable.  We are not valuable until we say so.
Why do you have low self esteem? Who told you to hate yourself? You were programmed to comply and made to be obedient.  When you realize your value you will become valuable.
You do not realize your value and so you do not see yourself as valuable.
What makes one piece of paper more valuable than another?  One rock more valuable than another?  An agreement – words like “In God We Trust” or “14 Carat” or “Twenty Dollars”.  These words are not real.  They are ink blots, fabrications, illusions; all made up in someone’s head and by agreement, you call them true.
Ever have a tea party?  You take a toy tea set and fill the cups with sugar water and say that for today, its tea.  You know you are playing.  When the game is over you go home and play something else.  For those of you who listened to the Blog Talk Radio show last night with Lisa Harrison, it was like the middle of the tea party, and your big brother showed up.  He looks in your tea cup and says “What are you drinking? This isn’t tea!” Then he walks out.  The game is over.
When the game ends you go home and play something else.  Maybe you play house and pretend to be a mom or dad.  Maybe you play army and become a soldier.  While you play, every necessary component is there because you imagine it to be.  At the end of the game, they are all gone.
Our slavery system is over.  By agreement we have been declaring our value with our labor, our paper and what we could manage to “own” with it.  Those who wrote the rules in the game summed up their value using how much they “owned” – people, property, precious metals.  It is finished, done, and complete.
Now that we’ve stopped playing, how will we “get” our value?  We’ve played the game so long we forgot we were pretending.  Value is not found in paper or rocks.  The value is you. There is nothing to “get”.  Just BE.
We’ve completely replaced self awareness with low self esteem and outsourced our worth.  It’s not valuable unless we work for it, it spends, it’s shiny or it can be converted into a number and tallied.
Love, compassion, kindness and care sound nice but they don’t feed hungry mouths or buy houses. For that – you need cold, hard cash.
When you feel valuable – you are.  When you expect everything, you’ll accept a life of complete and constant fulfillment.  Abundance is doing what you want to, whenever you want to. (Bashar)
These “Creation Value Asset Centers” are another tool.  Think about the tea set.  You don’t really need one in order to have a pretend tea party, since the tea is not real anyway.  They are fancy though, and fun.  They are much easier to understand than invisible teapots pouring invisible tea.
The CVAC’s exist as places we’ll go, and just because we are alive – we’ll have access to monetary representations of ourselves.  They will function as interim equalizers; all will have equal value there and equal access.  They will operate until we “get it” ourselves.  Then the game will change and we’ll know where the value is.
All are equal.  All are worthy.  The value is within.  The CVAC’s are us.
We are the Ones we’ve been waiting for.
~~ I will include here a few more wise words, from another teacher.  Thank you, for your contribution to our understanding.
The conversation about our innate worth as living breathing humans is so big and so noble that I am still taking it in.
We have been indoctrinated with the idea that we are worthless as BEings, that only the product of our DOing has any value at all and that our “net worth” can be stated on a balance sheet.
We have been steered toward the “representation” of our worth (the monetary figure on the balance sheet) and conditioned to believe that it equals our true value. All the while the Powers that Were have been “harvesting” our life energy for their own selfish gain.
OPPT has opened my eyes to the places in the old paradigm that I bought in without even realizing it.
The $10 Billion figure may or may not materialize in my personal life but I now have a monetary representation that represents the magnitude of my true worth. Truly, we are each priceless and invaluable but the $10 Billion figure was a wake up call for me to see just how much of my SELF had been stolen from me without me realizing it or me doing anything to prevent it.
In my mind, OPPT is the greatest blessing to mankind in centuries. The trustees are heroes for the risks they took to bring this forth for all the People of the planet, equally.
There is nothing more for any of us to do, except digest this fact, integrate it’s meaning and begin to live our lives free from the control of any other. OR NOT.

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Sheldan Nidle Update 3-12-13
4 Imix, 9 Ceh, 9 Eb

Selamat Jarin! We come with more news! At present, certain events in the heavens are in process. These, when completed, will indicate to all concerned that the moment for a grand transformation of your reality has arrived! At this juncture, the Galactic Federation is to oversee the legal transference of your governance to our sacred secret allies. We look forward in joy to what will be a special moment for you all. The dark cabal and its seemingly endless and ubiquitous adherents will then be gone. In their wake come a series of announcements and the global delivery of a vast prosperity. It is this prosperity, when combined with a new and equitable monetary and financial system that changes your world forever! These changes will enable more-open policies to be enacted which will allow for a formal disclosure of our presence, and it is this that sets the stage for the final leg of your journey back to full consciousness. At this point the Agarthans and our other allies can work with Mother Earth to reunite her surface and inner realms, thus creating the unified world that is to be your true, future reality.

In this new world you will be free to learn a great many Truths that were either adulterated or totally denied to you over the eons. These facts will become the foundation of your new transitional society. You will begin to learn about your true off-world origins and start to reconnect with your space and spiritual families. Bear in mind that you represent both a home world community in the stars as well as a sacred heavenly lineage. Every part of Heaven comprises Administrations which include these lineages. All of you have ancestral ties to these lineages, and Heaven and we are here to help you remember who you really are. The exact meaning of the term ‘who you really are’ will be revealed once you are back in full consciousness again. The mentors, who are already assigned to each of you, are considering carefully how best to bring you to an understanding of the implications of this. At this time you are still unaware of the extent to which each one of you is studied in loving review by your heavenly guardians. All these things await your attention once you return to full consciousness.

