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ImageHere is how I explain value: the only valid purpose of money is to recognise value provided. If I perform some service for someone else and they write a note of thanks to me, that “Thank you” Note is proof and recognition of the value I have created and provided. I could endorse the “Thank you” Note and use it to “pay” someone else. For me, the idea of a Note (money), passed from one to another, becoming a unique annotated history of the kindness and generosity of human spirit is rather lovely, the Note gaining in value with each good deed. Alternatively, you could keep the note (credit account) and write new notes of your own. There is no debit account as the depth of your gratitude from which you draw is limitless. There is no possibility of false profit, usury or interest with this, there can be no debt.
Raw materials do not “cost” anything other than writing the Earth a “Thank you” Note and recognising the value of human effort necessary to acquire and process the materials. Technology does not “cost” anything other than recognising the value of human effort necessary to design, create and maintain the machines.
Currently, at least 90% of our value disappears into fractional reserve accounting and compounded multiple layers of interest, tax and false profit. Currently, only 10% of the working population produce anything of value, the other 90%, one way or another, are employed shuffling paperwork to facilitate the transfer of value through the system from the bottom to the top. The paper shufflers are generally “wealthier” than the producers of actual value, especially the head paper shufflers. All this amounts to the fact that the real producers of value are currently only receiving, at most, one hundredth of their true value.

ImageFollowing the change to true value, there will be no fraudulent banking, interest, tax or false profit, the paper shufflers will not be needed and will be free to be creative and valuable in their own right. Just 24 minutes of a working week or 25 weeks of a working life are all that is needed by true producers to generate the same value they now receive, as the rest of their time is currently spent for the un-earned benefit of others. Would you be prepared to dedicate just half an hour a week to the benefit of others in return for the same living standards you now have? In this system, the “wealthiest” are those that are the most creative and generous of spirit while even the meanest and “poorest” can still have all they need.

Without fear of want, there is no point in theft or greed. Without fear for our safety, without media promoted false terrorism, we can feel more free to be kind and generous to others. In taking responsibility for our own freedom, we also accept the responsibility of real justice should we injure anyone else, negating the need for legislation, which was only ever a means of transferring value to the head paper shufflers.

ImageWe are free and infinitely valuable, always have been. If someone does not agree, we do not need to lambast them with paperwork, they have to show us proof of when and where we have relinquished that freedom and value.

The only “law” needed to keep this system going is an extension of The Golden Rule, “Do unto others as you would be done by.”, being, “If you see a job you want doing and you are capable of doing it, then it is up to you to do it, otherwise, it is up to you to find someone else who would gain pleasure from doing it for you.”. We can all spend our time “working” at things we are good at, that inspires us and brings us joy, with plenty of time just to live in joy and BE who we are. Is that not a dream worth manifesting?

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I Am in FULL AGREEMENT with you Arturo!

Thank You Arturo for the wisdom you share… We are All One


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We experience the universe as a projection through us because each of us is a centre of consciousness. Therefore we are all centres of the universe. There really is no here or there because everything is at One point where consciousness is. We all do not exist in different places but are all present at One point. The reality of here and there is all created and experienced within the singularity of consciousness itself.

Where you are is the centre of the universe.

An everyday example of projected reality is a movie projected onto a screen. You know that the movie is just the projection of a recorded, dramatic scene, but it’s easy to forget that as you become involved in the unfolding drama. The movie appears like a real-life drama for as long as it absorbs your attention.

“The universe only exists when you are observing it,” or so the popular theory goes. This theory is an offspring of quantum physics. It says that, because the observer affects the outcome of experiments, the observer is key to reality. The theory goes on to suggest that the universe only exists when you look at it; therefore you must be creating the universe from your consciousness.
This is actually not a new idea. The old Zen riddle, “If a tree falls in a forest with no one to hear it, then does it make a sound?” reflects the same style of thinking. It suggests that nothing happens in the universe without an observer being present.

The idea that we live in a conscious universe has been gaining ground steadily for a number of years. What does the term, “a conscious universe,” actually mean? The universe consists entirely of consciousness. The fabric of the universe is consciousness. The objects in the universe are all made of consciousness. Everything in the universe is fabricated from aspects of original consciousness, interwoven and set into motion.


