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Poofness 6-9-13…”An Historic Week”

“The Battle Of Evermore”
Lyrics by Led Zeppelin

Queen of Light took her bow, And then she turned to go,
The Prince of Peace embraced the gloom, And walked the night alone.

Oh, dance in the dark of night, Sing to the morning light.
The dark Lord rides in force tonight, And time will tell us all.

Oh, throw down your plow and hoe, Rest not to lock your homes.

Side by side we wait the might of the darkest of them all.

I hear the horses’ thunder down in the valley below,
I’m waiting for the angels of Avalon, waiting for the eastern glow.

The apples of the valley hold, The seeds of happiness,
The ground is rich from tender care, Repay, do not forget, no, no.
Dance in the dark of night, sing to the morning light.

The apples turn to brown and black, The tyrant’s face is red.

Oh war is the common cry, Pick up your swords and fly.
The sky is filled with good and bad that mortals never know.

Oh, well, the night is long the beads of time pass slow,
Tired eyes on the sunrise, waiting for the eastern glow.

The pain of war cannot exceed the woe of aftermath,
The drums will shake the castle wall, the ring wraiths ride in black, Ride on.

Sing as you raise your bow, shoot straighter than before.
No comfort has the fire at night that lights the face so cold.

Oh dance in the dark of night, Sing to the morning light.
The magic runes are writ in gold to bring the balance back. Bring it back.

At last the sun is shining, The clouds of blue roll by,
With flames from the dragon of darkness, the sunlight blinds his eyes


Greetings and Salutations,

Seems things have come full circle with President Xi visiting President Obama in California at Sunnylands, “Camp David of the West.” One of President Reagan’s favorite spots. As it was President Reagan who gave the go ahead the Connecticut Trustee and his team for all of this to start for the US many years ago. The news reports Obama is pressing Xi on the Cyber Attacks issue and both men are getting to know one another which was mostly fluff for the public’s consumption. The first 15 minutes of their meeting was really the historic part of the visit with agreements and document signings pertaining to our programs and the RV which put the payout phase into OVERDRIVE! Now you know why this meeting wasn’t a formal head of state meeting at the White House, important world changing events needed to be done, no time for all the fancy stuff.

From ZAP…………….

Hi all

A very interesting week has gone by with many events converging to the final result: peace and prosperity for our humanity.

Last week, the family allowed the first downloads to occur on the historic asset redemptions. Everybody celebrated. When monday came and everybody was over the hangovers, they went to the bank to direct the payments to the people that submitted their historic assets for redemption and.….NO Money in the account. Where did it go?

Well, this time, the shrubs did not steal the money, they just held it back from distribution. A bit miffed, the family pulled every last cent out, and did the distribution themselves leaving the shrubs with their jaws hitting the floor.

The Bilderbergers assembled an emergency meeting. They discussed this. They yelled. They cried. They drank fine wine. But waging a war with the universe and all of god’s works is kinda useless to begin with, but thinking that any wrongdoing can be fixed with a trillion or ten just does not work anymore. So they sorta slunk back under their various rocks they call home.

In the meantime, humanity moved forward. The last detail of that sequence was the tax ramifications, and the satisfaction of the outstretched palms of the various governments involved. Now with the agreements in place, inclusive of the dinar/dong revaluation, all can move forward to the next stage of the releases.

This coming week and next, will see massive funds going out to trusts, foundations, and others that have subscribed to the redemption processes, and project funding will abound for all our benefit.

It is not about the money anymore, but the nice blue ball we call home, and her kids.

Obama, dear fellow, signed off. Good. That means that uncle sam can get the #####, shower and shave and a new suit, and once again become the shining beacon to the world he is supposed to be.

The us dollar will strengthen, as well as provide for the foundation for stability long sought. The agencies (alphabets) that have worked and died for us all are to be commended and cherished in our thoughts for all the work they have done to help this come about. Without their help, the dark forces stood a chance of winning.

There is so much i wish i could say, but not yet – we are in the middle of a delicate process right now, and confidentiality is a must. I can say things that will give you a clear idea of the landscape we have in front of us, but the details thereof are still not to be divulged until after the fact, so next week will have further clarification of what is said here

Know that the forces of the federation and humanity are combined in this effort, and the protection of key individuals is in place in preparation of the changeover to the new system. So any attempts to kill the process will be met with a “return to sender” force.

