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Published on Sept. 12, 2013

This video is a quick summary of the document CONfinance, and the ways finance is provided.

According to the Corporations Act 2001, an Act the Banks in Australia claim to be bound by…
providing finance means:
(a) lending money; or
(b) giving guarantees or security for loans made by someone else; or
(c) drawing, accepting, indorsing, negotiating or discounting a bill of exchange, cheque, payment order or promissory note so that someone can obtain funds.


This document has been prepared solely to assist those in banking and finance to consider the existence of other ways of providing finance. How often do bank staff simply state “but you borrowed money – you have to pay it back..?”

Is this a result of their education..? Are they aware of other ways of providing finance..? What if the only thing you shared with bank staff is the possibility of their being other ways to provide finance..?

What if there were up to 22 different ways corporations could provide finance..?

What if only one of those was by lending money..?

How could a bank provide finance without lending money..?


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Published on May 31, 2013

The IMF, Bank of England, Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Dallas & Chicago publications show money is created when loans are made… not before loans are made…

Original Issue Discounts result from the depositing of YOUR Promissory Note..?

Banks, as an Accommodation Party, withdraw that currency from the central banks and “LOAN” it to you..?

See also and follow a case where such evidence has been asked of the bank.

scott bartle


Thanks Scott for this explanation of the fraud in the banking industry as it relates to loans and mortgages!

Below is a link to a related article that will shed some light on the process of modification which is the same fraudulent process of deception and illusion!

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