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This is an excellent dialog between Sacha Stone & Charlie Freak about current events. The information may be new even those who educate themselves “down the rabbit holes” regularly. However, if One does not know who they are spiritually, the esoteric knowledge may be too much to inner-stand.


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Introducing the International Tribunal for Natural Justice

Introducing the International Tribunal for Natural Justice
April 20, 2015

Charles De Montesquie said, “there is no greater tyranny than that which is perpetrated under the shield of law and in the name of justice.” The very nature of freedom relies upon the holding of accountability on those who intend to destroy it.

The inherent responsibility of “the people” to take an active stance against all forms of tyranny, oppression and injustice, no matter the title, position or standing of the perpetrator, has become self evident. The so called leadership of this world has failed us. Heinous acts of terrorism are committed everyday on this planet. Not by religious radicals with home made bombs as the media would like us to believe, but by men in suits using not guns as weapons but dollar signs, hiding behind their position and stature to escape all forms of justice and accountability.

I am proud to stand behind the ITNJ and give my full support to this timely initiative designed to restore balance where little now exists. This announcement letter was written by one of their own, Paul Conant, to his network of friends and family. I was fortunate enough to be on that list. As Paul says at the bottom, if it resonates then consider sharing this information with others. As an official Advocate of the ITNJ, I do my part by sharing with you here now.

To all those who have worked tirelessly to make the ITNJ a reality, I solute you for your service. A job well done. Although, I’m certain this is just the beginning. Let freedom reign. ~BK
Dear Beloved Friends and Family,

I am writing to all of you to introduce you (and in many cases re-introduce you) to the International Tribunal for Natural Justice (ITNJ), an initiative to which I have dedicated many months of volunteer effort.

I apologize if this comes across as spamming in any way – the truth is that we are working to make this endeavor as universally beneficial as possible as so we need to reach out to our communities in order to make that happen.  This is why I am personally sending out this email.  If you don’t want to receive any more emails on the subject contained herein just let me know!

Also, before reading this letter I kindly ask that you approach this thoughtfully.  If you do not have time to thoughtfully read it now then please come back to it when you have a better moment.  The message contained here is intense – nonetheless, with my full personal responsibility and liability, I attest that the issues it speaks to are necessary for us as a collective to address.

Now, without further ado…

The ITNJ initiative has arisen as a response to the disregard for the rule of law exhibited by (alleged) public officials, corporate directors, and “world leaders” everywhere who have deliberately privatized and weaponized the governments of the world against their own people.  It is the culmination of years worth of work and research on the part of many people from a diverse set of backgrounds who are dedicated to safeguarding a viable future for humanity, and who recognize that we the people must take responsibility for holding our governments to account when they violate basic human rights.  Whenever the community at large neglects to do this then it sets a precedent that allows continued violations to take place.

Such violations include but are not limited to:

Starting wars based on lies

Wantonly pillaging the ecosystem

Authorizing torture

Authorizing slavery

Holding non-violent and peaceful people in prisons

Engaging in organized child abuse

Use of the mainstream media to knowingly spread lies

Use of the private banking sector to systematically impoverish the world

Deliberately training police and military to escalate rather than neutralize conflicts

Unfortunately the list goes on and on… Today we know conclusively that many of these activities are being facilitated by politically and financially powerful individuals and governmental and corporate organizations who perennially avoid being brought to account for their actions due to their influence and ability to maneuver about the world.

There is an extensive back-story behind this tribunal and it’s purpose.  To summarize as succinctly as possible: many legal scholars, researchers, and activists who make up the ITNJ’s body of volunteers have discovered conclusively that the courts in America as well as the rest of the world are actually for-profit corporations masquerading as legitimate representational bodies.  Not only that, but most of the world’scountries are themselves corporations too

In America, Title 28 of the U.S. Code § 3002(15a) outrightly defines the “United States” as a “federal corporation”!  Furthermore, these corporations are actively engaged in a war against the people today, which was discovered by 2,000 researchers who followed a gun case in D.C. that exposed deep currents of corruption running through the “justice” systems of the world.  To explain how this works in one email is unfortunately not possible – however, for a more extensive view of this story, go here:

Much more data showing how all this works can also be found at the official website for the Committee to Support the ITNJ – – where we will be posting more documentation and confirming research over the next several days and weeks.

When you realize that the basic fact of the matter is that the various “governments” of the world do not truthfully represent the people but in actuality merely pretend to represent the people, then you will start to understand why it is that so many “leaders” and corporate directors appear to be so incompetent and rapacious.  When you see how the legal system has been co-opted to become nothing more than an “enforcement arm” of the banking sector – which has been used as a weapon to artificially usurp the very time and energy of people all across the globe – you will gain a solid understanding of what is happening in our world.