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Consciousness goes beyond biology, it is the ‘thing’ that allows us to perceive our external environment. At the same time, our external environment is a result of the level of consciousness that we all operate at. Quantum physics is revealing that how we perceive our reality is directly responsible for creating our reality. Consciousness is also responsible for shaping our biology, if you look at placebo studies for example, whatever we believe, perceive and are convinced to be of benefit, our bodies will create the chemical flows and biological environment necessary to produce the desired result or cure. The placebo effect is one of the most fascinating aspects of health care, with results that have been proven to work at least fifty percent of the time during treatment of health related problems. Even recent findings, like neuro-plasticity give further credence to the power of consciousness, and ability we all have to self-heal. It is a known scientific fact that our biological make up, down to our cells and the external reality around us is shaped by us, our perception, beliefs, emotions, and feelings. How we perceive the world through an internal perspective is responsible for creating and shaping the external world we see around us. Education, biology and medicine have taught us that our brain is responsible for sending different signals to our body, that our brain determines everything we do, this isn’t true. Sure, it’s true that our brain sends signals, and tells our bodies what to do, but we do not recognize that something is communicating with our brain that causes it to react and instruct the body on what to do. What is sending signals to our brain? Our heart is, the place in which you come from, the intent that lay behind your action is important, and can depend on what level of consciousness you operate at. I do not mean to use the word level to imply better or worse.

Research is beginning to show how the heart plays a tremendous role in our lives, far beyond what is commonly known. The heart is responsible for emitting electromagnetic fields that change according to our emotions. Where do our emotions come from? Our emotions are a direct result to how we perceive the environment around us. Person A can have a different emotional response than person B even though the event that created the emotional response could be exactly the same. For example, if two people are making love, and two separate people are observing the love making taking place, they could both have a different emotional response to it, it all depends on what ‘level’ of consciousness they operate at. Another example is war, for some people it might trigger sadness, hate or anger, and for others it might trigger a sense of accomplishment, patriotism and bravery. For others it might just be an experience they no longer resonate with, and view it from a place of neutrality, not judging it but recognizing that they no longer desire it for this planet. Our emotional response, our reaction to a certain situations depend on a number of factors, a response of bravery and patriotism usually comes from a manipulation of consciousness. By this I mean many people have been brainwashed to believe that war is necessary, from this programmed belief comes certain emotional responses.

Our reaction to the environment around us also plays an important role in shaping our reality. Can you be calm, and at peace no matter what events are unfolding around you in your external world? The heart has a system of neurons that have both long term and short term memory, and the signals sent to our brain have a direct effect on the signals that the brain sends to our body. The heart sends a tremendous amount of information to the brain, yet mainstream science assumes the brain is where it all starts. Our intuition, our heart, our higher self, our soul is what is becoming known as we move through 2013 and beyond.

If we look at perception of reality, it’s changed over time. One hundred years ago, human beings on Earth had a completely different perception of reality, understandably so. Our perception of reality is responsible for creating belief systems, consciousness cannot change, and reality cannot change without letting go of belief systems. When we choose to let go of belief systems, we change our reality simply by having an open mind that’s not afraid of change. Sometimes we hold on to belief systems so much that they become our truth, sometimes we believe our thoughts so much that they become our absolute truth.

Manipulation of Consciousness

When I say manipulation of consciousness, I mean that the human race has been made to believe, as well as perceive reality in a way that does not represent the true nature of our reality. We are constantly being fed with lies, and tend to believe them without question. Our beliefs about the world and how it is, is directly correlated to how we perceive our environment, which is directly correlated to what level of consciousness we operate at and what type of experience the human race creates for itself. How is our consciousness manipulated? Many examples exist to illustrate how our consciousness has been manipulated. 9/11 is a great example, humanity was convinced of a terrorist attack that was used to justify the invasion of Iraq. This event developed a belief system in millions, if not billions of people that the world was being attacked by terrorists. From this perception, it allowed many other unethical events to unfold. Another example are UFOs, water fluoridation, mass media, health care and education. One of my most favorite examples is the energy industry. If we see alternative energy methods presented to us on TV, and even being implemented by multinational corporations, we believe that is the be all and end all of solutions. Did you know that we have zero point energy devices available?

It is no longer a secret that certain concepts, findings and aspects of our reality are concealed from the human race. We give our power over to a small group of elite and the corporations they run, and we are convinced that the issues on planet Earth are being dealt with. Concealment of certain aspects of reality has the potential to keep us creating the same experience for human beings on the planet, it has the ability to keep us in a perception lockdown, not knowing that there are other elements of reality that could completely change the perception of the human being, and how they operate. We have been taken out of touch with ourselves, and who we really are.

It’s 2013 now, and the world is moving through a period of transparency. Human beings are beginning to see through the veil that has blinded the masses. We are starting to question activities on planet Earth and why we operate the way we do. If you were an alien looking down on the planet, I’m sure you would scratch your head. It just doesn’t make sense, and more information is presenting itself to show us that we have to do it collectively. We have to realize that we are all one human race, on planet Earth and that there is no separation between us. We are all literally facets of one another, we created everything we see here today. It’s time to stop complaining and just create something new, it’s as simple as that.