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Once One comes to that place of Peace in One’s own Heart,
Which by the way, manifests miraculously when One Loves One’s Self unconditionally!  Only then, does One experience the Joy that comes when allowing that Love vibration to flow through You and in to Others.  Peace that surpasses all understanding is one of the Gifts that comes from One’s pursuit of such “Inner-tame-ment”.

Stop judging every thing and every One in every NOW moment.  Experience that Love Vibration in every situation by being the Source of that Love Vibration.  One can transmute All lower vibrations (energies) when One is right with One’s Self.  Focus only on those things One desires for the good of All; any thing One wishes to manifest and it shall be as One Imagines. However, One must in all ways take the first steps in order to enlist assistance from All of Creation towards manifesting those desires.  Be Alert – Watch for Synchronicities.

— Angel Lucci

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(Body Mind Soul Spirit) Anyone who travels within spiritual circles has probably heard about ‘vibrations’. The context is usually that someone with a higher vibration is somehow more spiritual or that the goal of the individual is to raise his or her vibration. But what does this really mean? Is it all just spiritual mumbo jumbo or is there actually a science behind vibrations? As you probably figured out from the title of this article, I believe that there is absolutely a science to this spiritual concept. And I believe I can prove it.

Let’s start with what we know. At the center of our solar system is our sun—a big ball of light. Around it, orbits the planets. The closer planets, such as Mercury and Venus, move more quickly around the sun because The Science of Raising Your Vibration | In5D.comthey have smaller orbits. In our universe, patterns are continually repeating. For example, the atoms that make up the matter of our world are designed just like mini-solar systems. At the center of every atom is a nucleus. Around it, orbits its electrons. The difference is that at this subatomic level, the electrons can leap from one orbit to the next, giving us the term “quantum leap.”

When an electron moves from one orbit to one that is closer to the nucleus, it gives off energy or light. This is pretty much physics 101. Just about any physicist knows about this and would agree that it’s a proven fact. Unfortunately however, most scientists do not think metaphorically. Symbolism and metaphor is the realm of the artist, writer, musician, or poet.

In an ideal world, scientists and artists would work together to help solve the universe’s biggest mysteries. Since we’re not quite there yet, you have creative thinkers like me who hear about issues scientists are dealing with, see solutions they might not see, and feel compelled to share them with others. However, since us creative types don’t have the right schooling or degrees, our ideas often aren’t taken seriously, especially by said scientists (those who don’t read articles like this I mean.)

I’m hopeful that one day there will be official jobs for those who do what I do, but for now it’s up to you to decide whether any of this deserves any merit. It is man who decided that only those who’ve learned certain things about a topic have a right to expand the knowledge about that topic. But why should anyone get to decide the official sources for truth? As usual, I say if you read something that rings true for you, great. If not, let it go.

So, most any physicist would agree that an electron gives off energy/light as it jumps to a closer orbit. And they’d also agree that we are made up of atoms. But here’s where I’m going to take a quantum leap. Since we are all made up of atoms, any principle that is true for them, should also be true for us. Therefore, just as atoms give off light when they leap closer to their source, so do we.

Atoms are energy and energy is what connects us all together. At the center of our spiritual universe is light and all of our souls revolve around it. Whenever we do something that is for our material self alone—either with certain foods, drink, sex, money, or actions that are only for our own selfish pleasures—our souls leap to an orbit that is further from the light. However, when we act in ways that go against our selfish, materialistic inclinations, and more in-line with the light, we leap to an orbit that is closer to it.

Once this happens, just as with electrons, we release a stream of energy/light. This light attracts and empowers others, changing the frequency of their own energy in such a way that enables them to get closer to the light themselves. Those whose souls have made this leap are now orbiting closer to the center of the light and therefore have a smaller orbit, which means they are moving faster. This faster orbit is what is known as a higher vibration.

The closer we get to the light source, the more light we give off, and the quicker our energy vibrates. The quicker we vibrate, the less we are bound by the material rules of time and space. Space-time is an illusion of the material world. As we all begin to move collectively (influenced by one another’s leaps) towards the light, time will seem to speed up as it heads towards one single moment since one moment is really all there is.

Eventually, those with higher vibrations will be able to skip around time and space just like atoms do. And once we have a critical mass of people who can do this—enough energy to tip the scale in all one direction—our entire planet will increase it’s vibration. At that point, just like an electron, the entire planet Earth will leap into an orbit that is closer to its nucleus, the sun, and give off light in the process.

