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This is a really important email.  There is much information being exposed for the first time publicly  regarding the RV and the global collateral accounts. Make sure you read the emails between Karen Hudes, Wolfgang Struck, and Raymond Bennell at the bottom of this article and the others posted in the the original article. I feel this information is invaluable.  There are like a thousand email addresses of many private corporate government and agency officials.

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 Europe central bankEditors note:  …  This incredible article, written by someone under the name “Mountain Goat”, was forwarded to me for possible inclusion on our site.  After reading it I knew it was one you all should read and pass on to everyone you know.  The Save America Foundation does not necessarily agree with the writer and as with all things financial recommend that you all do your research……….Fred Brownbill.

I am afraid this post may be a bit longer than usual so I hope you don’t fall… But I felt that at this point in time when most are getting discouraged I needed to again point out some history lessons to you. After all the future is full of the past!  I hope this helps.

I know that in the past Iraq has had several revaluations in the month of September so this seems to be an excellent month for them for this purpose. But I also have to tell you I know for a fact that the USA has been trying desperately to get this revaluation done and out to the public for exchange as quickly as they can. There are many reasons for this and its called Global Reset. But why is this so important and why now?  Remember no global reset without this revaluation of the Iraq dinar. This currency is the base currency for the rest. It is all linked together.

Any other currencies such as VND (Vietnamese Dong) , IDR,(Indian Depository receipt), WON (South Korean Wong) etc,, will be re-balanced in relation to the rest of the currencies too but are just normal revaluations (even though some might go a bit higher than normal). You can take these into any bank any time and exchange as you would any currency left over from you European vacation or foreign trips.

Did you hear me…no rush, no 30 day time period.
Do not put these funds from exchange in the same accounts used for Iraq dinar exchange funds. Keep them all separate.  It is important.

So why is this revaluation so important?
What does being a base currency mean exactly?

First let me address why the IQD (Iraqi Dinar) revaluation is important

You have to know some facts in order to understand what is happening here now. Going back to 2010. When Iraq announced it finally formed its government (the term GOI – Government of India) we as investors began celebrating too because we thought the RV was very close at hand. This was a benchmark we knew would bring us our cash.

But what happened? Why did it not RV in 2010?

It did not RV is 2010 for a couple main reasons:

  1. Maliki decided he was not going to play along and be part of the process, instead he decided to take on dictatorship attitude. He refused to carry out agreements made that would share his power and actually complete the government. Instead of having an actual completed gov’t he seated over 3,000 positions at proxy positions. These were not appointments, elected officials that were reviewed and approved by the parliament, which makes them legal. So instead he basically stacked the deck in his political favor so he had allies all around him to support him, gain strength and do his dirty work for his future dictatorship plans. Yes he had some plans for Iraq but not what everyone thought….
  2. In 2008 the USA experienced the economic impact of the mortgage crisis. Bad securities (backed by bad mortgage contracts) sold by the federal reserve to back our national debt. It took until 2010 to come up with some scheme and a way to try to resolve this crisis. All kinds of money was dumped into the banks to keep the liquidity and from them going insolvent (broke). This seemed to be a temporary solution since the money flowed out as soon as it was loaned to them. We all heard about this on the news. So where did all this money go? This did not work so a new plan was needed. This was now a global financial issue not isolated to the US banks.
  3. New banking laws and structures were necessary in Iraq so they could operate with the international community in the future and this would take time to put into place.
  4. There was also the issue about sanctions being lifted as a requirement for an RV and the question is still uncertain for many.  Would and could Iraq have RV’s without getting out of Chapter 7 sanctions?  Coupled with the Maliki game playing at the time it was very doubtful. Negotiations also with Kuwait were ongoing and not yet settled. No way!

So in reality in 2010 there never was going to be an RV, there was no plan for it and it was just a lot of hype and misunderstanding on the part of the “intel providers” at the time. This too is when many of the intel providers began their conference calls and continue to this day. But most importantly this is when many of you first invested.

So the plan to solve this now global economic problem was to seed large sums of Iraq dinar in the 3 zero notes of provisional currency in any bank that needed funds to meet the new liquidity requirements of the banking laws.
The problems with this strategy were:

  • this Iraq currency was almost now worthless – so how could it help?
  • if you are having liquidity issues now due to the economic collapse –  how do you pay for the dinar to be used as seed?

