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What is discernment? We’re often told to exercise it in everything we read online, yet we may not truly understand how it works.

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines discernment as “the quality of being able to grasp and comprehend what is obscure.”

Thus the quality of discernment is far greater than simply believing the truth or falsehood of a source.  There are three key words here: grasp, comprehend, and obscure.  When we exercise discernment, we are attempting to peer into what is obscure or hidden, in some cases what is “occulted.” We are attempting to grasp the fundamental truth or falsehood within each message.  And we are actively trying to comprehend what the purpose or intent of that message is. Discernment requires our perception, intuition, judgment, reason, and understanding exercised in unison – not just a single trait used alone.

An unfortunate reality of our age – seldom do we find any message or messenger within the alternative media to be totally 100% true…

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Remember, our media Is designed to create fear In the hearts of as many people as possible!  Truth is elusive unless you’re at peace within our own heart. Our reality begins in our thoughts and are created by thought.  Mass consciousness is the goal of those who control the media in order to deceive us into creating  New World Order or Police State with our collective thoughts.

Would you rather have a world that is free of corruption and CORPORATE GOVERNENT control? A world free of the controllers and continuous wars for control of the One People behind imaginary borders.  One World, One Heart, One People! It begins with you! Change your thoughts, change your reality. What world do you desire? The choice is yours.

Angel Lucci


by Decimus Payne
May 31, 2015

It is my duty to inform the common public to fathom how the United States will be transitioned to a New Republic.

The Magnitude and Complications of Transitioning to a New Republic

Once the arrests of all politicians who are members of the United States Corporation have been completed. Understand that the entire country will be left without leadership. This will cause chaos among it’s citizens especially to those who are unaware. Politicians down the chain of command to city mayors will be arrested. All politicians who will not accept transition will be arrested.

Then with thousands of political offices empty, these offices will have to be filled by qualified individuals of the New Republic. The New Republic will have to assume control of 50 States and 350 million people. I am to inform you that this will not be a smooth transition. This is what Jade Helm is for, folks. Currently at this moment, the Pentagon is sided with the New Republic. The Pentagon controls the United States Military.

Jade Helm is the preparation of this transition. Politicians will be arrested left and right and citizens will be in panic. The U.S. Military is required in order for this transition to be successful, without the military it is impossible. The U.S. Military will send out a message through the Emergency Broadcast System (EBS) prior to the operation commencing in order to prepare the masses for the transition.

There will be chaos, there will be panic. This transition may last for weeks or even months. I urge you to prepare for this upcoming transition as it is going to be a Revolution.

In other news: Is there a message being sent to the Cabal?

Recently, Beau Biden, son of the Vice President of the United States passed away.
“Beau Biden, the former Delaware Attorney General and son of Vice President Joe Biden, has died at 46, the Vice President’s office announced Saturday night. The cause of death was brain cancer.”


John Kerry, strangely had an accident and was injured around the same time of Beau Biden’s death.

“U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry broke his leg in a bicycle crash Sunday, apparently after hitting a curb, and scrapped the rest of a four-nation trip that included an international conference on combating the Islamic State group.”


Slowly you will be witnessing news like this more and more as the Cabal and their system slowly crumble to the ground. Do not be fooled by mainstream media as I’ve reported that intermittent arrests of the Cabal has started weeks ago.

Their time is at an end. The Liberation of Soul has already begun.

Source:  http://operationdisclosure.blogspot.com/2015/05/the-transition-new-republic.html

Worth the time required to really listen!  Confirmation of previous heard techniques for meditation, mind control and more. Very well done and a big THANK YOU to Dark Journalist for the Q&A approach used for this interview.

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Dark Journalist YouTube Channel:

Published on Apr 22, 2015

Visit http://www.DarkJournalist.com

Join Dark Journalist and his special guest Physicist, Author and veteran of Special Covert Black Projects, Dr. Richard Alan Miller!

Together Dark Journalist and Dr, Miller will discuss upcoming worldwide events such as Earth Changes, Pole Shift, Economic Upheaval, Corporate SuperState, new research in Nanotechnology and Monsanto’s development of GMO Mind Control!