As the truth of who you are begins to take hold, you become better able to comprehend how to resolve some of Mother Earth’s difficulties. You are beginning to see clearly how vital it is to transform the very nature of the societies you live in, and thus the need to drastically reform the depredation of the environment becomes much more urgent. This throws you into a struggle to support the Earth’s ecosystems while also vastly revising the basic principles of your sciences and the supposed timelines of your known history. This requires a clear-eyed scrutiny of how your principles of science and the accepted provenance of your history came into being. The results of your ‘revisionist’ pursuits will establish a very different basis indeed for your new societies! The prospect of this immense coming transformation has dismayed the dark for decades, and yet this upwelling of consciousness was never to be denied! The consciousness movement has forged alliances that are too powerful to be easily destroyed by the dark’s highest power structures. And this is not for lack of trying!

One of the purposes of these various changes is to help you to reestablish your relationship with your Inner Earth family, and give you the means to welcome your spiritual and space families. Each tradition that exists throughout this galaxy requires a special greeting ceremony to welcome you ‘back into the fold.’ Some of these can be elaborate, and it is our task to assist you in these protocols. Each of you is to participate in one way or another in this complex and inclusive ceremony. This is why our original title for first contact with you was the ‘welcome home’ mission, and we look forward to the moment when we truly welcome you back as a full-fledged member of this Galactic Federation. It is a divine moment that we joyously anticipate! And as we approach the time for disclosure, we are filled with glee, for we know that we are shortly to land and start the final stretch of your sacred journey to full consciousness, with us at your side as your ever-loving mentors.

Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! We come again with more Good News! Your world is moving swiftly to the point for new governance and its accompanying prosperity to manifest. Events in the heavens are shortly to come to completion, at which time the edict to transform your globe is to be issued. We look upon this with great joy. You are to receive a most welcome bounty and will be given your freedom from the debt slavery that has ruled your lives for generations. Each of us has used our good offices to limit the global effects of the dark’s malicious edicts, and at last these horrendous proclamations are to become null and void. We can then use our growing wisdom to guide you into a better understanding of the ways of Heaven and its blessed rewards for each one of you. The moment has come for us to teach and explain many things to you that have long been denied you by your former sinister masters.

One of the first items we wish to address is that death’s ever-lurking shadow can now begin to fade from your reality. Death is no more than a by-product of limited consciousness. It has kept you in fear from the first and leads to severe emotional and mental grieving. It has been an exceptionally powerful tool for the dark ones and they have ‘milked’ this situation to the hilt! Ascension leads to its expulsion from the physical body, lightens physical density, and reunites the body with its spiritual essences. The process of final ascension is one of the most arduous and complex processes that you can take on, and usually takes generations of deep concentration and prodigious amounts of memory. And yet we are living proof that it can be done! However, what Heaven now offers you is a living technology to bypass this struggle and morph you back into your natural state in only three days!

The technique involves a special living machine, calibrated to each person and monitored by your spiritual and space family mentors. Your body’s RNA/DNA is presently booby-trapped with ‘markers’ that deny you an easy conversion to full consciousness, and this living machine is designed to rectify this, and to undo the damage to your original gene-base which plunged you into limited consciousness. We will supply you with specific spiritual teachings that equip you with the insights to raise your body’s base vibrational patterns and which convert your deep-seated fears into the state of joy required to realign your mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. The living machine literally ‘reboots’ your RNA/DNA, allowing you to attain that ineffable moment of Enlightenment when you become ‘turned on’ to Reality! You are changed forever as joy and comprehension flood your Being! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

Today we continued to inform you of what joyously awaits you. A great change is manifesting above and around you, which is to push the dark and its myriad minions from their ill-gotten perches. You are about to witness a truly wondrous event: the rise of a new reality founded on Truth, Liberty, and Prosperity! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One and Be in Joy!)



Ginger’s Notes on the Show (Mahalo, again, Ginger!!)

This was a very helpful fun show and Heather was able to technically be on it the entire time. Below are my notes and my apologies if anything stated below is incorrect. Blessings in Absolute Aloha, Ginger
The hosts perception of yesterday’s show was essentially about humanity needing to release it’s hierarchical savior dependency consciousness, that’s found even within the major Eastern religions. Heather, even though she has not listened to the show, saw it as the final bandage that had to be ripped off fast (and shockingly for many), in order to let the healing begin fast now.

*CVACs (Creator Value Asset Center) were a tool initially for us to claim our assets free of the PTW from stealing it. (therefore, it’s an inverted mirror of the old) It was a tool to take back the assets stolen from us by the Powers That Were, and give back to humanity.*
If you want a different result, change the formula . . . in other words, it’s each human’s job and it is critical to choose – to do/be or not do/be clearly – right now.
You have to KNOW you are “the Value”, and completely managing who you do and what you be. (or all it lost!) Each of us are to be Trustees of our own Value and Assets now.
*The precious metals, that now must be seen as equal to us, who just want to have fun . . . and we can attract them to us . . . to come out and PLAY now!*
For past 3 weeks, she has been keeping the PTW at bay from the CVACs, that are each of us and the system of treasury access to value . . . where each of us will come together to create whole new organic constructs and flow like a river.

