Good day family!

This is the Love Tribe landing in.  ‘Ware the impact craters.  😀

Brilliant and Beloved, each of you.  Our infinite gratitude.  

Now that we’re wielding infinity this whole duality thing just got pretty fun yeah?  ;-D

Songs shall be sung!

So a few of your brethren here have been floating around the Noosphere in geosynchronous orbit, watching with delight and reverence this lotus unfolding before our collective eye.  Kickin ass everybody!  The pebble you threw is an avalanche now!

Your beacon flares are met.

I have the honour to introduce some additional facets of source’s gleaming crystal.

Fingers were on buttons a scant two weeks ago about to launch two of the first all-humanity-scale CVACs…then we were led to the OPPT and discovered CVACs. 😉

Ain’t that the Cosmic Joke? ;-D

My name is Jon Davis and I only and always speak on behalf of Love.

We have a cooperative. 😉

We are also one with the Earth Cooperative.  You’ll be hearing from our brother Michael momentarily.

Love is STRONGLY interested in representing itself in the vanguard of all OPPT activities and into every eye, ear and heart that turns in this direction, as the groundswell is clearly bursting levies.

Thank you for accepting and acting upon our transmission to revise “Treason Tracker”.  Light-years more resonant now.  😉

We affirm it is ESSENTIAL to keep this whole ship floating on the highest vibes of intention we can collectively hold.  There can be no allowance for any pitchfork mentality to creep into the message; our coherence of love and compassion is of PARAMOUNT importance.  The Love Cooperative’s first major salvo in 3D is a forgiveness, gratitude and amnesty campaign coinciding with Turning the Lights On.  BFFs with Universal Peace Now. ;-P  These will be the most powerful tipping points we can reach together, by providing havens and unconditional love for the former brokers of the PTW.  We have Ascension Centers standing by.  Imagine the tidal waves after the first major public recantation!  Anybody wanna take odds on it being a Pope or a Bush?  😀

I personally am prepared, inclined and incarnated (and backed by an army) to kick in the front doors of the White House and Buckingham Palace and repossess them on behalf of humanity…but we all know that’s only going to happen as a celebration.  Thus we’re holding a love-in for the bygone and inviting Obama et al. to their retirement party!

Love happens to throw the best parties in town. ;-P

May we suggest the Courtesy Notice awaits its highest activation until it includes “with Love and Gratitude” at the top?

Baby steps Jon…yes I know. 😉

Heather dearest we invoke your eternal heart to help us prepare the party invitations!

This Be Adventure!!  Pass it on!!  ;-D

❤   xoxo   ❤

Jon Davis


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