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I Voluntarily Bond my BE'ing by Oath - by Angel Lucci

It is what it is…

I Am Eternal Essence Embodied Without Limits…

My value is protected and guaranteed through the Universal Value Exchange


  • Public Servant to the One People,
  • Public Servant to Earth.


  • Uphold the Universal Law of the Creator that All Actions are Permissible, Without Limits,  except Abrogation of Free Will Choice of Another Embodiment of External Essence.
  • Establish, maintain, serve and protect ABSOLUTE and ETERNAL PEACE ON EARTH AND THROUGH ALL OF CREATION, the Right of Free Will Choice, the Equity and the Abundance of the One People through the Universal Value Exchange, CVAC SYSTEMS of ASSISTANCE, by assisting the Protectors of the One  People in the execution of Military Order UCC 2012096074, and as expressed by the CONSENSUS WILL of the ONE PEOPLE, in future moments of NOW.


  • Serving with and by my BE’ing Eternal Essence Without Limits,
  • DO’ing All Ways for the Greater Good of the ONE PEOPLE and the EARTH.