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Narrated by Patrick MacNee

Published on Nov 19, 2012

So you think SECRET SOCIETIES and Illuminati are fairy tale! So you think they don’t exist. And you think One world order or one world government doesn’t exist! You won’t say that again after watching this documentary.

It takes what kind of human being not to see what is going on! As I write these lines thousand are dying around the world every second! Yes every seconds thousand die of the wars and other reasons brought to us by the same bunch of elite who think they are the ones to plan and decide for us since rest of us are not wise enough to decide for our own! They tell us what to eat, how to dress and what to believe and what not to believe. And the mass not knowing what is happening they take it all. We all have turned into zombies and they know it.

Ladies and gentleman isn’t it about time that we start to think and ask questions?
What is world government?
How many governments one can have?
Were you invited to VOTE for world government?

Your answer is NO like the rest .

So what is going on!!! Why all of a sudden nations have gone down the drain in Europe and now we all are under EU flag. What happened to our freedom? How come we all are so poor now!

How come we have no jobs and things are getting worse! Don’t you think something is terribly wrong in the world that we live? What about our children and their future! Why those who declare WARS get NOBLE peace prize? If waging war means PEACE then what kind of a world is this?

I always thought ILLUMINATI were a fairy tale.,until I heard about ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT or NEW WORLD ORDER. I started digging into every aspect of this agenda and started to do my own research. The result was staggering. It is about time you wake up people. The warnings in the bible are not for nothing.  There are thousands of courageous men and woman everyday that put up videos about Illuminati and new world order,agenda 21, UN. Wake up people,it is about time you did your own research and stand vs this evil agenda..




Published on Apr 20, 2013

Yesterday I listened to a radio program from Tonawanda, New York called the Morning Brew with Host Gwen Caldwell that happened on Thursday, April 18, 2013 {… – scroll halfway down to the program shown on the right-hand-side}. She was having an OPPT roundtable with Brian Kelly, Bob Wright and Seraphim L. I don’t have the details they shared memorized, but it was really good news. They received word that the mechanisms for enforcement have been revealed through the office of international Provost Marshalls. Today I wanted to give you a brief heads up so that you can listen if you choose. I am sure there will be more on Freedom Reigns with Lisa Harrison and crew on Monday evening, 7-9pm New York time.

–Ron Van Dyke

Published on Apr 23, 2013

Last night’s Freedom Reigns Show with Lisa Harrison and crew {…} presented a really good synopsis of the OPPT for those that are still on the fence about it. While I wanted to learn more about the new orders that have been issued to the Provost Marshall by the UN-SwissIndo group and had to wait until the last quarter of the 2-hour program, the review provided reaffirmation of what I felt in January when I first began exploring what the OPPT had done for all of us. In short, the people connected with the UN-SwissIndo did the research on the OPPT for themselves and aligned with its principles before contacting Brian Kelly, which I talked about on Saturday. Today I want to follow up on that video.

–Ron Van Dyke


Posted from Kauilapele’s Blog – Morning Brew Program from 4/18/2013

Brian Kelly, Bob Wright, and Seraph GL talk about the whole OPPT-SwissIndo situation (see this earlier post by Brian (relevant documents are there (ps, do an F5 (“refresh page”) if you don’t see some of them right away)), as well as this one from today).

The discussion and explanation of the OPPT-SwissIndo connection begins at about 13 minutes of this MP3.

MP3 of the show: (38 min; complete show, with all ads and side chat removed)

Original show link (go to the 4-18-13 Morning Brew Show on this page):

-Brian Kelly



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UN-SWISSINDO – OPPT As I Understand It

April 16th, 2013

Ask and ye shall receive!

This will officially be the first time anyone from the I U/V Exchange (formerly OPPT) Ground Crew has published any of the SWISSINDO information. Let me preface what I have to share today with a Skype chat I just sent to Heather a few minutes ago.

9‎:‎25‎ ‎AM
Got a quick minute?

9‎:‎26‎ ‎AM
This just came through:
UN email from Mr. Sino.AS

9‎:‎27‎ ‎AM
My thought is to publish solely for the purpose of allowing people the opportunity to put to use their inner compass of resonance. Will NOT be saying we have agreed to any deal or anything like that…
After last night’s show everyone knows where we stand on this new development. Transparency is my only objective.

So, in honor of this position and post, based on nothing other than total transparency, I will share the most recent communications and documentation received from our contacts at SWISSINDO. However, before I do so, I need to make a few things perfectly clear, considering this information will be scrutinized and dissected by a great many people just itching to make all kinds of assumptions.

  1. As stated above, We have not signed any agreement or agreed to any terms whatsoever
  2. We have not yet met face-to-face with anyone from SWISSINDO, as of this post
  3. We are still in the process of conducting an extreme level of due diligence. No documents have been finalized, so there is still work to be done before this is conclusive.
  4. There is much mention of dollar figures in these documents. This is NOT, nor will ever be about the money OR the gold. This IS about an energetic exchange. The implications of what this could all mean (at least on my end) have yet to be determined. So, I would rather not speculate.
  5. In a few places there is mention to the “New World Order” and “Committee of 300.” What they are referring to is the shutting down of these systems and groups.
  6. This whole process up to this point has been a journey of exploration. Any assumptions as to speculation of an agenda are merely that, assumptions. The best case scenario I will leave to your imagination. The worst case scenario, we walk away hands clean.
  7. Most important point: ALL IS IN PERFECT ORDER EITHER WAY!

It is important to note here that we hold the representatives from SWISSINDO and the Javanese culture in the absolute highest regard. They have shown nothing other than a great deal of kindness, compassion and the purest of intent. We honor their legacy and history of their ancestors, whose courage and determination made this great and worthy work possible. I am humbled by the opportunity to have had a chance to be part of a very pleasant and quite exciting exchange.

What attracted me originally to this story was how, after months of rigorous study and due diligence on their end, they have given complete confidence and total credibility to the UCC filings and all accompanying work the OPPT have put forth. You will see by the documents shared today that our mission appears to be one and the same; to free Humanity from tyranny and return ALL the people back to Eternal Essence.

In order to fully understand and comprehend what has been unfolding, I’m going to include some back story, which can be found in these first few sets of documents.

NOTE: It will take some time to go through all of this. Most of it can be skimmed through rather quickly. Some of this information has already been released on Facebook through the SWISSINDO side, so may be redundant. The most recent updates are the files at the end of this post.

Paula’s email at the very end of this first document is very important. With great transparency, it shows the very nature of our true intentions.

Jump using this link to download the documents discussed!