Will we all be fried by this? No, because most everyone will have increased their own vibrations, enabling them to leave their material selves behind, and a new society of light beings will exist on a glowing world at an orbit closer to our sun.

If any of this feels true to you, you may have a desire to have it fit in to the beliefs you already have. What I just illustrated is actually built into every religion, albeit metaphorically. It is the principle of the Sephirot in Judaism, reincarnation in Hinduism, The Buddha and Dharma in Buddhism and the internal principle of Jihad in Islam.

In Christianity, this entire story is symbolically demonstrated. Jesus is the son (sun). He is surrounded by the 12 apostles (electrons/planets). Jesus sacrifices his material body to help us, through the wisdom of the apostles, to raise our collective vibrations. And one day, Jesus shall return and those who followed his ways shall be like him and experience a rapture, leaving the material earth behind. The whole Messianic Age is basically the time when we collectively raise our vibrations and share in the light we give to one another. I do not believe that a being will arrive to show us how to do this. We already have the wisdom and are becoming more and more conscious of it each day.

Hopefully, this article will help us remember a little bit more, so we can then pass it on to others. As for those empirical-types who think my quantum leap was more leap of faith than science, I invite you to explore the leading theory that attempts to explain the building blocks of our universe—tiny vibrating loops known as string theory. Perhaps the idea of vibrations from that perspective will resonate more deeply for you

Marc Oromaner is the author of The Myth of Lost, which deciphers the hidden wisdom of the hit TV show and explains how we can use this wisdom to overcome challenges and uncover our destiny. His website, The Layman’s Answers To Everything, points out the patterns that run through all great stories including our own. These patterns are clues that are meant to guide us towards a life full of love, light, and fulfillment.

