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by Sonia Barrett

I have spoken to others along with my own personal experience of discovering that life as we know it or have been taught to understand it has been a huge ball of deception. What is interesting is the depth of that deception.

Let me first say that the deception is a truth until we learn otherwise as these deceptions have been the foundation upon which our lives and the lives of ancestors have played out. Without these deceptions much of the process of human life would have played out quite differently.

Yet there is no need to regret not knowing those things which you did not know for perhaps had you known you would have missed out on much of the necessary experiences.

However the question is, just how deep does the deception go and just how much of what we believe are we willing to give up?

These are important questions to look at. We are dealing with layers of deception. Not only are we dealing with layers of deception but most often people are not willing to give up falsities for truths that may stir change in their lives.

Change means many things and for some change could create drastic changes in relationships, environment, income and lifestyle.Deceptions block many of the following and can completely rock ones world:

1)      Reality is an optical illusion

2)      Your beliefs about your spirituality are programmed constructed beliefs

3)      You don’t need gurus and guides to make decisions for you

4)      No divine Source or God needs to be worshiped

5)      There is no one coming to save you

6)      Life is a divine science

7)      Every thought you have determines every next moment in your reality

8)      No one is controlling your reality without your permission

9)      You are Source in physical form

10)  Control is the survival program

11)  Control of others is fear based

12)  Everything about the way you “operate” your life is based on the “survival program”

13)  You use titles to validate your identity and your existence

14)  Why must you be identified as a light worker when the objective is to operate in balance/ alignment?

15)  Although life is polarized its not about choosing one or the other, again it is about being center

16)  To choose sides is to struggle to stay away from the other

17)  It’s not about being good or bad it is about resonance

18)  We choose according to what we resonate with based on the vibration of our consciousness/awareness

19)  You are choosing every moment of your life

20)  You are choosing to be dumbed down

21)  The color of your skin does not define you it is simply part of the experience despite potential chemical differences

22)  It is possible to become reacquainted with a more expansive aspect of ones self once you let go of the limitations and fear of change

23)  Many of the Ascended Master you cling to have their own set of problems and the question is did they truly ascended

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Posted on: by Daniel Gross

These are some of the misconceptions of truth in a third density world and system —-

  1. That you must eat three meals a day or you will experience the reality of starvation very soon upon missing one of these meals or you will be convicted of child abuse toward your children.
  2. That there is a set order in which every family is supposed to live and act toward one another in life.
  3. That you all have to work a job and buy and sell things throughout your lives.
  4. That you need a physician – hospital – medications – drugs for pain – health insurance – car insurance – life insurance – homeowners insurance – and so forth.
  5. That you need police forces- jails – prisons – judgment – justice – punishment Law – set order to each society – and the many rules and regulations in order to maintain your world.
  6. That you need money in order to make the world proceed in a fashion that is beneficial to all of mankind.
  7. That you have to have a religion or even that religion of one kind or another is actually beneficial to the human population.
  8. That you have to have belief systems put in place for all who wish to create a group or society different from all others.
  9. That you have to own your house – your car- your boat – your grownup play toys of various kinds – your land – your business- your tolls of your trade – your livestock or domesticated animals or pets – your waters- your air – and anything else in life which the human being wishes to apply ownership to.
  10. That there is anything in life that is either right or wrong based on the rules – regulations – and Laws of your own society or country.
  11. That there is a set order and custom to be followed when it comes to marriage or partnerships in life. That white is right and black – Indian – Chinese – German – Hispanic – German or nay other is wrong.
  12. That the man is head of the household and woman is to submit to her husband. That woman is head of the household and her husband is to do as she wishes or he will not receive the things he requires of her when he wants these things. That children are to do everything a parent tells them to do and never think – speak – or act any differently in life ( children are learning humans just like those grownups who think they know what is truth and what is right – and they do not).
  13. That there is anything on this planet that does every human is not to have access to unless they buy it from those who place ownership over the resources of the land and meter them to cause humans to pay for the right to use the freely provided resources of the whole planet.
  14. That you are a slave to the present system and you will never leave it until death has taken hold of you and you are no more.
  15. That you are weak – ugly – dirty – unclean – ignorant – limited in life – insane – do not fit in – poor – rich – fast – slow – right – wrong – sick – healthy – lost – saved – a chosen one –  a lost soul – going to heaven – going to hell – and on – and on – and on.
  16. That you are anything whatsoever other than the One – the All – and the answer to all of your questions in life.
  17. That you will find complete abundance before you move over to fifth density planet earth – that others will come form off world and save or provide the much needed repairs to your present world and system. That there are any solutions to your problems as long as you remain in third dneisty consciousness and continue to choose the third density life of pleasing the flesh and living in service to self.
  18. That war – weapons of war and violence – and punishment and the laws of the land are necessities in life. That you need a government – need to be ruled over- or need a contract or constitution for your place of society in your world. That you need anything other than to govern yourselves in life and every person is completely responsible for his and her own actions.
  19. That unless a technology exists for your need there is no other way in life of providing for your future needs.
  20. That if life gets better for your children before you leave this planet that it will remain better for all generations to come. The fact is – the world will go from truth to falsities and back to truth again – only to return to falsities in other generations to come – and theis will continue in third dneisty reality to eternity as this is the reality that provides for a seminary of the souls and every lesson ever to be learned for the spiritual society and soul group to eternity. When you leave this reality you leave the classroom and place of the birth of the human soul – and go to a place where the human soul awakens – remembers all things in which it did not even know it had knowledge of – and goes on to live life as an adult human being to eternity – never to be born again and never to create children again – as they would be bound to third dneisty life where all life is given its beginning in the illusion of life and death.
  21. That you are to pray – you are to fast – and that you are to give. Note: Who would you pray to and ask for things in life if we are all the One and the same being or soul? Would you pray to the god of this world who is in service to self and has created a world in complete service to self and the pleasures of the flesh? There is no one to pray to as all is provided freely by you to you and for you. Are you to fast for the same reasons – so as to really – really tell God (you) that you want something? You are playing a script in this world and if anything more is to be provided to you then it will come from the higher souls who are in service to self – and have you submitted to their slavery system by expecting you to ask for anything in life which you already have access to if only you can remember.

