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Endza50 YouTube Channel

Narrated by Patrick MacNee

Published on Nov 19, 2012

So you think SECRET SOCIETIES and Illuminati are fairy tale! So you think they don’t exist. And you think One world order or one world government doesn’t exist! You won’t say that again after watching this documentary.

It takes what kind of human being not to see what is going on! As I write these lines thousand are dying around the world every second! Yes every seconds thousand die of the wars and other reasons brought to us by the same bunch of elite who think they are the ones to plan and decide for us since rest of us are not wise enough to decide for our own! They tell us what to eat, how to dress and what to believe and what not to believe. And the mass not knowing what is happening they take it all. We all have turned into zombies and they know it.

Ladies and gentleman isn’t it about time that we start to think and ask questions?
What is world government?
How many governments one can have?
Were you invited to VOTE for world government?

Your answer is NO like the rest .

So what is going on!!! Why all of a sudden nations have gone down the drain in Europe and now we all are under EU flag. What happened to our freedom? How come we all are so poor now!

How come we have no jobs and things are getting worse! Don’t you think something is terribly wrong in the world that we live? What about our children and their future! Why those who declare WARS get NOBLE peace prize? If waging war means PEACE then what kind of a world is this?

I always thought ILLUMINATI were a fairy tale.,until I heard about ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT or NEW WORLD ORDER. I started digging into every aspect of this agenda and started to do my own research. The result was staggering. It is about time you wake up people. The warnings in the bible are not for nothing.  There are thousands of courageous men and woman everyday that put up videos about Illuminati and new world order,agenda 21, UN. Wake up people,it is about time you did your own research and stand vs this evil agenda..