The Treasury System will be up and out first. (no date was given when this will be ready)
The “CVAC system” was only a temporary placeholder. Now is the end of it’s original purpose.
We will have only _one_ temporary treasury system online for distribution of assets, open to evolve (and protected from the PTW), and not through the banks.
All court systems and banks will have to re-purpose themselves and if we wish to use them any longer, as it’s up to us to make certain they get it, if they do not already know. They are scared. So it’s up to us show them, ask them kindly . . . “would you like a lifeline today?” . . . and be liable for all you do now.
The experiment is over!
*She wants to close out “The OPPT Lost and Found” asap!*
“So come get your stuff (Value, sometime next week) and decide how you want to use it”
Everyone will have access to their value, in order to find their own passion freely, and the PTW’s old system will collapse . . ./ based upon what we choose to buy or not./
Those of us who will have (the first) access to our value/assets, will be setting the example (helping others be free around us) with this global opportunity. And since we are the ones who KNOW our value (first), we will also be by example, shifting human consciousness.
“We are systems of assistance by example of Value” (that will cause changes throughout the world).
“Serving in the most creative ways, is leading”. (and this is the best way to perceive how to assist others)
About 73 mins into show – “The Absolute Grid Access for one and all, is being prepared for access” . . . “A lot of moving behind the curtain . . .” – very interesting!
The Quantum Healing Hypnosis article – was what trustees had been doing 3 days prior – manifested by these others!
Brian clarified – “No stone left unturned” will be “The Absolute Data”(Truth), that will shift everyone quickly!
Bob reminded – The original meaning of suffering is “allowing” . . . the longest journey we will ever take is from our head to our heart.

Rather than the original plan of 194 CVAC global system centers, there will be only ONE “temporary treasury system” that will be available globally online. And this temporary system will be completely transparent and will not be able to be manipulated by the Powers That Were.
*What Heather is going to do now . . .*
*1. Energetically secure temporary global treasury system this week and get correct verbiage, then filed and secured. And then this energetic system takes about 72 hours to complete.*
*2. Next she will attend to all the physical stuff next week (putting it all online/internet website).*
*3. Then we will have access either in a twinkling, or just a bit longer (via using a usb stick, coins, digital, magnetic strip cards or ??? – our choice)*
Regarding Banks . . .
It’s _you_ who gets to determine who you want to play with and _on your terms_ – *you are THE BANK* *now* – you are the only one who can delegate your own value/assets! You are now the creditor! . . . /but you will not find Heather in one of them :)/
Again, each of us are to be the trustees (on all levels, systems and components of our BE-ing) of our own Value and Assets now. Period.
Ginger’s website:

Greetings and Salutations;

Anyone paying attention to what was happening in the world this past week, came to the conclusion, something was up and it was HUGE. Under the ‘dragon’ year, the dragon did what dragons do, rest on their gold and jewels, and fry anyone who attempts to steal them. We have entered the year of the snake, it has struck already and the howling that arose was like an atom bomb going off. The out going leadership in china, made the comment; ‘the corruption in the banks was being handled’. There’s no such thing as ‘too big to fail’. Especially when someone with a bigger club exists that can whup the bully’s butt. Someone made a comment the other day saying, ‘after 100+ years of running the show, bankers can’t hear the word No’. They have been like cockroaches and operate automatically. How much can you eat until you burst open, spilling your innards? I would make the same analogy about politicians.

The last time the owner of the particular bank visited, he cleaned out 240 quad of ill gotten gains and threw it into the pile to be distributed to humanity. I don’t have the number for what got snatched out of there, this time…the howling spoke for itself. The cesspool was not silently stinking anymore . It was drained and went by way of the dodo bird. It went extinct. Basel 3 is the international banking law now. No country is exempt or can work around it, if they want to do business in the 21st century. The dragon even gobbled up the central banks around the world, they took the ‘head’. The mother of all central banks, the BIS. No shots fired, tho some took a ‘pill’ and took themselves out of the equation. Nature causes change, the kind you can’t stop and you Will deal, one way or another. Make it the easy way or make it tough, you have free will. Make it easy on yourself. Was thinking of starting a group a few years ago called ‘hardaholics anonymous’ for people who choose a harder path for everything. You know the words, you will work by the sweat of your brow, etc, was a curse…time to get out from under the curse. Let your ‘work’ turn into your ‘joy’.

Today is a 10…it’s new beginnings. The ‘weather’ conditions are right for a lightning bolt out of the blue. The forces are in place and we are watching. The winds may be howling in some places but they are fat with anticipation. All things change, maybe not when you think they should…but, I cite a law, it’s called the ‘Law of Inevitability’. In other words, the conclusion is baked in, when something is started unless, things are adjusted along the way. Start a banking system based on reputation and air, it’s doomed to fail. Look at what happened to the roman empire. Morgan Stanley let it be known, they see us going to a metal backed system again. NO Duh. Real worth is the only way to go, it’s more natural. And you thought the folks in the rafters were just bowling or peeing thru the cracks telling you it’s raining. Nope, the big plan remains, that is making this planet paradise again. They just had to use those D9s and get the folks out of the way who wanted Mad Max world.

Take a look at what the european brain trusts think. They are crunching numbers but, somethings are a bit more subtle than the numbers

Consultations are available until the end.

Leap forward! Turn your back on the past and leave your butts behind you

Love and kisses, Poofness []


The news has been sweeping across the Internet for weeks that all banks, corporations, and corporations masquerading as governments have all been foreclosed, legally and lawfully, and their assets seized.

In a series of public filings, the One People’s Public Trust (OPPT) have foreclosed on the Powers That Be — now called the Powers That Were (PTW) — using the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), the code for all global commerce.