As evidenced in many mainstream news articles and financial news media we saw over the next 2 years 2011 – 2012 large sums of money (in the billions) being transferred around to different developed countries throughout the world. The USA too seeded much of the Iraq dinar especially in its reserve currency stockpiles. But the USA did not seed much in its banks like the other countries and there was a reason for that. Instead in the USA the banks expected to take in large sums of the dinar from depositors and convert to actual banks deposits on their balance sheets. This is actually better than having dinar reserves for liquidity. So who is going to exchange all this dinar to dollars and deposit it in the banks or in investments?  It is you and me that is who. We will make these seeds grow! So you see why this revaluation and the dinar is so important for the USA. Now lets look at the other countries too. So what happens to them when the dinar revalues? They too benefit since all their bank reserves get a huge boost in value overnight and thus bring them into liquidity requirements. They are now just on standby. The world awaits this IQD revaluation. Suddenly they (the IMF) will literally create all this wealth out of nothing..and I mean nothing. But the important part to remember is it is not really out of nothing since the new world order global Basel II laws say all currency now has to be asset backed. So the confidence level will be high that the currency values assigned actually have something tangible assets backing them.

Remember that paper currency is just an I.O.U. We forget this fact since we take it for granted and use it so freely each day.

Do you know what an IOU is?

An IOU (literally I-Owe-You) says that you owe me this amount of tangible asset ON DEMAND. You can create your own IOU simply by writing on a piece of paper what you promise to give the bearer of the paper in the future and sign it. A checking account check too is a personal IOU. Some people do it in poker games to back their…

It is illegal not to make good on an IOU. The government prints formal money for this purpose. It keeps commerce going and gives the general public a means to do the daily transactions with others instead of lugging around tangible assets all day long. Printed money makes it easy. It is getting now even easier since we are going to electronic banking where actual paper currency is not  used anymore. This is tricky and opens itself up to a another whole set of fraudulent and bad practices. This I believe will be the ultimate failure in the banking systems in the future if not tightly controlled. Remember what they are doing in this global reset is a huge band aid and is not the final solution. They hope it will lead to stability and with that confidence will build once again and money will flow like before. It will take time but business will never be as usual since banking rules have changed.

Oh wait a second….didn’t the USA have banking rules and regulations in place as a result of the great depression. What happened to all this regulation? Yes the USA did but many of the laws have since been watered down and/or appealed for the benefit of the very wealthy. We have seen this through the many administrations over the years. Is this all crooked? Yes it is and this too is part of the problem. Funny how everyone ranks on Obama for trying to turn the clock back. Not that I am or am not an Obama supporter. There must be a reason why so many high ranking Republicans do not want to go along with his policies. The global community (the operative word is global)  however did not have such stringent laws and rules in place. With globalization (you should be familiar with this term by now) money must now flow freely across borders. The whole financial climate changed since the 1930′s and it was time for a new set of major global reforms and banking laws. There was Basel one and this helped but now it was necessary for even more to tighten the rules with Basel two. The big question is –  will this be enough in the long term?  Read on…

Using the IQD as the base currency for Revaluation.

If you were in charge of coming up with one currency that could be used to gauge most developed nations  currencies values what would you use?  In the past it was the US dollar. It was stable and confidence was high that it was backed by something of value. After all was the USA not the riches country in the world? This in itself was part of the problem not the solution.  So they had to find something else for base currencies. Today they have many base currencies so the dependency on one nations economy does not bring the entire global structure to its knees. Personally I would use a currency that has real solid value and is easily backed by gold or another asset with very high liquidity (can turn to cash very quickly). The Iraq dinar was picked as one with its potential for large much needed quantities of oil (black gold) and other natural exploitation (gold, silver, boxite,  phosphorous, etc..).

So it’s Thursday – Where is the RV?

So you see nothing is coincidental. There is a plan. If you understand what I have said above you now know a bit of the plan. At least the part that directly impacts you. Only they are having issues not executing the plan to the final stages. The longer they wait (now not intentional) the more magnified the situation becomes.  Some say the technical issue(s) are just an excuse to delay this due to actions going on with security in Iraq?  I do not believe this for one second since I know better. I know personally people who are involved in getting the technical issues fixed, so this is real and happening. I can assure you. When this is fixed we will get our RV. Unless something changes I don’t see any more discussions about the rates.

What lurks behind the curtain?

We are hearing more and more issues coming out about the Vatican in Rome. Why is this all of a sudden?  Why did pope Benedict all of sudden step down? Why did they put a Jesuit Pope (Pope Francis) in his place? And a Roman Pope too (oops I meant to say an Italian Pope). I won’t even go into this in any detail but think about this – remember Rome is just not only the head of the Roman Catholic church. Why did Hitler in WWII hesitate to go into the Vatican? Remember too how the Roman Catholic Church was established and what governing power ruled the world when it was established?

What compromises and transfer of wealth was made at this time?

Then when control was turned over to the Roman Catholic church- how long did they rule the world? Where did all the great wealth of the Roman plunders go in it’s downfall?

That is all I will say about this. Its can get really interesting really fast. There is more to this global reset that meets the eye….much more…

I know this is a very long post already but let me address one more issue that I hear on lots of the conference calls. I think it needs to be put to bed once and for all since there still seems to be lots of confusion. I hope this helps.

