Posted: February 25, 2013 in One People's Public Trust (OPPT)

Excellent! I Am on board for Eternal Hearts united as One with Creator Source!

One Peoples Public Trust Milwaukee

Heather Explains More about OPPT, Eternal Hearts, etc.

Early this morning, the Removing The Shackles Skype room revealed a post by Heather. I’ve taken out times, dates and others names and their comments to bring you the meat of what Heather has to share with us.


that, and the off-planet friends going over the records to find out who messed with them (devil)

the Akashic records are within the body, that is why they have put poison in the food, water (inclusive of flouride), air, land, vaccinations, medications…by altering those here they were able to alter those in other dimensions…that is why they focused their energy altering here, and making sure no one remembered…we are the creators of Source’s Universe…look within…do you know why remembering the eternal hearts at the end was sooooo important?  It would take a BE’ing, a Divine, with the utmost “divine knoweledge” (meaning all…

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