Absolute Data – Fifteenth Energetic Transmission – by Daniel Gross

Posted: March 28, 2013 in One People's Public Trust (OPPT)

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Creator Source does not buy and sell – Are you Creator Source or not?

Are you still running too and fro friends while presently living your life as One? Do you in fact now realize that the One is Creator Source? Do you now remember that you are Creator Source because you are One? Why do you still live your lives as though you are not the One Creator Source? Are you waiting on that wonderful day when you can buy an airline ticket and fly off to the islands on a spring vacation? Are you waiting for the necessary funds to be at your disposal so that you can still buy that house – still buy that flashy new car (I do not begrudge anyone the right to have a new house or car by the way)? Are you waiting on all things to become anew while still residing in the buy – sell mode of life? We are not here in this present position we are in today (if we have awakened) so as to buy and sell for ourselves – nor are we here to do so for others who still reside in third density energies and consciousness.

In days gone by I have provided many a post or message toward the truth that we ( the awakened generation) would be coming into a lot of money or assets in order to provide the world a transitional tool in order to remove the burden of third density mankind while he and she is in this transition from third density to the fifth. In my message and many messages before this specific one I speak of I spoke to a collective consciousness that was prepared to receive the message I provided – but there are still those out there in the world today who see themselves as awakened and they are not yet prepared to receive the message I have many times offered to the awakened generation of man on fifth density planet earth at this day. You all move in and out of fifth density so often during these times that you have many times neglected to retain one very important and specific point I have attempted to drive home to the awakened souls of the world today.

While each of you are in your awakened state of consciousness you do indeed remember many things you had forgotten – but there is this one important issue that must be driven home in the collective consciousness of fifth density man today – and must be retained by those still not fully connected to their fifth density home or energy levels. When you go there friends you will not retain what you have been given to take back with you to third density unless you are prepared to live it in your present third density life. Yes friends what I am telling you is that once what is below becomes as the above; once the above becomes as the below – once what is inner is as the outer; and the outer as the inner – once the two become the One and the One becomes the two – my oh my what will you do? Had to make a rhyme as this use to be my favorite hobby in life. And though I have added a bit of poetry (though it is amateur poetry) the complete statement still holds completely true.

I will repeat for those who need clarification – When that which is below becomes as that which is above and that which is above becomes as that which is below – when the inner becomes as the outer and the outer becomes as the inner – indeed when the two become one and the one becomes two you are there my friends.

Third density man cannot awaken until he or she is prepared to live in life upon the plane of third density just as he or she would live life when taking on the energies of fifth density – and immediately becoming fifth density human. When the old becomes the new and the new swallows up the old the two will become one and the One will become two. When two shall be standing in the field and the One is taken the other will be left (to do and be as he or she pleases in life). Fifth density man has just become third density man and third density man has just become fifth density man. The fifth density man will now teach and help third density man how to remember who he or she truly is in the grand scheme of things.

One will move to the ethers (the directors) while the other is left standing in the field (the play) and the lessons will continue while third dneisty man is now connected to a fully conscious representation of itself. Will third density man continue in his or her old ways or will he or she begin remembering at a very rapid pace now – soon to become their fully conscious selves as well – alongside all the many other human souls who make up their One spiritual society and soul group that is Creator Source. As I heard from a wonderful kindhearted human soul many now moments ago we are all becoming physical angels (as long as you know this is simply a representative term for the now) soon to be spiritual angels at the completion of our receiving Absolute Data.

