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Published on Dec 8, 2013

What a great privilege it was to get a chance to speak with Brian Kelly, Bob Wright and Lisa Harrison who were live in Florida, USA, doing the One People Absent Limits conference. What a pleasure it was to be joined again by Sacha Stone again, this man truly inspires me with his vision which is clearly laid out in the New Earth Project. This discussion covered a range of interesting topics, but most importantly focused on the theme of UNITY. All the plans are in place. We know exactly what needs to be done and how to do it. The key now is unity. It is time we all start to come together on our common ground, because ultimately, we all want the same thing…. We all want to be free.


Mel Ve



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Published on Nov 20, 2013

IT was a great pleasure to World Bank whistleblower, Karen Hudes. Freedom Central questioned Karen about the global collateral accounts, and many other areas pertaining to a complete financial reset.


I Am sure we all have questions of Karen.  Here are a couple:

  1. You say Wolfgang has court-approved authority over the Collateral accounts.  What courts?  Let’s see the documentation online.
  2. Do you have documentation on OPPT, Heather et al, are operating under the Jesuits? Printing company doesn’t work as evidence.


Mel Ve: Do we have a new financial system that is gold backed?

Karen: …when you say gold-backed; not entirely, no.  Because the idea is not that you have, um, what you call legal tender.  What right do people have to prevent other people from using the currency that they want and the most important currency, actually… is the local currency.  Things like the time banks. That will create very full employment.

– Karen Hudes, 42:35
Freedom Central Interview, 20 Nov 2013




Published on May 29, 2013

Freedom Central was delighted to receive Allfaaraa and Shawn Clark’s long awaited book. After having initially been privy to the very first draft, I was invested and determined to encourage this information to take on a more readable format. After much hard work, the book is done, and what a triumph it is.

As I was quoted in the book’s opening page as saying: “The difference between Allfaaraa and most other spiritual teachers is that Allfaaraa is uniquely focused on the true nature of spiritual reality”

What an honor it is to have come to know Allfaaraa and his teachings. I am forever grateful to the entire RAISE THE PLANET team for their efforts in bringing this wonderful work to humanity. Thank you to all those who contributed in some way to help the work of Alf get to a greater audience. The world would be a much better place without all the confusion. Thanks and respects always to those who stand in the light of truth.

If you only read one book, make sure it is this one. It gets the basics of reality into place so that all other knowledge will make more sense.



Published on Mar 28, 2013

After months of editing, this film is finally ready. Freedom Central is delighted to present The Last of the Boers.

This film details the facts behind the sordid state of affairs in South Africa. Unlike all the other documentaries Freedom Central has produced, this is a deep and personal tale that goes back to Mel Ve’s roots.

This film debunks many of the myths about what happened in South Africa, and exposes the most hidden genocide on the planet, which is the systematic destruction of the white people in South Africa.

Excellent video Mel Ve… Visit Freedom Central at


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Freedom Central

Published on Mar 17, 2013

This is a discussion panel was recorded on 14 March 2013, and is hosted by Mel Ve and features Heather Jarraf-Tucci, Michael Tellinger, Scott Cundill, Anton Cloete, Anthea Torr, Tina van de Walt, and Sid Organe.

It was a true privilege to have these wonderful folks get together for a discussion panel, and it was a wonderful to connect all the various freedom fronts in my home country South Africa, with Heather. We look forward to more discussions.


Excellent discussion panel… New information about OPPT by Heather Tucci-Jarraf…

Mel Ve covers some of her research about Catholicism, their Code of Control and their relationship to mass genocide occurring throughout Africa!

Visit OPPT – South Africa on Facebook:


Freedom Central

Published on Feb 28, 2013

This is a recorded conversation between Max Igan and Mel Ve that took place on 28 February 2013. It was a true privilege to finally speak to Max, and at a most opportune time, as we got to discuss so much relating to what is going on at the moment, including the One Peoples’ Public Trust.

It was also lovely to learn about Max’s journey in Alternative Media, as well sharing is wonderfully informed perspective.
–Mel Ve

Freedom Central



Freedom Central Radio Transcript: Mel Ve and Heather Tucci-Jarraf of OPPT

There were a few problems with the audio of the show, so some of the words were garbled and not easily distinguished.  The Transcription Team has done an excellent job as usual.


Freedom Central

Mel Ve with special guest Heather Tucci-Jarraf

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Heather: Hi, Melanie.

Mel: Hello, finally we get to speak. Wow! I can imagine you’ve been so busy with everything that has been going on. I’m so glad we could get some time.

Heather: Not a problem. I’m glad we have the communications today.

Mel: Yes, indeed. It’s been a hold up, because they have been precarious. I’d just like to say first of all thank you very much for all that you’ve done. Of course, I’ve already done a small introduction of you on Freedom Central with Angel Lucci two weeks ago. The work with the OPPT, which of course you say is really everybody’s work. It belongs to everyone. It’s become such a phenomenon. It’s gone absolutely viral as one of the fastest spreading campaigns I’ve come across. Last week’s info(?) looks like the real thing in terms of gaining back our freedom. What I want to do in terms of putting it all into perspective is get a little bit more information about how you came to be on the journey doing what you’re doing and now ultimately communicating all this wonderful communication.

Heather: Okay, well how about we do this then? You just ask a question and I will just answer.

Mel: Please can you tell us a little bit about your background? And how you got to this point? A little bit about the status and the journey? I don’t even know how to ask the questions about the journey, because there seems to be so much…what’s on it and a mystery because it’s just such a complex thing.

Heather: If you wanted your choice in a vacuum, then I can tell you just about birth on, yet it depends on people’s level of comfort as far as going with the absolute truth.