Federal Reserve Notes (money) vs  US Treasury Notes (money)

Oh just knew this was coming…didn’t you? So to begin to distinguish let me say first that there is a plan to convert the USA over from the federal reserve currency to the US treasury currency. This plan was scheduled to begin in the fall of October 2013 butt may be delayed to early 2014.

Why are they doing this?

They are doing this because the confidence of the public is very low for the federal reserve currency is backed by anything. They want to rebuild confidence and since all countries are going now to an asset backed currency the US currency must now also be renewed in confidence too and new paper currency printed to back the assets on the USA list. They also need to add some new security features too. They are also planning a new North American Alliance currency in the near future too that will replace the Canadian, US and Mexican currencies. Like the Euro they say it will create yet more ease of commerce between these nations. Like this concept the bigger plan for the middle eastern countries too is to have one common dinar. They would be moving much more aggressively on this plan now but Egypt and Syria and roadblocks that need to be overcome. Iran now is in a state that might consider any notion of a getting a higher value to their currency. So what really happens when a nation gives up it currency to join a common alliance? Does it lose it autonomy, its sovereignty as a nation? Something to think about. Germany did not want to join the EU but was essentially forced into it and almost pulled out a few times. Germany is a very wealthy country and is one of the base currencies for the Euro. As a base currency it is a donor nation and was picked to give many large donations to keep other EU nations a float until this global currency reset is kicked off. It hopes in the long run to receive much of these funds back.

The problem most dinaran callers seem to have is how will this be done as it relates to the Iraq dinar exchange. We have heard some bank stories. Let me say this – don’t put the cart before the horse it will never work!  Don’t panic either. Slow down and think about what I am now presenting here. Since this, I believe, is the root of the all the confusion.

First let me tell you that any wrinkled, torn or old faded currency now in circulation is already turned back into the US treasury for replacement. They print the money today and replace it. How do they do this? There is a system already set up so that the your local banks take in this old money and return it to the federal reserve system for replacement. It is a simple trade – old for new. This is exactly how they intend to do the switch from the old federal reserve notes to the new US treasury notes as far as the consumer is concerned. It will be a gradual process like they always do to replace the old bills. Slowly they will introduce the different denominations into circulation. If you don’t pay attention you would not even see any difference or know they were doing this.

Also remember banks don’t typically have lots of cash at hand. If you ever need more than a couple thousand dollars in cash you should make a special request from your bank so they can order the money from one of the main branches of the Federal Reserve bank. They will have a stack of nice fresh, crisp bills waiting for you when you arrive. Be careful though in that anything over $10,000 gets tracked special by homeland security for money laundering and terrorism. They have done for years now and this is not anything new. This is for your protection. Take a few minutes now to poke around this web site and see how the federal reserve system now works. The new structure will not be much different. It will probably even have some of the same people employed. See if this makes any sense.

So now the juicy part.

The US treasury has decided that part of the implementation of rolling out the conversion from the Federal Reserve to the US Treasury is going to happen when you exchange your dinar at the bank.

They will track all US dollars from proceeds from the Iraq dinar exchange in US treasury notes electronically only. You must be careful that these funds are also in a segregated account from the rest of any other money you have in the bank.

VND or other currency exchanges are to be also in a separate account so its not mixed with IQD. If you don’t do this you will be screwed from what is coming next. Next is the taxation on the funds. They will tax these funds differently than Federal Reserve funds since the value will be different (now asset backed). If you mix federal reserve with US Treasury you will be taxed as all Federal Reserve and you will be sorry since the tax would have been lessened knowing it was all US Treasury and from the Iraq dinar exchange. I am not a tax person and we all wait for the final IRS tax rules to be published but I am hearing there will be a quick flat tax on the dinar proceeds and it will not be too bad on us. On the other hand currencies such at the VND, IDR, etc.. will be taxed as usual (whatever usual is?) But this is what I am hearing so just be careful.

What if you want some CASH from your dinar proceed account?

Again I do not think you will get more than $10,000 dollars and that depends on the availability of the cash at hand that day in the bank you attend. I would think they are making special orders from the Feds for more than usual cash on hand for this purpose. For security sake though, why would you want to take home $10,000 in cash?  I do not recommend more than a couple thousand at most, if any. You will receive the current Federal Reserve notes not the new US Treasury notes. These are not even ready for distribution as of yet. I know you are now all confused but don’t. Getting the current Federal Reserve notes now does not really matter. Its the electronic tracking that is important.

Talk about a future devaluation of the US dollar

First let me say there has been way too much hype and almost panic about this topic. I need to put your mind to rest and here are a couple items to help do that.