Keep in mind friends that each of you is presently two – that being the masculine and the other the feminine. You each live your lives from day to day drawing affections from the rational human mind (the masculine) while switching back and forth based on your lessons in life to the feminine (Heart) as well. So when the two again become the One – and the One becomes the two (actually knowing you are masculine and feminine) what then will each of you be and do? Every individual human soul who presently thinks he or she is separate and a single sex ( male or female) in life is actually both – and you must come to live as both within every new now moment in your life from the moment of your awakening. So I pose this question to each of you here this day – are you truly awakened and prepared to accept new things in your life as the true you that exists within the boundaries of that fleshly human form you once thought to be your actual self – or are you still third density man living in an unconscious state of mind and being – and therefore still wanting certain factions of the old system running your life and future world?
If each of you is to move into a new system of abundance that only has its connection to money and value within third density through its corresponding energy patterns found in fifth density and higher – then you must remove yourself and disconnect from the foundations that once laid the path in order for money and material value to flood your planet and reality in the first place.
Money does not exist in fifth density – buying is not an option in fifth density – selling is not an option in fifth density – and usury is most certainly not a system or practice found within fifth density. Everyone is provided their needs in life while every individual human soul is provided for while they each make their final transition and transformation into fifth density as well. So what is it that is needed by third density man in order to have the basic necessities in life and to move into fifth density existence just as soon as they possibly can according to their own personal life’s plan laid out for each of them long ago? Are we to actually hand over a fistful of money or assets to third density man in order to make all of his or her troubles in life go away at the drop of a hat? Is this really what many of you awakened souls out there today have come to think and latch on to for your new found spiritual wisdom?

If it is this than this is simply because you have been guided by way too many false prophets and messengers in the world today and you are waiting for some outside source to come along and fix it all for you. That outside source being money – material things – some trust – some third density solution – or simply some outside source that cannot be found within the spiritual society and soul group that resides within the collective consciousness of each and every one of you at this day. Now many things have already taken their course –and many of you who truly are awakened are prepared to live your life now as it was meant to be lived by the upper as well as the lower – simultaneously – but there are still certain tiny little barriers in your way and many of you are only days away from putting these misconceptions to bed for good.

There is no paper money on the way for that collective of souls who are awakened – about to awaken – or are even now in the process of awakening into fifth density energies and consciousness at this day. Actual material and physical value systems (money is a thing of the past and no longer serves the purposes of fifth density man and those about to become fifth dneisty man. Therefore those who are still remaining in third dneisty energies and consciousness are still there because they are still working things out – and therefore do not need for us to come along and bind them back to the old system of things if we are to guide them into their awakening. Spiritual value and abundance is wisdom and Absolute Truth or Data –and that is what we will now bring to the world of third dneisty – as that is all they need at this point in their evolution of the soul.

If they are given more riches so as to prolong their dependency on buying and selling in life – running too and fro gathering more things to possess as their own in life – then we have failed miserably.

If you friends are included in this group then you too are still in the lesson of life –and are presently in transition – therefore needing further guidance in your awakening. And so shall each of you receive that guidance just as we all have when we needed it in life – as that is how the higher self guides their lower self in life into their awakening and moving on to reconnect to the One or whole. So if we are here in the world today to guide all into their awakening and to provide complete abundance of life to all through the sharing of Absolute Data – you might ask ‘how is it we are helping third dneisty man to receive their immediate needs in life at this day without the actual disbursing of money to them all?’

With the providing of Absolute Data to every fifth density human on the planet we are at the same time providing Absolute Data to third density man or human souls. For if you are human then you are a lower third density soul connected to its higher fifth density human soul in every case as far as the human soul is concerned. Whether or not the fifth density higher self is given access to third density lower self is always up to the free will choosing of every human being individually. In other words if you are now seeking actual truth or Data in the world today it is guaranteed that every individual human being will receive it –as it is already within each of you as your conscious warehouse of Absolute Data so to speak.

