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Creating Our Own Money: Introduction

Posted from: NittyJee YouTube Channel

Uploaded on Jul 14, 2010

People have begun to create “complementary currencies”.
An introductory animation.


Hometown Money: How to Create Community Currency

Posted by: Paul Glover YouTube Channel

This website is maintained by the founder of Ithaca HOURS.  The official website of the Ithaca HOURS board of directors is at  Paul Glover consults for grassroots economic development as GreenPlanners.


Community Currency Overview

Posted from: Ormita Barter YouTube Channel

Uploaded on Dec 7, 2008 (NOTE: Stop at 3 minutes no video after that)

Overview of what a community currency is and how it works. Especially useful for those wishing to develop their own community currency system.


Creating Our own Money: Examples

Posted from: NittyJee YouTube Channel

Uploaded on Jul 14, 2010

People have begun to create “complementary currencies”.
This short animation gives a few examples.
Part 2 of 2


How to Create Wealth Without Money

Posted by: Auburn Money YouTube Channel

Uploaded on Mar 24, 2010 How do you create massive, incredible wealth if you don’t have money and can’t get a loan?

Invest an hour with me to become more of a money expert than most bankers.

Before you can supercharge your barter skills to build real, spendable cash wealth out of thin air, you need to understand money better than anyone else you know.

I believe anybody can understand the basics of automatic wealth generation. Get more wealth for yourself. Understand how trade creates wealth. Learn to use the magnificent power of wealth creation.

Find out where wealth comes from, how you can get some, keep it, store it, and SPEND it.

Myth: It takes money to make money.

Have you ever heard this blatant lie? Well-meaning people want you to suffer, slowly climb your way up the ladder the way they had to.

None of this is necessary, once you really understand what wealth really is, how to create massive value, how to turn your promise into gold.

Your word is gold.

Once you get the right help, it’s much easier to keep your promises. Everyone wins. They more they win, the more you win. Theoretically unlimited wealth for anyone who wants to work.

This video is the tip of the iceberg. Learn more.

Next lesson here:…

Brilliant Practical Examples here:…



More research this morning has led to Cyclos – Online and Mobile Banking Software.  This is much infomation here and many hours will be needed testing and evaluating.  This seems to be a fairly popular and used software product for:

  • Banking
  • LETSystems
  • Clearing Systems
  • Time Banks
  • E-Commerce
  • Finance
  • Barter
  • Local Currency

Do the research for your self and if you’d like to get involved in the International One People Eternal Essence Network (I-OPEEN) then send me an email (



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The Cyclos project


Cyclos is a project of STRO, a leading organisation on monetary innovations. Cyclos offers a complete on-line payment system with additional modules such as e-commerce and communication tools. The Cyclos platform permits institutions such as local banks and MFI`s to offer banking services that can stimulate local trade and development. Cyclos is also used by many organizations and communities to provide community currency services.
STRO’s objective is to provide payment software that is easy to use and maintain, flexible, secure, and highly customizable. The Cyclos structure is entirely dynamic. It is possible to ‘build’ a monetary system from scratch or to extend existing software providing addtional features. Organizations that want a standard system can use the default database that comes with basic configurations and can be easily enhanced. Cyclos contains many features that are useful to stimulate economic development and job creation.

With the latest version it is possible to roll out mobile banking services such as SMS banking and apps for smartphones. Cyclos is published under the GPL (open source) license meaning that it can be downloaded for free and used at no cost. Cyclos is currently available in ten languages and new languages are added with each release.

Features overview

Cyclos can be accessed via different channels (e.g Web and Mobile). The features depend largely on the type of access channel. For example, the SMS channel has a more limited set of features than the on-line (web) access channel. A complete list with all the features can be found at this page.