In his career working in Naval Intelligence training Navy Seals advanced mental and higher consciousness tools, Dr, Miller has developed a unique understanding of Psychic Experience, Mind Control, Dream Telepathy and Metaphysical Research. Referred to as ‘Spooky Miller’ by his peers, he was the original inspiration for the X-Files character, ‘Fox Mulder’ and his boss, the mysterious Dr. Carl Schleicher, was the CIA spook from which they derived the ‘smoking man’ character.

Now retired from his special work in the secret underworld of covert intelligence projects, Dr. Miller will share his knowledge of Holographic Consciousness, DMT Spirit Molecule, Remote Viewing, Alien Abduction, Geo-engineering, Planet X, Altered States, ESP, Astral Projection, Time Travel, SuperSoldier Training and the Secret Space Program!

One of the most fascinating, revealing, stunning, and wide-ranging episodes of Dark Journalist, you won’t see this in a TED Talk!

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Excellent info… not for those faint of heart!

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michael_salla_fb_head_6This is another ground-opening (aka, “unveiling”) insightful series of questions posed to Corey Goode from Dr. Michael Salla. There are 16 questions in this part, and another 12 questions answered in Part 2. [Dr. Salla] “Part one (see below) begins with Corey’s knowledge of what is happening on Mars… [Part 2]…reveals more information about secret bases on the Moon and classified military space programs.”

I’ve posted about 20% of the article here, and provided a link at the end of this to read more at Exopolitics.org.

Here are a couple of bits that stood out in this part, from my perspective.

“Even more disturbing are his revelations about a secret Nazi Space Program that became operational during the Second World War despite the defeat of the Axis powers. The Nazis, according to Corey, escaped to secret bases in South America and Antarctica, where they established an…

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Introducing the International Tribunal for Natural Justice

Introducing the International Tribunal for Natural Justice
April 20, 2015

Charles De Montesquie said, “there is no greater tyranny than that which is perpetrated under the shield of law and in the name of justice.” The very nature of freedom relies upon the holding of accountability on those who intend to destroy it.

The inherent responsibility of “the people” to take an active stance against all forms of tyranny, oppression and injustice, no matter the title, position or standing of the perpetrator, has become self evident. The so called leadership of this world has failed us. Heinous acts of terrorism are committed everyday on this planet. Not by religious radicals with home made bombs as the media would like us to believe, but by men in suits using not guns as weapons but dollar signs, hiding behind their position and stature to escape all forms of justice and accountability.

I am proud to stand behind the ITNJ and give my full support to this timely initiative designed to restore balance where little now exists. This announcement letter was written by one of their own, Paul Conant, to his network of friends and family. I was fortunate enough to be on that list. As Paul says at the bottom, if it resonates then consider sharing this information with others. As an official Advocate of the ITNJ, I do my part by sharing with you here now.

To all those who have worked tirelessly to make the ITNJ a reality, I solute you for your service. A job well done. Although, I’m certain this is just the beginning. Let freedom reign. ~BK
Dear Beloved Friends and Family,

I am writing to all of you to introduce you (and in many cases re-introduce you) to the International Tribunal for Natural Justice (ITNJ), an initiative to which I have dedicated many months of volunteer effort.

I apologize if this comes across as spamming in any way – the truth is that we are working to make this endeavor as universally beneficial as possible as so we need to reach out to our communities in order to make that happen.  This is why I am personally sending out this email.  If you don’t want to receive any more emails on the subject contained herein just let me know!

Also, before reading this letter I kindly ask that you approach this thoughtfully.  If you do not have time to thoughtfully read it now then please come back to it when you have a better moment.  The message contained here is intense – nonetheless, with my full personal responsibility and liability, I attest that the issues it speaks to are necessary for us as a collective to address.

