Royal Babylon – by Heathcote Williams (rough cut)

Posted: October 30, 2015 in Articles from Blogs I Follow, Consciousness - Awakening, Disclosure, NEWS, Other Video

All I have to say is:

Wake the Fuck Up People!

Enjoy the video…

–Angel Lucci

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Published on May 11, 2012

Narration and Montage by Alan Cox

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Pupendum Addendum:…

  1. RonMamita says:

    The Uncommon & Strange, Hidden in Secrecy
    WHY fund a giant spider statue???

    Hey want to see a completely pointless use of Canadian taxpayer money?
    Go see the giant spider video here!

    What you will hear and read below, has not been vetted and verified.
    The stories connect to clandestine agents, scientists, and the lost ancient past over a millennia!

    This sounds both too strange and yet so very interesting to me.
    I find it interesting because it links to subjects of research that I have undertaken in my conspiracy research. However I never imagined such a strange link, but the links exists.

    The rabbit hole was already very deep, but now it becomes bizarre!
    With immortality, D.U.M.B.s, UFOs, and conflicts between secret elites of Spiders and Owls…

    We are not running away from looking into this because it links to the same elite suspects, and because we are truth seekers.

    Crrow777, James Alfred on THC Talking Hattybov – Man or Myth?

    Hatybov, Spiders, and the UFO Enigma : A Subset of the Land Management System
    I’m not going to lie; I’ve been obsessed by the Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) enigma for most of my life (at least as long as I’ve been able to read). I’ve got a book shelf filled with Vallee, Keel, Layne, Van Tassel, and even Constable. You start with the standard Extraterrestrial (ET) hypothesis, then move to a military-industrial hypothesis, then to a cryptoterrestrial hypothesis, then to the ultradimensional hypothesis, and then to an orgonite based sky critters theory, and back again, and still not really have any sense of what is going on. Yet they continue to be seen everyday, and no one still has any clue of what they are (or at least is not sharing information with the rest of us).

    Returning to the enigma of Hatybov/Hatibow (I use Hatibow in each post as it appears it was once his email address), and his published works on line, I would like to attempt to define UFO / UFO occupants from the Super System -> System -> Subsystem paradigm. So let’s attempt it, shall we?

    The UFO Baseline

    Anyone who has seen Crrow’s or Houston Skywatcher’s videos regarding UFOs are typically in awe of what is being seen; at least I am. I’m certain there are countless other skywatching videos out there that I have not seen, but for the sake of this post, let’s assume the following characteristics are attributable to UFOs filmed by the above mentioned skywatchers :

    Typically shadow-esque, semitransparent, or transparent craft observed
    Orbs that are moving up / down left / right
    In some cases shooting apparent lasers at something in atmosphere
    Odd shaped craft that wobble across the horizon

    The feedback I typically receive when I show these clips to a friend or to a coworker usually moves along this line of progression : “’That’s just a satellite’, to ‘that’s a space ship’, to ‘that’s a plane’, to ‘that’s ‘secret’ military plane’, to maybe, just maybe, ‘is that a UFO from outer space??” Yet I never receive a reaction to the extent of “Is that some sort of monitoring/feedback probe hovering in the atmosphere?” Perhaps that question is not meant to be asked by design.

    As Hatibow states in his intro, “Horse Diploma/Modern Science vs The Concept of a New World” table in a number of articles, UFOs are defined by both perspectives as such :

    Read report:

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