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Remember, the NATIONAL GOVERNMENT, STATES’ GOVERNMENTS and all MUNICIPALS are PRIVATE CORPORATIONS! They have lost their perceived authority and now operate through use of force with weapons. They are criminal groups operating usually above the law by ignoring human rights violations of the public, which they took an oath to serve and protect.

We the People are required to take our power back. Peaceful non-compliance is the best approach. Do not contract with the system. If they assault, kidnap you and imprison you, sign nothing and say nothing. They will be imprisoned for crimes against humanity after the SHFT changes. Remember, we all have individual free-will, but not the right to harm another living human being regardless of what job you may be employed within.

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Add New Jersey to the list of states that will ban the sale of Teslas.


Tesla currently sells its units to consumers through stores owned by the company, rather than dealer franchises. However, according to Green Car Reports, a proposed rule change has been approved that would require all new car dealers to provide a franchise agreement in order to receive a license from the state. Tesla could not produce a franchise agreement with itself.

Telsa also sells its vehicles in small facilities without service centers. (It’s an electric car, so many issues  are software-related and can be done remotely.) The rule also requires that dealers are to maintain facilities of at least 1,000 square feet, with room to display two cars and the capability to service customer cars on site, according to Green Car Reports.

New Jersey will join Colorado, Texas, Arizona and Virginia in this ban.

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