Now, without further ado…

The ITNJ initiative has arisen as a response to the disregard for the rule of law exhibited by (alleged) public officials, corporate directors, and “world leaders” everywhere who have deliberately privatized and weaponized the governments of the world against their own people.  It is the culmination of years worth of work and research on the part of many people from a diverse set of backgrounds who are dedicated to safeguarding a viable future for humanity, and who recognize that we the people must take responsibility for holding our governments to account when they violate basic human rights.  Whenever the community at large neglects to do this then it sets a precedent that allows continued violations to take place.

Such violations include but are not limited to:

Starting wars based on lies

Wantonly pillaging the ecosystem

Authorizing torture

Authorizing slavery

Holding non-violent and peaceful people in prisons

Engaging in organized child abuse

Use of the mainstream media to knowingly spread lies

Use of the private banking sector to systematically impoverish the world

Deliberately training police and military to escalate rather than neutralize conflicts

Unfortunately the list goes on and on… Today we know conclusively that many of these activities are being facilitated by politically and financially powerful individuals and governmental and corporate organizations who perennially avoid being brought to account for their actions due to their influence and ability to maneuver about the world.

There is an extensive back-story behind this tribunal and it’s purpose.  To summarize as succinctly as possible: many legal scholars, researchers, and activists who make up the ITNJ’s body of volunteers have discovered conclusively that the courts in America as well as the rest of the world are actually for-profit corporations masquerading as legitimate representational bodies.  Not only that, but most of the world’scountries are themselves corporations too

In America, Title 28 of the U.S. Code § 3002(15a) outrightly defines the “United States” as a “federal corporation”!  Furthermore, these corporations are actively engaged in a war against the people today, which was discovered by 2,000 researchers who followed a gun case in D.C. that exposed deep currents of corruption running through the “justice” systems of the world.  To explain how this works in one email is unfortunately not possible – however, for a more extensive view of this story, go here: http://itnjcommittee.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/Significance-of-the-Rod-Class-DC-Gun-Case.pdf

Much more data showing how all this works can also be found at the official website for the Committee to Support the ITNJ –itnjcommittee.org – where we will be posting more documentation and confirming research over the next several days and weeks.

When you realize that the basic fact of the matter is that the various “governments” of the world do not truthfully represent the people but in actuality merely pretend to represent the people, then you will start to understand why it is that so many “leaders” and corporate directors appear to be so incompetent and rapacious.  When you see how the legal system has been co-opted to become nothing more than an “enforcement arm” of the banking sector – which has been used as a weapon to artificially usurp the very time and energy of people all across the globe – you will gain a solid understanding of what is happening in our world.

Poverty, war, slavery, and even pollution are not inevitable – these things are merely symptoms of a status quo that derives its “authority” through fraud, threat, coercion, and manipulation.

However… have no fear!  For we are the ones who are assisting the systems as they operate now, and it is none but ourselves who can change it.  We are the very energy source that status quo requires to exist.  And this is very good news, for it means we are endowed with the ability to change it!

Of course, we cannot expect the system to change by itself without a sufficient amount of enlightened public participation.  We cannot superficially inch and wrangle our way towards “civilization” through coercion and conflict – nor can we establish a peaceful and harmonious world strictly through our current manner of funding or voting.  Instead we will only get there through education, cooperation, and by refusing to accept a world of needless suffering for ourselves as well as the rest of the human family.  Unscrupulous public officials, predatory corporations, and war-mongering world leaders need to stand down – for the sake of our collective future – and one very important step towards making this happen is for the people themselves to convene a tribunal to lawfully hold the willing perpetrators accountable.

“Natural Justice” = the Golden Rule in action.  And the twin pillars of Natural Law are:

1)    Do no harm.

2)    Do not allow anyone else to get away with harming you or another.  (Especially when a systemic pattern of abuse has revealed itself conclusively to the whole community!)

When anyone anywhere has had their right to a peaceful existence stolen from them through immoral coercion of any kind it is an affront against all human beings equally, and it becomes immediately incumbent upon the community to fix the problem. And this is the true and original purpose of any honest and valid court/judicial system: to assist the greater community in the preservation of our rights and life.

Any institution that deliberately pursues differing or contrary aims cannot be rightly considered a true source of Law!