Mel: Let’s go Absolute Truth, just for the hell of it.

Heather: Just for the hell of it, okay. (laughs) Interesting choice of words. Let’s just say that we’re doing a story, okay? Within that story whatever resonates is Absolute Truth with you or your listeners. They grab it and whatever doesn’t, they just set it aside and hopefully the experience wasn’t too boring for them. (laughter) In the beginning, let’s just say there was a whole bunch of eternal hearts shooting around wanting to experience the separation so that they could understand the mechanics of not only their own BE’ing, but that of First Source where they are created from. Some of those decided to experience that separation consciously. Just a few and then most of them chose to experience it unconsciously, with the journey that was a little bit more challenging, as far as agreeing to forget so that they could remember, in essence burying the treasure for the joy of finding it.

Mel: Wow!

Heather: It’s very interesting.

Mel: I am absolutely with you. It came to me this is the ultimate game of discovery.

Heather: Ultimate game of discovery…it really is the ultimate game of fun. (both laugh) You know, it’s an ultimate game of measurable frequency. It is an ultimate game of recognizable energetic pattern. It is just absolute fun and within that, in order to understand the Absolute, you separate the Absolute into compartmentalize fractals, if you like…or digital pieces. That’s what I refer to when I’m saying contrast…reconcile the contrast. Thank you so much for holding the contrast. Because there’s dark just as there’s light. Does that put that into perspective?

Mel: I understand the concept of that. Yeah, we need the darkness in order to evolve.

Heather: Look, it’s all a matter of perception, filter, good and bad, evil and holy. They’re just all one and the same playing a game if you will. I don’t take it lightly at all, but whatever way can you describe it at this point? It’s a play, it’s a game, it’s a symphony, just full of all these machinations that people are learning about now and have been hidden for so long, but this is the moment. This is the moment that was all preplanned. All the eternal hearts that are embodied in perceived evil or bad, they’re the best secret squirrel or James Bonds of First Source possible (laughs). We’re all part of the same fabric, the eternal fabric. So, when the absolute data is on the table and known…and it can always be known from within…but once it’s all there, everyone will be able to have that Aha moment and see through the course of the energy pattern all these wonderful things they experienced and how they all fit together. Some people refer to it as a butterfly effect. Well, just put the same concept in an energetic form. Then you come to this manifestation of Heather and it’s just the last piece in that game and that final act of the play as far as I go. It’s fun. It’s been fun. Going down memory lane really just doesn’t interest me, because I’m so focused on Now and it’s so much more fun (laughs).

Mel: Yes, yes indeed. Okay, so in this life, this culmination, what is it that you actually did on a 3D level? Now, I understand that the ultimately Absolute game. I myself very much have spiritual awareness and understand my part in this game. So we’re completely so glad you went there with that. Now, here you’ve come to our little bit of a journey that most people want to cut and tie on this level. How is it that we have got to this point with the OPPT? And a little bit about this was a legal battle that you’ve been through?

Heather: Let’s just say well, from birth on until a certain point it was really just about me going through and learning how the machines worked. Mind you that throughout the Absolute Truth data we just discussed, a lot of pieces have been laid since the beginning. The surprise piece was what was laid before any of the game even began. That’s more becoming visible now for every being, every eternal heart in Source’s universe, okay?

Mel: Wow.

Heather: This particular manifestation was just me catching up with what was laid out, connecting the dots, learning how the machines work so that everything could be reconciled back to Absolute. Taking the separations, those contrasts, reconciling them into Absolute. It’s not just me that’s doing it. It is every being through Source’s universe right now, conspiring for this final end game. Right now, I’m public trust, OPPT is the most visible part in this moment of Now, but it’s only one part of this incredible iceberg, or facet of a diamond, so to speak. So that diamond, I like that image better than an iceberg, the diamond, Source’s diamond is going to start rotating here and all the pieces, all the facets of that being visible, all at once. Does that make sense?

Mel: Absolutely. I’m having a bit of an Aha moment here. When I was a little girl, I used to have this image of myself as a diamond. I was trying to find myself and the only way I could find myself was as a diamond. Depending on what energy hit me or what you like, hit me, depended on what they got from me. But every single person that I met, ‘cuz I was…I could never really define myself. I was always so different to every person I met. I realized it wasn’t so much that I had multiple personalities, because my mother would have me for meetings. It was more a case of every person came into my life influenced me in a different way energetically.

Heather: Absolutely. This ties into a piece that I’m working on right now with the new financial system that each being…I love the last X-Men. There was the character in there and she turned into a diamond essentially. You could see all these facets of her. I just see all these eternal hearts in the same manner. They’re glowing with this warm, bright, pink-red, beautiful, golden-fringed energy that’s in that. You’re absolutely right. Each being, when you put them all together, they are just each a facet, not one facet more important than the other because they all make up the Absolute, right? As far as everything that I was DO’ing, simultaneously all of the other facets were shining and working and showing at different moments. We just don’t have all of the Absolute Data visible at this moment, so that everyone can see that whole picture. But that is what is coming into frame now. That is why I guess I am really eager for the diamond to turn a little bit, because the facet of OPPT, myself or the boys, Caleb and Randall, it’s not about us, this is about the whole diamond. It’s about every single facet which is every BE’ing within Source’s universe.

