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by Michelle Walling CHLC

Spiritual mastery is the recognition that energy comes from one Creator Source and will return to this source after the experience of separation ends. As we traveled away from source to experience, bread crumbs of remembrance in the form of keys were dropped along the path so that we could find our way back. Part of the experience of returning involves choosing to exist in dense physicality, and mastery of this human experience can be compared to learning how to successfully walk across hot coals.

In ancient times, the initiation path involved trekking across the land to sacred sites, transmuting fear along the way with challenges of ascending magnitude. Today our initiation challenge comes from living in a dominated and controlled society on a sick planet, creating a reality that seems almost impossible to change. Having the experience from prior lifetimes of mastery prepared us for this 33 Keys to Spiritual Mastery | In5D.comlifetime with the goal of raising consciousness to unity and high vibration, which is the key to returning to source.

Initiates were supported by those who held onto techniques and rituals throughout history. This esoteric knowledge was held secretly by priests and priestesses, Essenes, Knights Templar, and Freemasons, and was divulged only once a certain level of fear transmutation and responsibility was attained. Sometimes the initiate failed the test and died in the physical, having to reincarnate to try again. Successive reincarnations added cumulative karma to the mix, which required added difficulties and contracts each incarnation in order to achieve balance.

The first initiations involved mastery of thought. The end goal was making the connection to Source and tapping into the infinite wisdom. The benefits of achieving mastery included living for hundreds of years with the ability to serve by teaching others. Just like today, more and more masters were successful in adding to the number of masters that walked the earth, one person at a time.

Mastery of self activated the ten extra strands of etheric DNA that overlays the two physical strands, 33 Keys to Spiritual Mastery | In5D.comand opened the door to living in full consciousness. Such power of living in the “I AM” presence required responsibility that had to be proven because of the misuse of power that created the fall in Atlantis. The resurrection of human sovereignty could only occur from within humanity’s own actions because of the rules of free will on planet Earth.

Life happens in cycles upon cycles and can be measured by the stars. Those who watch the stars knew that a Golden opportunity to return to the path would occur at this time. Thousands of years in planning came down to awakening in this lifetime to what we came here to do.

We came here to raise our vibration of consciousness in alignment with the planet and our Creator Source which will activate our dormant strands of DNA in the etheric to allow us to experience life in joy, peace, and unconditional love.

Practice these 33 keys to spiritual mastery to unlock the door to consciousness:

  1. The key to awakening is timing. Before we incarnated, we chose the age that we would begin our awakening process, in divine timing with the alignment of the stars.
  2. The key to meditation is grounding. Because we are made of the same elements, aligning with Mother Earth is essential in creating the connection with Source within the heart chakra.
  3. The key to the heart chakra is love. The kingdom lies within the heart and we all come from the same source of unconditional love.
  4. The key to creation is geometry. Everything vibrates at a certain resonance that can be recognized as geometric patterns of energy in motion.
  5. The key to raising your vibration is positive emotion. The highest vibrational energy in motion is love.
  6. The key to loving another is loving yourself. Loving yourself creates an expansive space within your heart to that allows unconditional love for another.
  7. The key to loving yourself is recognizing who you are. Loving yourself is loving Source.
  8. The key to manifestation is thought. Thought is energy and when used with intention creates your reality.
  9. The key to discernment is intuition. Following your gut will show you the way every time.
  10. The key to forgiveness is compassion. The emotional energy of compassion allows for forgiveness which heals wounds and allows us to move forward.
  11. The key to transmuting karma is intention and awareness. Paying attention to your body and recurring patterns will bring those energies into your awareness that need to be healed.
  12. The key to protection is prayer. Prayer is stating your intention to find the highest path and for the light to shine the way without distractions or roadblocks.
  13. The key to faith is trust. Faith is the knowingness that comes from trusting who you are.
  14. The key to joy is doing what you love. Your purpose in life can always be found in doing the things that bring you joy.
  15. The key to receiving is gratitude. Gratitude is the appreciation for the Universe’s gifts.
  16. The key to Grace is being the example. The best way to teach others is to practice what you silently preach.
  17. The key to humility is wisdom. The wisdom of knowing that we all come from the same source reigns in the ego and allows for humility.
  18. The key to centering is ohming.  Ohming can fine tune the vibrational frequency of the water in your body to bring you back into alignment with Source.
  19. The key to the throat chakra is truth. The majority of humanity has a fear of speaking the truth because of ingrained beliefs and societal pressure.
  20. The key to levitation is sound. Sound is energy and can be used to change the properties of the field around objects.
  21. The key to confirmation is synchronicity. Our spirit guides and angels let us know we are on the right path with undeniable synchronistic events or repetitive number patterns.
  22. The key to peace is the Golden Rule. If everyone were to treat others as they would want to be treated, the world would be a different place.
  23. The key to standing in your power is knowledge. The knowledge of who and what you are allows for you to take your power back from those who wish to dominate and control you and harvest your energy.
  24. The key to the fountain of youth is a perfected DNA template. Before the fall of Atlantis and the modification of our DNA, humans had the ability to live for hundreds or thousands of years.
  25. The key to our future is the now. The convergence of our consciousness to this incarnation allows us to choose possibilities of future events based on what we do in each present moment.
  26. The key to the Golden Age is balance. Humanity has been under patriarchal domination for thousands of years and the time has come for the rise of the divine feminine in balance not only externally but internally as well.
  27. The key to all of the answers lies within. The space within can never be tampered with or reached by the dark forces, and therein lies the truth.
  28. The key to universal travel is the human body in its divine perfection. Stargate codes lie within our DNA strands and are being activated as we prepare ourselves for Universal travel.
  29. The key to the Cosmos is oneness. Integration of all of the pieces and parts of you within this focus of consciousness allows for one to follow the threads of existence all the way back to Source in the middle of the Cosmos.
  30. The key to oneness is non judgment. Balance and polarity is existent in all of dualistic creation- positive and negative, good and bad, up and down, and light and dark.
  31. The key to unity is multidimensional collective consciousness. The problems that exist in the world today cannot be solved in the consciousness that they were created in, and the goal of a unified consciousness can only be found in a higher dimension of existence.
  32. The key to freedom is expansion. Creating the space for expansion will allow humanity to move into a place that is not accessible by lower vibrational entities.
  33. The key to spiritual mastery is simplicity. A comprehensive understanding of returning to oneness brings everything into perspective in this experience that we call life.

About the author:
Michelle Walling is a Certified Holistic Life Coach.  She has devoted her life to being a bearer and grounder of the light in service to others. As a truth seeker, she is committed to share her experiences with the world. She is also a hands-on healer, a distance healer, an empath, and an intuitive. Michelle has recently joined forces with Gregg Prescott as an admin for the In5d Facebook page, as an assistant for In5d Events and as a contributing author for Michelle also supports Gregg’s endeavors in many other areas including alternative and holistic healthcare. Their next project is a walk in clinic under the name AHH- Alternative Holistic Healthcare to be launched in 2014-2015 in the Sarasota, Florida area, and then subsidiaries will be opened around the world based upon that model.



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by Michelle Walling, CHLC

We have all been programmed to look outside of ourselves for the answers to how to solve this dis-unity paradox that we have created. The false ego has been used in every way to keep us trapped within an illusion of self perpetuating drama. The only way to transform the dark night of the soul is to go within ourselves to tap into the empathy and compassion of the divine feminine each person carries within themselves. When we connect with each other from the place within rather than connecting from outside of ourselves, we will transform consciousness and thus will shift out of the illusion of separation.

Religion as false ego

One of the biggest controllers of the false ego is the Christian religion. There are hundreds of sub religions within the Christian religion, and each one of these gets to choose which version of the Coming Together: Resolving the Dis-Unity Paradox | In5D.combible they want to use as their truth. Religion was created to make people look outside of themselves for direction and answers, and many get a false sense of comfort in worshipping the religious figure of their choice.

The “New Age” movement is spiritualist based set of doctrines which uses the false ego to mask the puppeteer behind the curtain pulling the strings. It’s like watching a movie that feels like you are part of the movie but when you get up and walk out of the theater you are no longer part of that experience. It feeds the ego with feel-good explanations of energy and connectedness that can take the focus off of the real problem- a smoke screen illusory trick.

The problem with those who reverently try to pull those out of religion or New Age doctrines is that there is a sense of security involved with being in the place of illusion and comfort. The paradox in this is that these people may be happier than the non religious person lost in confusion as to why there are so many religions and why none of them feel right. Some people are so passionate about giving their energy away to others in exchange for comfort that they make it the basis of their life and protect it like bulldogs. Another problem is classifying things as New Age which are not, which closes the door to some things that may help one begin to see how to think for themselves.