Poverty, war, slavery, and even pollution are not inevitable – these things are merely symptoms of a status quo that derives its “authority” through fraud, threat, coercion, and manipulation.

However… have no fear!  For we are the ones who are assisting the systems as they operate now, and it is none but ourselves who can change it.  We are the very energy source that status quo requires to exist.  And this is very good news, for it means we are endowed with the ability to change it!

Of course, we cannot expect the system to change by itself without a sufficient amount of enlightened public participation.  We cannot superficially inch and wrangle our way towards “civilization” through coercion and conflict – nor can we establish a peaceful and harmonious world strictly through our current manner of funding or voting.  Instead we will only get there through education, cooperation, and by refusing to accept a world of needless suffering for ourselves as well as the rest of the human family.  Unscrupulous public officials, predatory corporations, and war-mongering world leaders need to stand down – for the sake of our collective future – and one very important step towards making this happen is for the people themselves to convene a tribunal to lawfully hold the willing perpetrators accountable.

“Natural Justice” = the Golden Rule in action.  And the twin pillars of Natural Law are:

1)    Do no harm.

2)    Do not allow anyone else to get away with harming you or another.  (Especially when a systemic pattern of abuse has revealed itself conclusively to the whole community!)

When anyone anywhere has had their right to a peaceful existence stolen from them through immoral coercion of any kind it is an affront against all human beings equally, and it becomes immediately incumbent upon the community to fix the problem. And this is the true and original purpose of any honest and valid court/judicial system: to assist the greater community in the preservation of our rights and life.

Any institution that deliberately pursues differing or contrary aims cannot be rightly considered a true source of Law!

This is why the ITNJ was officially established and announced to the world on Feb. 14, 2015.  It is a valid court of the people, and it is here to set a basic precedent: that the rights of the people to a sustainable and peaceful life, and the community, resources, knowledge, and wisdom necessary to maintain such an existence are more important than the “rights” of corporate/legal-fictions to do whatever they want regardless of how their actions affect the living world and humanity.
The ITNJ plans on being the first international court in the history of the world to be live-streamed on the Internet.  We are inviting the world to participate – a feature of this court is that we will be using the principles of e-governance to allow the public to be a voice at this court, and we now have the technology that allows us to do this.  To read more about this endeavor, please visit  On that site you will find our Constitution and Treaty under the “ITNJ” drop-down menu.  And, as mentioned before, for more information, research, and to learn about how to participate/volunteer, visit

We are reaching out to the people of the world for support.  The more who sign the ITNJ Treaty, and the more donations from the people, the more effective and beneficial to the whole world it will become.  We officially launch our crowd-funding campaign on the 27th of this month. Check out our website:  This means I am personally asking you to consider reading the ITNJ Treaty, and sign it if is speaks to your conscience.  After all, this Treaty is for everyone.

And please consider making a donation – to make a donation NOW by visiting the site:

To get on our mailing list and receive updates as things progress, you can go here –

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this letter – if this message resonates with you, then I ask that you read the material in the links and/or share this letter with others on your social networks and help make it go viral.

I wish everyone nothing but the best in the warm months ahead!

Many well wishes!

– Paul Conant

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“For everyone interested in the “Legal” and “Lawful” questions of this current paradigm of global fraud and corruption, and how we move through this quagmire, you will want to watch this episode of Face to Face with Sacha Stone.

On Wednesday  April 15th, 2015, Sacha Stone talked to Rod Class, Dean  Clifford, and Rebecca Cope on many of these subjects.  I can guarantee that anyone involved in lawsuits, legal actions or interested in how we move forward in the realms of bureaucratic law fuckupidness should definitely watch this archive Video from Wednesday nights show!

You can tune in to watch Face to Face with Sacha Stone every Wednesday night, on CCN:

“D” – Removing the Shackles

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Sion on the Sofa YouTube Channel

Streamed live on Dec 20, 2013



Be a Money Master



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TheLipTV YouTube Channel

Published on Jan 5, 2014

New Earth Project founder Sacha Stone delivers his message of transcending the evil of Babylon and forging a new global nation without borders and oppression in this Buzzsaw interview with Sean Stone. Speaking against the blinders of society that has been structured in the mold of Anglo-Saxon tyranny, and holding no veneration for the US Constitution or standards of traditional western society, Stone dares to blow minds in this uncensored conversation.