On-line banking
  • Register on-line (optional registration agreement)
  • Home (dashboard) page with status overview, quick access icons, message board
  • On-line client profile (client information, images)
  • Payments (normal, installments, scheduled, authorization levels)
  • Payment request to mobile user (requires confirmation by SMS)
  • Invoices
  • Loans (view open closed loans, repay loan)
  • Loan groups (micro finance)
  • Account summary / history, print & export payments lists
  • Personal alerts & notifications
  • On-line request forms (e.g. loan request)
  • Personal documents, group documents (managed by administrators or agents)
  • Manage account operators (a user can create operators and give them permissions to do specific tasks)

Mobile Bankingimages/stories/mobile_banking.png

    • Sign-up via mobile
    • Payment to other users or administration
    • Payment request (two-way payment)
    • Retrieve account information / browse through transaction history)
    • Info texts (texts managed in Cyclos can be retrieved by mobile)
    • Notifications & alerts (personal alerts and general alerts & notifications)
    • Mailings (from administration and agents)
    • Bank and Telecom provider independent
    • Optional OTP (One Time Password) for all commands
    • Custom operations (programming interface that allows adding new operations)
Supported mobile channels

Cards / POS (Point Of Sale)images/stories/card.png

  • Debit / credit card support
  • Different security options PIN, security card code
  • On-line card management (activate/cancel/block card, reset/block PIN)
  • POS (Point Of Sale) cash-in cash-out payments
  • Daily transaction overview & print on POS
  • Receipt printer support for WebPOS
  • Print transaction reports for specific POS operators
  • Manage POS devices on-line (activate, deactivate, block)
  • Market place (offers & wants)
  • On-line (rich text) editor
  • Advertisement matching alerts
  • Member directory
  • Contact list
  • Messaging module
  • Brokering / agents module
  • Business referrals and transaction qualifications
System administration & configuration
  • Dynamic system configuration (support for various economic models)images/stories/system_administration.png
  • Define custom fields for users, advertisements, loans, payments, member records
  • Account & user management
  • Import tools (users, advertisements)
  • Content management (translations, pages, images, styles)
  • System alerts & logging
  • Reports & Statistics
  • System tasks (e.g. set system offline, indexing)
  • Easy maintenance (all data stored in database)
  • Automatic upgrades (version check on initialization process)
  • Strong security (bank level security implementation)
  • API (application programming interface) for communication with third party software.
  • Plugins available for integration with the Joomla CMS

Complementary Currency Systems

This is a list with some of the organisations that use Cyclos for complementary currency systems.
(If you are using Cyclos and are not mentioned in the list please let us know. It is important for the institutions who finance the Cyclos project to have an idea of the number and the type of communities / organisations that use Cyclos).  I’ve listed the Corporate USA butmany other countries are represented and listed at the link:

Cyclos Users:

CFS Clearing House Nevada Complementary currency
Global Community Initiatives Time bank
Lovebank Time bank
Merrymeetingshares Time bank

Mobile banking with Cyclos

Mobile banking

Cyclos is the only professional open source online banking software that offers a complete mobile banking platform. Cyclos has a rich set of home banking functionalities, business banking features and additional communication and e-commerce tools. For a complete overview of all the functionalities, please see our feature list. Cyclos is published under the GPL (open source) license, which means that it can be downloaded for free and used at no cost.

The Cyclos mobile banking services are build for (regional) banks, microfinance institutions, remittances, barter systems and complementary currency systems to stimulate local trade and development.

Mobile banking features
  • Sign-up via Mobile
  • Payment to other users or administration
  • Payment request (two-way payment)
  • Retrieve account information (optional browse through pages)
  • Info texts (texts managed in Cyclos can be retrieved by sending an SMS with a specific words/alias)
  • Notifications & alerts (personal alerts and general alerts & notifications)
  • Mailings (from administration and agents)
  • Bank and Telecom provider independent
  • Custom operations (programming interface that allows adding new operations)

The following mobile banking channels are supported, or being worked on:


Smart phone application

The mobile phone app does allow basic operations such as payments, retrieving account and transaction information, searching for users, viewing user profiles and adding users to (Cyclos) contact list. Later advertisements and messaging functions will be added.

