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This presentation about the One Peoples Public Trust (OPPT) (Rev 3.3) can be used for educating yourself, sharing with other individuals, or make a professional presentation to large groups.  I promise you, you’ll look like a professional!  If anyone has questions, direct them to the references and tell them, DO THE RESEARCH!

The One People’s Public Trust has created and filed legal documents based on The Law of One, Universal Law, and UCC law.  It states, in effect, each Hue-man is a manifestation of the Creator Source, and as such is a Creator, and is NOT subordinate to any artificial principality or corporate fiction.

The People’s Trust is truly the PEOPLE’s, as in Every Single People On This Planet’s Trust.  There is no head, there is no spokesman, woman, person, alien, or fish.  There is Everyone!

We are One with the Creator. We are One with Each Other.

Love One Another…