Do not give to human beings unless they ask of you and then do so being guided by Heart. If you give when not asked you are in service to self (always expecting something in return even if it is gratification of pride – or pleasure for doing a good deed. When you help those who do not ask you rob them of a life’s lesson as many who feel they are starving or hungry feel that way because the system has taught them to eat three meals a day. There are many lessons to be learned by doing without in life – and I know because I have tested this theory many times in order to learn the lessons. Fifth density man will not rob third dneisty man of his lessons as this would cause them to have to come around to the same experience again so as to eventually learn the lesson they have possibly been deprived of in life. So you only give to those who ask – and even then go with your heart.

What is better – for a man to go a day without bread and learn a lesson that helps him complete and fulfill his soul contract – or to give that man his bread and take the lesson away and therefore cause someone else to have to provide the lesson to this person? Who will end the cycle? When will this human ever leave third dneisty if he or she is forever dependent on the things it has to offer? Will you be the one to guide them out – while remaining neutral to their third dneisty habits and dependencies – or will you simply provide them bread and be on your way? We need to come to grips as to what is actual human suffering and what is nothing more than habit and dependency in life – and few still dependent on the present system know the difference as of yet. Lets be guides to a new and better way shall we?

I am Daniel and I offer you these words to ponder.




Separation of the Third and Fifth Density Human

There are two worlds today for the most part presently making up the conscious energetic thoughts and therefore life of the human. In truth each of you resides and lives on every level of consciousness or density of life all at the same time – but you are not conscious of those densities that you cannot yet live in or understand. There are humans today in our world – reality- and system who come to venture into sixth density – seventh density and even higher densities of consciousness but they are rare and far few in between as they have spent their days on third density planet earth from the moment of their incarnating into this present world and system – and they have been held back in one way or another. Therefore most humans residing on the planet are still of a third density nature with moments throughout their day visiting fifth density consciousness and energies. Those who travel or venture higher in the densities do so because they are awakening and therefore have access to as high a density and levels of energetic consciousness as they each choose to tap into based on their remembering or evolution of the soul.

What keeps the third density human in third density consciousness is a life within a system that is always based on service to self energies and consciousness – and therefore their understanding in life is based below the threshold of equilibrium – contrast – and moderation of life. And again it is based on a life that is opposite to that of the light – that of unconditional love- and Service to others. No matter how you spin it third density man cannot ever leave third density consciousness and life until the human soul (spiritual society and soul group) has achieved equilibrium once again. When you are below your level of equilibrium you are the lower and unconscious self – when you are above equilibrium you are the higher and conscious self who is now fully conscious of Absolute Data. I did not say all of Absolute Data as the level of Absolute Data a human soul has access to always depends on how far above equilibrium they venture or tap into in their every waking now moment.