An on-line demo of the mobile app can be seen at this page.

You can enter with the demo user and password or with your own demo account.

The mobile app is compatible with Cyclos version 3.7_RC1 and higher. It is currently available for the following platforms:

  • Android: Download here at the Google Play app store.
  • Iphone: Download here trough itunes.
  • Blackberry: Download here trough BlackBerry app world.


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RV/Gold Bait and Switch? – Secular Value vs Absolute Value – Hidden History of Gold

Visual of average Joe, happily putting on clothes with their
golden shackles. Represents Gold’s true
 purpose in our society, maintaining slavery systems.

GOLD Gold gold! This post is going to cover, why Gold historically has so much significance, and how the new push for a Gold back currency is the same old game.

D, from Breaking the Silence Removing the Shackles is constantly reenforcing this idea. Her recent post details that the new financial system and Revaluation, was intended to be Slavery Systems 2.0, the culmination of efforts the NWO or Illuminati have been planning for years. This post will outline the rationale and concepts to why this is the case, and why an Absolute Value System is needed now more then ever. Lets take it back to PRIME!

Historically Gold has served as a mechanism to control society. The bankers and financial powers of the planet have used Revaluations every 70 years or so, to transfer wealth from one group to another; usually from the free people of the planet, to the elite. There are 3 bodies of work we can use as reference material for this discussion which I will list at the end of this post.

What is Value and Why is Gold Valuable?

Visualization of Public forum wherein we
decided gold was valuable.
Presumption of Fact by Convention

The proponents of a Gold backed Currency claim that gold is THE ONLY REAL MONEY we have ever had, as if gold was some how imbued with divine powers in some far distant event in earths history. The fact is gold has no more value then anything else intrinsically, it only has value because WE, the sources of ALL VALUE, give it value by convention; Presumption of Fact by Convention. Presumption of Fact by Convention means, a social agreement to recognize a thing as true. Social agreements are used at all levels of society and civilizations on earth. But, a social convention can be a fiction, and historically speaking usually are.

“The world is flat!” This is a prime example of a Presumption Fact by Convention, the Vatican and Pope declared the world was flat and the Earth was the center of the universe, that does not mean it actually was true, but in the world of social agreements, it was. Gold has value by Presumption of Fact that it has historically ALWAYS been valuable; which can only be true by social agreement or convention.

Nothing (No-thing) in the Universe has Intrinsic Monetary Value

Intrinsic Value means:

Intrinsic value is an ethical and philosophic property. It is the ethical or philosophic value that an object has “in itself” or “for its own sake”, as an intrinsic property

Intrinsic value from the definition above implies a thing has value by itself. How can Gold have Intrinsic Monetary Value by itself? It can not because the entire concept of gold having monetary value is in relation to people. If you remove the individual gold has no meaning as money. 

Visualization of ALL Value being relative
 to the person who is doing the measuring.
 No-thing has Intrinsic Value by itself

The presumption here is that Gold is by definition valuable but this is not true. Gold only has value because people says it does and then act accordingly. Gold has many qualities which make it ideal for a measure of value: fungible – has cross cultural exchanges, incorruptible – it will not degrade or oxidize, static total quantity – all gold on ever mined on earth is known and therefore no more can be mined – making it a fixed total worth.

But if we examine each of these qualities we realize that they are all subjective to humans, and therefore nothing more then value by convention or agreement. But there is a hidden aspect to why gold based Secular Value Systems are used – because they can be manipulated by those who are in the know; knowledge is power.

Where does Value come from?

This is a HUGE concept to discuss at the moment and a great many are confused trying to make sense of it, but the source of ALL value can be understood very simply. All value is in the eye of the beholder. We can dispel the gold-as-absolute-value myth pretty quick by working through some thought experiments and taking things into perspective.

