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Removing the Shackles

As I said in last nights Transpicuous News Report, I am not a negative person, nor a pessimist- far from it in fact.  But I am a Realist, and right now, the Realist in me says “Be Prepared”.At this moment, the world of “Finance” “Economy” and Government idiocy is collapsing all around the globe.  I do not say this lightly.  After posting TN last night, I opened my skype to 5 more news articles that point a very huge finger at just how close the collapse of the current financial system is.

I have written for years about the coming changes to the currently slavery financial system and ultimately it’s collapse.  I have also been talking about the fact that the “New” financial system that “they” are putting in to replace it, is just slavery 2.0 edition.  The battle is on at the moment to see which faction will get their agenda and system in place first.  Not that it matters, as each one is just a variation of the slavery/fraud theme, which just puts a different face on who everyone thinks is in charge.  It doesn’t matter, one way or the other though, because in my opinion, even their “New” financial system will very quickly been seen for what it is and crash.  The re-phoenixing of the systems is NOT going to work.   Now, as I said in Transpicuous News last night, I do believe that there are those waiting in the wings for the final curtain call, people who are ready and able to pick up the broken pieces and actually FIX the problems that we are currently facing, but before that happens, I think we will have to seen the complete collapse of this fraudulent slave system in it’s entirety.

Which brings me to my point: BE PREPARED

I’m not a pessimist and I’m certainly not a fear mongerer. Those who’ve been reading RTS know that I don’t fall for the “fear porn”.  But I’m also not willing to gamble my family on the hope that this coming collapse is going to be all unicorns farting rainbows.

Let’s play a game of “What if”.

What if the big banks- or even just your bank in your local town- goes bankrupt and suddenly shuts it’s doors?

-Do you have access to money?  Do you have access to your credit/debit card? Do you have food and supplies on hand to look after your family (and perhaps unprepared friends) for 3 days?  A week? Do you have gas in your car?

What if the big banks close and there is a bank run (which is already been seen in several countries yet covered up by the main stream media)?What if there is a panic run when people can’t get their money, or just freak out about the whole situation?

What if a “state of emergency” is enforced and you are stuck away from home? or stuck at home?

None of these situations are impossible.  As a matter of fact, judging from what is being seen, I would say most of these situations are probable.At this very moment the “Big 5” in the US are completely bankrupt- hence the fact that they passed that lovely “bail out” clause in the US 2015 budget- “they” KNOW what is coming.  European banks are not any better off either.  As matter of fact, the European Union is on the verge of collapse all on it’s own, regardless of the global economic situation.

Are you Prepared?  Do you know where everything is that you might need? Do you have a meet up point prearranged with your family and friends just in case you need to leave your home?  These are important questions.

Many of my newer readers may not know it, but I use to be a hard core prepper.  Nick and I recognized back in 2001, then further in 2009, that the current “system” was failing and that it was our responsibility to look after our family.  We had spent years watching various government agencies dropping the ball during major emergencies and realized that we needed to be completely self sufficient.  This meant gathering knowledge because knowledge is the KEY to getting through any situation.  Over the course of several years I gathered an entire hard drive full of information, books, recordings, PDFs, manuals, and lists of resources.  Then the realization hit that to print out all of this information would comprise 10s of thousands of pages…. not exactly something you can carry with you in an emergency situation.  Which left the question of: POWER.  If you have an energy supply, then you always have the ability to charge batteries, to charge laptops, to have light and even heat and refridgeration.  But it comes down to having a power supply that is self sufficient, renewable/self recharging, and is transportable.  This is when Nick began his journey into studying and creating an alternative energy supply.  Nick has been working on several energy designs (we won’t use that bad word “free energy”, lol) for many years, and has worked on several designs that would allow off the grid power anywhere.

Two days ago we recorded the video (below), and gave the information about crystal batteries and how we are moving forward to the world.  This is vitally important information for those people who are looking for an easily transportable, self recharging power source. We are working on getting the fully documented video instructions out to the public in the next few weeks, but in the mean time, Nick’s notes, and this recording are an excellent start to building your own crystal battery.

Crystal batteries have been around in the alternative media circuit for a few years.  Laserhacker proved that his small self recharging test battery is still lighting an led bulb 2 years later, without showing any signs of degradation.  What Nick has done is to morph the salts used, changing how they are mixed and applied it to a car battery- 12 volts of easily moveable/transportable power.  This energy supply can be used to take a room of your house “off grid”, or wired in series to create a larger output. It can be used in an RV, camper, boat, cottage, workshop etc… to supply “electricity” for small appliances, power tools, lights, or any other application that falls within the output of the crystal battery itself.  Most importantly, these batteries are  self recharging, cheap to make and easy to build and set up!  Besides the battery itself, all you need is an inverter, and away you go.

Continue to ‘The Crystal Battery‘ video at:
I’m adding the following provided by Gift Of Truth:

“You have been telling the people that this is the Eleventh Hour, now you must go back and tell the people that this is THE HOUR.

And there are things to be considered…

Where are you living?

What are you doing?

What are your relationships?

Are you in right relation?

Where is your water?

Know your garden.

It is time to speak your Truth.

Create your community.

Be good to each other.

And do not look outside yourself for the leader.

Then he clasped his hands together, smiled, and said, “This could be a good time! There is a river flowing now very fast. It is so great and swift that there are those who will be afraid. They will try to hold on to the shore. They will feel they are being torn apart and will suffer greatly. Know the river has its destination. The elders say we must let go of the shore, push off into the middle of the river, keep our eyes open, and our heads above the water. And I say, see who is in there with you and celebrate.