Basil iii will be installed shortly, and although the internal systems have already changed to be in compliance to the new rules, it has not been formally announced. It will be shortly, and so will the dinar/dong rv. That one is pegged at about $3.40+ when announced, and china will benefit greatly in the purchase of oil from iraq. One would think this will have a significant impact on the dollar and perpetuate the currency aggression, but on the contrary, it will not do much to impact because of the underlying stability to the whole new system and the installation of the Basil III. So that one is pretty well taken care of in terms of shock factor (you do not want to upset the balances…too much).

Much fun ahead as we move forward into the light of truth and transparency. Many will step forward now and help with the tasks at hand, and give a helping hand to others in need. This is the time when humanity joins hands around the pool, and on the signal, jump in and enjoy themselves.

The family is grinning now as all of the major parts of the process have been worked out and implemented (despite the attempts at sabotage), and money movements initiated. The various trusts, foundations, banks, and platforms can already see the money in the accounts, and they are to be released in the next days.

Stay happy and full of the knowledge that humanity has indeed triumphed with the help of the chinese family that has looked after our best interests for so long. This also applies to the other members of that “family” in other countries, and they are white, black, pink, green, and sometimes purple (depends how long you can hold your breath).

God bless.

In love and light in our service


Poof said, “I’m ready, are you? All things end and begin, in this world. The lid has already been partially, lifted as I told you last week, now the total reset approaches, don’t be surprised at How things get done…….The truth is stranger than fiction. So stay loose. Your personal business is yours so, watch the ‘sharing’. The folks in charge, know where you are and what you’re doing not necessary to get on somebody’s’ list to get an invite to the party. That’s work that’s already been done by the right people.”

Thank you for your prayers and condolences. Consultations upon request until the doorbell rings.

Love and Kisses,

Susan & Staff

From the Office of Poofness

P.S. You can not, not be okay!…………….Susan




Greetings and Salutations;

Today in China;


No mention of Jack Lew or Christine Lagarde’s presence there but, they are. It’s stacking up to be kick off party. Raise some plum wine glasses up and shove this world into the 21st century. The rvs are on the move thru the world. The currency people are celebrating already. I hear they have already put some folks under house arrest so there will be no interruptions or delays, with the fulfillment of things the world has awaited.

Hint: same bunch that was held at Camp David during the 2008 elections, cell phones removed and held.

Right down to the last moment and still they fight for survival. Like cockroaches, yank their legs off, they’ll still keep it up.

No matter the chatter on the web, the Reagan/Mitterand Protocols are very much alive, despite attempts to kill the chief people behind them. No such thing as the money has disappeared. Even coyotes can out trick themselves and end up in a trap. The 4th Reich will not get the funding to start up again. There is enforcement but, no need for martial law so, some of you put the fire out, you got on top of your head. Don’t believe everything you hear and only half of what you see. Illusion is how they worked the masses for years.

One of the biggest changes that happened out here was they made the Vatican Bank Basel 3 Compliant after the big hose out. One of the reason some folks are laying in hospitals right feeling ‘peakish’. The new pope signed off when things were explained to him. When your self worth is totally wrapped up in money, when it’s taken away you might get stomach problems…belly aches. The colin [colon] gets tied in knots. Don’t know if you want to puke or have explosive diarrhea. But you can be sure that diaper makers are having max profits right now. Jeeze…even Jamie Dimon of JP Morgan/chase is under a microscope right now, lolol. I have to laugh, he was the guy who said Basel 3 was unamerican, why because you can’t steal anymore with impunity? He doesn’t even own that bank so, I’m sure the owners have something planned for his ‘vacation’.

Dealing with every little thing done in 100+ years to correct it all and move forward…equally across the globe, was an ordeal, no one wants to do again. Do it right now so you don’t have to repeat it any time soon. Ok, I’ll see you all later, got bigger fish to fry out in this big world. It had to end sometime. By all that I have, the end has come with new beginnings in the same moment. Like dominoes, one thing leads to another, do take a moment and observe. I know it’s all new so, engage the common sense muscle and put it to good use. You ain’t seen nothin’ yet! If you need me, I’ll be available until the door bell pulls me away.

Love and Kisses,

‘There Will be Peace in the Valley’

Poofness []


We will see if any of these predictions manifest since the One People’s Public Trust and the One People have the only valid, lawful commercial paper on the planet.