Now once a soul has again achieved equilibrium of life and consciousness they still have a choice between a service to self life and consciousness and a service to others life and consciousness. You still have a choice between conditional love and unconditional love as your base ruling loves in life. But you are now fully conscious and can therefore now remember and retain all Absolute Data according to our own personal ruling love in life as a spiritual society and soul group still living life as a physical spiritual human being when and where you wish in life.

And so now that you have awakened and once again achieved equilibrium you have a choice in life of venturing below the threshold of equilibrium and visiting your hells of lower levels of consciousness or venturing above equilibrium and visiting your heavens or higher levels of energy and consciousness. You are no longer bound by third density rules – principles – or laws any longer and are therefore no longer bound by unconscious and lower energies and falsehoods in life. You now know about equilibrium and the choices you have in life – and you know there is no longer any such thing as good and evil – sin or Savior – up or down – in or out- fast or slow – hard or soft – and so on. You now know everything is energy and that energy is now at your beckon call when you need it in life to create as you wish what you wish – whether you are in Service to self or service to others – in unconditional love for all or conditional love instead. However keep in mind that energies are consciousness as well and they are not yours to own but are there to work with each of you in life based on a sort of partnership you could say.

Just as you do not own all the gold in the world as it too is a created energetic form this is the case with all that can be created in our own finite universe. When you speak to your wood stove it hears you and it is even attempting to communicate with you but you are not of a conscious level of energy yet in order to communicate with all forms of energy – and this will only come when you have again achieved equilibrium and are again a fully conscious human soul or soul group. I do not say that everything has life because life is an illusion as well – but everything has consciousness if it has its origin from energy- and as we all now know all things originate and come from energy. Everything that is created from energy therefore has a soul – is possessed by spirits and angels called souls (higher and lower) and is therefore conscious of its surroundings.

Within third density you are unconscious however while all things around you given a body or form in your world are not unconscious because they are not bound by your rules and laws man has put in place – but of a higher Universal Law that tells them to harm no one and cause loss to no one on your planet. The animals of course and all the living creatures on your planet have the appearance of life just as you do – and they have in many cases come to live as humans harming and causing loss to humans and others of their species simply because they possess the bodies and forms which allow them to act and be as you in third density. All living creatures on your world that at not of the higher human body and form have come to be harmful to you because you have in past generation made them this way by harming and killing them off – using them as food – and possessing them as your property in many situations. They are protected in your world of third density energies by instinct and habit – and we have caused them to have to protect themselves and once this form of protection serves them in protecting themselves they continue these forms of protection and aggression out of pure habit and instinct.

So you see when a world evolves to the point that it no longer treats its other selves (animals and humans alike) in a manner that causes them to lash out and defend themselves in many situations in life then a peaceful world is once again achieved. Therefore even though third density is in the condition it is in now this does not mean it cannot return to a paradise once again in third density – but just as the Circle of life goes round and round and seasons come and go – so too do the ages continue to change and move from Iron Age to brass and copper Age; to the Silver Age; and then to the Golden Age from now to eternity within third density life. And as the Ages move from one to the other so too do they do the same within a single human life within third density. There is no time limit to an Age however as each individual Age is based on their human soul (or spiritual society and soul group) and their level of advancement in evolution from one human life to another.

So you see friends everything is energy and everything has a consciousness that is able to interact and communicate with every other body and form created from energy – as long as they each share a similar sphere of life – and both are in a fully conscious mode of life at the same time. If you do not share a sphere of life then you are kept separate from all others whose sphere is different from your own (who can in such an instance cause another human soul harm or loss in life) – as long as you awe fully awakened and now therefore have possession of Absolute Data. Therefore since third density man does not yet possess this Data he or she is bound in life to allow anything into their once protective sphere of life because of the laws of Attraction. Now the Laws of Attraction work as well within the fifth density plane of existence but the difference is you are fully awakened and you now know you will allow into your sphere of life those souls and affections in life that are similar to your own. So Sts (service to self) souls attract Sts Souls – and Sto (Service to others) souls now attract Sto souls in life. You now know who is who because you know their every thought and will not therefore venture into their protective sphere in life because you would receive harm and pain and loss in the meanwhile.