Sacha Stone is founder of the New Earth Project ( which is the fastest growing sovereignty and consciousness movement on earth. The project hard-launches as the New Earth Nation in the first quarter of 2014 – and is already master-planning conscious communities in over thirty five nations across the globe. The New Earth Nation declares itself as the worlds first extraterritorial nation of peoples from all cultures and faiths who are choose to step out of the invisible contracts with corporate nation states and step into a new covenant of fellowship amongst all of humankind. The nation is existing under its own cognizance, as its own court of record and backed up by its own law commission, law academy and a growing army of law experts in national all around the world. Citizens and residents within the New Earth Nation are protected by this self-existing court of record. The Nation is launching its zero-point economy in 2014 which is a usury free, inflation free sovereign currency and exchange which removes banks and bankers altogether.

Sacha Stone’s socio-political writings and ‘State of the World’ reports are widely disseminated and serve as harsh critiques on the disease of globalisation and covert elitism (the architecture of fear and control). At the same time he emphasises the need for a conscious return (via a total collapse of the collective human conceptual framework) back into the true ‘zero-point’ contained within the quantum of the human heart (crystal logic) – in order for us to qualify and participate fully in the next great step in our human and planetary evolution. Technological, social and economical advances are only projections of the evolutionary process of our individual and collective soul. If we are to truly manifest sustainability and foster an energy and socio-economic revolution in our times we must acknowledge that awakening to the potential of our consciousness is the chief factor. Technology and consciousness are intimately connected and it is time for humanity to engage in that conversation without fear of scorn or derision from a world still largely trapped in linear logic and limitations of the conditioned mind.


It is Everywhere…


Published on Dec 8, 2013

What a great privilege it was to get a chance to speak with Brian Kelly, Bob Wright and Lisa Harrison who were live in Florida, USA, doing the One People Absent Limits conference. What a pleasure it was to be joined again by Sacha Stone again, this man truly inspires me with his vision which is clearly laid out in the New Earth Project. This discussion covered a range of interesting topics, but most importantly focused on the theme of UNITY. All the plans are in place. We know exactly what needs to be done and how to do it. The key now is unity. It is time we all start to come together on our common ground, because ultimately, we all want the same thing…. We all want to be free.


Mel Ve



I am posting this to point out that we should not be so quick to judge others that we know little about.  It is always best to do your due diligence through research and investigation when it comes to sharing personal information about people.  When we judge others actions and/or motives without knowing them personally, we run the risk of being judged by the same standard that we established to judge them.

Enjoy the dialog and make sure you learn more about the New Earth Project.  We are the change we desire and it’s not meant to be a cliche.


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New Earth Project – a pioneering planetary initiative

An Analysis of the Article: “ReDefining God: An Illustrative Example of False-Light Deception: the OPPT (Update 1)”


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New Earth Project : Amazing technology with amazing people : Meet the team of Ambassadors:or Jesuits?


Every time I try to get involved and use all of my 30 years building experience in Eco -Friendly projects I become thwarted and disjointed and notice that is has all been hijacked by Agenda 21.

So will New Earth Project be any better?


When I came across New Earth project I used my natural talent and 30 years of natural Building and Project manager experience to  sift New earth visionthrough all the designs and even  applied to see if I could be of any service to these challenging looking projects:

After  I applied and I did not get any acknowledgement: Well maybe I expected too much too soon?

Until I stumbled over this new project by Humanitad AKA New Earth Project:


Stand By

Dave 15th Nov 2013


3 comments on “New Earth Project : Amazing technology with amazing people : Meet the team of Ambassadors:or Jesuits?”


Dave who would speak in ‘Light’,

You have spelled my name wrong – it is with a ‘C’ and not an ‘S’……

Your controversial and entirely inaccurate posting on me and aspects of my life’s work tiptoe very dangerously into false-light invasion of privacy. Should this prove out to cause harm or loss to me or any of the initiatives or organisations which I have founded then it will become a matter of law – and redress will likely be sought by our legal team, which, if you have done your homework you will know to be fairly robust. Please see this note to you as a courtesy to you from a fellow man – and also as a polite notice requesting that you stand down from pursuing libellous contentions which you may believe have no victim. I am a political activist and a human rights activist – and I have done this stuff for many years and to great effect in some cases – and with unmitigated failure in others. But what I have never done is chosen to stake my claim in the world by denigrating others, slandering them, demeaning their work or making it up as I go along.

In order of priority. Priority always being matters of the heart:

1) My Sister is a very fine sculptor – living in Portugal and has always had a penchant for mythology – mostly Graeco-Roman mythology. It is her preferred subject matter in fine art and sculpture – and her pieces are strikingly beautiful. She lives with her young daughter and a couple of dogs on a lovely landholding in the Algarve hills overlooking the ocean. Like you and I she has a heart and a soul – and is sensitive to other peoples sorrows and pain. She is one of my favourite people on earth.