The One People’s Public Trust was set up for all the people of the planet and all are named as beneficiaries. Among the trustees is former attorney Heather Tucci-Jarraf, an expert in UCC who once worked on the inside for the Powers That Were.

In a clever and insightful move, Heather and her colleagues bonded themselves to the Trust that was framed in the original U.S. Constitution of 1776 — the same Constitution that was abandoned with the corporatization of the United States government in 1933. They then bonded every human being on earth to the Trust as Beneficiaries in Equity, to be known as the “One People, created by the Creator”. This means that the Trust has a superior claim to any other — there can be no higher claim than that of the OPPT, unless it is made by the Great Creator Himself.

The OPPT has charged the corporate beast — government, banks, corporations — with fraud, treason, and slavery. In the filings, they claim that these corporations collectively, aka “the Debtor”, “knowingly, willingly and intentionally committed treason” by “owning, operating, aiding and abetting private money systems” and “operating Slavery Systems used against”citizens without their knowing, willing and intentional consent“.

As a remedy, the OPPT has foreclosed and terminated the governments, banks, and corporations responsible and confiscated all their assets and infrastructures, including all gold & silver held by the banking system. The OPPT claims these assets on behalf of the One People. This is all done legally and lawfully in accordance with internationally accepted rules of the Uniform Commercial Code.

The governments, banks, and corporations failed to rebut the charges, a fatal thing to do in the laws of commerce. Perhaps they realized that if any one of them raised his head above the parapet he risked going straight to jail. (The Pope’s threatened arrest may have unnerved them; also the hasty stepping down of Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands.) Their failure to rebut or answer the charges led to Default and Termination.

All filings are a matter of public record. Copies can be viewed or downloaded at the OPPT website:   Many of these documents make heavy reading for the layman but are extremely interesting nonetheless. More layman-friendly information can be seen on other sites listed at the end of this article.

One interesting OPPT document is the Courtesy Notice. The CN empowers an individual to respond to demands or threats from banks, corporations, or governments by informing their pursuer that he or she no longer has a corporate safety net to fall back on but are now acting on their own unlimited personal liability. This is a scary position for a bank manager or debt collector.

The OPPT has also provided for Creator’s Value Asset Centers (CVACs) to take over from corporate-run governments. There is one CVAC in place for each country of the world. An equivalent of 10 billion U.S. dollars has been set aside for each human on the planet. This is to fund a new way of living where there is no debt, taxes, or controlling powers over you.

Also, previously hidden technology will be put in place to give us free energy. This arises from the discoveries of Tesla, Keshe, and others.

Can this all really be true or is it disinformation from the elite of the NWO?

When you read all the filings, the information on many websites, and listen to the trustees on podcasts one does get the sense that this is all genuine and truly inspirational. Sure, there are naysayers. But that is to be expected.

If the United Nations, the Bank for International Settlements, the Federal Reserve, the U.S. Government, and others cannot rebut the serious charges brought forth by OPPT, then there has to be some real substance to it. You’ll see on the Net where certain attorneys and judges have looked at the filings and called them “bullet-proof”.

If, on the other hand, it is a scam devised by the NWO to confuse and dishearten us, then it has spectacularly backfired. News of the OPPT is awakening people at an exponential rate, people who might otherwise remain fast asleep. In early January this writer noted that Google returned only a few thousand pages on One People’s Public Trust; last week there were over 8 million pages and a short time ago Google returned 17,600,000 pages in .31 sec.

Furthermore, once the People see what awaits them around the corner they will settle for nothing less.

