Creator’s Value Asset Centers (CVACs) – The Beginning of Self-Governance

Posted: February 1, 2013 in CVACs, One People's Public Trust (OPPT)
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So you didn’t listen to the discussion with the one of the Trustees of the One People’s Public Trust 1776? Too busy, yea, I know.  Well here is the link if you want to listen as you read along.

Here is just a little part of the transcript of that 2 hour show about CVACs:

“Heather: That’s where all the data is highlighting right now and that’s why this morning I asked in the Skype room, how much fun do you guys choose to have? Because I’ve got Italy whose ready to hold elections on their CVAC you have Australia that’s asking, I’ve had Sine and other people offering to take positions in a CVAC, and so what I would like to do and what I propose to every listener, to every person on this planet is, let’s get some kind of technology together, because I’m not a wizard, in the techie side. But let’s get the people together and just say okay here’s the framework… and I can explain this is how the framework works; meaning it’s just a safe harbor… now all you beautiful people bring all your talent and all your energy in and let’s get this thing working and moving. We have Caleb who is a wonderful code writer; who can do all the code writing, because there’s a lot of code writing for the financial systems. So if we pull them all together your CVACs are up and running within about a two week period.

Lisa: Wow!

Heather: You can exchange value for value for a bag of bread, for gardening, and whatever it maybe, even up to a car. It just depends on how the spiritual vendors so to speak, the ones that are in the slavery system from before – a lot of them are very spiritual and they want to see a different system. So all of a sudden you have these products that you think that are not obtainable; whether it’s a car, whether it’s energy. Whether, and what I mean by energy is for your house… until you guys figure out, and we all figure out, how to light our houses within ourselves… there are certain things that people need. And what I’d like to make it is so they don’t need them – they have them.

Lisa: My Skype’s going off – with people sending me messages who are obviously listening to the show that are going “yes, yes, yes!”

Heather: Alright, let’s do it then!”

Now all I can add is EDUCATE YOUR SELF!

Angel Lucci


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