UPDATED: Was the Newtown, CT School Shooting a Hoax?

Posted: February 2, 2013 in NEWS

“REJOICE!!!! NO CHILDREN GOT KILLED!!! The Noose is a bunch of LIARS! They essentially hijacked a town and flooded it with actors! There are multiple levels at work here… On one level they will create a new headline for the noose… GUN CONTROL…. On the other hand… The dark energies FEED off your FALSE PRAYERS! If children did die and people did pray then those prayers help to heal all. But if there were no actual murders… ALL THAT ENERGY IS FED TO THEM!!! That’s why they call it THE FED!!! It is amazing how people will actually get mad at you when you tell them that NO CHILDREN WERE KILLED… It’s almost like they want them dead! There may have been some sacrifices that day… It is highly doubtful any children got whacked! For the simple fact that the dark energies needed food. The FATHER of LIES get’s off on deceit. Don’t fall for it!”
All About 2012

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