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Published on Nov 18, 2015

Mark Passio gives a quick and concise overview of what Natural Law is.

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Dismantle the Matrix

Just because “they” may all do it does not mean we, as Americans, are obligated to accept the fraud!

My position:
1.The fraud negates all!
2.There is no global estate.
3.The Pope has no authority except what his followers give of their own free will.
4.Lawfully, the 14th Amendment is null and void and does not exist.
5.The current administrative control of the American people’s government is being unlawfully misrepresented and operating with no lawful delegated authority of the governed. Therefore it is being operated in fraud and also does not lawfully exist and is with no lawful force of law. This act of misrepresentation is an act of war against the American people and those engaged are committing treason against the American people.
6.The people being the only lawful “civil,”authority has the full autonomy to hold legitimate elections, supervised by the delegates of the people, and at their discretion, to fill the legitimate seats of government that have been vacant since Congress adjourned sine die.
7.Being the ultimate lawful authority, the people need no permission as they are sovereign.

You added this comment as well.

Judge Anna…

“The answer is that you have been tricked and coerced and deceived and deliberately misinformed, so the rats could gain control of you and your ESTATE.”

As you also say…fraud negates it all. And consistent with your statement, Mr. Pattison reveals…

Steven Wayne Pattison: Without Your Delegated Authority and is Null and Void from the time they did it.

The Trust – the other story

On Sep 19, 2015, at 7:37 PM, Anna Von Fritz wrote:

The original government was lawful and still exists. The Congress adjourned sine die. That is not “default” nor is fraud.

The original government can be re-populated just as Tim Turner surmised, but there are a few caveats he didn’t observe. The people have to take back their own proper status and estate FIRST, then their Counties on the Land, then their States, and finally the whole land jurisdiction of the Continental United States. It comes from the bottom up, not the top down.


This link shows the original document from which the information describes:


Scanned Retina - A Resource for the People!

What you state may be true about conditions of the past but even you can not deny the current set of impostors operating in Washington, DC are impersonating the lawful public officials many Americans elected in good faith.

As you have already stated…

Voila_Capture 2015-09-02_10-54-35_PM.jpg

Just because “they” may all do it does not mean we, as Americans, are obligated to accept the fraud!

My position: 

  1. The fraud negates all!
  2. There is no global estate.
  3. The Pope has no authority except what his followers give of their own free will.
  4. Lawfully, the 14th Amendment is null and void and does not exist.
  5. The current administrative control of the American people’s government is being unlawfully misrepresented and operating with no lawful delegated authority of the governed. Therefore it is being operated in fraud and also does not lawfully exist and is with no lawful force of law.  This act of misrepresentation is an…

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These hints are not for nothing, most people take copyright infringement pretty lightly and view it with little importance or relevance to every day life. Little do you realise that copyright is the most important law on this planet, it is the one thing that removes your freedom from legal jurisdiction under Crown rules, regulations, acts and statutes of commercial law. The one thing that removes your status and rights as a living being.
The ultimate hidden fine print in the contract, obscured by assumption, not even written in words of plain language for you to see let alone comprehend.
One law that binds all to slavery by way of their own inadvertent consent.
Breach of copyright, which everyone that uses a name on a birth certificate commits on a daily basis.
Every name on every birth certificate is subject to copyright, the name itself is not copyrighted, the book in which the name is recorded is copyrighted, the names in the book are passages in the book which, all who are familiar with copyright law knows, is the copyright material in any book and cannot be copied without the consent of the creator of the copyright material.
To use a name in a copyrighted book requires express permission of the “owner” of the copyright, the owner of all registry books is the Crown corporation, world wide. Illegal use of the copyright is not challenged by the Crown as it is more profitable for the Crown to apply the assumption that the user has consented to being subject to Crown constitutional laws of commerce.
Any company is entitled to write its’ own rules/laws, consent is automatically assumed to contract without the users knowledge, placing the onus of responsibility for knowledge of the “company rules” and liability for “all debts incurred to the legal name” upon the individual. – Ignorance of the law cannot be used as a defense.
However, where there has not been full disclosure of terms and conditions of a contract the contract is fraudulent, when a fraud has been revealed, all contracts are rendered null and void, nunc pro tunc, ad infinitum.
The biggest problem can be that you have to experience the proof of this in order to really convince yourself you have been duped. In order to experience what it takes to stand in this truth you must stop using the legal name, the name your parents gave you at birth, it is illegal to use that name as it belongs to the Crown, try telling that to an agent of the Crown, or anyone in business for that matter, you will be met with reactions simply of looks complete disbelief to anger and even violence.
Unless you do stand in this truth you will continue to be raped, violated, stolen from, denied even basic human rights and even murdered by these agents of the Crown. In addition to that the weight of responsibility for every child, every human being, murdered by war or “legally” lawful action, every hardship every foreclosure, every parking ticket, every rates demand, every transaction in commerce put upon others, you are party to because you consent to being subject to the fictional authority of Crown laws, your energies being used by people that have little or no conscience or moral fibre to write laws that make destruction and harm to all living things possible simply because you continue to breach copyright and you won’t stop living a lie claiming to be a legal fiction name that belongs to the Crown thereby giving life to laws of fiction and harmful intent that ultimately serve only death.
It is illegal to use a legal name.
May God have mercy on your soul for the harm you agree to help to cause by using a legal name.

