California DMV gives EXEMPT Plate, to “Not For Hire” Driver.

Posted: August 26, 2013 in Articles from Blogs I Follow, NEWS
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DMDMV gives EXEMPT Plate, to “not for hire” driver.

Attached are new genuine CA Exempt license plates. Issued yesterday (5-15-2013) from the California Costa Mesa DMV. Total cost $0, expires December 2099.

This man went in complaining that he keeps getting harassed as he is a “not for hire”, not a US citizen, as he traveled as a right.

Possibly this is an “exemption” only from registration, true independence from the Department of Motor Vehicles would be a complete “not included”.
Exemption means that they chose to not include you, actually when if “not for hire” then you are independent by right, not by privilege.

More info will soon be posted on this process being used by his many friends across the nation.



Click on the above, you will see that the “state” requires liability insurance on the Mercedes. Travel by right requires no regulation and that means no requirement for Liability insurance, all you need to understand is that you are liable under common law.

So if one is subject to any State of Nebraska written law then one is subject to all unless having a granted exempted privilege Looks like this is only an exemption as to plating the car yearly.

I opt for full right, no state plate, no state registration, no liability insurance, no duty except that the Lord lays on me to love one another.


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