Visualization of All things having value,
dependent on the BEing
in relation to their DOing

Imagine a 10 feet cube of gold that you want to sell to a gold dealer. Now if gold had Intrinsic Monetary Value, you and the dealer should agree on price automatically, right? Nope, you both have a different measure of that cubes value. Of course you might say, people have to agree on exchanges of value, that’s how businesses work. Exactly! We must agree. Further, the average person can’t do much with a 10 foot cube of gold.

This brings us to where value really comes from. Value is a term which makes reference to something else. A bushel of carrots to a vegetarian has much more value then a pound of hamburger meat because of the usage each has with respect to the individual is different. Similarly, high tech electrical components have more value to a computer manufacture then 10 tons of cow manure. It should become clear now how value actually works in reality. A thing, has value only in relation to how it can be used by you! This is what is meant by you are the value, the meaning a thing has, that you give, is what it’s value is to you.

All THINGS have Value

Does the air you’re breathing mean something to you, absolutely it does. Does the person closest to you in your life mean something to you, of course they do. How can anyone then argue that Gold is the only thing of real value, as an absolute, unquestioned truth, when it clearly it is not.

Cosmic Christ by Alex Grey
Visualization of All Value being in the
Eye of the Beholder

All things are uniquely valuable to the individual ONLY. Meaning, each thing in existence means something different to everyone else dependent on their BEing in relation to their DOing. Just like we discussed above, a people deem things valuable based on their usage or relation to the individual. Give a fisherman some line and a body of water, and they can create value from those things; they can fish. Give a poet experiences and the poet will create value from those experiences; they will write poetry. Give a musician a piano, and they will create value from that thing; they will make music for others to hear. 

Do you see now how EVERYTHING has value, but the value is relative to each individual?

This is why our value is infinite, because as we do the INner work to realize who we really are, we expand our consciousness to discover that all things relate to our selves because we are ONE. This simple idea has universal ramifications, and the greater your capacity to realize this concept the more value and meaning each seemingly separate thing has. What is meant by Eternal Essence Embodied, is all things are the infinite, rendered into finite form. Value appreciation is a function of awareness and attainment of truth realization within. 

Thats why doing the Inner work is so important to Showing you the money. You are the mechanisms that gives that money value, for yourself!

Secular Value System vs Absolute Value System

Visualization of the Secret Intent behind Gold –
A Secular Value System designed
 to control creative powers on earth

An example of Absolute Value System is essentially the world of nature. Does nature waste anything? No, nature will make use of all things in her BEing and to facilitate her DOing. Nature is the best and greatest model for an Absolute Value System we can see.

What is a Secular Value System you maybe asking yourself? It is the agreement of a society, the majority of a society or the controlling influential members of a society, to agree that: only SOME things will be acceptable as value instead of ALL things. As we just reviewed, this system is a fiction because the greater truth is ALL THINGS HAVE VALUE. The history of modern civilization going back to ancient Sumer is an epic of Secular Value Systems dominating our planet. These systems are designed for one purpose, to transfer power of creation, via the labor of the free people, to a controlling elite.

As you will discover, this is how gold has been used all throughout our history.

Musical Chairs Game

How does gold transfer powers of creation to the controlling elite? Silver, cattle, trade goods and labor have always worked side by side with gold as methods of value representation for all of human history. As you will discover, gold has been used like a financial ‘musical chairs’ mechanism – powerful people quietly accumulate gold, then declare it as the only thing of real value (the only true money), and nothing else can be used to pay debts. This causes a currency crisis in the society as items that were previously used as value expressions are now worthless. Its like buying a stock at $50 a share only to have the price bottom out the next day. The people who were in the wise before hand are now the kingpin’s of the new, gold backed financial system. 

Visualization of power grab that is accomplished by
knowing when the Monetary ‘music will stop’
(i.e. when we switch to a gold standard)

Now those who did not know, and only have goods to sell for the new gold, sell off all their possessions for gold. The Music was shut off and now they are scrambling to fill the chairs that are left over. This is exactly what happened in Rome during the time Julius Caesar took Power. The Video below will detail this. 