We all conspired for this to happen, this moment of Absolute Current. I guess, when I finally became absolutely conscious, of these parts and how they worked, wasn’t until I came to Africa, July of 2011 or the end of June and was able to really focus the energy. The energy is just so pure all over Earth, but more so, or more unfiltered or uninfluenced in certain places. Africa was a really great place for me to come, to really just reach down and pull up and going within eternal heart, just tapping into that Absolute Data base and being able to take things back to what I call Prime, which is Source, where everything was created from. An eternal consciousness, eternal essence, that is essentially when all of that became very aware. Randall and Caleb really helped the contrast. Anyone that came into my consciousness, even now we are all a part of building this and filing what needed to be filed. Really, we were just glorified secretaries. We weren’t doing anything genius or amazing. We were just able to go in, recognize what already IS, register it and by doing so, it collapsed all of the unlawful, legal systems that have commandeered, stolen or enslaved all of that being, all of those many facets of Source’s diamond that it could. Does that explain it satisfactorily for you? At least for now?

Mel: Yeah. Absolutely. But most people of course, they still very much are programmed into believing that there is some kind of authority and control. They are the ones going “Under what jurisdiction is this recognized?”

Heather: Well, it’s funny, because the very jurisdictions that they claim have to accept it or approve it or stamp it, are the ones that are enslaving us. So, it’s going to take some time. But really, who is going to argue at this point that somebody owns their body and their mind? Who is going to really accept that? If they do, okay, great…they do it knowingly, willingly and intentionally then. There is nothing wrong with that either. However, how does it resonate with you if I ay “Mel, I own your body and I own your mind, but guess what? Anything you create, it’s mine.” How does that resonate?

Mel: It doesn’t…I don’t like that one bit. (chuckles)

Heather: So, if you go back and just take it real simple. Ask the question “What do I know?” It really makes it resonate within the heart, because that is where all of the answers are. That is why I say, when you go back and read OPPT filings, number 1: we pulled down and registered what IS from the beginning and if someone wants to rebut that, great, do it with specificity and particularity. Say why someone owns my body and my mind and really those OPPT filings, they’re not meant to be read with your mind. They’re meant to be read with the heart. Legalese is a code. It’s a deception. It’s absolutely meant to discombobulate and distract and confuse the eternal heart, so that it separates from the mind. That is what the whole legal systems are based on.

It’s funny, you’ll get two groups together and you’ll get lawyers together. The lawyer, let’s say for Heather’s side, who doesn’t really know law, doesn’t understand the legalese, has to rely on and trust. Because when you see that BAR license, you trust that they are going to represent your best interests, because you are paying them to. Yet when your lawyer comes in and he knows the contract doesn’t go with your best interest and there’s hidden clauses in there where they can foreclose on you or you really don’t have the ownership that you think you do, the two attorneys get on the phone. They go back and forth, bribe and switch hands, and promises to do favors for later, then switches hands. That is the game of legalese. Some of the judges out there have price lists and menus, where if you want a certain judgment you can pick on that menu. You can pay your price and you get your judgment before you walk into court.

So the legalese was collapsed by the OPPT filing in that it was reprogrammed. The wording in there is very, very specific. It is energetic, absolutely energetic, to recalibrate legalese so that it no longer exists, not in the way and it’s not necessary. So, it no longer exists and has power in the way that they created it and used it. Does that kind of explain OPPT fillings and maybe how people can approach them to understand them better? As far as looking at them with the heart and not the mind, they were never written for the mind. Only for the guys that know legalese, so they could understand completely their whole world just collapsed.

Mel: Okay, so let me take this one level deeper then, shall we? This whole legal system. I’ve always maintained that you get a summons to come to court. A summons is really like a…you talk about witches and stuff summoning devils and things. For me, it’s always been like this, kind of like the legal system has been kind of a spell on humanity. Would you say with what you’ve done, you’ve broken that spell?

Heather: You could put it in that way…it’s all energetic.

Mel: Yes, it is an energetic schism really

Heather: It is basically a fracture in the energy. They have to use threats and coercion, cause if you have ever read a summons, if you don’t show…this will happen to you. Talk about fear mongering, it’s an energetic schism in the natural order of the energetic pattern that is at a deeper level. At a very simple level, it’s a violation. It’s an invasion of the absolute BE’ing, because you’re only saying part of it. You’re not saying the other part. This is an offer, it’s a contract. You actually have a choice. We’re a private corporation. We’re not really a peoples’ court, so that is the multi dimension in those particular operations. Because in higher Ds…5D, 4D, 7D…whatever you want to call it, they actually are. You can see truth for what it is. What they do is they leave out parts of the Absolute Data, so that it resonates with people on one level, but at the same level they’re not giving all of the data which is required for free will to be exercised. If you knew that those courts were a private corporation and that summons and that complaint were offers to contract, would you approach them differently?

Mel: Goodness. Yeah, absolutely.

Heather: That is one way to kind of bridge that whole multi-dimensional issue, is show it for the Absolute Data that it is. It’s an offer to contract. You have a free will choice there. At the same time, it is multi-dimensional, because it shows you. This is a lead into what is coming up in the next few weeks here for absolute disclosure. It also shows you the level of dimensions that were behind our slavery systems and how deep they actually go.

Mel: Yeah, that is interesting indeed, because I would imagine that they need to have many layers pushing down on us. We are born as spiritual beings, ultimately deep down though in core truth that the divine plan is for us to seek freedom.

Heather: Yeah…to work through it. Just to understand the separations and what they really are and then go in with your power of BEing and DOing and just reconcile those back together into Absolute. That is where grace is a huge part of this last bit that is being made visible. Understanding that whether it’s the Pope, whether it’s Bush, whether it’s Obama, whether it’s Putin, Lagarde, whatever. It doesn’t matter. The point is they are all eternal hearts, in that when you go back to their crime energy pattern, they are all eternal hearts. If you understand what has been done by each, to understand and know who we are, each of us at that point, would you maybe look at them a little differently? Or consider looking at them differently?

