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We heard that the truth will come out. This so much sounds like the truth to me that we’ll leave it at the top of the blog until everyone has had a chance to read it.

Gordon ends with the comment that this group may well succeed. But, as you and I know, there’s not a chance in the world they will succeed.

To the many lightworkers who’ve unfortunately bought into this group’s undermining of President Obama by repeatedly distributing every lie that was ever concocted, my message is: please stop. To those who held the faith, thank you!

Steve Beckow

The Obama “Un-Presidency”

Gordon Duff, New Eastern Outlook, April 30, 2014

During the last months of the Bush administration, a Secret Shadow Government (SSG) was created to sabotage President Obama, politically, economically and, in particular, on issues of foreign policy. “Transition conferences” were held, procedures enacted, roadblocks created.In every aspect of government, parallel command structures answerable to former officials and special interest groups were created.

In many departments such as those tasked with enforcing laws, regulating financial institutions or even commanding nuclear forces, new positions were created giving not only broad and unaccountable authority to minor officials but new regulations protect them from oversight or even detection.

In some cases, State Department officials overseeing intelligence and policy functions report, not to Secretary of State Kerry but to private “think tanks,” many tied to extremist elements of the opposition party.

“SSG” moles forge language on intercepts, distribute misleading analysis and photoshopped “evidence” and, most recently, have altered translated statements from the Russian government over the Ukraine to be full scale ultimatums where, in reality, such language has never been used.

In the worst cases, drug and human trafficking and even terrorism is involved. In one case, the Army psychiatrist, Dr. Hassan, responsible for the mass killings at the army’s Ft. Hood facility not only took part in a “transitional conference” at George Washington University but consorted with known terrorists while under the protection of powerful political friends in the Bush administration.


If Obama administration policies make no sense, and to any moderately informed observer, that has to have come to mind, there is a reason. When Obama took office, the previous administration, the most corrupt and even “demonic” in history, had embedded its most venomous acolytes into key strategic positions.The most visible historic carryover from the Bush administration has been tied to the extensive privatization of intelligence functions necessary to maintain the flow of tons of heroin from Afghanistan and to maintain the “testy” relationships with the Mexican and Latin American drug cartels.

The rationale for “not letting go of power,” for failing to hand over the reins as it were is, ostensibly financial in nature. With control of events through the control of intelligence and, as with JSOC, or the Joint Special Operations Command, the quasi-political/privatized black ops group believed to still be commanded by Cheney and Rumsfeld though out of government, full military operational capabilities have survived where leaving public office should have brought that to an end.

Where the “carryover” has surfaced in an undeniable and most threatening fashion is with America’s nuclear forces. In 2007, nuclear weapons were illegally loaded onto a B 52 at Minot Air Force Base in South Dakota. The command of this nuclear base and its missile wings, perhaps the most powerful offensive force on earth, had fallen to a religious cult dedicated to bringing about a nuclear apocalypse.

In one of the rare successes of the Obama administration, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Martin Dempsey, has in a series of lightning strikes removed the entire nuclear command of the US Air Force.

Similarly, General Dempsey has removed dozens of ranking military officers and Pentagon officials revealed to be answerable to the “SSG.”


obama facepalm 300x224 The Truth About the Obama Presidency EmergesObama inherited a government “infected” by the secret societies John F. Kennedy warned about only hours before his assassination. Using names of their own choosing, Illuminati, Federalists, Freemasons, Dominionists, Evangelical Zionists, Temple of Set, Neocon, a virtual army of “moles” were planted at every strategic juncture in America’s bureaucratic and judicial apparatus.

  1. Through control of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, over $3 trillion was created without authorization or underwriting through Treasury Notes and distributed into a network of European banks through Bank of America and Royal Bank of Scotland. In a single act, Timothy Geithner misappropriated more funds than anyone in world history.
  2. A 5/4 majority in the Supreme Court not only legally underwrote the overthrow of the American electoral system in 2000 with the “appointment” of George W. Bush but certified through its silence the suspension of habeas corpus (encompassing all guaranteed rights of individual due process) in 2005, authorized blanket wiretapping, torture, defendants’ rights and legalized “execution by drone” without due process. In recent years all electoral financing controls guaranteeing constitutional “equal protection” were overturned.
  3. Through the process known as “gerrymandering,” electoral districts were reapportioned to guarantee that over 200 million Americans would be denied congressional representation, eliminating entirely their real voting franchise.
  4. Through blocking Obama judicial nominees and control of all regional Department of Justice officials and the FBI, with few exceptions, unprecedented criminality has been able to flourish throughout America. On issues of 9/11 alone, dozens of prosecutions, investigations and civil actions that easily exceeded prima facie requirements were quashed. In a well-planned and coordinated multigenerational operation, including “talent-spotting” at the earliest educational levels, a virtual army of semi-robotic automatons were injected into the American legal system insuring decades of abuse and injustice.
  5. Through control of service academies, extremist groups tied to bizarre religious sects, many deeply rooted in satanic practices, key areas with in the military and intelligence communities fell under control of secret societies.