Do you know we have devaluations of the US dollar all the time?  This expected devaluation will be bit larger than normal but the impact will be minimal since we will rebound quickly and the only real significance will be in the financial markets and your short term purchasing power. It will not impact your bank account in any way unless you decide to withdraw and spend the money or invest it unwisely.

This is why the markets can be dangerous if you do not have total control over your investments. If you let the banks talk you into a brokerage account and hand over the buy/sell authority to them (cause they are the experts…oh boy! ) you are mistaken. When the devaluation happens these investments may (and I mean might) take a huge hit too. If you had the power to control the buy/sell you simply hang on to them until the wave passed. Remember you don’t lose in these situations unless you bought high and think you have to sell short. This is called a panic. So hang on and wait for the value to rise again. But to do this YOU must have control not some high paid broker who could not care less about your money. All they want are commissions on their buy/sells for you.

A few last notes.

I am not an investment advisor/seller or broker of any kind. I speak on this topic from my very own experience and stories shared with me.

Many of the buy/sell transactions today (in these investment money markets and portfolios) are initiated by automated computer system algorithms with thresholds. They are for suckers! Sorry for being so blunt. They are set up to make the managers of these investment contracts and companies very wealthy not you. Bet you didn’t know this did you? These 401K plans are a typical example. There is so much overhead. Who do you think pays for it? You do!  So each time a buy/sell is done in your behave someone gets a commission and that’s money out of your pocket. Sure they give you deals today with “small” quarterly fees. Look at the fees you are paying. Are these small fees for what you are getting? You pay them whether they make money for you or not. There should be laws against this. This is a crime and part of the problem. This is the only  industry where you can get paid for losing someone elses money. Ironic is it not? Imagine that! This causes an erosion of your profits. A game they play. Just saying…so be careful in the timing and how you invest post-RV.

Best and safest approach to paying off your large notes, creditors and bills post-RV-

When you go into the bank to exchange your dinars have a list ready of all your major creditors you will want to pay off. I highly recommend (and I can’t say this enough) to get debt free ASAP before you spend anymore of the money on anything else. So when you go into the bank and exchange, after the exchange is all done and you have your deposit slip in your hand, ask the person you are dealing with if you can have some bank checks or cashier checks for the following list of creditors. Have on the list the creditors name (name to make the check out to) and the amount needed on each check. Simply hand the list over to the person and let them give it to a teller to prepare the checks for you. If you have millions in your account they better not charge you for any of these checks. When you get home mail these checks out ASAP and you are debt free at last…..freedom at last….lol….then open the bottle of champagne and celebrate. The chains of debt are finally gone forever….this is when you celebrate not before going to the bank. You want a level head when dealing with the bank. I also like Tony’s view point on spending the money- 50% saved for future taxes, 25% to pay off bills and creditors and 25% to enjoy immediately. It all makes good sense. He is a wise man!

Why are you asking for Bank or Cashier checks to pay off bills at the time of exchange?

You are doing this procedure because in case for some reason your account is frozen by homeland security. We should not expect this unless you are wiring out large sums but we are talking worst case here. Not to alarm you but this whole process has been weird.  You will have these checks and at least you will have some immediate benefit from your investment until they free up your account. Also remember what happened a couple weeks ago. The rates went live on Thursday night EST and then they deactivated them. Some people exchanged already but their accounts got frozen. Once they hand cashier checks over to you its out of the account and its your money. So this too can happen. This funky stuff just might happen to you. All just precautions to think about.

Well I think this post is long enough. I sincerely hope all this information is helpful to everyone. So no more questions on the Federal Reserve to US treasury conversion..right… if you do have questions go back to this post and see if you can find your answer.

Written by Mountain Goat.



Here is an explanation of the criminal origins of the Iraqi Dinar scam:

Here is what the Jesuit-controlled financial system has brought this proud nation to:

(this information was scrubbed from the internet to keep you dumb. The mainstream media, controlled by the Jesuits, has already tried and failed to keep the United States’ citizenry ignorant)

Not to worry. The Council of Governors, the Board of Governors of the World Bank, the County Executives of America, and the Constitutional Sheriffs are about to authorize the issuance of US dollars issued by the Treasury (instead of the Jesuit-dominated Federal Reserve) backed by 170,500 Metric Tonnes of gold on deposit in the Bank of Hawaii.