One must stop being divisive when solutions are presented that could make a real difference in our world. One may not agree with the methods or the people involved.  One may have residual fear lingering in their psyche or spending too much time reading or listening to fear porn.

Facebook is a prime example.  So much negative energy abounds and those so inclined tend to be drawn into the downward spiral, creating much chaos that ends up manifesting bad karma or black juju into their lives and the lives of those around them .

From life experiences, I have found that regardless of the state of the economy, or the stinking thinking of those around you (family – some of the worst or even “fake” friends)’; One must learn to walk in peace of mind and solitude of heart.  Think only on those things One desires to manifest.  I have always been a person with a positive mental attitude and learned that character early in life (as a five & six year old).  As a youngster, I may not have consciously understood the principles of living positively, but I knew then, that One must have clear, conscious intent ahead of any action towards your desired goals.

For example, At the age of six, I had an addiction to sugar! Pepsi’s, hard and soft sugared candy, chocolate bars, and anything else that I wanted, I was going to have to work for it because my grandmom did not make that much.  I would pull my wagon around the 6-block neighborhood and knock on doors to politely ask if they had any soft  drink bottles that they didn’t want.  At two-cents a bottle, it didn’t take long to get enough to buy 20-30-40 pieces of penny-candy, or a 10-cent, 16-oz bottle of soda or 5-cent chocolate candy bars (bigger than any bars on the market today for 99 cents).  After just a couple years, it was shoveling snow off the sidewalks or mowing grass in the same 6-block neighborhood for the sugar I desired.

Today, with the amount of knowledge available online, it’s even easier to learn the truth.  Oh that elusive truth, that truth that changes with ever whim of belief that is popular at the moment in society or on your favorite social media platform!  Although I have discovered that even with all that knowledge and information available, people are still stressed, confused and impatient with the changes currently manifesting on the Earth and in society.

What is missing from most peoples’ thought process is the ability to reason and use wisdom in making daily life decisions.  One must focus on only what One desires to manifest in their life.  One’s thoughts manifest or create their reality or their life experiences.  Setting goals and objectives and using our thoughts especially with clear, conscious intent through meditation and then directing your actions towards accomplishing those objectives will bring you the desired results.

All of the above will get you the desired results if One does not give up when the goal or objective is not reached immediately.  This is where character development becomes the activator or fuel behind your desires.  It just gets easier to accomplish your goals and live the life you so desire if you travel your path with a positive mental attitude.  Character development is learned through experience and through a desire to live a righteous life. The following character qualities exist at each end of duality’s pendulum swing from positive to negative:

  • Love vs. Selfishness
  • Alertness vs. Carelessness
  • Attentiveness vs. Distraction
  • Availability vs. Self-Centeredness
  • Boldness vs. Fearlessness
  • Cautiousness vs. Rashness
  • Compassion vs. Indifference
  • Contentment vs. Covetousness
  • Creativity vs. Underachievement
  • Decisiveness vs. Double-Mindedness
  • Deference vs. Offensiveness
  • Dependability vs. Inconsistency
  • Patience vs. Restlessness

There are many more character qualities that could be listed… I would recommend that One look deep within their own heart and evaluate the kind of life One is living.  Are you developing good character qualities that will manifest an abundant, loving life or a life of bullshit and stress?

How much easier life could be and you’re the ONLY One that can DO IT for you!

Consider how SWISSINDO Payments 1-11 could help One achieve the positive, loving world that we all so desire.  It begins with your attitude and ends with your ability to manifest a new world that benefits all.

–Angel Lucci


Published on Aug 4, 2015

We the People would like to formally address the leaders of our world governments and present a solution to our economic problems. We understand that running a country has not been an easy task despite your best efforts. Many external powers and conflicting agendas may have blocked your path to the Nation you know is possible. We appreciate your efforts and you must know, that an opportunity to realize your hopes is now possible.

With the global DEBT reaching un-payable levels–lead by the ‘too big to fail’ corporations, the next crash will see the collapse of many economies and the loss of millions of jobs worldwide. We remain complicit in this if we do nothing. Complicit in the avoidable economic collapse that is almost upon us, and we must act quickly to avoid any further destruction to our people and way of life. There is a better way.