See this post, Silver & Gold – Hidden Secrets Of Money ‘Currency Vs Money’ – Mike Maloney, and listen to the the narrator. This is exactly the musical chairs game we are taking about. “We are about to see the biggest transfer of wealth in recorded history, this has happened many times in the past, and if you know before hand you can ‘ride the wave’ on the other side, and make mountains of money!” (paraphrasing) This is exactly what we just described above, a musical chairs game. 

I can not speak for everyone, but I can tell you I am done playing games.

Gold and Silver vs Fiat Currencies

Visualization of Unknowing masses forced to
switch over to gold, when the
‘Monetary Music Stops’

The popular rhetoric of late is ‘any fiat currency is the incarnation of evil, and gold is the savior of modern society.’ But as we just learned, all things have value relative to the individual. Therefore all money, whether gold and silver coins, gold backed paper money or debt money is valuable by convention and therefore fiat!

Gold is the worlds oldest and most successfully power grabbing mechanisms; the worlds oldest fiat Currency. The latest push, Basal III, the Revaluation and a-like, are all going to quietly transfer wealth to the hands of yet another unseen elite.

A currency based on Fiat is actually a more honest expression of what any value system really is, social conventions. Why does it get so much bad press? Because the people who designed and use our contemporary FRN Fiat currency, are using it as a Secular Value System to control creation via the labor of the free people.

Fiat Money System can be an Absolute Value System

One of the Historical Examples of interest free
Fiat Money Systems being squashed
by the Elite, because they have the power
to free the people

A Fiat money system is the only system which can act as an Absolute Value System, but only if it is managed with transparency and by a well educated and personally responsible public. If a Fiat money system is controlled by an elite, even the most well intentioned, it will most likely be corrupted and co-opted for that elite’s interests. This is why it is so important to have a personally responsible public. 

You will discover later, histories most powerful and influential societies, at one time, had Fiat money systems which were destroyed by secular money systems. Fiat Money Systems, just like an Absolute Value System, MUST be Interest free. Any Usury will aggregate power into the party whom collects that interest, and if they do not spend all the interest back into the free society, scarcity will result for the free people within.

The I-UV exchange, is an Absolute Value System based on energetic exchanges of BEing and DOing, which is much more harmonious of how nature and the universe at large actually work. I will be re-releasing a post I wrote in early 2013 “Showing you the money – How to Access Your Absolute Value” which discusses how goodwill and love are the foundations of an Absolute Value System.

Resource Material: The Secret of Oz

The Secret of Oz is a wonderful series of the secret history of money mainly covering the United States. The data presented reveals how Fiat Money Systems based on Interest free public currency are the life blood of successful societies the world over. And it will demonstrate how Gold has ben used to divide and conquer as well as transfer wealth many times in the past.



Resource Material: Financial Tyranny by David Wilcock
David does a wonderful job in his free ebook, Financial Tyranny, revealing probably the most recent musical chairs power grab by the elite using gold. The Concept of a Secular based Value system causing major problems was actually the basis for why they wanted to switch to a world Reserve Fiat system in the first place; the Wealth of Nations, by Adam Smith was written to support this notion. However, because the system was in the hands of the elite and their hidden interests, it ultimately served to hinder humanity, instead of free it. 
To review this full body of work please see this post DIVINE COSMOS: FINANCIAL TYRANNY: Defeating the Greatest Cover-Up of All Time
Resource Material: – Gold
In a recent interview on the 5d Media Network, Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf refer to the releasing of gold from spiritual bondage. This idea, that gold is alive, just like all other things in the universe, and it has been kept in slavery, just like we have, is also presented in the following.
Gold has a long history on earth, and not in the way people have traditionally though of it. Frank, of UCADIA networks, uses some strong language to discuss these concepts, but on the whole they are amazingly revealing. 
– Justin
continue reading at:
Make sure you read the rest of this article.  Lots of pretty gold bars which represent your absolute value!