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Karen Hudes
Date: Thu, Nov 28, 2013 at 11:46 PM
Subject: Fwd: Global Assets (In Confidence)
To: “Mark J. Novitsky”

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Karen Hudes
Date: Thu, Nov 28, 2013 at 11:35 PM
Subject: Fwd: Global Assets (In Confidence)
To:, NATO PA ,,, “” ,,,,,, Rick Dearborn ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Charlie Harman ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, jane campbell ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, bill_dauster ,,,,,,,,, daniel_o’,,,,,,,,,, Ryan Jackson ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, emiagkov , “Fridman, Ari” ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, “” ,,,,,,,, mhasan , Sattler Robert ,, ihoven ,, dmh-gb ,,, intosai ,,,,,,,,,,,,, “” , Field McConnell ,,,, “badnarik .” ,,,, John MacHaffie , Karen Hudes ,,, Tom Murphy , Wes Brown ,,,,

Ministers of Finance of 188 nations are irrelevant and serve no function, according to Raymond Bennell, who purports to represent the peoples of the Philippines: “there is nothing for the 188 Ministers of Finance to do in the future.” Mr. Bennell had asked me to ignore the Sovereign nations of the world. When I insisted on the rule of law, Mr. Bennell tried his hand with Wolfgang Struck, the authorized signatory on the Collateral Accounts. Mr. Bennell’s documentation leaves much to be desired.

In the meantime, gold backwardation is imminent as the Federal Reserve Note is on the verge of collapse. This is while the authorized signatory has allocated the 170,500 Metric Tonnes of gold in the vaults of the Bank of Hawaii to back the printed and uncut US dollars issued directly by the US Treasury Department. Mr. Bennell has seized the horse from the wrong end.

Karen Hudes
Law Offices of Karen Hudes

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Wolfgang Struck
Date: Thu, Nov 28, 2013 at 8:31 PM
Subject: Re: Global Assets (In Confidence)
To: Raymond Bennell

Dear who ever you are,

There are hundreds if not thousands of people, swindlers, doodlers, who make a living out of the mystery and they have thousands of documents. Please spare us and leave Karen Hudes alone. You have gotten everything wrong and you will not change. If ever you produce a document, do not show us the fake or a snow-peked. Your World Bank Deposit looks like this in reality and I really do not know what I need you for or why I would have to explain to you what I do in this mystery.

Thanks and goodbye,

Wolfgang Struck

On Fri, Nov 29, 2013 at 8:09 AM, Raymond Bennell wrote:

Dear Wolfgang
Thanks for your email. Karen doesn’t want to communicate with me at this stage as shown below* so I have not addressed to Karen.

Meanwhile from what you have provided in respect of the Gold assets L-50, conflict with our records but have expired in 2000 / 2007 whatever document you wish to rely upon. I do not know what you are representing in these documents provided. I don’t know how the the Phil Government could have 40% and the Offshore Structure alleged would hold 60%.

With the utmost respect, I do not believe you have the facts. It appears your document was dated 4th October 1982 in Mexico but the 50 Years grace was provided (in Trust only) 11th August 1952 (maturing in 2002) to the World Banks by our agreements signed with Marcos and agreed with the World leaders.

It also seems your Bilateral Agreement may be incorrect as it only mentions 50 years. You only sent one half page with (5.5) pages blank out of (6). The original Bilateral Agreement the Trustees have in their possession is for 60 years going back to the initial use of 1943-1945 +60 years (2005) with the first deposits to set up the World Bank, UN and IMF were first lodged in 1943 through Barclays Bank, Singapore in the amount of USD64 billion from memory. I have attached the part deposit records of the World Bank for your info. You will note the Deposit was attached in mind with the Bilateral Minefield Breakthrough Successor Agreement which matured after 60 years in 2005.

I appreciate there was a lot of confusion at that time with a great deal of dual documentations by President Marcos and subsequent Presidents trying to get hold of the assets including titles to the Philippine Islands of which the Trustees have the originals in their possession. All clearly stating the owners are the People of the Philippine Islands and not the Philippine Government. I am in the process of checking your documents provided in your email with the Trustees for detailed comment in due course.

I note that Karen Hudes (below*) does not want to be involved until all the 188 Nations are involved. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like we can move further with Karen as the World Leaders have nothing to do with the Global Assets now. Please see the International Court of Justice’s determination September 14, 2006 attached as accepted by the World Bank Group. We have many other original supporting documents to prove ownership and where no Originals, we have the physical. None is held by the Global Leaders as alleged.

* “Before I can give any opinion, Allied Barton (the security guards of the World Bank, owned by the same persons who have brought untold misery to humanity) will need to step down peacefully, so that my agreement with 188 Ministers of Finance can be implemented. I am copying Allied Barton’s replacement, and expect that this can be effected without further delay.”

The Global wealth of the People of the Philippine Islands does not only take in the alleged Yamashita Treasure but also included the first Liberty One Government’s assets (USA) as committed by George Washington July 10, 1778 already on file with the UN and World Bank Group. These assets were subsequently left to a Granddaughter of a subsequent owner who (Granddaughter) became Marcos’ first wife (at the age of 14 with Marcos 13). The assets were subsequently reclaimed by Marcos for the People of the Philippine Islands. In fact most of our files are all on file with the UN and World Bank Group and others. The important documents of proof are with the Trustees.
I can see our interests conflict with Karen’s thoughts but we have the view that the World Bank has no assets of note and there is nothing for the 188 Ministers of Finance to do in the future. If Karen is interested in coming on our side to help the People of the World, then there maybe something we can talk about.

