AK: Connecting the OPPT Dots: More Evidence that the Off-ledger Global Accounts Are Real

Posted: February 4, 2013 in One People's Public Trust (OPPT)
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Paula at American Kabuki did some great research and hit the OPPT nail right on the head in this article…
–Angel Lucci, Beneficiary
   One People’s Public Trust
Gotta ask: what is the nature of the fraudulent activity that major banks have undertaken?
As best I can tell, national and international banks, like the governments reporting to them, follow a business model that leans entirely on enormous off-ledger accounts backed by undisclosed gold holdings. All banking transactions are fully backed by gold, secured in a series of public trusts that were originally intended to be payable to each person on earth. Bank principals do not disclose this fact to their customers.
The public trusts in question are very old and they are astronomically valuable. The One People’s Public Trust, for example, assigns a minimum value of five billion gold-backed U.S. dollars to each citizen of earth, irrespective of nationality. Keeping these points in mind sheds new light on standard banking transactions. Let’s consider a handy example.
Effectively, when a bank customer requests money in the form of a ‘loan’, the bank immediately covers the full amount of that ‘loan’ by drawing funds from the customer’s public trust account, via a computer link to a central bank. The bank records the transaction by adding the amount of the so-called ‘loan’ to its own asset base. In this way, the customer’s debt is paid as soon as that debt is created on the bank’s ledger. This is the point in the transaction at which fraud is committed: the bank does not tell the customer that the bank has already been paid. Instead, the bank tells the customer that a ‘loan’ has just been created in the customer’s name, and insists that the customer must pay the bank the full amount of that ‘loan’, plus compound interest, by some assigned future date. This is the mechanism by which a bank creates money ex nihilo, ‘from nothing’.
It strikes me that this may still seem a tad implausible, so let’s investigate further. AK on this blog and D at Removing the Shackles have helpfully been providing us with documents over the past several days that trace the shadowy outline of yet another public trust.
So how does this connect to Ferdinand Marcos’ Will and the Philippines’ gold?






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