Greetings and Salutations;

Anyone paying attention to what was happening in the world this past week, came to the conclusion, something was up and it was HUGE. Under the ‘dragon’ year, the dragon did what dragons do, rest on their gold and jewels, and fry anyone who attempts to steal them. We have entered the year of the snake, it has struck already and the howling that arose was like an atom bomb going off. The out going leadership in china, made the comment; ‘the corruption in the banks was being handled’. There’s no such thing as ‘too big to fail’. Especially when someone with a bigger club exists that can whup the bully’s butt. Someone made a comment the other day saying, ‘after 100+ years of running the show, bankers can’t hear the word No’. They have been like cockroaches and operate automatically. How much can you eat until you burst open, spilling your innards? I would make the same analogy about politicians.

The last time the owner of the particular bank visited, he cleaned out 240 quad of ill gotten gains and threw it into the pile to be distributed to humanity. I don’t have the number for what got snatched out of there, this time…the howling spoke for itself. The cesspool was not silently stinking anymore . It was drained and went by way of the dodo bird. It went extinct. Basel 3 is the international banking law now. No country is exempt or can work around it, if they want to do business in the 21st century. The dragon even gobbled up the central banks around the world, they took the ‘head’. The mother of all central banks, the BIS. No shots fired, tho some took a ‘pill’ and took themselves out of the equation. Nature causes change, the kind you can’t stop and you Will deal, one way or another. Make it the easy way or make it tough, you have free will. Make it easy on yourself. Was thinking of starting a group a few years ago called ‘hardaholics anonymous’ for people who choose a harder path for everything. You know the words, you will work by the sweat of your brow, etc, was a curse…time to get out from under the curse. Let your ‘work’ turn into your ‘joy’.

Today is a 10…it’s new beginnings. The ‘weather’ conditions are right for a lightning bolt out of the blue. The forces are in place and we are watching. The winds may be howling in some places but they are fat with anticipation. All things change, maybe not when you think they should…but, I cite a law, it’s called the ‘Law of Inevitability’. In other words, the conclusion is baked in, when something is started unless, things are adjusted along the way. Start a banking system based on reputation and air, it’s doomed to fail. Look at what happened to the roman empire. Morgan Stanley let it be known, they see us going to a metal backed system again. NO Duh. Real worth is the only way to go, it’s more natural. And you thought the folks in the rafters were just bowling or peeing thru the cracks telling you it’s raining. Nope, the big plan remains, that is making this planet paradise again. They just had to use those D9s and get the folks out of the way who wanted Mad Max world.

Take a look at what the european brain trusts think. They are crunching numbers but, somethings are a bit more subtle than the numbers

Consultations are available until the end.

Leap forward! Turn your back on the past and leave your butts behind you

Love and kisses, Poofness []


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Poofness 3-3-13…”Electricity in the Air”

Greetings and Salutations;

As quiet as it’s gotten, the excitement in the air is quite palpable. Rv is in the high octave range now…something is afoot. Funny how the new treasury guy went thru the senate so fast, he does know what he’s doing and has experience. He knows all about the rvs going on in the world, as well as, prosperity programs, global settlements, and the necessary deep changes to happen in the us. He’s all for it. In the years to come, many grand children will hear about this unbelievable shift planet wide. We’re all going at once. Some kicking and screaming. Sometimes man’s free will is confronted with an issue, it can do nothing but flow with it. For some this is like a dose of castor oil…unpleasant but, good for you. lololol

In the weeks ahead, one event after another, will have folks wondering what’s going on in this world. I’m told the work on the projects to rehabilitate this world will begin this month. Despite the media, war is not on the table, people will need to find another way to solve their differences, behave like adults. “Can’t we all just get along?” It’ll be a little difficult to grasp at first for folks that have the ‘grab cannon’ first mentality. Peace is a practiced skill. Learn to take a breath before acting.

The lid(secrets) will be lifted off a whole lot of things, some you won’t like much. The facts must be known, it is the only way to go into the future and not repeat the past. That was one of the reasons the dragons insisted on these famous announcements being made. I’m putting an interview in here, listen to it or don’t…it could shake you up and produce more questions. We must leave our fantasies behind, the truth is much greater once appreciated. Here goes;

Consultations until the door bell.

On ward and upward, Love and kisses,

Poofness []


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