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I have listened to this video update below about Swissindo three times. I posted it in all of my groups including this one, seems many missed it. Fb did a lot of screwing around with it replacing it with some two minute video. Perhaps it has more validity then anyone knows.As far as I can see the retirement of the OPPT Filings just means Heather’s work was done and the filings became National Law. Now it is up to the people to educate ourselves and take appropriate action in each of our communities to en-force the Law (Common Law) through use of the Courtesy Notice to Reconvene the courts, meaning removing those not serving the people and appointing those who are willing to do the job adhering to Common Law.I feel Lieutenant General Deryl Zeleny has given us a birds eye view of what this transition on a physical and material level will look like and would love to hear your thoughts………

— Savinia Marie
Welcome to another episode of CONSCIOUS LIVING on Global F.A.C.T. Radio.

On this episode, our guest Lieutenant General Deryl Zeleny, Military Forces Chief of Staff, UNO-GSE, will be updating us on what’s been happening since the OPPT filings and answereing questions on his current assignment and the SWISSINDO Trust.

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Excellent information if you want to know what is happening in plain site.  Have you been doing any research?  You must be if you want to EDUCATE YOUR SELF!