At this time in history, we are to take nothing personally. Least of all, ourselves. For the moment that we do, our spiritual growth and journey comes to a halt.

The time of the lone wolf is over. Gather yourselves! Banish the word struggle from your attitude and your vocabulary. All that we do now must be done in a sacred manner and in celebration.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

Oraibi, Arizona Hopi Nation

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I AM Without Prejudice: ALL that is needed

Many conversations are circling in groups online and in person over the use of signatures.   As I have pointed out over the past few days, “They” need your signature to take your value. “They” cannot touch your value even with a 10 foot pole without that scribble that is your signature…. hence they will do ANYTHING to get your signature onto a document.

Everything you sign, from here on out, should include the words “Without Prejudice”.  For me, it is now part of my signature on EVERYTHING.

One thing that Heather explained to me yesterday that makes absolute sense to me, is that anytime you are asked to fill out any form- whether you have to sign it or not- be sure to write the words “without prejudice” on the form somewhere visible.  For example: when you enter a country and they give you that little form to fill out with your name and where you are coming from and where you are going to etc…, even though there is no spot on the form for your signature, you should still write on the form “without prejudice”, with or without your signature. That will nullify any agreement that they are trying to force upon you with the use of that form.

…. I wish I’d known that BEFORE we landed in Morocco, lol, but now I kNOW it.

Funnily enough, the inclusion of those words “without prejudice” and/or I AM, has a very physical effect on those reading it from an official position.  Almost like a cautionary note.  When we were renewing our passports in Malta, our first meeting with the Canadian Consulate Aide was very different than our second meeting, in which he had seen our paperwork and my signature that included “without prejudice”.  The second meeting he was very polite and very ….. helpful.  The same with our dealings with the Canadian Embassy in Rome.  The first few emailed conversations were very … condescending from the Embassy staff, but after receiving our paperwork (with multiple without prejudice signatures), suddenly they were very careful about how they dealt with us.  This is because when anyone from an official position sees that signature, they KNOW that you KNOW.

When you sign anything with without prejudice and I AM, you are completely nullifying any control and any contract that any person, group, corporation or “government” tries to place upon you.  They MUST accept your signature legally as anything you want it to be.

…. and it IS rather fun to watch their faces when they see it!

OH! and as if to drive this point about signatures home, I received this skype message this morning from the lovely Bea and Howard:


[2:12:48 AM] Just  Bea : D, I MUST share this with you because Howard and I haven’t stopped laughing!!!”Questions for St. Germain through Elizabeth Trutwin, St Germain’s Answers are in Bold

Eric Darnell I have a desire to create Joy Creation Devices and Centers, with the full intention of the highest good of all concerned and raising the resonance. Is this something I could obtain funding for? Thanks be to you dear one.
18 hours ago · Unlike · 2

Each Soul on Earth has been given their war reparations in the amount of $10,000,000.00 This does not include the criminals. Some will receive nothing. Those who have prepared themselves and are ready to go with everything in place will receive more intended to go towards humanitarian work. When One signs for what they are to receive they will be required to sign a non disclosure agreement. No one will know what others received. It has to be this way.” (rofl);((rofl) (where is the “peeing my pants from laughing” emoticon?)

… So apparently it isn’t just the banks and the governments and Swissindo that needs your signature- even “St Germaine” needs it too.

Interesting, eh?

With Love, Without Prejudice,


In love, peace and gratitude, with the full responsibility and liability of I AM:


KEYSof I AM, hidden “in plain sight” within the “former systems” by I AM:
                             ~ I AM
….it is that simple ;)=98….I AM takes care of“the rest”…all ways, always. ~ I AM
I AM: The “former systems” I AM were pre-frequencied by I AM to respond to The Will and The Word of             I AM and the original currency I AM~ I AM
DO you recognize each of the “former system” functions reconciled in pure love within the above I AM Documents…? In pure love and original currency…I AM.  Wait ’till you see the affect…LOL!!!
If ONE has identified Value within numerous depositories, and decides to transfer or reconfigure the identified Value within ONE’s own depositories…are functions of the “former systems” even applicable?  …hhhhhmmmmmmm? ;)=98 
WITHOUT PREJUDICE: The “former systems” I AM were pre-frequencied by I AM to respond to     
                                              the signature of I AM without prejudice ~ I AM

Howard Freeman did a beautiful explanation of “without prejudice” during the era of the UCC: When you see ‘Without Prejudice’ UCC 1-308 in connection with your signature, you are saying: ‘I reserve my right not to be compelled to perform under any contract, commercial agreement or bankruptcy that I did not enter knowingly , voluntarily , and intentionally . And furthermore, I do not and will not accept the liability of the compelled benefit of any unrevealed contract or commercial agreement or bankruptcy.'”  ~ absolute context can be found here.  (Oh my gosh!  I am getting so much better at this website thing!!!  I just did like Dani does!!!  Btw, Love, did you know that “Ego” is Latin for I AM?….Seriously! Tee hee!  Ok…focus now!)