There is an immense source of asset backed funding that the world leaders and the people NOW need to know about, called the ‘SWISSINDO WORLD TRUST international ORBIT’.
Genuine representatives of the people of the world have come forward with new pathways and solutions to the challenges we all face at this time. They are people like you and me. They are US, all of us. SWISSINDO is one of these solutions.

SWISSINDO is re-structuring the way the people receive their value from their labours to ensure that it can no longer be usurped. It is their birth right, your birth right. Our birthright.‘SWISSINDO WORLD TRUST’ is the delivery system for this fair, self governed system.

Instead of injecting funds into the World Central Bank Network, (who in-debt others with the funds they receive for free), each Country of the world is being offered funding directly from SWISSINDO in order to reach the people more effectively and return honor and integrity to the market economy.

The plans for SWISSINDO funding distribution is called “Payments 1-11” which include a Global DEBT Jubilee, a gift of $138.9 Trillion to each country, along with basic monthly income for every woman, child and man, of every ethnic culture, or background.
This gift will end the DEBT based structure of the economy, and establish one of abundance as a way of creating a path to prosperity for people and communities everywhere.
People who see the problems for what they are, and know of better ways, are stepping forward to assist in the repurposing of our current systems, to overcome the CORPORATE CONTROL of institutionalized GDP greed; and replace it instead with an economy grounded by a ‘Grand Domestic Happiness’.

People everywhere, are doing what needs to be done. We are cooperating together and taking actions to bring about this Global change for us all.

We the People wish to see a return of decent human behaviors in our society that include:

a) Living for our fellow women, children and men and engaging in behaviors of love and peace
b) Showing compassion and generosity towards all
c) Supporting others when help is required
d) Being honest in what we say and do
e) And freely passing on transforming processes that work

We ask our global leaders to accept the SWISSINDO Payments 1-11 on behalf of our countries and our people. Doing so will end poverty and reverse the damage that has been done.

To accept payments 1-11, please complete the form “SWISSINDO Letter to World Leaders” below and send it to the following email address:

I Am a little slow on sharing these messages because I’ve been busy with mechanical repairs on the Beast (1988 RV).  I feel these messages are important and for each of us to focus our attention within our selves. Here are some basic objectives to prepare for this event:

  • Quiet your mind and open your heart
  • Forgive others
  • Love your self unconditionally
  • Love others as you love your self
  • Raise your vibration to one of enthusiasm for the wonderful world you are desiring for All
  • Focus only on those things you desire for the greatest good for those are what you want to manifest (let the old fade from your mind because that paradigm is completed, done, finished)
  • The Greatest Show of Earth is manifesting and you hold a ticket to be center stage (if you desire to join the celebrations)
  • Any thing One desires is only manifested when One participates with clear, conscious intent

— Angel Lucci

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As received by Denise…

20 July 2015

Hello dear one; it is with joy and love that we say to you well done.  

This is not an easy task for you and your hesitation is well noted.  

There is so much that we must convey however, and there is little “time” for prepare humanity for what is to come. 

Indeed we said to you privately that the “wave” is scheduled by our calculations to arrive at the end of your July and the early August.  This means for you in 10 to 15 days, there MAY be a lot of chaos because of the misunderstanding of the energy of the said ‘wave’ this new frequency. 

It is not a wave of water as you know, it is a wave of energy; and as you stand in your ocean and watch a wave arrive, you never quite know how strong it is and how tall it will be when it reaches you and how much pull it will have when it recedes.  

Unlike the ocean wave, this wave will not recede.  It will flow over and past you , earth, and beyond into the far reaches of your solar system and then galaxy and then past the edges of your known universe.

There is nothing to fear in this wave in that it is not physical, it will not have a ‘storm’ associated with it. It will be a building up of energy; of frequency with a major crescendo at the middle and then as it leaves, the energies will not dissipate, rather they will settle into every ‘nook and cranny’ possible – that is every cell and fiber of your very being.

This is not a negative event.  This is the buildup to the “show” that we have spoken of.

Your military cannot stop it; your scientists do not even know about it; your leaders are awash with worry.  This is why we insist that you share this message.

There is nothing more that you can do to prepare for this than to be in your heart.  We say “be in your heart” and this causes confusion.  You must remain on the frequency of love; not fear, worry, or anxiety. 

There is only joy, love, and abundance that follows on the cusp of this wave; beyond all that there is nothing else. JOY, PEACE, LOVE, ABUNDANCE, and a most magnificent, beautiful, heart-based physical reunion!

Our love and appreciation for you is never ending.  We know that you are hesitant to share this to cause fear and anxiety, but we would be remiss in not alerting our dear ones.

Again there is no fixed ‘date’ for the arrival of this frequency.  It approaches. We continue to calculate and monitor and will alert you to any ‘changes’ . It cannot be stopped; it will not be stopped.  It is the heartbeat of Source arriving on your shores!

With love and awe and appreciation to all, we end this transmission.