Mel: Yeah. Absolutely. I’m so glad we’re getting on to what you’re saying, because I myself absolutely believe that on a deeper level these people…I don’t know how high up it has to go…it’s funny we’re getting onto this…I’m sorry, I’ve got a million thoughts going through my head here, Heather. There is a book (inaudible) called “The Covenant of Soul”. I talk about Lucifer actually contracted with the Reptilians to anchor the darkness to evolve humanity. This is based on my research that I found (inaudible for some time)…other people away. It’s very much what you’re saying that I believe at a higher level (inaudible) level…these people bringing and doing all the bad stuff and all the darkness. They will have to reconcile for the karma that they’ve created. At some level, they must know that. It’s actually a huge sacrifice on their part to bring this darkness to us. If I think about it and should we be sympathetic towards them or should we support them, No! But we need to understand their role in all this. Ultimately, they’re not the bad guys. They ultimately anchor the darkness and help us evolve.

Heather: Yeah. I was told a story that originated from India. I’ll just tell you in my vocabulary and my database, okay? Essentially, it was all these energy patterns standing around and they said “Okay, we need this part here has to be played out a specific way. Who wants what roles? There was a really particular dark role that had to be played and nobody wanted to take it. One energy pattern said ‘Okay, I’ll take it, but only on one condition. While we’re still in this manifestation, you need to tell me that I love you. Everyone’s kind of sitting there going “Well, why?” Because if you don’t, my energy pattern will be stuck in that frequency until someone does.” It really resonated with me, deep down that that is truth. Now, it doesn’t mean it has to be everyone else’s truth. What I would say is let’s go all the Absolute Data, not one piece missing, out on the table more visibly for everyone to look at so that they can determine how it resonates. Because the way the pattern works with it’s Absolute Truths and Absolute Truth is a circle. That’s why we use a circle around The Public Trust’s logo. Everything inside has to now come into Absolute Truth. What Absolute Truth is, that’s the same from every point on a circle, because a circle is just a whole bunch of points connected, right?

Mel: Yeah, absolutely.

Heather: As far as Reptilians, or Pleiadians, or any of the other distinctions, I don’t see these distinctions. I only see the Absolute at this point. A lot of the stories that I’ve heard are pretty correct, as far as the individual sources that I’ve heard then over years.

Mel: Yeah. The thing about the Reptilians is that they’re this … (inaudible) … to everyone … (inaudible) … but I just … (inaudible) … popularized information. This stuff is being written about…I mean, there’s a book written by Rev. Dean Bathes(?) back in the Victorian era about (inaudible) of the serpent. You find that these images of half-human, half-serpent people turning up in medieval paintings, on 3000-year-old Greek frescoes, on the Pergamon(?) museum in Berlin, you see them there. They’ve very obviously have been around and been part of some culture at some point that moves amongst us and suddenly now they’re not here any more. No, hello, where’d they go? The gods of the past. Where’d they go?

Heather: Even in the tribal areas as well, American Kabuki, printed that one conversation with the shaman from Africa. I had found that thanks to Rumor Mill News. I love seeing all the different viewing by people in a collective place. So it had popped up there at a particular moment actually that I was doing something regarding Africa. I found it just resonated very clearly and consistently with all the other intel that goes into exactly what you just described…half-Reptilian, half-human. I would just say, people go out and read…look at the information that’s already out there. It’s been out there forever.

Now, as far as them not being here anymore or being here, I know you’re going to find, when the Absolute Data is on the table, that within the last 12 months, actually further back, a lot of decisions were asked to be made…choices were asked to be made. The grace of it is that they were given the opportunity to make a different decision their embodiment had been practicing all this time. There are a lot of those other dimensions, beings in other dimensions, that know that energy patterns, know how the energetic accounting works… that’s a significant part, the energetic accounting. So they made new choices and have gone over and explained…I think you’re going to find in the Absolute Data that some of those very races that are accused of creating certain parts of our systems, but not all of them, were actually right now helping to disclose them. Just keep an open heart and an open mind as all the Absolute Data, every piece, is put on the table.

Mel: So, coming it down, bringing this all into our present reality of Vatican politics, etc, is the removal of the Pope or his resignation, which to be honest with you I think we all saw it coming, it was only a matter of time. We kind of knew that he had to either be killed or resign, because there is a prophecy of another Pope coming in. It was said to be happening exactly around this time. It’s not even like a joke, as to how accurate this prophecy of St. Malachi(?) has been. More specifically, we had the Dutch queen resigning not even a fortnight before Ratzinger resigned. She stepped down, abdicated from the Dutch throne. She is by far the most powerful Queen in all of Europe. She owns World Dutch Shell, Phillips, I mean HUGE amounts of the Dutch economy and big brands…Shell Oil is massive.

Heather: Yes, I know. Very familiar with them, especially here in Morocco. If you follow the trail, this goes like I said, right now if you look at your credit cards for instance. There’s a magnetic strip to the back, right? Each being is an energetic being and energetic beings draw things to them and push things away from them towards the lip(?) of things from them by magnetism. As far as Dutch Shell, if you want to go back to BP and all of those guys, they all knew what was magnetically being drawn and magnetically being pushed under the old energetic grid that was surrounding Earth, but specifically throughout this universe, because our grid was not in harmony with many other grids. Hence the saying that Earth is under quarantine and Earth’s grid has been recalibrated.

I just had a conversation with G.W. Hardin and American Kabuki about this. All the energy grids throughout Source’s universe were all made uniform in what I call Absolute Current, which is Source vibration, Source frequency. Nothing is allowed to enter into Earth or come out of Earth that is not Absolute Frequency. That was in order to make it so that this other coming moment of Now, needing all of Source’s universe coming together in a reunion was possible.