And what Absolute Data will do for each of you is to help you each remember that there is nothing in life you will ever need that you do not already possess. Those of you who follow a collective known as the One Peoples Public Trust have already been given the tools to understand the things I am sharing with you all here this day – now you simply need to move on and build on the Absolute Data you have received up to this point. You have been shown that the value is truly within each of you though some of you still believe this value spoken of is of a monetary shape – form – or substance in your present world and system today. It is in a way as you believe but money and value in fifth dneisty is as I have said – it is wisdom and truth (Absolute Data). You cannot help third density human beings in their life based on their need for monetary abundance – material and physical forms of pleasure of any kind – and still bound and submitted to world leaders and governments who have no concern for their well being in life.
You give them what they want and they simply continue feeding the beast that is feeing on the fears and lack of every third density human beings connected to their old system of things through their many contracts – forms – and laws of the land they are made to depend on in life from the moment of their birth into this present world they live in. Can’t do it friends – you cannot allow them to continue to feed this old system if you are prepared to help them in the least at this day.

I have reminded readers of my many past messages never to pray – never to fast – and never to give – for in doing so you not only heap many curses on your own heads but the head of the one receiving your offerings of third dneisty creations and energies. I have had continuous complaints about this teaching in the world in days gone by as third dneisty man is never prepared to accept these words – given they are throughout their life taught to give – while their world rulers and government constantly practice just the opposite in life. There is one organization in your third dneisty world today that is well respected for their religion – but what is the Absolute Data coming out today telling you all about that organization? And what do they practice in the world when it comes to giving? Do they feed certain human souls on your world today while letting others starve? Do they possess much abundance in your world today while the world is still flooded with the homeless – the starving – and the sick and diseased in numbers that are simply horrific?

No my friends it matters not how much monetary wealth you spread through out a corrupt – opposite- and upside down world today known as third dneisty – this will not change third density – as the change is within each individual human soul and their willingness to completely remove themselves from such a system and life – and move over to a system and life that every single human being on the planet wears their truth and affections out on their sleeve – where every other human soul in the world will know each as he or she truly is in life. It is time to take off the mask and each of you to be seen for what you truly are this this grand scheme of things known as Absolute living!

Every human soul is waking up today – every actual human body and form seen in third density today is an actual spiritual society and soul group filled with living souls of both Service to self and Service to others – human souls. As the souls continue to awaken at a rapid accelerated pace even as we speak – every material and physical human on the planet is waking up in the process. Some possess more awakened souls presently than do others – but all are waking up. It is no longer a matter of if – but of how soon – and I tell you from experience and spiritual knowledge that it is sooner than you think. So what power or abilities will the world rulers and government employees have as these souls awaken more and more within their collective groups? They are quickly dwindling away – that is a truth. We cannot feed the masses – provide medical assistance and cures for the sick and diseased – and we cannot provide adequate shelter to the people of the third density world who reside outside our walls of fifth density until they as individual spiritual societies and soul groups (each individual human body and form) choose a new way – a new truth – and a new life.

Given however that this is already happening throughout the world today our work is being done for us according to Universal laws of our soul contracts.

As has been mentions already by many sources – our soul contracts are done and fulfilled and so souls are awakening in very large numbers today. What many humans now see as a possible future of awakened souls into fifth dneisty some of us already see as in the now –and as a done deal – and time is simply catching up to this truth and reality. So I say to each of you again – do not continue to buy and sell as we will no longer possess anything in our new fifth density life and world and system. Do not seek government – laws for the land – judgment – justice – and punishment for those you continue to believe to be guilty of crimes in your world today. They are guilty of nothing and the only record being kept of their offenses and misdeeds toward mankind are those books which contain the many books of life for past and future generations to come onto the scene of third density existence.

Third density man does not need our help with anything other than our spiritual guidance toward their own personal awakening in life at this day. Every hardship – every loss or lack – any one single third density human experiences in their life at this day is for the purpose of finishing out their own personal life’s plan and soul contract as they still reside within the illusion of time and space – whereas the awakened human soul has left time and space as we once knew it -completed our soul contract and life’s plan – and are now manifesting a whole new way of life for all of mankind in the many new now moments to come. These may be some hard words for some to accept at this day in time – seeing all the hardship being lived throughout the world today – but moving from a system of slavery to a system of complete freedom of the soul is a task that must be undertaken in a manner that provides for the complete free will choosing of all in life – so that the evolution of every individual soul is completed through free will choice.