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Questions and Answers
March 5, 2013
Question: Ok what I think is people are worried about who is in charge and who’s going to be dictating what they can spend their new funds on and the properties they acquire will be in the hands of the Trustees…
Heather: you are in charge of your own value…spend it on what you choose by your free will without damaging another…it is unlawful and illegal for any one to dictate to any one else against their free will …even if you damage another, the remedy is already set…you are responsible and liable for damages.
that is what we have been telling the people on the planet…BE conscious…BE responsible…everything you DO, you are responsible and liable for…not any other’s DO’ing and BE’ing…
Question: Is the National Security Act of 1947 going to shut down? I heard there was a lot of illegal operation, black operation to support the parallel government that runs behind National Security Act of 1947.
Heather: PTW [Powers that Were] put the whole planet under UCC…the people took it back the same way it was taken…as it is bound so shall it be unbound.
Question: HEATHER, please respond to this video when able.
ALERT on OPPT (On Peoples Public Trust)
Heather: it’s data of the Absolute Data. Beautiful contrasts have been becoming visible and more obvious every day! It is the moment NOW for all to make some choices based on the data of NOW…. and then from there, more data becomes visible and more obvious and more choices are made….etc. CHOICE NOW? Are you going to BE responsible and liable for your BE’ing and DO’ing? or NOT? If you are…then your every thought, word, and action of DO’ing and BE’ing protects and guards that. If NOT…then your every thought, word and action does not protect and guard your BE’ing and DO’ing…which one do you think the PTW are focused on right now?…have always been focused on and tried to increase the numbers of?
Question: Heather, I had someone mention to me that a cestui que vie trust is very similar to the OPPT filings.
Heather: That was probably the most boring and complex part of the investigations. we did the investigation and boots in the trenches on that matter though so that we could make sure that no one else would have to ever wade through that crap again…all that is left is BE’ing and each is responsible for them self…the sole trustee, custodian, administrator, beneficiary, and executor of their BE’ing.
Question: It doesn’t matter that trust has been crushed by OPPT.
Heather: It was collapsed by REGISTRATION of the BE’ing…because that collapsed the straw man which was the PTW’s construct “state of body” to enslave…now you are all just “states of body of BE’ing”
QUESTION: Has been coming up regarding student loans, mortgages, etc.
Heather: Almost every loan, if not every loan, is fraud… No loan was made. If no loan was made then no debt could lawfully or legally exist. Was a loan made? Here is what they would have to produce in order testability that a loan was made that you may have a debt:
1. Produce documentation of prior title, ownership and rights to the money they purportedly loaned you;
2. produce documentation of the history and origin of funds that they purportedly had prior title, ownership and rights to that they purportedly loaned you (banking requires 3 generations at least if not all the way back to issuance/creation of the alleged funds…this is why banks issue a letter of origin/history of funds);
3. produce documentation of the actual transaction and transfer of said funds (prior title, ownership, and rights) from loaner to borrower (invoicing/receipts) there is a difference between a “loan” and “debt”, conceptually and factually.
Look up the definitions of loan and debt. [Look up the] difference between statement and invoice…only an invoice has to be paid…however they would first have to show that they made you a loan…if no loan, each invoice is fraud, mail fraud, etc.
Question: Does the UCC apply to countries besides America?
Heather: Regarding other countries saying the UCC is not applicable to them. The Prime Commercial Registry is broken down into branches internationally [like a franchise or department]. UCC is one of them, through the Principal Agent Doctrine, UCC 1-103, Any and all state, national, and international equivalents… All were served, noticed, and registered by entering the Prime Commercial Registry from any one of its branches/franchises/departments…OPPT entered in through Washington, D.C. … in UK…the branch/franchise is London City. And every country has their own…they hide them well….just Google Commercial Code, Commercial Law, Commercial Regulation, to ferret [find] out the particulars for any specific country …however as stated above it was already lawfully and legally taken through the branch right to the Prime Commercial Registry and is applicable to each and every branch/franchise/department of that Prime Commercial Registry on the planet.
Question: When will the CVACS be available for new community like enterprises such as a farm purchase for an eco-community?
Heather: I am working on CVACS now to get the 193 set up…then the first system of assistance that will go live after CVACS established is the system of treasury.
The rest of the systems of assistance will follow that first system of assistance.
The sole purpose and order for the CVACS is to get Absolute Data on the Table and guard the space so that the people can choose by their free will what resonates with in each of them….the purpose of the CVACS is not to tell the people what to Do or how to BE…that is why the OPPT spent so much energy and time (has it really only been two months if that?) on focusing the attention on BE’ing…the energy of each of your BE’ing is what fills the CVAC, giving it life!
Question: What is the 193 CVAC setup?
Heather: To make the transition from what you thought you all had to what you do have…we mirrored the old geographical locations for branches that assist the people wherever they may decide to venture…there are basically 195 registered corporations operating under the guise of government…COUNTRIES in the old system… the Vatican was one of the corporations…but for specific reasons that was not included in the 194 CVAC authorized BRANCHES.
Question: Can someone explain to me what the oppt logo means please and is Heather a member of the UCC as I have been told that for any UCC documents or filings to work you have to be a member.
Heather: It evolved throughout inception visibly giving notice of where we were at…the current logo has all separations recognized and put with in Circle of Absolute Truth…including the Commercial Registry. Oh, are you talking about David Wynn Miller’s data? That data was changed as of May 4, 2000, and returned to the true absolute owners, the one people of the planet, equally, December 21, 2011…so, yep, we are all owners of it and can choose to DO with it as we see fit 😉
Question: If the UCC has been foreclosed on why is it still operating? 2) why has heather not started a court case or hearing for the foreclosure against the UCC?