This is why the ITNJ was officially established and announced to the world on Feb. 14, 2015.  It is a valid court of the people, and it is here to set a basic precedent: that the rights of the people to a sustainable and peaceful life, and the community, resources, knowledge, and wisdom necessary to maintain such an existence are more important than the “rights” of corporate/legal-fictions to do whatever they want regardless of how their actions affect the living world and humanity.
The ITNJ plans on being the first international court in the history of the world to be live-streamed on the Internet.  We are inviting the world to participate – a feature of this court is that we will be using the principles of e-governance to allow the public to be a voice at this court, and we now have the technology that allows us to do this.  To read more about this endeavor, please visit itnj.org.  On that site you will find our Constitution and Treaty under the “ITNJ” drop-down menu.  And, as mentioned before, for more information, research, and to learn about how to participate/volunteer, visit itnjcommittee.org.

We are reaching out to the people of the world for support.  The more who sign the ITNJ Treaty, and the more donations from the people, the more effective and beneficial to the whole world it will become.  We officially launch our crowd-funding campaign on the 27th of this month. Check out our website: itnjcommittee.org.  This means I am personally asking you to consider reading the ITNJ Treaty, and sign it if is speaks to your conscience.  After all, this Treaty is for everyone.

And please consider making a donation – to make a donation NOW by visiting the site:  itnjcommittee.org

To get on our mailing list and receive updates as things progress, you can go here – http://www.itnj.org/get-involved/subscribe/

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this letter – if this message resonates with you, then I ask that you read the material in the links and/or share this letter with others on your social networks and help make it go viral.

I wish everyone nothing but the best in the warm months ahead!

Many well wishes!

– Paul Conant

This post is a small part of much research and  at Montauk.net. I wanted to share this information because of the stages and effects of the Etheric tides bathing our planet. Hopefully, some may awaken with such knowledge and turn the stage progression around in their own lives.  Enjoy!

Angel Lucci

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7 – Dawn of a New Cosmic Day

montalk.net » 9 June 11

Effect of the Etheric Tide

Let’s look more closely at the effects of increased ambient etheric energy levels.

First, because etheric and lifeforce energy are essentially the same, health and longevity will increase for those acclimated to that quantity and quality of energy. But if the influx rate of energy is too great, there is risk of overwhelming the fragile etheric energy circuits of the body and causing injury. Likewise, if the quality of the energy is mismatched, either the body fails to receive it or else receives the wrong type to its own detriment. If the Etheric Tide is gradual enough that generations can slowly acclimate to it, that would be ideal. Bible researchers believe our antediluvian ancestors had lifespans in the hundreds of years; Nordic aliens likewise have lifespans in the centuries, and Alchemists who imbibe the Elixir of Life can do likewise. This would become the norm should ambient etheric energy saturate a society acclimated to it. The primordial Golden Age, a bygone age of peace and plenty without premature death or disease, would have required such conditions.

Second, there would be activation and growth of latent psychic organs in the etheric body of humans. By default, humans are currently born with very limited psychic abilities because neither our crippled genetics nor the ambient etheric levels support their development. For such people, it takes disciplined occult training to activate and develop these abilities. As both Fore and the Gulf Breeze contactee explained, aliens naturally emit high levels of etheric energy and, through a proximity effect, can cause psychic activation in nearby humans. In the case of an Etheric Tide, a natural phenomenon would do likewise to receptive members of the population. The result would be increased intuition, clairvoyance, and other supernatural powers. Ambient etheric energy levels provide a nutritive medium for the further development of psychic organs, leading eventually to the types of powers now only seen in aliens and occult masters.

Third, since through astral projection, hypnopompic states, and trained clairvoyance it is already possible to see otherwise cloaked or phased out ships in the skies and alien beings around us, an Etheric Tide would force their visibility on a far wider scale. Aliens will then be unable to hide their presence, hence the alien disinformation campaign now underway to acclimate the public for their open “arrival.”