The numerous investigations of the “former systems” done around the globe are filled with many funny, and not funny, stories of the “without prejudice”.  As I was wrapping up the last case of the investigations and readying to go to Morocco and then on to Europe, a sheriff put his hand on his gun hoping it would stop me or influence me not to write my signature “without prejudice Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf”….I signed with my signature while explaining to the (court bailiff), Audrey, and the judge that a signature is mark or writing I intend to use to authenticate the document….the next (court hearing) the sheriff was not present and Audrey handed me the document and told me to sign any way that I chose….I giggled and asked her “so someone talked to you about that law? I notice the sheriff and his gun aren’t here…” She giggled and winked. (I AM gives a “shout out” to Jack Nevin and the boys at the Pentagon!  I loved DO’ing the Absolute Plan!!)

For more absolute context, you can read here or here, or better yet….”google it!” (See Dani! I did it again! LOL!!):  “Signatures also form the legal basis of negotiable instruments. Section 3-401(2) of the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) provides that “[n]o person is liable on an instrument unless his signature appears thereon.” The UCC defines the term signature as any name, Trade Name, assumed name, word, or other identifying mark used in lieu of a signature (§ 3-401(2)). The term signed is defined by the UCC as any symbol executed or adopted by a party with the “present intention of authenticating a writing” (§ 1-201(39)). Thus, commercial instruments, such as checks and promissory notes, may be signed by affixing any symbol that an individual intends to represent his signature. Consequently, courts will enforce commercial contracts signed with an X without regard to an individual’s mental or physical ability to sign her full name, though mental or physical incapacity may be relevant if a particular contract is alleged to be the product of overreaching, Undue Influence, or coercion.”

NOW, in the era of IS, I AM without prejudice, gets real fun:  Regardless of any particular inbodyment’s “reaction” to an inbodyment of I AM signing “without prejudice, I AM, [enter given name]”, I AM does the rest….and all the inbodyments I AM, visibly know and experience I AM, in absolute context.  For the Apa Gnosis example in the I AM Documents, above, we also lawfully and intentionally created an application for using the “former system” bank application, without prejudice, for devices (The Value is I AM, BE’ing and DO’ing…and devices can be used in that BE’ing and DO’ing for as long as devices exist….but they are only devices. All devices, regardless of the identity of the device is always 1 unit…10,000USD is 10,000 units of device, 10,000Euro is 10,000 units of another device, 10,000Yen is 10,000 units of yet another device, and so on…). 

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“You Are Being Deceived”

For all of you awesome people out there who have spent hours and hours, if not days and days and weeks and week, trying to explain to your family and friends and co-workers that their entire perception of “Government”, “Finance” and “the authority”  has been built on lies and deception of the highest order…. this pdf below is for you.While it might not have every single aspect of the corruption of power on this planet laid out completely, it comes pretty damn close to being the best, most succinct run down of the basics that I have read in a long long time.  The author doesn’t get into the nitty gritty of the 13th amendment, or what really happened to Noriega and Marcos, or all the details of 9/11… but he covers everything needed to get the point across:

You Are Being Deceived

I have uploaded the 15th Chapter – “You are Being Deceived”- of the Practical Guide to Free Energy Devices to Scribd for ease of reading (below), but the entire book is beyond brilliant and worthy of hours and hours of study and research and can be read or downloaded HERE

Please share this link to the online pdf version of this chapter everywhere.  Post it to you facebook wall, email it out, put it up on chat rooms and skype rooms.  If you really want to help people SEE the deception, then this chapter/article is an excellent first step.

“… Some even believe we (the Rockefellers) are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterising my family and me as ‘internationalists’ and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure – one world, if you will. If that’s the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it. ”
—David Rockefeller, Memoirs (2002, Random House publishers), page 405


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Update on Kiri, summary of all info and links and Heathers briefing

This is a compendium of all the notes and links about Kiri’s Story, and an update with all the information that Heather has just sent to Kiri for her court case tomorrow.  I’ve added my own notes here and there in blue.

Kiri is one of the most confident and amazing women I’ve had the privilege to talk to.  If you’ve listened to the interview, you’ll understand.

From Heather this morning- a conversation on Skype (using my computer and account)

D.Breakingthesilence: (kindly) I notify all present that I do not consent to being here today and that I am here under duress and coercion against my will because you have threatened me with the use of force.  I do not know who you are.  (respectfully) I respectfully demand that you produce to me duly verified and sworn documentation of:

  • your identification
  • your standing
  • your authority
  • identification of the law you are using
  • and the original accommodation agreement with my knowing, willing, and intentional wet-ink signature that gives you authority to act, present, and represent on my behalf

(if I am threatened with purported contempt) “I respectfully waive the benefit of your contempt.  I demand, again, that you produce to me duly verified and sworn documentation of:

  • your identification
  • your standing
  • your authority
  • identification of the law you are using
  • and the original accommodation agreement with my knowing, willing, and intentional wet-ink signature that gives you authority to act, present, and represent on my behalf

if they refuse or try to distract me to move on without them producing that documentation I have questioned: “Is it your intent to force me into involuntary servitude?”

I know who I am.  Perhaps you do not know who you are, what your standing is, what authority you have, what law you are operating with or whether there is an accommodation agreement that I may have consciously signed.  HOWEVER….perhaps you do know all that…and you are committing deceptive acts and practices in order to not have to produce that documentation…

I ask again and please consider carefully before you respond because you are held personally and commercially responsible and liable for every word and statement you issue…ARE YOU ATTEMPTING TO FORCE ME INTO INVOLUNTARY SERVITUDE?”