Heather: Regarding protocols and delivery address for hard copy wet-ink originals…getting that prepared now…please…a little patience you beautiful DO’ers…it is the weekend and four little ones that I am having fun making crazy…or maybe they are making me crazy…lovin’ mutual givin’! (chuckle)
Question: Is the OPPT is a public trust?
Heather: Its fundamentally and structurally different. it is a trust of creation…when you, I or any of the others were created…it was between each of us and Creator…creator domicile the value in the body…you operate the body and are responsible for the value…you are a trust…I am a trust…each of the others is a trust….we are all the trust…some are asking “who appointed those three”…as Trusts/Trustees of our Self’s…we each took responsibility and liability for our BE’ing and DO’ing and were going back in for the value commandeered and stolen…and recognized the Absolute Truth that all others were equal…so rather than just DO for our self’s…we also reconfirmed, re-verified, and DO guard, protect and preserve the Absolute Truth and opportunity for each of the others…for the others to make the choice whether they BE responsible and liable for their self and value by their free will choice…Does that clear that question up? There are moments when one of the three Trustee’s skills are more honed and that Trustee has usually rotated to the front of the guard to shield or highlight the appropriate data … Sometimes it is all three of us together…sometimes it is all three of us with the people together …right now…the Trustees are guarding the space from the PTS so that the people can remember how to BE and DO … And one day perhaps the tool of OPPT can be retired (heart) because every one is responsible and liable for all that they BE and DO.
Question: Their contention, that calling it a Public Trust, does not necessarily make it a Public Trust. Therein lies the dispute. They insist it is more like a cestui que.
Heather: “great!!!!!!! If there is a dispute, error, or falsity make AND deliver a duly verified sworn DECLARATION OF REBUTTAL to the duly verified, sworn and REGISTERED OPPT DECLARATION OF FACTS, point by point, with specificity and particularity, with full responsibility and liability, under the penalty of perjury under any law you identify, that the forgoing is true and accurate, signed by your wet-ink signature.”
Question: I was told that Heather is going to arrange to speak with Winston Shrout soon, if not today – about OPPT.
Heather: He only wants to talk in private no recording…after he started with public and transparency…I already offered to talk…transparently, but he is now not willing…
I don’t even have a number for Winston…I looked for a few the other day and found some website that looks to be his…so I just wrote an open letter instead giving him and the people more data in regards to the main issue of the “lien”/”levy” tools we determined were not applicable…still looking for a number…but if he doesn’t want to talk now…and I am not up for a 3 hour like happened with Adnan and Mike (face palm)…there is other DO’ing happening right now that I do focus on for the systems.
( inserted note by D:  When a friend of ours approached Mr. Shrout to do a recorded conversation with Heather and himself, he received a reply from Linda Joslin stating that Winston would not do any more radio shows about/on OPPT- which in my opinion is sorta humorous…)
Heather:  funny…thought Winston wasn’t doing any shows on/regarding OPPT?
Heather:  THIS will bring a great data festival!!!!!!  DHS, inclusive of Navy, old hitters, undercover agents within “patriot” movements, etc…. (heart)…perhaps this will be the catalyst for disclosure about the corporate/BANK/BIS/UN initiated movements and programs, including Arab Spring, OCCUPY WALL STREET, Watt riots, Seattle World Trade Center riots, etc….funnnnn!!!
(inserted note by D:  Charlie Miller will also be on this radio show with Winston Shrout.  According to the data I have been receiving, this will most likely be a last ditch effort to try to convince the world that he should be the boss of OPPT….. even though, he refused to sign a Bond to be Self-Transparent, Self-Responsible, Self-Accountable and Personally Liable for all that he does as a Trustee without condition, as the other Trustees- Heather, Randall, and Caleb- have signed.)
Question:  what does it mean to this ‘process’ that the state filings from WA were removed from the commercial registry – citing (in that letter you posted) that it’s against policy to place a lien on public officials, etc. (even though a lien wasn’t filed on public officials)?
Heather: you can “enter” things in the commercial registry from any of its branches, state and international portals…that remedy was entered from two portals in that example state (WA) and international (WA DC)…Caleb’s was done using WA DC and OREGON, and Randall’s was done using WA and WA DC.  The remedy presevered had specific process to do…if any part of that process is removed, then the whole remedy would be worthless…so the PTW thought at least.
Heather: except that it wasn’t a lien…so there was no basis to destroy/remove any part of the process of remedy.  However, when they did it…the destroyed the preservation of remedy and rendered the system by their own actions, illegal and unlawful as a matter of law, fact and public policy.
Question: Heather, how do I go about creating a CVAC for a heart repair business? We are pulling out of February’s funky energy, and moving into March madness… I have an established track record of fixing broken hearts. This week’s incoming energy has been pounding me… I retired from the heart repair business in 2007, because I was worn-out and heart-broken, myself. I have been wondering about the direction I should take for the last 18+ months. This evening, I received clarity. How do I create a CVAC for a heart repair business?
Heather: You ARE the CVAC…your knowingly, willingly and intentionally BE’ing responsible and liable for all that you DO = value and any specific DO’ing, inclusive of creating a heart repair business, IS, and those you CO-DO or DO for in that business, you are liable to them and them to you as mutually agreed/contracted…if you feel you need a transition tool from that old paradigm of “licensing” under the private corporations that were foreclosed…one option is to REGISTER your business on the COMMERCIAL REGISTRY…BE’ing’s as secured party and the “entity” as Debtor party…THEN you can use that registration UCC File No. as the entities “IDENTITY NUMBER” so that people can find it and confirm you BE/DO with full responsibility and liability.
Question: Technically, we shouldn’t have to file in court, its a living soul to living soul interaction. No foreclosed courts needed.
Heather: All private Courts operating under the guise of public courts already foreclosed…they have to establish standing, authority, and law before they can even get to the point of “you are required to come” bit.
Question: “Notice to Principal is notice to agent. Notice to Agency is notice to principal.’ Send it to the CEO [principal] you can almost always find their name on the company website. I know Heather mentions educating from the bottom up, however, why not start at the top down and or top down and bottom up.