Fourth, a shift in consciousness brought on by etheric activation would unlock otherwise inaccessible memories and mental perspectives. This includes alien abduction / contact memories and past life memories. During the onset of an abduction or contact, an individual usually goes into an altered state of consciousness due to the proximity induction effect. This state of consciousness is termed Left Side Awareness or Second Attention in Carlos Castaneda’s books. Memories recorded in this state become inaccessible when the abductee returns to normal mundane consciousness because it’s like an antenna retracting and losing the signal. An Etheric Tide would extend the antenna, causing a person to flip over from the mundane mental perspective to the alternate higher one. In cases where an individual has been cached with hidden knowledge and instructions, these would activate at that time. Thus the activation of alien-implanted knowledge is not so much caused by a hypnotic trigger, but an etheric activation. Consequently, an Etheric Tide would kick several alien agendas into play regarding their human proxies. The access of hidden knowledge and instruction is said to occur during a time of great chaos, which matches the characteristic effects of an Etheric Tide.

Fifth, once perception of etheric energy and paranormal phenomena becomes commonplace, demiurgic technology develops quickly and naturally. Without clairvoyant perception, building devices that employ etheric energies is a matter of guesswork, but perception allows observation and the derivation of a science. We also know from alienology that electronic devices tend to malfunction in the presence of alien ships; there are also people who can’t wear watches because they always stop working when worn. These are the same people who tend to fry out electronics and turn off street lights in their proximity. These are examples of etheric fields or specific fluctuations in them causing electrical anomalies. In physics terms, it fluctuates the physical constants and likely affects local electron densities, indicating a relationship between etheric energy and the divergence of the magnetic vector potential. The Etheric Tide may interfere with our electrical systems, further forcing the development of demiurgic technology as an alternative. The increased perception and availability of etheric energy makes this inevitable.

Sixth, the generation of thoughtforms becomes easier and more potent since there is more ambient raw material available for their creation, and consequently the responsiveness of reality to thoughts and feelings greatly increases. Reality would then become more plastic, having been softened by the “Universal Solvent” so to speak. Etheric energy is the medium that translates impulses between matter and consciousness. More of it means mind has greater command over matter. Additionally, these conditions would force greater mental and emotional discipline in people, since they will no longer have the luxury of being an internal cesspool while maintaining an external appearance of equipoise; when inner and outer become more congruent, external consequences of detrimental thoughts and feelings come all the sooner.

In a worst case scenario, those who cannot master themselves will fall victim to their own self-generated delusions, go insane, and perish. This is already happening in people whose unbounded paranoia creates thoughtforms and physical manifestations that further validate their paranoia, creating a runaway feedback loop that ends in schizophrenia and death. Another problem would be paranormal entities like demons, ghosts, and astral critters becoming more tangible, but that depends on how well they take up the specific quality of energy provided by the Etheric Tide; in any case, clairvoyant perception would make them more visible regardless, and that will further affect the sanity of people. Conditions that once fostered common acceptance of fairies, elves, elementals, djinn, ghosts, etc… will return.

All this assumes people don’t suffer from illness and cancer first from being unable to properly assimilate the Etheric Tide. It’s already the case that emotional blockages that produce resistance against the free flow of lifeforce energy can cause illness and cancer; similar resistance occurs when one fails to keep up with the currents of the Etheric Tide, namely by hanging on stubbornly to old Matrix Control System reactions and outlooks.

Hence, we are looking at the possibility of mass psychosis and illness in certain stubborn sectors of the population. The result is a filtering effect on humanity, just like the filtering out of solids that fail to dissolve in the Alchemical distillate. The filter is further enhanced by the fact that, since thoughts and feelings bend probability, it is in times of chaos that one must rely the most upon good fortune and divine grace to make it through, which can only be earned through corresponding elevation of heart and discipline of mind. Aside from sheer resourcefulness, synchronistic protection coupled with increased clairvoyance and intuition is how the forebears of future humanity will make it through.

As an aside, whether through technology or sufficient activation of superhuman abilities, advanced forms of either should allow one to phase out of regular spacetime as needed, becoming invisible to those still mired in it. One would then naturally have access to the parallel meta-civilization composed of beings who have already achieved likewise.


And should you decide to read more, I’d recommend that you start at the top and read it all.  And it’s really long…


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