[12:40:23 PM] D Breakingthesilence: sorry…that is heather using d’s computer/handle with heather’s full responsibility and liability :*.  Heather\

[12:43:03 PM] D Breakingthesilence: “I am here without my consent, against my will, under duress.  I do not and have never contracted with anyone in this room or any entity that may be represented in this room and I cancel any and all presumptions that I have contracted with anyone in this room or associated with any entity that may be represented in this room”

[12:44:12 PM] D Breakingthesilence: until you know who is on the “play ground” trying to insert there nose in your business, there is no requirement/need to go into anything regarding a contract between you and another.

[12:44:55 PM] D Breakingthesilence: think of that “nose inserter” as wallmart or mcdonalds….what the hell do they have to do with a contract between me and my contracting partner?  hhhhhmmmmm.


[12:48:52 PM] D Breakingthesilence: ANYTHING THEY SAY ORALLY IS NOT LEGALLY BINDING…WHATEVER THEY SAY….I RESPOND “that is great!  produce that to me in a duly verified sworn declaration that declares the foregoing is true and correct …under what ever law you chose to identify!”

[12:50:11 PM] D Breakingthesilence: anything they say is blah blah blah until they put it in writing in duly verified sworn declaration….that is legally and commercially binding…blah blah blah is not.

[12:54:21 PM] D Breakingthesilence: (smoking)

[12:54:25 PM] D Breakingthesilence: brb

[12:59:02 PM] D Breakingthesilence: I am heather ann tucci-jarraf, eternal essence inbodied July 30, 1972!

[12:59:40 PM] D Breakingthesilence: let’s play!

[1:00:05 PM] D Breakingthesilence: without prejudice

[1:00:41 PM] D Breakingthesilence: i now relinquish full operation of this skype handle back to D! ;)(chuckle)
[1:11:55 PM] D Breakingthesilence: i commandeered her handle for one more moment (heart)…actually D consents to my use of it

[1:18:16 PM] D Breakingthesilence: there are four things that I am conscious of when I walk into any place:
1.  I am conscious of who I am 
2.  that I operate with full responsibility and liability under common law
3.  I don’t know who they are
4.  there is a possibility that presumptions of contract may have been made without my conscious consent
I cancel any presumptions of contract…”I cancel any presumptions of contract or agreement that may exist”
[12:39:45 PM] D Breakingthesilence: (kindly) I notify all present that I do not consent to being here today and that I am here under duress and coercion against my will because you have threatened me with the use of force.  I do not know who you are.  (respectfully) I respectfully demand that you produce to me duly verified and sworn documentation of:

  • your identification
  • your standing
  • your authority
  • identification of the law you are using
  • and the original accommodation agreement with my knowing, willing, and intentional wet-ink signature that gives you authority to act, present, and represent on my behalf

(if I am threatened with purported contempt) “I respectfully waive the benefit of your contempt.  I demand, again, that you produce to me duly verified and sworn documentation of:

  • your identification
  • your standing
  • your authority
  • identification of the law you are using
  • and the original accommodation agreement with my knowing, willing, and intentional wet-ink signature that gives you authority to act, present, and represent on my behalf

if they refuse or try to distract me to move on without them producing that documentation I have questioned: “Is it your intent to force me into involuntary servitude?”
I know who I am.  Perhaps you do not know who you are, what your standing is, what authority you have, what law you are operating with or whether there is an accommodation agreement that I may have consciously signed.  HOWEVER….perhaps you do know all that…and you are committing deceptive acts and practices in order to not have to produce that documentation…(their incompetency vs. their actions to deceive….which is it?)
I ask again and please consider carefully before you respond because you are held personally and commercially responsible and liable for every word and statement you issue…ARE YOU ATTEMPTING TO FORCE ME INTO INVOLUNTARY SERVITUDE?”
[1:27:58 PM] D Breakingthesilence: “I have had to demand this documentation four times and four times you have refused to produce it.

I demand this fifth and final time that you produce to me duly verified and sworn documentation of:

  • your identification
  • your standing
  • your authority
  • identification of the law you are using
  • and the original accommodation agreement with my knowing, willing, and intentional wet-ink signature that gives you authority to act, present, and represent on my behalf”

(this is a vital point that the courts and judges will understand completely, and it will blow their socks off if YOU state this!- D)
[1:43:43 PM] D Breakingthesilence: I once had a deputy sheriff called into a purported court room towards the end of the investigations…their attempt at a visible trigger to invoke an expected pattern of behavior…”fear and compliance”…I just remained respectful and calm…I went to sign the paperwork and signed it with my signature (as above for the most part) and as I was signing my signature he put one hand on his gun and with the other hand grabbed the document and “forcefully growled” that I was only to sign my name….
I stated that “I am signing this document with my signature…that my signature consists of any marking or writing that I intend to represent as me and be bound to as my signature representing me”.  The purported judge’s bailiff (whom I was friends with) took the document from the sheriff to quiet things down and touched the paper the whole time I was signing…my way.

The next purported court hearing she handed me the document, no sheriff in sight, and told me to sign my signature…whatever I choose to be my signature :)….I giggled and said “wow, someone must have talked to you all about what signatures are and can be”…she winked and smiled. (heart)

[1:46:33 PM] D Breakingthesilence: keri….I am always respectful and calm….i have fun…(D says that I am masochistic sometimes torturing them with fun (chuckle) …if that is possible)…I am conscious of who I BE and I am conscious when I DO…with full responsibility and liability…if I make a perceived mistake…then I review it and choose whether to clean it up!