For those who really understand the “Washington dynamic,” the real disappointment has been Obama’s unwillingness to remove not just obstructionist bureaucrats that sabotage policies and keep billions in public funds flowing directly to Bush run organized crime but the even greater threats such as we have seen during recently weeks.


By this time, one thing is clear. Whatever legacy the Obama presidency wished to have has been destroyed by the debacle in the Ukraine. The gaffs are mounting up, the most recent one today when the New York Times was forced to withdraw an article accusing Russia of sending special operations forces into the Eastern Ukraine.

They had snatched photos from internet social media, did some “doctoring” and were, within hours, caught fabricating another story. Similarly, the Anti-Defamation League, a New York based lobby group closely tied to the New York Times had, only a week before, been “busted” for orchestrating the anti-Semitic pamphlets passed out to Ukrainian Jews.

It goes further, more than phony news stories, down to training terrorists, planning attacks, murdering demonstrators.


Vickie Noodleman, or as she is now known, Undersecretary of State Victoria “Nuland,” was never a particularly noteworthy or capable individual. Her primary skills were her willingness to marry archconservative fanatic John Kagan and then to accept a position working for Dick Cheney, the infamous “Darth Vader” of American politics.

Noodleman wasn’t always the jowly cow we see today. By Washington standards she was a “hot babe.” Her marriage to John Kagan, the intellectually shallow head of the anti-Putin cabal at the Brookings Institution, assured her a quick run through the “pecking order” at the State Department, even under the flawed oversight of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Clinton, were she paying attention, would have “strangled Noodleman at birth” as the proverbial saying goes, before damage could be done. It was Noodleman that supplied the “talking points” to Undersecretary of State Susan Rice during the Benghazi investigation, a political disaster for Clinton.

Little did the “half blind” Obama administration know that the Benghazi attack had been planned and underwritten in Washington, the Potomac Institute, PJ Media (a Mossad front group), the Heritage Foundation, the American Enterprise Institute and “carry-over” operational units “formerly” under command of “former” Vice President Cheney.

As with recent investigations that have traced the training of the Maidan Square snipers to secret CIA facilities in Poland, Benghazi was also a CIA operation. Few care to remember that Reverend Terry Jones, of Koran burning fame, in another life spent 12 years in Germany running Gladio operations.

Erased from history but brought back for this brief moment is a news story from that day:

“WASHINGTON, Sept 12 (Reuters) – General Martin Dempsey, the chairman of the U.S. military’s Joint Chiefs of Staff, spoke with Pastor Terry Jones by phone on Wednesday and asked him to withdraw his support for a film whose portrayal of the Prophet Mohammad has sparked violent protests – including one that ended with the death of America’s envoy to Libya.”

When backtracking the funding of the Jones film credited by General Dempsey for inciting what we now know to be the “cover and deception” operation leading to the Benghazi attack, the names Kagan and Nuland/Noodleman are seen repeatedly along with the front for the broadcast, PJ Media and a series of conservative think tanks.

Thus, Washington “Stink Tanks” as they are called, assisted by a YouTube Psyop media company and coordinated with corrupt elected officials murdered an American ambassador and used “SSG” insiders in the State Department to push blame onto the Obama administration.

This same method is being repeated in Syria, the Ukraine, with the Palestinian peace talks in addition to the sabotaged relationships with both Russia and China.


There is a clear agenda, one intended to “burn” Russia, China and the United States “to the ground.” Inside Washington and other capitols around the world, “SSG” moles, working in concert, are pushing the world to “August 1914.”

Why they may well succeed is simple. No one would believe it.

Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War that has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades and consulted with governments challenged by security issues. He’s a senior editor and chairman of the board of Veterans Today, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.

  1. sherayx says:

    I have never seen Obama look like that, I really feel for all involved, us, them, everybody. So many are being used, all of us, everyone plays a role. But when I say peace and luv to all , I mean it. No one knows what monster is at the middle, controlling and in the most protected and anonymous part of the spiral mess. Many don’t know why they do what they do, it’s hard because so many lives have been controlled by another force. And no one knows what someone is going through and why. Or what and who is behind making them do it. I truly feel for Obama, and many others… Yes, we get angry and vent, it’s so outrageous how can u not? But do we even know, does anybody know? No we don’t, but our hearts should remain open, to receive even the worst if they are a victim, because we all are victims, in one way or another. This world has molded so many, even the ones that think they haven’t been. Who goes by a structure of writing, or speaking, ect… you are you and I am me, that is what makes up the world. They said the greatest President of all time, 1920-21, Warren Harding everyone said he was an idiot, because he didn’t write like a scholar. Even though he could, but sometimes chose not too, (read some of his works) But had one of the best regimes in history for economic growth simply because he did nothing. (nothing to interfere with the people or Constitution. I write different because I am different, that doesn’t mean I am stupid. We “r” all very confused, but I believe luv, and caring concern for one another will prevail, because we are ALL in the matrix, even Obama. Much luv and peace to all.

  2. sherayx says:

    One thing we all know is it needs to stop. And u still have to kinda take everything with a grain of salt as well. Thanks for sharing.

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