Heather: Top already done…education so to speak is from the bottom up NOW and if the “bottom up” see the people standing and BE’ing and DO’ing kindly but firmly with grace and love…it starts up that water cooler talk within the offices, but also within the eternal heart and the mind. (heart)
Question: How many CVACs are up & running now? last I heard it was just the one. hopefully there are more now.
Heather: 7+ Billion on this planet…more in Source’s Universe (going through similar thing or surprises that they did not expect (chuckle)) Many CVAC’s are DO’ing and BE’ing awesome…some are a bit shaky, but holding that desire and absolutely starting to get it…a few are holding that contrast so that the others can consciously make an informed choice that they BE and DO by their free will with responsibility and liability….OR NOT.
CVAC SYSTEM (REGISTERED as GOVERNMENT)…one is up and running the remaining 193 are being refined for formal activation this week…the one that is up and running is also being refined for formal renewal.
Question: Guy in OPPT UK is going to jail for tax evasion. He done the OPPT notice but he still going to jail. Watt should he do. They claim UCC don’t work because tax evasion is criminal to them!
Heather: did “they” produce the documentation of their standing, authority, law and the original wet-ink signature accommodation agreement that this guy signed (not).
Question: These notices don’t enforce anything. We still getting walked over!
Heather: OPPT took care of the old stuff…the CN’s are you BE’ing and DO’ing responsible and liable without confrontation, with grace. It appears they walk all over you and they hope that you will accept that as truth so that they don’t have to answer…what DO you consciously choose…if they DO not answer then they cannot enforce as a matter of law, matter of fact and as a matter of public policy…you cannot stop them from making their free will choice to BE corrupt or ignorant, which are THEIR terms and conditions of offer to contract with you…but you can keep them liable and responsible by giving them your terms and conditions of offer to contract with fee schedules for what it costs them to be corrupt, irresponsible and ignorant, inclusive of failing to produce their standing, authority, law and a an accommodation agreement (that says you agree/belong to a corporation) with your wet-ink signature…give them your terms and conditions and offer to contract with courtesy notice of what was done by OPPT, the one people of the planet…by their own former “legal rules” they loose as a matter of law, fact and public policy that they all brought under UCC.
Question: I’m very ready to get started on bondservant/public servant.
Heather: Bondservants were certified as satisfied and reconciled back to Absolute…co-creator (because that is Absolute Truth and also because we did not want PTW to fabricate a “creator” to put us back into “divine” or other slavery where we would have to play “undivine” or “slave”…see December 10, 2012 UCC filing No. 2012132883…otherwise BE of service to self and help others if you so choose by your free will with responsibility and liability…no bond or “sign up” required by CVAC’s to CVAC’s…
Question: [Can you share your views] n Energy and its Harvesting and how collective Energy “has been” used and how WE can infuse a “kNew Energy” for Intentive Transformation , I imagine this knowledge shared from Her perspective centered in Love will create a “kNew” wave and Views of DoIng and BeIng …. many Blessings!
Heather: it is already happening…all your BE’ing and DO’ing, inclusive of between December 25, 2012 to present…has draw huge amounts of energy for you to pull down and manifest as you choose…no collective is required…the Absolute Frequency of that energy is pure…which is why the PTW cannot access it or use it directly…they hoped they could at least manipulate through old tools of fear, warring, separation and harvesting (religion, Gregorian calendar, schools, corporations, Face book, Google, etc.) to get you to all DO in the manner that serves their sole interests…your tools of resonance and following what resonates within has pretty much squashed that hope of theirs (chuckle)
Question: Foreclosures reversed: Story: my friend had a BOA person come to her house cuz she’s behind/in foreclosure, and he told her that people are getting their homes back…they are going to court is what she said to me.
Heather: They know they can’t just take the homes at this point as they had been DO’ing…the best option they concluded they had was to get the people to come into the private courts and consent (albeit unknowingly, unwillingly, and unintentionally) to a revised contract, reaging of the accounts revised model (that is why purported collection agencies demand that people pay even just five dollars over the phone (no cash) so that they can leverage the value that was just given them) (chuckle) similar to the TARP and mortgage programs that failed…the beginning of the investigations focused on that sham and the purpose of that…the value from that “program” 700+ billion USD had already been paid out to large fraudulent securities holders CHINA and others so that they wouldn’t tell..
Question: Next step normally would be to set a court date, Everyone is familiar with the CN’s,, which say,, no phone contract,, so question I have is,, do I call Monday, or go to court house and inquire about a court day,, or call the Attorney, and ask him how his week end reading was ?
Heather: [G]o[ing] in to (foreclosed) private court is consent to their offer to contract and terms and conditions (most tacit aka hidden or presumed with out giving notice or transparency)…did they accept your offer to contract? if it is ongoing matter, did you cancel the securities they cut/issued from your case? They use your signatures as the underwriting for securities…begins when you open a case or when you answer their complaint. Examples of collapsing the underwriting of the securities, known and unknown: AT 4:58 AM THERE ARE 3 PDF FILES THAT HEATHER PROVIDED. I DON’T HAVE HEATHER AS A CONTACT SO I COULD NOT OPEN THE FILES. PERHAPS YOU CAN?
Question: Is it possible to send out a blanket courtesy notice to a electrical company who are robbing a lot of people by putting the bills up and up, I was talking to someone who thought his bill was too high at 60.00 and mine is 136.00 way, way too high…… and no I don’t use a lot of power or have a lot of stuff plugged in.
Heather: yes…you want to focus on the contract that was cut giving that corporation power and authority over nature…energy….the contract and agreements are very interesting and detailed…the brokers/agents of the PTW want to secure their piece of the pie…it is hilarious and reliable.
Question: Does anyone know if I actually owe $$$$ if I received products from the use a credit card?
Heather: credit cards work the same as promissory notes…each credit receipt is actually a promissory note that is then leveraged…but they can’t produce documentation either that a loan was actually made… (chuckle)
Question: Any thoughts on whether I can help someone with the CN? i.e.: get persons name and send on their behalf?