[1:46:53 PM] D Breakingthesilence: heather signing off for now!  hugs and loves all ways.  H

[1:48:56 PM] Lisa M Harrison: (heart)

[2:18:44 PM] Kiri Campbell:  Respectful and calm (y)that.  After all, it’s just business right? 😀  We are gonna have so much fun with them tomorrow.  This could be the beginning of the repurposing here in NZ. 😉

[2:19:25 PM] American Kabuki: Go get em Kiri!  I am in awe of what you are doing! 🙂

[2:19:49 PM] Kiri Campbell: Much love to everyone, thank you AK. (heart)

[2:27:27 PM] HEATHER PEOPLES TRUST: (bow)(heart)  Kiri…I and many others are present with you tomorrow….even if you may not see us 😉

[2:30:12 PM] Kiri Campbell: Thank you Heather I (heart) and adore you so much.  Hehe… I know 😉

[2:31:24 PM] HEATHER PEOPLES TRUST: (hug):*
after tomorrow…there is more fun….for you and your contracting partner…the bank (chuckle)….one fun at a time!

[2:31:56 PM] Kiri Campbell: (chuckle) So excited.

Message from Kiri:

Kiri Campbell
GOOD MORNING Family and Friends around the world, who know have their watchful eye on Little NZ. I am overwhelmed with the Love and support and kind gestures of each and every single one of you that has either sent me messages, offered to help financially, added me on Skype and facebook, sent CN our DOing and BEing is at an utmost high right NOW! To all the negative back lash, which is minor compared to the majority I thank you too for providing contrast and I return to you in LOVE. I have a few tasks at hand today 1). Invoices/CN need to be sent to Hawera Police station they can be faxed too (06) 278 0261 and addressed to Ivan Smith ( Who I have already sent a CN too), which his colleagues have breached. Sandy Shaw ( Good Cop bad cop), she can get a CN too Rebecca Dearling she can have one too, they have all breached the original CN I hand delivered and faxed. Lets send them 1 million invoices and CN’s that’s bound to get their attention. Also; Craig Vertongen the man acting as Court Security Officer who assaulted me, they day I was delivereing Foreclosure flyers. I served a CN on him also on the 11th of June which they are now in breach Hawera courthouse fax Fax: 06 278 2081


this was a BIG long post on the bank facebook page:

[6:01:04 PM] Carol MHVolk: Joe Bucks
Are you going to be the 1st Criminal Banksters that return to Lawful Banking?
Brian Kelly’s Blog: Kiri’s Deposits 15,000,000 of Value – Process Summary
Like · · Share · Friday at 7:58pm near Lethbridge, Alberta

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    TSB Bank NZ Hi Joe, firstly apologies. Facebook had marked your post as spam. With regard to this situation, this is a matter for NZ’s legal system to determine.

    Kiri did provide us with a ‘Letter of intent’ for our CEO when the cheque was presented however in o…See More
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        Teresa Myhre Correction…Kiri did ALL this in complete Transparency!
        Like · 3 · Friday at 11:03pm
        Thomas Maddox Beks….It seems as though “some new” person flagged a lot of people today. What’s up. Trying to hide something?
        Like · 2 · Friday at 11:31pm
        Thomas Maddox Beks…millions of people have seen the receipt…it did include the deposit and available funds. Please accept the fact that the world is watching.
        Like · 2 · Friday at 11:33pm
        Kim Beckett Beks it’s time that you take a better look at Kiri”s paper work and find out what this is all about. There are thousands of us out here looking forward to that happening.
        Like · 2 · Friday at 11:36pm
        Grant Murray BOOM!
        You ACCEPTED the deposit!
        And now that admission is public!
        (screenshot saved btw)
        Furthermore, you accepted the deposit in ‘good faith’ – first time I’ve heard of a bank taking a deposit in ‘good faith’ – usually you have protocols…..
 Like · 3 · Saturday at 12:02am
        Joe Bucks WoW! A reply! Amazing!! Thank you!!! [even though you did not give your Titles]
        I will assume you are not a “VP or above on a need to know basis.” I will also assume you were taught to do and think in a certain way to operate within your capacity at the Bank. So Please let me tell you some truth.
        1st Letters of Intent are Private Law and a very powerful tool, did you rebut? If not it stands as Private Lawful Law between the Parties and can be turned into a collectible Commercial Bill

        2nd Since Kiri used a closed Bank account she was operating in or like I like to call it, her Private Lawful capacity to use the Private side of her closed on the Public side Bank account. You must understand there are two sides to these account. There is much Data out there concerning Private Banking nowadays, I invite you to listen to some Winston Shrout to know more or just demand to know this knowledge from your CEO so you can protect yourself.

        3rd This excellent Private deposit will clear or Kiri will have every Right to pursue her Private Lawful Remedies which are all in Commerce. This means 3 to 5 times the original amount for damages. [This is what Winston teaches and he gets a 3rd Party to collect for him. His favorite 3rd Party is the IRS Internal Revenue Service of the CORPORATION called THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and as you may know they can collected anywhere in the World while the Agent collecting sips his morning coffee]
*side note by D:  Heather has stated to me several times in the past few days that Winston Shrout and Frank O’connel (not sure of the spelling of Franks name, sorry!), are absolutely correct with their work in this area.

        4th Kiri was Kidnapped NOT arrested in other words she was arrested Unlawfully and I can go into great detail about her Kidnapping and Authority and Consent to be governed and all of the other stuff I have learnt from the Law Movement as I call it; Thank GOD she had studied her Human Rights and Knows how not to contract with those alleged Police. I can go into great detail about this part of our human Rights too. I expect to hear about her Private Commercial Lien on those that Kidnapped her.
        She will not even see Court and if she does it will be just to collect her cheque for Damages.