You’re going to see a lot of news being made right now, very visible, where certain “public heads of countries & states”. They’re all going to make visible their choices. The Pope is a big one, only because there’s data out there that the Pope is potentially just an eternal heart embodied in the different dimension that’s walking in the Pope. Now, whatever Absolute Data comes out about this situation, I’ve found it just really humorous that the day the Pope resigned, someone just happens to be there to catch a lightning bolt hit the radio steeple, which is the top of the Vatican. Now, whatever data, Absolute Data comes out about that situation, I found it just really humorous that the date put “resign”, someone just happens to be there to catch a lightning bolt, hit the radio steeple, which is on the top of the Vatican.


Heather: And most people don’t know, but those are radio antennaes. You look at court houses, you look at the White House, you look at many different public “buildings”, you’ll see all of them have that similar type of radio antennae going up.

Mel: Yes.

Heather: So they’re being inundated right now with this new Absolute Current, and it’s just making havoc within the slave resistance and that started quite a bit ago. There were a lot of lightworkers out there working on that.

Mel: Okay. Now, let me ask you a little bit about there are these various interesting people who have sort of come together through the exposure of OPPT. Since I started doing Freedom Central, this is a view that I’ve held, that there are many of us who contracted with each other before we, sort of, came here. Those of us who have are actually, sort of, coming out now. It’s all sort of like reaching out and now coming together, and pulling together, sort of “okay, you know we’ve gone on our various respective journeys and now it’s time to reach that nexus point where we’ve come to do what we’ve come to do, and work together etc. and we’ve all known each other before.”

Heather: Yes. Absolutely. We’re being magnetically drawn to each other. There’s certain tools that we’ve set up so that when they come out, they just resonate so deeply in us. That it is a “I already knew that. I’ve never thought about it consciously until this moment, but I knew that inside as of I’ve noted the entire time.” I think we were talking about that yesterday, and you had that similar experience. That is, for me, a tell-tale. Just as much as if I’m drawn to do something, I get this, my molecular structure will explode feeling, if I don’t do it. I do it and I’ve never gone wrong. So, when I start to feel this magnetic draw to people, and I recognize people a lot through the words, words were my chosen vehicle, and actually for me “eternal heart” all the way down. I watch people’s words, whether they’re saying them, or whether they’re writing them. I’m seeing a lot of people out there just starting to recognize each other by their DO’ing and their BE’ing. It’s beautiful, absolutely beautiful, and it’s awe inspiring for me.

Mel: Yes, indeed.

Heather: You know my heart just opens up even more.

Mel: Absolutely. Okay, now let’s take this down to a practical level, on the most prosaic level. We have a lot of people on this planet who unfortunately are going through some really difficult times. It’s all very good and well saying “Yes, this is part of your journey and you need these things to evolve, become bigger empathic people etc., or whatever” but realistically, there are people losing their homes. One of my very dearest friends is trying to get her child back, through child abduction by the state, the child’s in Canada. I really want to know how can people now use the OPPT and the information, everything you’ve put out, all your wonderful work, to start really changing their lives, and changing the lives there up to the vibration.

Heather: First up, it wasn’t just my work. It was work from many thoughts laid over many, many eons. What I would like to acknowledge, and give eternal gratitude to, is all that energy that came together for this whole moment of Now. There is a notice, a Courtesy Notice, which Scott Bartle and Chris Hales and Ken Bartle went in and created. I looked at it and just sort of assisted in how OPPT filings are used in there. It’s really…it is “the” tool. It’s an energetic tool, a multi-dimension, and it reaches them all, types of dimension area, of everyone’s hearts. So when we go in there it’s a practical 3D tool. People will learn about its multi-dimensional energetic properties as they continue on. If someone is, for instance with their children, most people don’t know when you go in to have a baby, you sign these documents. There are different (inaudible)… I have two children born in Italy and I have two children born in America.

Mel: Wow, okay.

Heather: We were told we couldn’t even take the babies out of the hospital until we signed these particular documents. One of them was the Social Security, for the SSA hearts, Social Security numbers. In Italy, it was the birth record…I can’t remember the name of it, I apologize, I’d have to go back and (inaudible), but they were basically the same function.

Mel: (affirmative response)

Heather: You enter your child in that system without even knowing, without even having all the material facts which are required for a contract. That’s how the contracts are void, and no agreement can stand if people don’t do something knowingly, right?

Mel: (affirmative response)

Heather: So this document, this Courtesy Notice, goes in and everyone is already secure and registered across the planet no matter where you choose to domicil, that’s a domicil without an “E” at the end, your body on the planet. Means your body, where you plop your body. Your body is your state of body.

Mel: Yeah.

Heather: When you go in to say “This is what I BE”, we already did everything else, and filed everything else for everybody. So nobody has to file anything. Right now, all you have to do is just stand there in BE’ingness, say “Here’s a Courtesy Notice” and refer to the OPPT filings and let their lawyers come in and rebut with myself and Caleb and Randall, because we’re able to work, like I said it was a real energetic thing, but also legalese thing. I did not want people to have to go in there and fight all that code and deception. For people to take advantage of the people who didn’t know the code and deception and say “We’ll help you” and then by undue influence, end up in a situation like what I was telling you about with the two attorneys on the phone. Wheeling and dealing behind the desk just to get people that signed an agreement, where they can make their billing hours.

Mel: That’s true.