Raymond Bennell (Senior Partner)
Direct Phones: +852 8120 3701; +61-2 8003 5080; +1 (302) 261 5228;
Skype Name: raymondbennell

From: Wolfgang Struck
Date: Thursday, 28 November 2013 10:19 pm
To: “Karen Hudes (GMail)” , Raymond Bennell , “Mark J. Novitsky” , “Richard C. Matthews”

Subject: Re: Global Assets (In Confidence)

Dear Karen,
This is quite interesting, isn’t it? Where did they get that version of the original and what are they trying with it? We can give them a helping hand, if they want: The BILATERAL has nothing to do with the International Court of Justice which was founded later. First was the BILATERAL. and the Delivery of 400,000MT of gold plus 217,500MT to other banks in other countries. This for reference and your are correct to stay away from such unwarranted claims even if with the best of interest which we can only assume. If I am in the cabal, I will also try everything to make you nervous. Do not worry, we can always counter which does not mean that we have a chance to win anything.

As to the ICJ, it was created by the Jewish banks who had a problem in 1946. They had discovered that the gold was no longer in the bonded warehouses. Could they tell that to the people? Of course not! They were forced to lie and lie all the way until today. The first decision of the ICJ, for interested parties, was the claim that all gold found in the Philippines from buried treasure should belong to the (13) Original Claimants of WWII Loot as they were registered in the ICJ for some 946,000MT of gold.

It could be an interesting point of legal discussion that the transfer of ownership in 1963 for the 7,145 islands of the Philippines from Fr. Jose Antonio Diaz donning the O.C.T. No 01-4 to Ferdinand Marcos had a provision for gold code 777 covering all known (registered) burial sites of the fabled but oh so true Yamashita treasure. Who comes first? Anyhow, the claim of the Original Claimants was given up in the year 1995 and replaced by the UNOITC.ORG to serve the same purpose, lay claim on all gold from the Philippines. Must be the same guys.

Have a nice day,

On Thu, Nov 28, 2013 at 3:18 PM, Karen Hudes wrote:

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Raymond Bennell
Date: Wed, Nov 27, 2013 at 2:55 PM
Subject: RE: Global Assets (In Confidence)
To: “Karen Hudes (GMail)”

Dear Ms. Hudes
Thank you for the conversation today on the subject matter. This email is to confirm my contact address with you and does not contain the Presentation I spoke about this morning (my time in Sydney, Australia). What I have attached to this email is a copy of “Bilateral Minesfield Breakthrough Agreement” dated 11th August 1950 for 60 Years (expiring 2005) signed by several World Dignitaries including President Truman being only one agreement of scores of other similar Agreements with Banks around the World and the World Bank. The Agreement attached is provided in confidence as I do not know if it would be any use to you from what you mentioned to me this morning regarding the advices you have been receiving.

A copy of the Presentation I spoke about will come via a separate email from the same address. I hope we can talk or communicate soon about this common ground we spoke of today. Thank you for listening.

Raymond Bennell (Senior Partner)
Direct Phones: +852 8120 3701; +61-2 8003 5080; +1 (302) 261 5228;
Skype Name: raymondbennell


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Original Article posted at Removing the Shackles!

This is worth reading and understanding so we may all make the changes in our lives necessary to prosper! Keep up the great work “D”!

I’ve posted the whole article but jump over to RTS and read all of their great articles!


The Wizards behind the curtain have been busy this week.
So have their puppets.

For those of you holding foreign currency, waiting for a knock on the door and waiting for that grand announcement or your banking codes, well….. there is a shit load of stuff going on in the back ground right now.  Some of the stuff going on makes it very clear to anyone watching, with even any amount of neutrality and the ability to think rationally, that it’s not all rainbows and unicorn farts that’s pushing through this new financial system…. and they are pushing it really hard.

I’ve discussed what’s been going on in the background several times in the past few weeks.  I tried to be subtle and perhaps that was my mistake- so each article has been more and more straight forward.  Personally I thought that my “What If…” article was pretty damn straight to the point, but I’m still getting people sending me emails and skype messages asking for more clarity because they don’t understand (I guess). So I’m going to talk straight to the point, as sharp as I can.

This is the time for Absolute Data.  I will share with you what I know, what I have been told, what I have figured out, and what my rational mind is telling me when it  has weighed all the information and the intel and mixed it together with what my intuition is telling me.