        5th I’m thinking of the Best Person I know to teach you how Banking really works. This would be in my opinion Winston Shrout but he’s kind of long-winded so I refer you to the very smart Lady Mary Croft and her free ebook called “HOW I CLOBBERED EVERY BUREAUCRATIC CASH-CONFISCATORY AGENCY KNOWN TO MAN” A Grand Lady and a great book on her Lawful doings in Commerce

        6th I wish to thank you for your reply and to make sure you know the I never called you personally a “Criminal Bankster” unless of course, you know of the Fraud by these “Criminal Bankster” against all of Humankind which includes you and yours. Here’s Mary’s book

        7th I’m on the land usually called Canada but I operate in my full capacity under full Commercial and Criminal Liability Worldwide. So as soon as your Bosses realize the scam is up I’ll sign up for an account and will deposit 50 million in funds to your Corporate Bank, that’s 5 Million profit for your Bank! [I hope you get a cut or bonus for bringing me in!] I like NZ and the People Oh! Oh!! Oh!!! Bill Turner he’s from NZ and a great guy who’s been teaching Rights and our Remedies in Commerce.
        Here’s one of Bill’s lectures about who you are. I hope one day we can do some Business soon!
        Thanks again for replying, Enjoy!!!
        Like · 3 · Saturday at 12:47am
        TSB Bank NZ Hi Thomas, nothing to hide as you’ll see with this post. Kim, Grant & Thomas, in NZ, the term ‘accepting’ a deposit has a different meaning to ‘clearing’ a deposit, and simply refers to the receipt of a deposit to go through the usual bank clearance processing. There is an initial keying of a transaction to the account so it can be verified, which is done in good faith that the funds can be deposited, however as you’ll see in the ATM slip the funds are not actual until they become available. In this case they are not available funds. ~B
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        Kiri Campbell Bill Turner rocks guys. And so does Mary Croft.
        Like · 4 · Saturday at 12:52am
        Kiri Campbell Your usual process got thrown out the door, when ALL banks chose to Foreclose upon themselves. Now you are also admitting publicly that you are aiding and abetting. Including HSBC.
        Like · 2 · Saturday at 1:21am
        Kiri Campbell Foreclosed Entity you have no Laws only rules/policies. In fact you no longer have your rules either nor your policies. They are all made up. Stop handing us roundabout lies. Your stalling for more time. But it’s too late what’s done has been done and this will go down in world history. Way to go TSB, step up to the plate and honour us and in return we shall honor you. Your bank will be the first to pave the way for many banks. The whole world is watching now.
        Unlike · 2 · Saturday at 1:26am
        Kiri Campbell ALL eyes are on you
        Like · 1 · Saturday at 1:27am
        Kiri Campbell NZ owned, yes we are proud that TSB is NZ owned. But by who in NZ? Cos I did my homework and I see u have directors (lining their pockets), then you have allocated all the shares to TSB Community Trust. But then if you have a look at all the trustees of that community trust, just looks like you are now hiding under being a community owned trust. That will dish out a flash building now and then to appear like you are serving the community.
        Like · 2 · Saturday at 1:33am
        Jane Dunn Thank you to everyone for your comments here explaining how things are and especially to Kiri for the first challenge.
        Like · Saturday at 6:31am
        Write a reply…
    AnokaShiva Fpa von Dreger Godzone’s own Kiri Campbell leading the way in and for
    Like · Reply · 2 · Saturday at 1:25am


Links to Articles and interviews about Kiri’s now legendary deposit of $15million of her personal VALUE into a bank account:

note: These are just the main articles that were put out- that contained the video interview with Kiri, Lisa Harrison, Bob Wright, and Brian Kelly, the Scribd documents that show the deposit slip and all letters and declarations, and original content…… there are about 200 cross links out there, in at least 12 different languages from multiple countries that have carried one or more of these articles…… in other words, to the banking executives at TSB, their now much smaller legal department, and the HSBC big wigs and all the rest of their ilk who are reading this (and we know you are, lol):  






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Obi-Wan Kabuki

Published on Jun 21, 2013

D. gets an end user’s perspective from Caleb Skinner, creator of Project XIII.



Posted  from:



Well my friends, it’s been a long time since I’ve given an update on this topic of the “RV”, and things are jumping like crazy right now, so I am going to give you some of the information that I know and my thoughts that go with it all.

The Disinfo Mill is spinning like crazy and the past week there has been an insane amount of ridiculous rumours and gossip and out right lies being spread like rancid peanut butter.  We’ve always known that the closer the “RV/New Financial System/Nesara” gets, the more bullshit would be laid down….. and this past week has been a doozy!!

I want to clarify a few points that really need to be hammered home here on the topic of the Revaluation of the Iraqi Dinar and Vietnamese Dong (and many other currencies).

*YES there ARE tiers.  Anyone who tells you differently is an outright liar or a complete moron who’s only intel is coming from a magic 8 ball.

* Yes, tiers 1 and 2 have turned in their Dinar and have nice fat bank accounts with a lotta zeros….. which they can’t touch until the whole shebang goes live.  This is to try to prevent double dipping….. yea right!  who are they trying to kid!

* Yes, there have been a whole bunch of arrests, especially in the past week- but NOT 2000 bankers (I haven’t been able to confirm anywhere near that number)- and not just bankers either….. and a few people sorta disappeared for a few days. They weren’t on vacation.  (Geeee I’m glad I wasn’t in that “special interest” group)…. buhahahahhahahahahah!!!!!!!