Heather: So that Courtesy Notice is absolutely “the” tool, and it’s “the” tool” for people to do…they get comfortable with their BE’ing. They’re going to understand how to modify that document for any matter that comes before. For now, it’s in a template form where it basically addresses anything. Just this “This is who BE, now who do you BE? This is my law, what law are you saying that you are operating under? This is my authority, what’s your authority? Then show me the agreement or contract with my signature on it that said you can have authority over me.” Nobody can produce it, and well actually they can, but they won’t. Because if they do, they actually give you a paper trail of their actual crimes.

Mel: Yes.

Heather: It’s a very simple document. It’s a very simple document that covers all these legal, lawful issues, but in such a manner where you don’t have to worry about all that was done and then understanding the mechanics of it. All you have to understand is that you BE. Does that make sense?

Mel: Yeah. Absolutely. So where can they find this document, Heather?

Heather: It’s on Scribd…I can actually send you the links. I know Lisa Harrison, I think American Kabuki has it up on his website, his blog.

Mel: Okay. Yeah, just send me the links and I’ll attach it to the interview to make sure everyone’s got it when they’re listening to this. Okay, so looking towards the future, what is it ultimately that we are hoping to create? Let’s talk about the CVACs, what they mean, what they are. Have you got any idea how you’re going to structure these things?

Heather: Yeah, they’re already structured.

Mel: Okay.

Heather: The whole point of the CVACs was to… it covered actually many goals. The CVACs needed to stop the corporations from infringing, invading, violating the BE’ing. Simultaneously, it needed to create a safe harbor where the people could actually have what they had thought they already had. So by registering a corporation that belongs to all the people equally, and is there to service the people, the other ones would have to come forward and show a contract or some kind of registration secured to the ownership of the people, right?

Mel: Yeah.

Heather: Yet all the Data have now, out there, that all these “countries” are actually registered corporations. A lot of them in DC or New York and US is in London. So now they’ve really got to show, okay they have to admit, on the record, under sworn oath that they’re not corporations, they are the people’s government, At that point, you have the clarity. But they aren’t going to do that, because all the fraudulent money, paper, the current funds, they’re all under the corporation. So they actually toppled themselves, that’s what was so fun about it. Put them in a corner, damned if they do damned if they don’t. But here’s the grace for you to go in and co-create with the people. Just be honest, be transparent. They didn’t want to do that. Okay, so that’s the CVAC on that level. Now the other thing was, I’m not a person who really likes people to tell me what to do, right?

Mel: Yeah, me neither. I hate it.

Heather: I just really want to BE. I want to be more creative than going to Jesuit schools and being taught I have to believe in God and the devil. Or going to law school and saying there are two things sure in life, death and taxes. Well, I can prove both of them wrong. The Data is out there and it’s just every turn that came in front of me in the moment of Now, and as Caleb and Randall and a whole bunch of others were sitting there talking, this wasn’t something that was done overnight. I talked to a lot of people who worked, all the way through DOJ, a lot of the bankers, you wouldn’t believe how many insiders in the system worked to bring this moment of Now. That’s why I say that there needs to be Absolute Data on the table before someone takes a pitch fork out and tries to attack one of these guys. So, the CVACs were constructed in such a way that everyone could BE as they chose, as they choose, by free will. But the systems of assistance bring all the Absolute Data, not one piece missing, for any kind of system they want. Right now, we have broken it down into basic systems; systems of treasury, systems of education, systems of health, that kind of breakdown…very general. The only thing that the systems are to do is to assist the people. Well, what’s assisting the people right now is bringing all the Absolute Data on the table, right?

Mel: Yeah.

Heather: So, that’s the number one goal. Then once all the Data is on the table, everyone can sit and discuss and dissect all that data and determines what resonates with them then. The CVACS are really a loose structure, a safe harbor that gives the people the place to go in and check everything out. Does that explain it satisfactorily for you at least in those general summations?

Mel: Okay, yes, indeed. Now my obvious question is, Heather, when are we going to stop having to use paper money? When is the system going to stop with the illusion? When can we actually go back to or start to use something else?

Heather: Well, this is the fun part. This is the end game. There are a few moves that are being done right now. I think it was D from Removing the Shackles, she works a lot with similar intel types, banking types, military types, that I work with. There’s a lot of chaos behind what I call the curtain and the wizards behind the curtain, the PTB/PTW or however your listeners want to call them. Those really are just brokers. They’re not really the wizards behind the curtain that have created all that you see, that run the slavery systems. The PTW that we see are actually just puppets or brokers at the best. They live a very nice life though, I will say that in comparison to what we have been living.

What’s happening is they are making some final moves. They are going to offer a bone in such a manner hoping that you will take it. If you remember when we first came out with the first Magician, I think we introduced it as The Magicians. Then there was that you take it and basically just answered questions, clarifications and things like that. Everyone asked why 5 billion and actually there is 10 billion, because there was 5 billion in equity and 5 billion in damages. So, everyone on the planet, except for those that caused harm/damage to the people, everyone has 10 billion. I said that for a very specific reason, because of what I knew was going to come down at the end of the pipeline.

They were going to offer a bone, hoping that maybe 15 – 20 million would satisfy people or maybe a $500,000 check returning the income taxes that were illegally collected. Those are just bones. Even the 10 billion is a fraction of what they stole. But we wanted to make sure there was a big enough contrast, so when this moment came people would be able to look within and recognize what is Absolute Truth for them. What does someone believe their value is? Well, if you don’t know that you BE, you end up believing what they tell you and that is that you have no value, you’re worthless, you’re a piece of crap, you don’t produce anything, you’re a lazy bum. Well, that is not true. Why are they spending so much money, time and effort to manage and control you? Now the fun part comes. They’re going to throw a bone, hoping the people will take it and say “Oh, we have a hundred and some countries that have signed on now. It is common law. People are going to be responsible. Okay, well great.”