We are being told that this new financial/economic system will be the saving grace of the world.  We are being told that this new financial/economic system will roll out with the global currency revaluation as all nations will immediately be gold/commodity backed and each country’s currency will reflect the real WORTH of each nation.  That along with this new system will be the return to Common Law and the enactment of NESARA- globally.  That the prosperity packages, and the various trust funds will roll out, wiping out of all debt- both national and personal…..

WE are being told that this is all being done by wonderful people who, out of the goodness of their hearts and a wish for the betterment of human kind, are working from some higher level of righteousness and benevolence.

Let me paint you a picture of what’s going on in the background, and then you tell me if this resonates with some “higher level of righteousness and benevolence”.

Last Friday, right after the markets closed, the Somalian Shilling suddenly jumped from being worth $1USD = 24,300 SOS (somalian shillings),  to being worth $1USD = 1605 SOS.   Go ahead and look at the UNs operational currency rates (which for Somalia hasn’t been updated since April 2012):

Somali Shilling 24,300.0 01 Apr 2012

and then go look at just about any online currency exchange site- here is XE:

Top SOS Cross Rates

Yes as of today the SOS has changed from 1605 last friday to 1581.97 today.   That means that it’s being traded AT those rates.

ahhhhhhh, but you can’t get that rate from the bank!  Strange that.  All the currency exchanges are showing a trading rate that is fluctuating, yet even if YOU had some SOS, you wouldn’t be able to exchange it for the new rate.

Next ask yourself:  WHO just made a freakin’ KILLING on the Somalian Shilling?  (You might want to start by questioning Pelosi and Hillary….. just sayin’) (Oh and Hillary?  We know about Cameroon too- seriously chick, you might want to cover your tracks a little bit better than that, lol)

The IQD has been on the back screens of the US big banks since December and it’s being traded back and forth between banks like the phone number of the town floozy.  The banks- like Chase, BOA, Wells Fargo etc… are making a killing on it.  OH!  but YOU can’t exchange YOUR IQD for the rates they’re trading at!!!!

Same with the Vietnamese Dong.

As a matter of fact, if you’re running Windows 7 and have their currency exchange rate app, then you know that the VND has been showing at $.48 ALL WEEK!  If you use google chrome, and you do a google search for “currency converter vnd to usd” you’ll see that it’s showing a $0 value- no matter what currency you pair the vnd with and it’s been showing that since this Monday.  Various Canadian banks haven’t had ANY exchange rate for the VND for most of this week.

 About 10,400,000 results (0.32 seconds)

 Search Results

It is NOT possible for a currency to have a 0 exchange rate.

All the currency exchange sites show the old rate and most of the banks, if they have a rate, are showing the old rate.  But the banks are all busily trading the VND on their back screens for the new rate.  Oh, but YOU can’t exchange YOUR VND for the rates they’re trading it at.

By the way, I think that some of you might find this picture very interesting- a screen shot I took yesterday-  The rate for the Dong hasn’t been updated since Feb 8th  and the date at the upper right corner says Feb 18, 2013…. which strikes me as rather odd considering that it’s only the 15th today.  Some might ask what’s going to happen on the 18th?

Most of the African countries are suppose to hugely revalue their currency, based on the mineral assets that that wealthy continent has to offer.  Of course, the biggest problem with that theory is that the minerals are being stolen by mega corporation shells that are actually owned by the Chinese and US and European cabal.  Ask Zambia what happened to them when China decided that they wanted their oil and gold.  Same thing in the Congo/DRC where slavery is thinly veiled as “commerce” and the Belgian puppets are stealing every scrap of minerals they can lay their greedy hands on, while the Congolese are being exterminated by disease, starvation, and roving corporate mercenaries… I mean, “rebel guerilla bands”.

And what about China? The slavery of their own people rivals anything seen in Africa.

This week vast amounts of gold were transferred into the US Treasury.  This gold is the last of the hoard that has been hidden in China- a hoard that represents the grand theft that has been going on for at least the past 2000 years. This gold was stolen from all areas of the planet.  Yet, now they magnanimously are gifting it back to all the countries it was stolen from?  Think about that for a moment.

Here’s something else to think about:   If all debts are to be forgiven, then why are 192 countries getting a share of the World Trust?  Is that money that each country received this week to be given to their citizens?  If it ISN’T given to the People, then where is that money going? WHO is accountable for that money?  Absolute Data is needed.

So let’s say that the new system rolls out this weekend (as is being strongly hinted at from all sides of the pond).  What happens then?

-The banks will make a killing on the IQD & VND currency exchange (they do get a nice percentage above and beyond the rate given to you)

-The PPs will roll out to everyone who was lucky enough to be involved in the programs

-The St Germain Trust funds- Alpha, Omega, Freedom and Destiny- will get paid out, and if you’re lucky to know one of the trustees, or one of the people getting the big packages, you might get some of that money granted to you.

-You will get sent a cheque for every penny you ever paid in illegal income taxes (I have been told that these have already been printed)

-All your debts will be forgiven.