Every way you look at it, these control groups are tools in awakening. The confused will continue to seek answers and the religious will one day have a shock when the veil is dissolved and the truth begins to unfold around the Vatican. As we identify these “set ups” of false ego we can realize that they were all created to help us to eventually realize what it does mean to go within by looking outside of ourselves first. How can you truly know what something is unless you have experienced what is not? Most of our awakenings occurred because we got so far away from within that we had no other choice but to find out the truth of our feelings by following our intuition.

Why is it taking so long for the truth to come out?

In order to change the world we need education about who we really are and how we are being controlled, and we need and a collapse of the monetary and religious systems that were created to Coming Together: Resolving the Dis-Unity Paradox | In5D.comcontrol us. It would seem that all of this could stem from the demise of the Vatican which lies at the top of the control grid. From there the economy would be able to collapse and be re-structured and mainstream media could continuously run the truth about what has happened to humanity 24/7. There are many wonderful documentaries like “Thrive” already available on the internet which will be perfect for running on television.

In a very short time people could have enough knowledge to make the decision to heal themselves of the harmful chemicals in their bodies that have mind controlled them and give them enough power to say no to the control systems. Things are already happening that have gradually set this scenario up and it has seemed like this could occur “any day” for years now. Some say that it had to get really, really bad for some people to realize something is wrong and to even begin to question their way of life.

There are some people that would be so shocked to find out that almost everything they have been taught their whole lives was a manufactured lie that they could possible commit suicide or manifest a disease to take them from this lifetime. There are people that have been so mind controlled that they honestly have no idea that they are the ones contributing to the demise of the human race, and when they wake up to this their own self guilt could be too much for them. It seems the overall plan was to make things gradual in order to keep as many people on the planet as possible in their human bodies. Where is the breaking point between those that are suffering with no food or clothing and those that sit smugly in their mansions with an abundance? For now we can only trust that everything is collapsing right on schedule while we try to move things forward from the inside out.

The inside job and unity paradox

Rather than concentrate on the frustration for all of the people in the world to wake up and join the movement to take over our own lives, there is another way to get the desired result. It is an inside job. The first thing we can do to lay the foundation for the inside job is to put as much information we can out there on the internet, which is the only platform left to us for freedom of speech. This way people can find information when they begin to search, taking in what they feel is right and discarding the rest.

The material available is never ending and comprises world events as well as techniques for spiritual progression. Spiritual and metaphysical database like, Waking Times, and Rise Earth are great examples. One of the main pieces of information that cannot be stressed enough is who we are as spiritual beings on a human journey and how we are all connected to one infinite Source.

The manipulation of ego is the main tool used to prevent the connection between people on the planet and is the basis for all dis-unity.

While teachers and gurus are needed to pave the way of understanding to enlightenment, the ego Coming Together: Resolving the Dis-Unity Paradox | In5D.comtends to take the information presented in various groups as a model for change. For example, when one attends a class to learn how to be a healer, they can say they are a healer with their certificate in their hand. They can frame it in the finest frame and put letters behind their name, but can they really heal someone without successfully tapping into the healing stream of Source?

The unity paradox is that everyone seems to have a different view of what will solve the problems in the world based on this doctrine or that, this groupthink or that. This keeps us in dis-unity, and the way to change this is from the inside out. 

Being connected within your heart center into the field of infinite wisdom and with each other through the tapestry of life is how you find the way out of the illusion of dis-unity.

The world needs compassion and empathy

Compassion and empathy are the main emotions found within the heart. If one was able to choose someone on the planet and look into their future they might see how they would react to their whole world falling apart when the illusion is revealed. With compassion, one might think “if they only had a gradual chance to see things a little at a time, it would have been easier for them”. 

In gaining true knowledge, in becoming one with the true self, in connecting with the conscious energy field that encompasses all things there is no teacher, there is no guru, there is no savior…there is only you. You are a part of the one true self that encompasses all things. You are the path to your own enlightenment. You are the master and your emotions are the language that you use to create reality. In listening to your intuition and then understanding, the self may be discovered and the key to freedom and peace may be found. ~ Max Igan

The world needed a little more “time” for people to learn how to connect within themselves, tap into the emotions of compassion and empathy, and emerge with the wisdom of how to hold the space for others to do the same. The paradox within this is that when the source is tapped, many emerge wanting to teach others how to access this. This is different from those who think they have tapped in but until you truly tap in the ego continues to run the show. This is how the show continues to go on seemingly endlessly.

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