Those countries, though, are those the people’s countries? Please show us the agreements, the registrations and everything else. Did you just create mere companies to the ones that were just foreclosed on? So, people need to ask questions. I am not saying what it is, what I am saying is to ask questions. Scott did a great job in showing just how to ask questions. It is the same set of questions no matter what’s before you. Whether it is your friend next door, whether your kid is trying to sneak out for the night, or whether it is somebody posing as a police officer at your door with a gun, yet won’t show you his bond or his oath. So what is going to happen, they will play that bone. People are going to make their choices. They’re going to declare that it is all gold backed and silver backed. You’re going to find out here very shortly what fun the gold and the silver and all these eternal hearts that are embodied in these precious metals have been having, lots of fun. And they are a big significant part of this end game.

So, if all the sudden, you start to see all this precious metals out on the streets in such a manner that you can visibly see them, you can visibly interact with them, you are going to start questioning “Well, what the heck is in the vaults? What is actually backing the system if everything is actually visible to us?” You’re not controlling it. You can’t touch it. You can’t enter those transparent vaults where we can see the stuff. This end game is going to be so magnificent. I am so excited. I love it because a lot of people say “Oh (inaudible) you have Microsoft, Bill Gates who writes all these programs. You have all these guys working to make these back doors for this moment. Thinking we are going to take the old system back, right of the tracking and transfer systems.” Well, I will bring you back to that magnetic strip on the back of your credit card or your drivers’ license. That is just a data holding strip. If you look at how these strips actually work, it stores data by modifying the magnetism of tiny, iron-based, magnetic particles. Think about it. Your body is energy. If your body vibrates at a particular frequency and it can magnetically draw anything to it, what if all of a sudden your hand becomes a magnetic strip of its own? Just by co-creating and co-enjoying with iron-based magnetic particles. You don’t even need these cards. Everything’s run off of your own magnetic. If you think that what I am saying is completely too futuristic, think about the iris scans.

Your energy pattern is just as unique in identifying you as your thumb print, as your iris. Yet they can’t be manipulated in the fashion that someone could put a latex coating over their finger print with someone else’s finger print on it or put a contact lens in that could actually identify you using the iris thing. It’s going to get really fun here and it’s going to get very…how did Poof put it?…very Jetson type like. So, I am really excited about all of this, essentially the internet…if you look where the internet… even these magnetic strips, IBM it was used during World War II. If you recall…do you follow Saint Germain type of messages and things like that?

Mel: No.

Heather: Yeah, I don’t either, until we started going through this. All of a sudden, St. Germain is very well known in the banking arena, military complex. That’s the hierarchy structure that’s actually being collapsed, at their own choice. He works a lot with the Department of Defenses all over the globe and the banking sector. If you look at the technology that is coming out and this leads into Keshe. I don’t know Keshe. I haven’t looked at Keshe’s proposals or his universal agreements, treaties. However, as far as the technology, that has been around for a long time. I know quite a few people sitting in a very dark hole, who were trying to get that technology out to the people for at least the last twenty years if not more. In the old paradigm, nothing ever happened. Nothing was allowed to exist, unless it benefitted the few that are the principals of the slavery system. So when Keshe popped up, I recognized the technology, but at the same time my question was why now and who is it benefitting?

Mel: What is your feeling on Keshe?

Heather: Like I said, the eternal heart. Right now, my personal job is to make it so that all the Absolute Data comes out, with not one piece missing. In that, I focus on the eternal heart. So, the eternal heart that is embodied in Keshe will actually disclose the intent of the embodiment. If the intent is anything less than for the highest good of all and damaging others, Keshe will reveal himself. The whole universe, all of Source’s universe, will conspire to make that visible to everyone. So, I’m having as much fun as you are. My interest and my focus really are whatever comes into my consciousness right now, because that is geared to my particular path, which is in harmony with all of your guys’ path.

Mel: It’s funny you say that, because one thing I am noticing is that a lot people that I’ve come to…obviously I speak to a lot of people and not all of them are in this for the right reasons. Definitely I have developed a more discerning filter as time has gone, almost where you pick up on their energy, whether they are working, whether they want to line their pockets, or whether they are working because they genuinely want to help others. It’s as simple as that as to finding the difference between the two.

Heather: Right, people should know. The people need right now to know some healing is going on and actually that healing is a trigger for the eternal heart to come out. So, what you said about discernment. I use the same energetic tool as the rest of us do and I call this tool a resonant. Now it could be anything, a security system within a truce alarm or whatever you want to call it, but that tool of resonance. Those are all honed right now and absolutely calibrated, so people are going recognize things that they normally wouldn’t even be aware of or they wouldn’t pay attention to. It’s going to draw in and something is not going to sit right and you’re going to go back and say “Okay, what was funky there?” And you’re going to figure it out, the Data that you will need will present itself for you to figure that part out. Just ask “What do I know?” That is what so funny, just ask “What do I know?” and the whole thing will reveal itself.

Mel: Heather, you won’t believe how often that happens. I do love and expose of some faith truthism and faith truth movements, but that is exactly how it happens to me. What do I know? It always reveals itself. You just look at the basics and keep it simple. And really the basics and keeping it simple comes down to, for me, maintaining your fundamental orientation which is as you said the Absolute Truth.