Just as a thorn is felt as pain to the human body in third density so too do non – similar souls and affections cause the same affect in the higher planes of fifth density when two non -similar souls or affection come to attempt to share the same space or sphere in life. So you see in a world of third density where all souls are unconscious – are not awakened in the least –and do not therefore possess Absolute Data – they can experience harm and loss every waking minute of their every day life simply by attracting souls or affections they did not otherwise realize they were attracting. So if you are in fear of something in life you attract its opposite whenever you are outside of your equilibrium (which is most always) and when you are the one who seeks to harm or cause loss to another in life you attract those similar souls and affections as well. Everything of your world in third dneisty is fear based and that is why the ruling powers of your world seek every moment of every day to instill fear into the population whenever they can however they can.

How is fear instilled into the masses of your world – through religion; laws; television; governments; all small ruling offices and powers; schools; credit cards; bank accounts; all forms of money; debt in all forms; lack of many things in life; wars; devastation; genocide; control of all the lands and bodies of water; fear of losing your children; medications; hospitals; all forms of medical treatment that do not cure but only cause the people to become addicted to drugs; and many – many more things I have not even mentioned.

If you come to remember how to remove the fear in your life then you are on your way to awakening to a new world and reality in and on fifth density earth – which is already here for each of you to accept and move over to at this day. But you have to get rid of your dependence on money as all abundance will come – but not in the form of any type of monetary exchange. You have to separate form religions of all kinds – you have to remove yourself from all belief systems and begin to draw on and accept Absolute Data – you have to begin seeking a life where no rulers or governments are a part of your beliefs ever again. You must no longer seek war or weapons of war in life as weapons kill souls that all seek the same things in life that you do – even if they are of another body and form in your world.

Separate yourself from vengeance – from judgment; justice; and imprisonment of other humans souls who know not why they do the things they do. You may think they know – and they may think they know – but you are all unconscious of truth and Absolute Data while living life in third density. Laws must be a thing of the past if you are going to awaken and move to your higher planes of existence in fifth density – upon fifth density earth. There is one Law that keeps proper order in the Grand Universe and that is Universal Law. Nothing more is needed when you move over to higher consciousness because all will know all things in life and within their present surroundings because you will have all become fully awakened souls.

Many of your world today are being provided false messages of being saved or provided the much needed help your world needs today in order to get out of the mess we have all put ourselves into. Help has always been here within each of you but it will not come in the form of family members from other worlds – it will not come from those outside sources who speak of coming from our future in order to help humanities awakening or ascension. All the help you each need today is already within you and you simply need to remember and bring it out in yourself. As each human soul awakens it brings our world that much closer to equilibrium once again – and that much closer to becoming fully conscious fifth density humans once again. Still – we who have awakened cannot provide third dneisty humans with money of any kind – nor can we help you pay off all your worldly debt – we cannot even provide the needy of your world with food – clothing – healthcare- or housing to put a roof over your heads. What we have to offer every third density human soul today is abundance far beyond anything you have ever imagined – but you must each first choose this reality –and you must give up the old one before the new can be achieved by each of you individually and collectively in life. Much money will indeed come to those who seek it today but in doing so you hinder yourself because this will keep you from awakening into the new reality we have in holding for all of you – just waiting for you to awaken as a collective or world – so as to move over to this new reality together. You can continue doing it individually but this will only make the process seem that much longer for all the people of your world. So you see as long as there are third density humans still relying on the old system they cannot move over to the new – the new can indeed be achieved for the masses of the world while others are straggling behind not yet getting it – but do you want one of those to be you?
So again I say friends that abundance comes in many forms and the one we have to offer the people of third density is not one of usury or forms of monetary exchange that continues to allow for a system to continue that is made up of the poor as well as the rich .The world we have to offer you is one where all are rich – all are living life in complete abundance – of all and everything the world has to offer and then some. If we were to offer third density man money or assets of a third density nature- things that would simply continue your dependence on third density life – then we would not be doing what we came here to do – which is to guide all third density human souls into their awakening and new reality of fifth density planet earth.

If you are given a house – a car- an endless supply of food – free electricity – plane tickets to the islands – an enormous bank account or access to some form of money or assets – a way to never have to work ever again – and pretty much everything you need or want in life- what would you as a third density human learn – remember- or even do with your life once you received all of these things – no longer having to worry about leaving this present world and system because you will now be happy in your life of service to self. And make no mistake about it – every third density human is living a life in service to self – no matter how much you come to give or help other humans in your life within third density. What you give them they do not need – and what they do need you do not yet even have access to – until you too choose a life that is not opposite and upside down to the life that represents the true you.

