We Are the Value – “Thank You” – by Skype-“ArturoDekko” or FB-“Decahedron Void”

Posted: September 19, 2013 in Currency/Value Systems, CVACs, Skype
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ImageHere is how I explain value: the only valid purpose of money is to recognise value provided. If I perform some service for someone else and they write a note of thanks to me, that “Thank you” Note is proof and recognition of the value I have created and provided. I could endorse the “Thank you” Note and use it to “pay” someone else. For me, the idea of a Note (money), passed from one to another, becoming a unique annotated history of the kindness and generosity of human spirit is rather lovely, the Note gaining in value with each good deed. Alternatively, you could keep the note (credit account) and write new notes of your own. There is no debit account as the depth of your gratitude from which you draw is limitless. There is no possibility of false profit, usury or interest with this, there can be no debt.
Raw materials do not “cost” anything other than writing the Earth a “Thank you” Note and recognising the value of human effort necessary to acquire and process the materials. Technology does not “cost” anything other than recognising the value of human effort necessary to design, create and maintain the machines.
Currently, at least 90% of our value disappears into fractional reserve accounting and compounded multiple layers of interest, tax and false profit. Currently, only 10% of the working population produce anything of value, the other 90%, one way or another, are employed shuffling paperwork to facilitate the transfer of value through the system from the bottom to the top. The paper shufflers are generally “wealthier” than the producers of actual value, especially the head paper shufflers. All this amounts to the fact that the real producers of value are currently only receiving, at most, one hundredth of their true value.

ImageFollowing the change to true value, there will be no fraudulent banking, interest, tax or false profit, the paper shufflers will not be needed and will be free to be creative and valuable in their own right. Just 24 minutes of a working week or 25 weeks of a working life are all that is needed by true producers to generate the same value they now receive, as the rest of their time is currently spent for the un-earned benefit of others. Would you be prepared to dedicate just half an hour a week to the benefit of others in return for the same living standards you now have? In this system, the “wealthiest” are those that are the most creative and generous of spirit while even the meanest and “poorest” can still have all they need.

Without fear of want, there is no point in theft or greed. Without fear for our safety, without media promoted false terrorism, we can feel more free to be kind and generous to others. In taking responsibility for our own freedom, we also accept the responsibility of real justice should we injure anyone else, negating the need for legislation, which was only ever a means of transferring value to the head paper shufflers.

ImageWe are free and infinitely valuable, always have been. If someone does not agree, we do not need to lambast them with paperwork, they have to show us proof of when and where we have relinquished that freedom and value.

The only “law” needed to keep this system going is an extension of The Golden Rule, “Do unto others as you would be done by.”, being, “If you see a job you want doing and you are capable of doing it, then it is up to you to do it, otherwise, it is up to you to find someone else who would gain pleasure from doing it for you.”. We can all spend our time “working” at things we are good at, that inspires us and brings us joy, with plenty of time just to live in joy and BE who we are. Is that not a dream worth manifesting?

–AuturoDekko (Skype)
Decahedron Void (Facebook)


I Am in FULL AGREEMENT with you Arturo!

Thank You Arturo for the wisdom you share… We are All One


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