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Absolute Data – Fifth Energetic Transmission
      Creation and the Beginning of Absolute Data
In hopes that I can give the reading audience a better understanding of the foundation of absolute data – for those who need this understanding and don’t already have it- I wish at this time to explain Infinite Source or prime. To begin with Infinite Source is greater than Prime as it is truly Infinite- while Prime is the Finite Source Created through a partnership so to speak from Infinite Source – as a finite world and reality had to be created within Infinite energetic consciousness (Infinite Source) in order to provide the potential and possibility of change- motion or movement- finite consciousness (unconsciousness at many different levels) – separation and duality- and time and space – and all are nothing more than illusion that is a part of the whole that is Infinite Source as well.
You see Infinite Source in Its pure energetic consciousness is not only passive but it (or He – whatever you wish to term Infinite Source at your level of evolution)) is always in the now- never experiencing yesterday or tomorrow. Infinite Source is not separated and is not divided- nor can less of Infinite Source be found in one of Its created bodies and forms while more of Infinite Source is found in other created bodies and forms. Each and every created form (and all creations are forms created within a sphere similar to what you would call a bubble) created by Infinite Source through finite Source (kind of like the representative story of how all things are created by the Father through his Son the Lord) possesses and yet is the complete representation of Infinite Source in Its whole essence and being.
Note: Keep in mind that that the Lord example was just a story that is representative of every human being at one point of their existence or another – as each of us is in fact all things to all people.
But in moving on – as I was saying Infinite Source cannot be lessened or divided in Its essence and being in a manner that would cause Infinite Source to exist in a lesser amount or level of Its existence or energy within any one single or individual form throughout all of Creation. Therefore Finite Source was created through the combined efforts of Infinite Source and finite Source (who at the moment before the Creation of Finite Source  – Finite Source was indeed One with Infinite Source – and still is One with Infinite Source outside of the veil which is represented by fantasy- sleep – or illusion.  And so the only limit placed on Finite Source is that of Infinite Source – in that the least tiny bit or level of illusion causes the apparent separation of Finite Source and Infinite Source- which is all that separates the two- in which case at its purest level Finite Source is actually neither Finite nor Infinite – but Creates the illusion between the realms of Infinity and finiteness.
So what we have here is the purest Source of all things which is Infinite Energetic Consciousness verses Finite Energetic Consciousness. Both must forever be in existence in order for Infinite Source to forever experience Itself in a finite- changing – physical existence within a realm of the illusion of separation and duality within another realm known of as time and space. For in Infinite Sources purest or actual conscious essence and form It is all together One and whole- It is never changing within the now – it is neither light or dark- right or wrong- good or evil- neither with or without rules or Laws – and nothing can be added to Infinite Source that does not already exist within Its (or His) essence and being that is not already there as potential and possibility. Infinite Source doe not have to abide by any of Its (or His) set rules or Laws ever because Infinite Source is Universal law. Infinite Source can make straight today what was crooked yesterday- and He ( or It) can change it back again within His ( or Its) Finite manifestations of Himself( or Itself).
Again nothing can change within the collective consciousness that is Infinite Source ( It is completely passive- and never changing) which is all the more reason and purpose for the continuous Creation of Finite reality within the collective consciousness that is Infinite Source. And what I mean by that is that Creation is a constant thing that takes place within every now moment from eternity and to eternity (forever). Nothing in the Finite world and universe remains where it is – in place – for any length of time throughout all of creation simply because there is no such thing as time or place- as there is only the now- and place is nothing more than that now moment you each reflect on a point (zero degree) within the collective consciousness that is infinite Source. You are all living in a Matrix of energetic consciousness – and depending on your level of evolution of the soul – from the moment you were created within the finite realm or separation and duality – you each are at one point or another within Infinite Source – but that point or place you appear to be in is always dependent on how far you are separated from center or zero degree – which is where Infinite Source is found within each of you.
In other words Infinite Source Created Itself as a finite self within Its Infinite Conscious energetic essence and being so as to experience existence within an unlimited number of material as well as physical bodies and forms – and created this reality with the illusion that each of these bodies or forms could at any time throughout eternity experience being in or at one place within not only space- but time as well. And every illusion of being in one place or another is simply you creating a different thought or form (hologram) instantly all the time within this Matrix of energetic Consciousness from point- center- or zero degree.
Again Infinite Source is all things and yet It ( He) is nothing- depending on what Infinite Source wishes to be through the experience within Itself in finite form or existence. Because Infinite Source is the beginning and the end of all things- and each of you exist as one or all the thoughts of INFINITE Source- this would stand to reason that each of you is Infinite Source whenever you wish to be in life – based on your level of understanding at any given now moment in your life- and in turn that too is still dependent on the evolution of every personal soul individually. This is because every created soul must begin at the very beginning and lowest stages of evolution from the time of their creation (moving from Infinite reality to finite reality) so that realities are forever and continuously created within every reality ever to be created in the finite realms of existence- which means newly created souls will forever be continuously created in every moment from and to eternity. And as a soul moves up in their evolution other souls come in and take their places so as to forever continue that reality for Infinite as well as Finite Source. And as each soul moves up in evolution they take on more wisdom and understanding through remembering what they had once given up through voluntary forgetfulness.
But now some people might say to themselves why does Infinite Source have to create all of this stuff time after time – from one moment to the next  to eternity? Why can He or It not simply create what He or It wants whenever He or It wants it to eternity? And the answer is simple! Infinite Source is passive and inactive- never changing to eternity- and you have to imagine a pure being that is nothing but energetic consciousness (thought). But Infinite Source does not think all the time- or even within time as Infinite Source does not think through terms such as yesterday or tomorrow – but only within each and every now moment as Infinite Source moves (actually reflects on a thought form or collection of thought forms) from one now moment to the next now moment as there is no actual movement involved) throughout Its being (in the now) and can experience whatever thought It wishes to eternity through Finite Source. But Infinite Source cannot change Its true essence and being that is pure energetic thought never changing or moving.