Heather: This is about responsibility and liability…as a former attorney…we are trained to do “on behalf of”..what they don’t tell you is that “on behalf of” establishes the incompetence of the one you are intent on helping…hence, purported judges instance on labelling and recording you as “pro se” and not “pro per”….pro se=appearing on behalf of one’s self (FICTION) vs. pro er = appearing as your self (BE’ing).
Question: I’m looking for a remedy of not having the funds to pay my back taxes,, the only remedy that is offered is to sell my home at tax sale, and that’s not very appealing,, , so this would make their actions illegal wouldn’t it?
Heather: AND who is asking for payment (purported taxes)? Did you require them to produce their standing, authority, law, and the accommodation agreement with your wet-ink signature? They have to show those before they can demand something.
Question: Question: Heather can you explain how the penal code (law) fits in with OPPT? Is there a hierarchy of law? Which law takes precedence over the other, which one is more important? Common Law or other Laws?
Heather: penal code..criminal code…all codes are private corporate rules operating under the guise of government, unless they can produce documentation of their standing, authority, law and your accommodation agreement with your wet-ink signature….”no one goes to jail without their consent” (from a retired judge).
Question: In a Federal Case brought against a friend and her Son for growing Marijuana for medicinal purposes in CA (where it is actually LEGAL TO DO) what would the best OPPT approach be. They are facing 15 years each. She had a Son who died of cancer when he was 9 and his oncologist was the one who taught her how to use it. The court will not allow medical data as a defence (even though it manufactures and exports it to other countries for medicinal use). She goes to Court on April 2nd I believe.
Heather: Is this about her and her story or is this about her saying to them “what is your standing, authority, law, and the original accommodation agreement with my wet-ink signature?” If they produced any of those documents then you would understand exactly how they got you to unknowingly, unwillingly, and intentionally consent to something you did not have the material facts to…and in the same instance they give you the evidence of their own “crimes” (chuckle)
Question: I wonder how will we travel from nation to nation with passports? Or with out Passports? Maybe another kind of Passport document?
Heather: ask for identification interview…they cannot lawfully and legally stop or deny any one the right to travel…unless you consent to them doing so.
Question: how can I use the CVAC to stop paying for the registration to the state on my car without having trouble with the so called police?
Heather: your car was still in the system prior to OPPT filings? there was a process to take it out of system (all car titles were held by agents of PTW…WB/IMF/BIS, etc.)…OPPT took care of all that in the filings…Courtesy Notices reference all of that and give them the terms and conditions to engage with you and your car (chuckle)…
Question: I have a mandatory invitation from the police for today – claiming something about purchase, possession and processing of some healing-herbs – that I NEVER “purchase” but FIND – NEVER claim to “possess” but merely >utilize and >share* – and the “processing” is more like an involuntary but definitely *desirable* occurrence.. I’ll just ignore that I guess.
Heather: Send them a courtesy notice with your terms and conditions to contract in order to engage with you…inclusive of condition to produce documentation of their standing, authority, law and original accommodation agreement with your wet-ink signature.
Question: Hemp is a great resource for lot of things. This is no joke. I heard hemp make very good writing paper.
Heather: Hemp plant…hhhmmm….restricting nature? what is their standing authority law and the accommodation agreement…have you seen the patent and the former UN treaties on marijuana/hemp? Oh my gosh it is as hilarious as CHINA making it illegal for any one to reincarnate without prior government approval (rofl)…ahhh but the Absolute Data on THAT is interesting! ;)…and no it is not a China/Tibet only issue…
Question: Is the National Security Act of 1947 going to shut down? I heard there was a lot of illegal operation, black operation to support the parallel government that runs behind National Security Act of 1947.
Heather: Cancelled last summer.
Question: If I understand the Doing correctly, in order to DO, it should be without reservation and with total and full BElief in what one is DOing; we have listened to many speak of this on the radio shows.
Heather: not belief…just conscious knowing, willing and intentional responsibility and liability for what one is DO’ing…knowing is more powerful, effective and attracts more energy behind it than belief….belief more than faith…all those are more when done consciously than unconsciously.
Question: You answered a previous question about Doing for someone else regarding the CN and I got that; my question is, when and how will this cease to be an issue for BEings that may not have the ability to do this on their own?
Heather: That is where I would say…Caleb, Randall, and I were knowingly, willingly, and consciously responsible and liable for what we chose to DO …BE responsible and liable for our respective BE’ing and DO’ing….but also consciously choosing to preserve that opportunity to BE and DO with responsibility and liability if they chose/choose to DO so. ASSISTING OTHERS TO ASSIST THEM SELF. I worked for over a year to make sure and refine my own process of assisting others to assist them self and NOT FOR BE TO DO ON THEIR BEHALF…wasn’t perfect at it for sure…maybe still not… (heart)
Question: However, what if that person IS incompetent? We are paying my mother-in-law’s mortgage and debts. She has stage 3 Alzheimer’s and my husband has invoked the poa (power of attorney) for her. Can he send CNs on her behalf? Or should we have her sign the CNs, even though she would have no idea what she is signing (plus she is blind so signature, in addition to not being legible, would be nowhere near the line).
Heather: That is a different situation in where you consciously choose to be of service, with full responsibility liability….same as what the Trustees did with the foreclosure and preserving the opportunity…the people may not have asked for us to do that, but we had access to the mechanisms, operations, and data that the people did not (those that did have it were either participants/beneficiaries/agents of PTW, receiving an unlawful and illegal benefit…and then there were a few who tried to force their way into the club meanwhile charging those of the people they deemed worthy of taking with them or saying “I’ll get you this if you give me the authority to act for you, but I can’t disclose things to you or none of us get paid…same game PTW played with their agents….THE PEOPLE DESERVED BETTER in our knowing…they deserve what is theirs)…sooooo DO consciously with full responsibility and liability…you are her co-custodians…DO’ing by preserving her opportunity to DO if and when she can.