* Several things happened last week to stop the RV from going live. I’ve verified two of them for certain- last tuesday and last Friday.  The “Bad guys”…. ok that’s a misnomer, lol, let’s call them the “loosers” are doing everything they can to stop the “winners” of this round of financial warfare from taking over.  They don’t like that they’ve lost their power and they’ll resort to just about anything they can to stop the steamroller from rollin’ on through, even though they know there isn’t a chance in hell that they can stop it.

*speaking of “bad guys”, a certain shrubbery lost everything in the family greenhouse….. they tried every angle they could to get their golden ticket to Wonka’s pushed through the various groups in the land of slot machines….. but in the end they got a big fat zero and not even a chocolate bar as a consolation prize.  They’re still tryin’, but the guys monitoring all these events have their number and no matter how many disguises they put on, they still ain’t getting a golden ticket.  I know that I’m suppose to be all love & light and stuff….. but I just can’t stop giggling.

* There are certain so called “gurus” who are running around bad mouthing various people, screaming outrageous lies about the groups. There is one that is basically freaking out like a dime store hooker that’s run out of bath tub meth.  This person in particular is making a complete ass of herself and has insured that the hole she’s dug is so freakin’ deep that she might end up in china way before she ever get’s a chance to cash in her Dinar.  Don’t poke the “hillbilly” honey, ’cause you don’t know who he might really be!  Moron.

* All the things that needed to be done to make the RV “Live” seem to be done.  (in some instances, again and again and over again, lol).  Everything is lined up.  We’re being told by ALL sources that this is it.  Will there be another delay? Another crash?  Another all out brawl at the OK coral? Could be.  But I do know that those on the top rungs are SERIOUSLY pissed about the delays and are making some very heavy threats.  So….. we’ll have to see what happens over the next 24 -48 hours or so.  Or less.  Like I said: We wait for the Call.

* When the Studley/General64 Email- THE Email– goes out I will let everyone here know immediately that it’s about to be sent.  Anyone that comes into any of the chat rooms or intel rooms etc.. saying “Studley is sending out the email in 2 hours”… let’s just say that a certain person might strangle them with the power cord from his computer.

So…… The one thing more that I want to talk about is NESARA, and all the hopes and dreams that a lot of people have that include sweeping strings and trumpets sounding on high and a chorus of “Hallelujah”.  I’ve been saying for months that NESARA has been turned into a cabal control mechanism, and it has become very very apparent in the past few weeks just how little of the original NESARA will actually make it’s way out into reality.

The “New” Financial System that is about to be rolled out globally is nothing more than a change of management.  The “New” financial system might be under new ownership, but other than a fancy new logo and some spiffy new uniforms…. it’s still the same old game.  I’m not asking anyone to believe me. I’m not asking anyone to jump on my band wagon….  I am asking you all to watch very carefully.  Watch what you SEE and what you do NOT SEE.  Listen to what you are being told, then think about what you’re NOT hearing!  I’m not being jaded or pessimistic- I am giving you my opinion based on all the information I’ve had given to me.  I have spent the past few months reviewing intel and information that is so ridiculously  dirty that it makes the concept of a whole new financial system run in transparency look like the biggest lie ever perpetrated on the people of this planet.  Murder, bribery, blackmail, money laundering, and outright theft.  What a great way to set up a new system, eh?

It’s just new management.  That’s it.

Anyway my friends, things are about to get very very exciting. You are most likely about to get overloaded with a whole bunch of information and misinformation and a lotta bullshit.

and then….. SPEAK OUT.

This event is part of the Grand Finale.  This part- the RV etc- is the grandest contrast ever to be seen and once it’s live…. the FUN really REALLY starts!!

Final notes:

– when you get your email, call the 1-800 number and make your appointment- do NOT delay, because there will only be a set amount of time to exchange at the group rate.  If you wait around  for the fanfare and trumpets of ANNOUNCEMENTS, there is a good chance that you’ll miss out on your group rate.  Trust me on this one: Follow your INSTRUCTIONS.  That’s it. Stupid Simple.

– Do NOT NOT NOT give your Dinar to ANYONE except the bank. I don’t care what guru they say they are…. do not give your currency to anyone except the banker who’s in charge of handling your account.  Sheeesh people! Please stop being so gullible!

lastly, and most importantly:

You want to buy some fancy toys, fine.  But this is the time to PROVE that you have what it takes to be a Human BEing, instead of a Human Sponge. You got yourself a prize?  Now it’s time to step up to the plate and DO something with it!!

TANSTAAFL my friends:  There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch.


Thanks for the update “D”!


Thank you Peter Van Runt!


Lucas 2012 Infos

Uploaded on  26 March 2013 peter van runt /…
Some Ideas On The Latest OPPT Filing And Disclosure and Authority.
Radio show link above

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… And it felt like an enormous Thanksgiving dinner energetically, that I am still digesting on all levels of my Being. Therefore, my creating comprehensive notes about it to share would have been both a dis-service to myself and anyone else reading them. In other words, this was the kind of show where each of us needs to listen and comprehend it in each our own personal unique ways.


Most important here is Heather reading aloud and clarifying the “Universal Value (UV) Exchange Final Announcement 1121″, that’s extremely important to both personally read aloud, as well as hear Heather explain it on the show. You can find this Final Announcement here –


The group also went into a very important discussion around manifesting, not to be missed!