2) Ciro Orsini is a famous Italian restauranteur and impresario in the film and music world. He is beloved by all those who come in to contact with him and a dear friend of mine over many many years. He is proud of his heraldry – coming as he does from a Napolitan lineage which claims two popes and a Prince of Naples. He is a non practicing Catholic – but retains his faith and is a great believer in the Almighty. Not Satan or Lucifer. This – despite his tendency to strike rock and roll poses for photographs which are dangerously akin to those occultist poses which many of the practising dark-hearts in the music business also strike. Something those of us who adore him find amusing. A kinder and more sympathetic man you are unlikely to meet. He is actually fairly well known in parts of Europe for his charitable works. If you publish your charitable works openly – I promise that I will personally ask Ciro Orsini to publicly notify you of his contributions directly.

3) As for the FUNDERS AND LOGOS – you got that bit all wrong. If you read the site you would learn that all of those are sub-organisations initiated by Humanitad. They were dreamed up by me – and I designed all of the logos personally. I did so in order to retrieve some of the symbols from the covert elites – and to effectively do so in plain sight. The NWO we named specifically with that acronym in order to put the New World Order folks on notice in a gentle but meaningful way. If you research the inordinate amount of work I have had to do working within the multilateral community and amongst governments – as well as travelling countless times around the world to build a global diplomatic network sufficient to pull of our grand creative vision with some real support and infrastructure – you might give a little more credit than you do. Nobody funded the organisation other than myself and a handful of people very close to me – and our organisation is entirely voluntary – check the records which are public record.

You then write:


Wrong again – and stepping dangerously close to the edge here. John is an amazing gent and a real trojan who happens to be expert in Constitutional Law – something we are very involved in. Why don’t you look into the way in which we have intervened in major human rights violations against a former Ukraine Prime Minister Tymoshenko and the leading Indonesian religious figure Anand Krishna? Its all out there – on the web! If you wish to do some real journalistic work or investigative work then do so – and do it properly. Because then you will learn that you are close to facing private prosecution for libel and slander.

Finally – I know more about the Jesuit Code, the Illuminati bloodlines, the Luciferian complex, the Babylonian Priesthood, Neo-Canaanite Ritualism and the shenanigans of shadow-governments and institutions than you can shake a stick at. I have written extensively on these subjects and published widely the State of the World Reports and other essays which shed LIGHT on these covert subjects for many years. Or is that part of the Jesuits diabolical plan as well?

How on earth do you find the time to spin this stuff around into its opposite? I understand that you imagine that that is how the ‘jesuits’ do it – by deploying the time tested strategy of helter-skelter and all of that – but please! plug in to your intuitive faculties and work out who is who and where the real fight is. Because chaps like you are throwing the game for the real warriors of light. Badly.

If you honestly wish to disengage from the serpent matrix and get into a space which truly invites yourself and all goodly folk to inherit the earth then go to and register. On the other hand one might choose to take a microchip in the arm from your local government healthcare professional and put in an application for food-stamps in the coming months and years.

I am NOT a public servant. I am NOT a publicly elected official – I am a common man who grew up in a war in Africa and then chose to put his life to the service of others whilst not compromising creative expression – fairly simple stuff.

If you wish to speak with me directly or email me directly – then do so. My contacts are published openly.

Peace be upon you,


Humanitad / New Earth

  • Thank You Sacha : First, I apologies for spelling your name incorrectly : Second, it would be highly appropriate we spoke of these issues and soon. My E-Clinic Skype addy keeps being removed : I am limited to chat messenger until the skype issue is more secured: I shall send you an email without delay: Thank you for your courteous contact and informative content. I am pleased to note that the micro-chip scenario is not an option. In Light Dave.

Sacha: This post has been suspended until further discussion : I have considered your points and due to your point number one : this article could be seen as over splendor. It is more important we defend those that are unnecessarily caught in cross fire: This is seen by me as pointless in the original observations of research in this article and I thank you for your direct approach and have responded as I see appropriate. In Light Dave:

Posted from: Paradoxman316 YouTube Channel
Published on Nov 12, 2013

I listened to a Sacha Stone interview regarding the New Earth Project a while ago; and it started the wheels turning in my mind. He made a statement in regard to existing organizations not being allowed to be involved in the restructuring of society on Earth. I like a lot of what he had to say; and he mentioned Foster Gamble and Michael Tellinger in the interview, both of whom I greatly respect, as I do Sacha Stone himself. Let me say, however, that I have a slightly different take on existing organizations. As usual for me, I see bridges, not walls. Frankly, I want the UN involved in the restructuring and repurposing of our institutions. I want the involvement of our military. I want as many involved as possible. But what I want most is the release of the World Trust funds to the people of the world. Once that happens, there can be no more cabal control, which depends, first and foremost on them controlling the flow of currency. When they lose that, people are empowered and enriched; and the cabal will have to work on a level playing field for the first time.


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