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There is a lot of information here in the form of other links which are part of Karen’s research and documentation. We have big changes on the way but I really do not think it will happen until Americans get off their asses and hit the street like they have in many other countries.  We can only throw of injustice, greed, corruption and criminality when we stand in unity in the streets.  Every city in this sorry nation should have 100,000 people in the streets – standing a One and this should include every walk of life including police (you’re being screwed too).

As it stands, read it and weep or share with others including the useless officials in every government at every level.  Stop paying the banks, stop paying CORPORATE GOVERNMENT, stop using their CORRUPT PRIVATE CORPORATE COURTS. They are all corrupt and criminal in all activities.

Angel Lucci


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From: Karen Hudes <>
Date: Wed, Dec 11, 2013 at 8:15 AM
Subject: Update on Constitutional Crisis
To: National Conference of State Legislatures ( )
Cc: Chairman of the Development Committee, Antal Fekete, National Governors Association (, Governor Martin O’Malley (Co-Chair of the Council of Governors, President of the County Executives of America ( ), Constitutional Sheriffs Peace Officers Association ( ), National Association of Attorneys General ( ), National Association of Counties ( ), New York Missions to the United Nations,, Attorney General Eric Holder , Bank for International Settlements,, NSA_General James Jones, Vice President Joe Biden ,, Federal Reserve Board, US Supreme Court

I refer to previous correspondence concerning corruption and a Constitutional crisis:

Karen Hudes
Law Offices of Karen Hudes

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From: Karen Hudes <>
Date: Wed, Dec 11, 2013 at 7:38 AM
Subject: Re: Constitutional Crisis
To: Friend
Dear Friend,

Thanks for asking. Aren’t you concerned at the deliberate censorship and control over the media? The state capture is mind-boggling. There is no rule of law in these United States. The United States is ignoring 188 Ministers of Finance, who are trying to prevent a currency war. On the eve of the Spring meeting of the World Bank in April 2013, the Federal Courts simply stonewalled these Ministers of Finance. Federal Courts are masquerading as courts of equity when in reality they sit in admiralty.

This corruption is against the national security interest of the United States. Here is my question to General Dempsey, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, at his town hall meeting on December 2, 2013:

With the Federal Reserve Note weakening against other currencies, 25% of international trade no longer denominated in US dollars, and the US credit rating on the verge of being lowered by the new Universal Credit Rating Group, do you think it is time to accept the offer of the authorized signatory to the Global Collateral Account to release the uncut dollars issued by the US Treasury department and back them with the 170,500 metric tonnes of gold on deposit in the Bank of Hawaii?

Why would the United States want to refuse delivery of 170,500 metric tonnes of gold on deposit in the Bank of Hawaii allocated under the Global Collateral Account? The cartel identified in (which owns the Federal Reserve and controls our country and its media) is also trying to frustrate the people’s right to a Constitutional Convention. Congress is illegally refusing to convene the Convention .

42 state legislatures have requested the Convention under Article V of the US Constitution. . Congress is stonewalling the American people. and And in case the Constitutional Convention goes forward as required under Article V of the Constitution, the cartel is trying to wreck the Convention with rules to prevent it from ending the corruption.

Here is my comment that Forbes refused to publish.

Thank you for submitting your comment:

The Constitutional Convention needs to take the United States back from the Jesuits (who currently collect two thirds of our tax revenues via the Federal Reserve) and the British Crown (which collects the remaining third of our taxes.) The UK and the City of London have been subservient to the Vatican ever since the Concession of May 15, 1213.

The Joint Ministerial Committee of the Boards of Governors of the Bank and the Fund on the Transfer of Real Resources to Developing Countries has allocated 170,500 metric tonnes of gold in the Collateral Account that is on deposit in the Bank of Hawaii as collateral for the issuance of United States Dollars by the Treasury Department. Uncut US Dollars issued by the Treasury Department are ready for immediate release. These Dollars were printed in connection with the Green Hilton Agreement that was signed by President John F. Kennedy on November 14, 1963.

Most Americans are unaware that the US remained a British colony, subject along with the UK to Rome; our ignorance can be attributed to lawyers’ gobbledygook and the complicity of the media, owned by the cartel mentioned in: “The network of global corporate control“, ETH Zurich,

The lawyers thought they could keep people from figuring out what is happening. Maury Maverick was the first lawyer who warned another lawyer, “Stay off the gobbledygook language. It only fouls people up.”

The people in the United States got so mad at lawyers’ gobbledygook that they amended the United States Constitution to protect themselves from lawyers. The lawyers fought back by erasing the amendment.–original13thamend.htm And then the lawyers decided to enact a hidden Constitution. For good measure the lawyers decided to louse up the courts so nobody would find out what they had done.

If you think that this could not possibly be true, here is a meeting of citizens in Charleston, who researched their state house records:

The US Government Accountability Office recently reported on the corruption previously documented with Congress (See )
Joint Chiefs of Staff General Martin Dempsey, Assistant Secretary of Defense Peter Verga, and the Council of Governors established under Executive Order 13528 can make sure the run-away bankers and their masters the Jesuits do no mischief in the interim [See ] The Constitutional Convention under Article V is necessary to restore a strong dollar and the Constitution of the United States.

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Subject: The Vatican

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Dear Karen, I have been watching some of your videos and have found them fascinating. I need to ask you about a statement you made about the Vatican. You stated: Our taxes we send out to the IRS actually goes to the U.K. 40% and they send the rest 60% to the Vatican. How do you know this? Where can I find more about this? It’s shocking … so how would I find the proof of this. Thank you Karen. It’s all fascinating.

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