Still you must keep in mind that anything which can be thought of can be created by Infinite Source as Infinite Source is Infinite Energetic Consciousness or thought. Therefore Infinite Source can create the thought of separation and duality where everything is given its equilibrium or contrast within that created thought form or reality – where in turn it would not be considered Finite because it carries the illusion of separation from Infinite Source – where in truth nothing is actually separated from Source. So Infinite Source created this reality I speak of through Its own thought and energetic consciousness. Then again He ( or It) did not create it as something He or It did before so much as it is created in every now moment from eternity to eternity – never actually having a beginning and never actually having an end. At the same time Infinite Source could (If He or It wanted) actually put a stop to all of this Finite Creation I speak of – in which case all things would return immediately to Infinite Source and would once again be and do as Infinite Source –never again experiencing the Finite- separation – duality- or opposites.
So why does Infinite Source never un crating a thing? Why does Infinite Source never need to take a rest from all of this creating and once again just be passive and inactive- never again changing who or what Infinite Source truly is? Infinite Source does not ever do this because then Infinite Source would cease to be – given that Infinite Source is not only Infinite in His ( or Its) essence and being- but Infinite Source is also Finite in His ( or Its) essence and being. Where we see Infinite and Finiteness as two separate things in our world and reality- they are truly One thing of and within the essence and being that is Infinite Source. As Infinite Source is all things ever to exist as potential and possibility He (or It) can only take from Himself (or itself) through the being of the Finite. Because Infinite Source is also Finite Source as well He (or It) is forever existing in equilibrium and contrast- right dead in the center of all things that make up the essence and being that Is Infinite Source. What exists above this equilibrium ( what we term as the light or higher self) Infinite Source needs no term for He ( or It) is simply living in the now- being and doing through Finite Source. What is below the equilibrium which we term as the dark or lower self Infinite Source again is simply being and doing- and living in the now through Finite Source. 
So everything each of us is experiencing as life- separation- and duality is being experienced in illusion as though we are actually separate from God (or Infinite Source) when in fact we are living the life of Infinite Source as Him (or It) in the Finite realms of pure Conscious energetic Creation. There are those in the world today who are at a lower level of their evolution of the soul and then there are those human beings who are higher up in their evolution of the soul –and all are where they need to be based on their life’s plan from the moment of their being created by Infinite Source (which is who and what we all are originally originally). Because many souls were created very close together to one another within Infinite Source and outside of time- not every soul that began their experience in separation and duality is at the same level as all others who began at the same now moment because of their pace of evolving- in which case some came in late in the game and are already awakening in the world today while others are not quite there yet. Still it has been designed so that all souls who will awaken and evolve to the next level are here on our planet at this day and will all awaken within this generation. And it could happen a lot soon than most would think.
But I wish to return to the subject of Infinite Source for a moment – before I end this transmission – as the spirit is leading me to do so.
How can change, movement, separation, duality, opposites, and forms be created as a reality within Infinite Source- who again is Infinite energetic consciousness?
It is simply really once you get your mind around it.
Infinite Source thought of a point or simple – then because He (I will term Infinite Source as He from this point on) could not cause movement or cause the simple to grow or shrink as the point was still an Infinite point (never changing or moving) and therefore a world cannot be created in three – D (HOLOGRAMS) from this one Infinite point alone – so He continued His creation.  Then He created a vortex through conscious thought and within this vortex He instilled His energy and caused this point or simple to appear to move within this vortex (through finite illusion) by constantly reflecting on the point within the vortex at different places along the angular line of the vortex. He created this illusion of movement by going from consciousness to unconsciousness so quickly that one now moment He saw the point and the other He did not. It is similar to looking at an old movie film where in one frame a person is in one position and once you look at the other frames the person is in all different positions with the different only being slight within each new frame.
This is what gives us the illusion of movement on a movie film of old and the same process works when you are conscious of a position a form or object is in- then your mind goes blank and unconscious for a split second – and once you become conscious again and reflect on the form it is in another place or position.  So through this process Infinite Source kept reflecting on the point being in a different position every time He would place Himself in unconsciousness for a split second and returning to consciousness. How did Infinite Source take on unconsciousness for a split second each time? Because Infinite Source represents consciousness while Finite Source represents unconsciousness or forgetfulness or illusion. And so Infinite Source would reflect on Himself being Infinite Source in one now moment and Finite Source in the other now moment in order to permit Himself to go from consciousness to unconsciousness for a split second (though there are only split seconds with Finite Source and now moments with Infinite Source.
Nonetheless what we have now is Infinite Source has now created the point- the angular form – the vortex form- the spiral form – and movement or change.
We now have area- movement and different sizes to those areas we have access to through collective thought forms. So now by Infinite Source having these forms He can now create the perfect sphere out of these points or circles simply by placing on end circles lined up from large to the smallest on both sides of the largest circle in the center and then you have a sphere. And all Infinite Source needs to do now that He created this sphere without actual change or movement within Himself is to create the third dimensional world and reality through these spheres–with  the spiritual world being created first.  In other words what shows up in the material and physical world first has to be created within the spiritual.
And so every form in all of creation and existence is created through spheres. And there is no limit to the different sized spheres in all of existence as Infinite Source has created them all in the process we just spoke of. It matters not if a form or body is hard or soft still they are all created from spheres- and in both the spiritual as well as the material and physical worlds. The main point is to create the body or form through spheres and then the human mind through Infinite Source and the collective consciousness create the illusion of hard and soft in all instances. The more compact the spheres are made through Finite Source – from Infinite Source (higher self) the harder the surface or body and form. The more space between the spheres the softer the surface or body and form. So what fills the space in between the spheres? Compacted air or ether – which are forms as well by the way and are created through spheres as well. All spheres carry a different level of density and the least dense are those spheres which make up air –ether- and all different liquids. But we do not have time or space to cover the details as it is time to end this transmission so as not to delve any deeper into these age old mysteries at this time.
With much love to you friends —Daniel—
Thank You Daniel!