And in conclusion, I would like to cast my vote towards . . . our collectively putting out a collective intent for the Absolute Data, that is the ultimate manifesting road map (we forgot) towards manifesting our Assets (stolen) . . . as well as manifesting things from “nothing” . . . like say super clean clear high vibrationally alive nourishing healing foods.


Many blessings in Gratitude for this very personal immense Feast on all levels, while I go check out “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” for some clues? – lol, Ginger



“Attempted Patent of Human Embodiment by Bank of America and VISA INTL”


This is just the rough information for you all- we felt the need to get it out immediately and we’ll go back after the show tonight to pretty it up and fill in some blanks.


THIS is why the PTW have been freaking out. The OPPT stomped on their attempts to Patent HUMANS as “tech”!!!!!!!


A HUGE thank you to AK and Brian for pulling this all together from Heathers Skype notes that I quickly emailed to them….. because I was making lasagna, lol!!


*side note* Within 10 minutes of Heather posting all this info to us on skype, her internet went down and has been bouncing on and off every few minutes since then……. Sorry Dude’s who are listening in for the PTW, you’re all TOOOO FREAKIN’ LATE!!!!!!! Your bosses are already foreclosed on and you are about to be jobless, AND……. We already have all the info into the public’s eye!!!!!! Nice try though! ;>)


……buhhahahahahhahahahh!!!!!!! I love it when a plan comes together!!!!”]


[Kp’s intro] Just got this email from D at RTS. This is a Skype chat exchange from “G” to Heather, and subsequent comments to D. Apparently this is data that indicates that the PTW (Powers That Were) are a bit nervous, or, as Heather writes, “why the PTW are afraid of eternal essence embodied BE’ing and DO’ing”.


Notes: 1) All the links below actually work!! 2) When Heather writes, “D can you get that all out please for all…”, I am not D. 3) Now, be sure to go back and read D’s comments above!!




[3:28:11 PM] HEATHER PEOPLES TRUST: this was just sent to me, or rather, I just received it (chuckle)


<<< [9:27 AM] “G”: Hi Heather, Is the UVE based on US patent number 20120233072 A1?


does Visa Internat. Still hold the patent or was it released with all UCC filings?


[12:26:09 PM] Jarrafusa:


[12:26:22 PM] Jarrafusa: Very interesting…isn’t it


<<< So the Universal Value Exchange that you and Caleb brought forward has nothing to do to with that suggested UVE patent by Visa?


[Heather (Jarrafusa)] nope…the first I knew of it was now…because of you bringing it forth…very interesting indeed. (*)


[12:31:20 PM] Jarrafusa: the purported patent that is


[3:35:10 PM] HEATHER PEOPLES TRUST: and meet the man who purportedly helped bank of america/visa “patent” “ownership” of the embodiment prior to OPPT going in and taking it all back to Source…




[3:35:36 PM] HEATHER PEOPLES TRUST: no wonder they were/are soooooo nervous


[3:36:01 PM] HEATHER PEOPLES TRUST: thank you “G” for shining the light of Absolute Truth on that data!


[3:37:22 PM] HEATHER PEOPLES TRUST: D can you get that all out please for all to know why the PTW are afraid of eternal essence embodied BE’ing and DO’ing?


[3:37:44 PM] HEATHER PEOPLES TRUST: awesome….i love ABSOLUTE DATA! (music);)(music)

[3:38:11 PM] HEATHER PEOPLES TRUST: The mechanics and who was operating them are becoming ABSOLUTELY VISIBLE!!!!!

[3:52:49 PM] *** Call from HEATHER PEOPLES TRUST, duration 00:54. ***










[4:05:48 PM] HEATHER PEOPLES TRUST:…4043.4889.2.5351.…0.0…1c.1.7.psy-ab.X8QjV8mvu2U&pbx=1&bav=on.2,or.r_qf.&bvm=bv.44342787,d.Yms&fp=61fb65c4cd171873&biw=1366&bih=620


[4:06:28 PM] HEATHER PEOPLES TRUST:…221920.224290.0.224848.…0.0…1c.1.7.psy-ab.QtjzWf_74t4&pbx=1&bav=on.2,or.r_qf.&bvm=bv.44342787,d.Yms&fp=61fb65c4cd171873&biw=1366&bih=620



Thank You KP!

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With the following announcement I send this message to the Eternal Essence’s embodied in our Galactic brothers and sisters from Source’s Universe:

We, the Bridge Crew and those wishing to work with us, offer ourselves as TRUE liaisons to meet with you as equals in Body, Mind and Eternal Hearts and Essence. To work with you to move forward in the reintroduction of our Galactic families to the Eternal Hearts that call Earth home and to introduce, openly and equally to all, the advance technologies discussed in this announcement.

Embodiments of eternal essence DO use the UV Exchange for Absolute Protection, Insurance and Guarantee that the Advanced and Absolute Technologies are transparent and can be relied upon to be disbursed to all for the sole purpose and intent to know, experience and advance all embodiments of eternal essence in eternal essence’s universe absent exception, borders, dimensions, expectations, subscriptions, judgement, prejudice, and limits.

As all of us gather as equals in Mind, Body and Eternal Hearts, we work together as embodiments of eternal essence to know and experience consciously quantum exponential and perpetual flow of unity: Absolute Data and Absolute Knowing.

As Equals, without exception, borders, dimensions, expectations, subscriptions, judgement, prejudice, and limits.

We are One.

— “D” from Removing the Shackles


I agree whole-heartedly!  Let’s get this show on the road!