If a man or woman still feels in life that they must continue depending on the present system where every need in life is provided by the slave keepers then that is their free will choice based on their own personal evolutionary cycle in life. Feed them – provide them clothes and shelter – and even care for their many different levels of sickness and disease and they will remain dependent on someone. And who is to even way that the old powers that were would not then take the credit for providing for the people so as to pacify them in life they make new plans for their continued slavery systems to come? The system that is in the world which still provides minimum things for those ( still standing out in the field) still lulled to sleep in third density must completely come to its end –and it cannot end as long as it is being fed.

The people of that system still like watching television many hours a day – they still like working nine to five – they still like their governments and religious organizations –and they still like buying and selling. Therefore to provide them with all the many luxuries in life that continue to feed their flesh will not get them off of the couch – out of the running too and fro – and will not stop them from wanting someone to rule over them – this must come from the complete removal of this system – while replacing it with a system where all provide for themselves in life – and they do so while causing no further harm or loss to another human being for endless generations to come.

Remember the old saying “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day – teach a man how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime?” Well how about showing a man he does not even have to eat fish any longer but can now eat whatever he wishes in life from this day forth – and he can create it himself instantly and at will? They speak of material and physical things – we speak of the spiritual – where you can make crooked what is straight and straight what is crooked.
Imagine a physical angel that is now connected to its spiritual angel or self now – and this is what each of you is about to become. How do I know this personally – I know it because I chose to give it all up and test the promise of the One or whole – or Creator Source. I am that spiritual angel you will each become in your own allotted time –and I live my life through heart – as does my wife to a certain extent. She is not there where I am presently – and I do not want her there until she is ready. Do we have complete equilibrium between the two of us in our relationship? Yes! Can I manifest those things in life that she does not yet know to be a potential or possibility within our own personal sphere or bubble? No! My creations would be fifth density while she still resides mostly in third density. As her “knowing” grows in the days ahead so too will our collective creative and Co – creative abilities in life grow as well.

You cannot live the life and reality in fifth density you are not prepared to live in your awakened state within third density – and I am not prepared to live my life separate form my wife –and am fully prepared to wait on her to reach every level of her awakening in life before we move to the next step together as a collective consciousness and society of One. If I venture outside of my home and I am not in the presence of my wife but in the presence of other awakened souls who wish to co –create with me – then I will consider this each time and according to each opportunity I am presented with in life. At the same time my wife is fully aware of why I gave up all the booty and abundance we possessed at one time in our lives as a couple – and she is also aware that I made this grand sacrifice in order for us to have something so much greater in the many now moments to come. Other family members are not so pleased or accepting of my choices in life during days gone by.

The whole point of the matter is that unless we get rid of the ghosts that haunt us from the old system – we cannot move over to a new system where we can then have all things we once possessed in life to share with all others ( no more ownership – buying – or selling) and in the meantime never again possessing energy in any body and form in life ever again – and we then come to connect with all energies through a friendship and partnership in life – therefore being capable of instantly creating those things of our Hearts desires in life form this moment forward.
You each are now at a fork in the road and you need to choose to move on and let the dead take care of their own – while each of those living in death ( unawakened third density life) presently will still be there in your world of fifth dneisty awaiting their lower selves to one day come and join them as well. For we all live and reside on every plane of existence and consciousness and we have not been told in past lifetimes that there is a person awaiting us in fifth dneisty who is still sleeping in third density and the two worlds are all soon to connect and awaken together as One spiritual society and soul group known as the macrocosm. Abundance is surely to find you all in the day’s ahead friends but it will come in a package of greater wonders than the most wonderful Christmas present any one single human being has ever imagines being possible.

And now at this time the spirit leads me to end here – as I have already provided sufficient data for this transmission –and must now leave you all to ponder on the many wonderful things to come.

My name is Daniel and I leave you all in my complete unconditional love – may it surround you all in a collective sphere of bright light.



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