OPPT Presentation Masters (Rev 3.3)

Posted: February 4, 2013 in One People's Public Trust (OPPT)

OPPT Presentation Masters (Rev 3.3)

For the People, any One of You, who feels like BEing and DOing, the OPPT Presentation Masters (Rev 3.3) are available for download and translation.

They are in OpenOffice and PowerPoint file format.

They are Public Domain material for All of the People to use for translating into other languages. BE and DO your part…

We are the change we’ve been looking for!

Angel Lucci

Click on the graphic to go to the Scribd.com website.

PowerPoint Master:

OpenOffice Master

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    Thank you!

  2. Wow! This is truly AWESOME! Thank you!

  3. I can’t say thank you enough.

  4. terra0510 says:

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    We now have a Dutch version of the OPPT Presentation. Very well done and the presentation can be used one-on-one for educating a neighbor or a small group and even a large professional setting with hundreds, this presentation will make anyone look like a professional. If they have questions, point them to the references and tell them to EDUCATE THEMSELVES!
    Angel Lucci

    • asoulwoman says:

      You might want to listen to Heather’s take on Thrive and Foster Gamble in her 2/16/13 interview with Freedom Central. It starts at about (58) minutes in. Then again, maybe you already have and are getting a different frequency reading. Thank you for putting this presentation together. One Love, One Heart, One People’s Public Trust…

      • Thank you for bringing that to my attention. The overall presentation of Thrive is excellent as an overview of much needed information for the People not even awake yet! What the creators of that presentation do since then is a reflection of their transparency and ultimately they are accountable for any further creations. Remember, we are All One. Let’s view others as if we ourselves are standing as them. Love One Another…
        Thanks & I Love All Y’All…
        (Texan for Every One)

  6. Awesome work – ThankYou for Your BEing and DOing, my man°!

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