– NESARA Law will roll out globally (although you might want to ask yourself what Right they have to push the American Constitution on other countries)

– The bad guy puppets of the Cabal that lost this battle will be arrested and tried for their crimes against humanity.

– Announcements will come out that will explain all these things…. but it will be done in bits and pieces, and much of the really juicy parts will never be revealed to the public. In reality, the public might get about 10% of the real story.

Now.  I happen to know that there are a whole lot of people who are invested in various currencies and part of the Prosperity Programs, and involved in the SGT that are VERY goal oriented and plan on spending the vast portion of their new wealth on amazing projects, such as free energy, cleaning the environment, building houses for the homeless, creating self sustaining communities etc…  But the vast majority of the people who get this new money are going to do one thing:


Hell that’s even the goal of the Omega fund- to get as much money out into the economy as fast as possible!! (betcha thought it was for humanitarian purposes, didn’t you?)


Which is a great economic boost until you suddenly realize that 90% of the junk people are going to buy is not built in North America or even Europe.

Fancy cel phones, new computers, designer running shoes,….. oh right, they all come from China and India etc…. you know, places that are producing these products in human slavery pens in the form of sweat shops.

Does that sound like equality and freedom for all to you?

And who owns these mega corporations that make all these products that everyone will run out to buy?  Oh, the same 1% controllers that own them now.  So……. in 5 years time, after most of the people have spent all the money they got (and I’m being very generous with that number- many people think it will be closer to 5 months time!), where does all that money go?

Right back in to the pockets of the 1% that bankrupted the planet’s economy to begin with.

So tell me if this resonates with you as some “higher level of righteousness and benevolence”.

Do beings who are working for the betterment of humanity use blackmail, bribery and out-right threats and bully boy tactics?  And if they do…. what does that say about “Righteousness & Benevolence”?

Like I said in the “What If..” article:

What If…

There was a new financial system
…… that left the same banks in charge of your money?

What If…

There was a new government
….. but it was made up of the same ol’ politicians?

What If…

There was new Laws
….. enforced by the same thugs/authorities we have now?

What If…

You were told that  it’s a whole new system
…..but the same CEOs were still making millions
…….but the same mega corporations we’re still making vaccines, GMOs, fast food, toxic chemicals
……….but the oil wells were still pumping and the gas companies fracking, chemtrails still cris-crossing the sky?

What If…

You had no say in the new financial system?
…or the new money?
……or the new government set up?
………or the new laws?

What If…

Those checks they sent you, paying you back all the illegal income taxes you’ve had stolen from you for your entire life is a payoff to keep you fat and indolent,  happily counting your shiny pennies for a few years?

What If…

Their new era of prosperity and freedom still included passports to travel in and out of your country, drivers licences and insurance to own a vehicle, government registration of who you are, and continued to force you to prove that you are not a criminal?

What If…

Everything they told you was new and wonderful, was actually the same old thing with a fresh coat of paint?

This week Ben Fulford had some very important things to say, such as:

This is what an MI5 source had to say about it: “In my view, to set up a world bank/currency you need to control all the gold, not just the existing BIS registered gold but the additional Asian gold. The Chinese gold MUST become part of the Cabal one world bank. To this end Cabal agencies are working, as in Mali, for FULL control.

(ps: the BIS’s gold isn’t in their possession any more, neither is all the gold in Switzerland that they thought they had safely hidden away)( but I’m betting that they’ll offer you a great deal on some tungsten they happen to have laying around!!)

But Ben is missing the greater point- the hierarchy that exists and is controlling all these things are beyond the cabal puppets on this planet that are currently fighting each other like a bunch of rabid  mange ridden dogs locked in a cage with a gnarly old badger with a grudge.  All these 1 percenters that are loftily hold court above the rest of us 99 pecenters are just brokers and whores doing the dirty work of the real Wizards behind the Curtain.

So… We have a new System rolling out.  This is to be followed by announcements to the public that explain the new system and WHY it’s been put into place.  But, will they really tell us the truth?

As I said above, now is the time for ABSOLUTE DATA.  That means, EVERY piece of information about EVERY thing.  We are human BEings and we must have ALL the pieces of puzzle in order to see the entire picture.


When the new system kicks in, when the announcements start rolling out, WATCH, LISTEN, and COMPREHEND.  What are we being told?  Does it resonate with you?  Do you think it’s the truth?  More importantly, do you think it’s the WHOLE truth without a single piece of data missing?  Because if it’s NOT…. then there is a problem, isn’t there?

Then again, I don’t think it will matter.  Because if they don’t give us the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth….. someone else will ;>)

…. I have to admit, a small part of me is looking forward to seeing the looks on their faces when their house of cards collapses.  They had their chance to make the Right Choice.