As much as all the people of your world are suffering today – as much as we would love to help everyone get rid of their pain and suffering before we move on to fifth density life for good and leave this place of sickness and suffering – our hands are tied because you all must most definitely finish your life’s plan and soul contract on your own – and therefore choose fifth dneisty and higher self on your own – and this you must do by first freely choosing to give up what it is in your life that is not truly you – and we have stated these things too you many time and you must simply do the work that is required in order for you to remember who it is you truly are – and then you will be well on your way to awakening to your original fully conscious state of mind and life that is truly your inheritance friends.

To help you live more comfortably in your third density world and system would be to harm you and this we cannot do. We can love you unconditionally and we can guide each of you into your awakening – but it is you that must first choose that this is what you want in life – and then simply go and seek Absolute Data – as it is all out there – and within your own grasp.

Now we wish to speak to you on worldly data – which is the opposite of Absolute Data. If you intend on seeking out worldly data and knowing all the offenses and tolls of fear the world leaders and corrupt governments have placed upon the people of the world in past generations as well as your own then you are hindering your awakening and moving into fifth dneisty by the simply fact that you are creating more fear based ideas and affections in the process. For if you were to come to know all the horrendous things perpetrated towards mankind in the past you would share it with friends and family and there would be absolutely nothing you could do about it in the short term. Still much fear – anger- revenge- judgment- justice – and punishment would come into play and all of these are fear based.

What does it matter what has taken place in the past if you come to know it has all taken place according to a script created within the ethers where man knows nothing about it being formed in the first place? The only reason third density humans would wish for worldly and false data is for them to provide service to self – and this data would in no way help human souls who are to come because they too must come to let go of the past and move on. Everyone has already reaped those things which they have sown or they will do so in the next life within third dneisty – so as to create equilibrium for themselves as well before moving on. Those who will move on and reincarnate within third density are the souls who are either leaving our world (not to enter into or upon fifth density earth) or they will change and awaken as well in this present generation. And when they change and move over to fifth dneisty they too will be fully conscious and will remember that they were here simply to play a role in the game of third density life.

There is nothing further to know friends but Absolute Data – and Absolute Data does not consist of anything having to do with this present third density world and system some of you are still living in at this day. All you truly need to know is that everything that is real is the opposite of what you see on this third dneisty planet and in this third density system you are still living in at times. And I say at times because many of you are presently moving in and out of fifth density – and moving back to third density when you are not in the fifth. So you see friends what you seek in life is not from without but within each of you as Absolute Data and spiritual wisdom.

Because your end to third density is so close at hand you will not suffer much longer at the hands of those rulers and powers of your world that have lied to you for all the many generations gone by. Because we know what is to come and how soon it will in fact be at everyone’s doorstep we are prepared to make the sacrifice and be here in all of it with you so as to guide you all into your new awakening and planet known as fifth density earth. For do not think for a moment that we have not been in the thick of things right along side all of you as we too have lived a normal third dneisty life on this planet so as to lead up to what things are taking place at this day. We have sacrificed and came here in our incarnation at this day so that others may know what is about to come for the population of the planet – and others will awaken as well in these last days and will serve as guides into the mass awakening that is now in progress.
Others have offered the people of the worlds many different tools in order to achieve your freedom – put and end to all of your debt- and even provide a way to your financial abundance possibly in the days ahead – but these things do not come from Service to others human souls so much as they are offerings of those in service to self within the ethers – who in fact wish to see the prolonged existence of third density – as that is the world which provided them with their needs in life. Still because in the end these souls provide good to mankind in helping humans work out and complete their soul contracts – so that they can make a free will choice to give these things up and move over to fifth density planet earth. Again all works together for the good of the whole or One in the end – no matter who provides the message of tools toward your awakening.

Know this my friends – when you move over to fifth density earth everything that exists in body and form in this present third dneisty world and system will be available to you – but you will see all things then with a new set of eyes and those eyes will provide all new understanding and Absolute Data every awakened human soul will require in life from that moment forward. You have to give up nothing and in return you receive everything.

We will speak further transmissions of the fifth density man and what it is he is to look like in your minds eye – but for now we will end this transmission as the spirit has come to fetch us.

My name is Daniel and I leave you all in unconditional love and the bright light of Absolute Data.

Daniel Gross