Heather: Yeah. I worked with Secret Squirrel part of the banking industry and all that. I will give you an example. Cobra is really in my focus right now. Never has been, in fact I didn’t even know the guy existed until after December 25th and AK, American Kabuki, has talked about him. He met him. So I talked to him for a few minutes and he didn’t have any kind of covering of his voice at all. Yet the questions that he was asking me were questions that I know in the banking field or in the legal field when they are hiding something. That is why it just kind of struck me funny. Then I just set it aside, because that is not what part of what is the focus now. The focus now is disclosing getting the ball rolling at the time. Now, I want to know who everybody is, for the fun of it. Because the people are asking…they rely on Cobra, they rely on Drake, they rely on whoever. Just as they did on their “governments” that are all starting to fall down. So, what I ask is “Okay, be transparent.” That is the one thing I do know, for those hearts that are working consciously. Right now they’re absolutely transparent and they have no problem with all the Absolute Data, not one piece missing, being put on the table. That is what I do know.

Mel: It’s funny that you mentioned Cobra to me the other day when we had been speaking. Someone sent an email to me that day asking if I was going to see Cobra in London. He is doing a talk there and I didn’t realize for some reason…

Heather: I didn’t realize either until last night.

Mel: I don’t know who he is or what he is. I don’t know anything about him.

Heather: He is supposedly with the resistance, that are working on the ET level, the multidimensional level and I do work with those particular levels, so for me. This is a whole learning experience for them too, because their whole world is shifting as well.

So, there’s a lot of surprises that were built in for everyone to come into this moment. As far as Cobra and those guys, I love at least the purported theory of what they’re doing, working for the highest good of all, to go in to fight for this or that. Well, the fight’s over and the fight was an illusion to begin with. So, what I would like to do and I reached out and just gave them Data and said “Here, know what my energy pattern is. I’m absolutely transparent. I’m not going to encrypt these files. I’m not going to be (inaudible) with these files. In fact, I’ll do it over Skype, right?” At this point, it’s just a matter of transparency. That’s where the safety, the security, the absolute protection is…is in transparency.

Mel: Now, let me ask you, you don’t see any time in the future or near future…now that we’ve got (inaudible)…look at all the banks and all of those, then suddenly deciding to turn around on the population, martial law, let’s bring on World War III…you don’t think we’re going to see people being arrested and (inaudible) to concentration camps and forced to comply if they don’t? Are we beyond that? Have you gone past that in our battle lines?

Heather: Absolutely. That is not going to happen. That is not going to happen, because there are certain energy patterns that are very close to Source pattern, if not Source pattern, that are actually here to ensure that none of that happens. There’s the same bureaucracy and all the crap you see in the “government” happens in the lightworker community as well. It’s something that we’ve been very focused on. I think it was during the Foster Gamble issue, where he was just about to launch Thrive. I just sat for the last ten months watching BP funnel all of their holdings, their ownership rights, restructuring all of their beneficiaries into green and they do what’s called the phoenix. What happens is the phoenix is required where all of a sudden somebody gets too close to the truth. They uncover the slavery system and the principals and the beneficiaries. So, they re-phoenix into something the people will hold onto, will launch onto, (inaudible). And the New Age and the green was another, that’s why they put Al Gore at the top to manage that particular one.

Mel: So, that’s what Thrive was. I have to agree, but I watched Thrive and I was like “Oh my God, this is a load of crap.” I don’t want to be disrespectful, because there’s a lot of good information in there. But, I felt they’ve basically gone from Proctor and Gamble, terrible history there, they’ve basically jumped on to a good thing and tried to parlay it for their own good PR.

Heather: Well, yeah, I had conversations with Proctor through…even The Public Trust had to clean itself up here. It wasn’t the trustee that did it. It was the actual eternal heart embodied in some of the people that were calling themselves trustees. One of them was Susan Dey-Hamwick (spelling?), whose sister is Hilary Clinton’s aide. She’s really tight with Foster Gamble. They went in and Lisa…oh, I can’t remember Lisa’s last name, she was with LA Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Wall Street was bank bought(?)…that’s how that was. Talking to Foster, I already knew I could put the dots together, because Proctor Gamble is one of the big ones, that is more of a broker than a beneficiary. All of a sudden, Foster, what …(several inaudible words)… bring out a phoenix, where watching it all start to move 10 minutes prior, was that Foster was chosen within the principals to go ahead and be the poster child.

Mel: (affirmative response)

Heather: So, I addressed that and brought that up. I went to all of my contacts and said “This isn’t going to be permitted. This isn’t allowed. Either you’re going to take care of it, Foster’s going to take care of it, or we’ll take care of it.” At that moment, Thrive started kind of right there and then it didn’t take off like it was actually supposed to, like it was planned to. The boys, the CIA and everyone else, just tried to sort of catch it real quiet and buried it. They thought if they buried it for a while, they could bring it back up in a year and a half or so or two years. That’s really kind of what Thrive is doing now, isn’t it? It’s coming back out.

Mel: Well, I remember there at first, they put all this out for free. Then all of a sudden, you had to buy it. When nobody wants to buy it, they put it back out for free. All sorts of nonsense. Let me give you the bottom line, as someone who’s an avid researcher. I’ve spent … (several inaudible words) … Philosophic Hermetica, which is like the biggest collection of ancient esoteric and gnostic text outside the Vatican. I’m a member there. I’ve gone through that stuff that you need to be sitting in one of these oxygen-type chambers to look at. I’ve seen and looked through…I’ve done the research, I’m not just a laptop researcher, I’m not a researcher where I’m here to hash other people’s stuff, I’ve actually gone and looked through the archives myself…and one thing I’m fanatical about is Vatican Catholic history.

There’s a scene in Thrive where they talk about how money became manipulated. They’ve got these little, animated figures, but they don’t relate it to the Knights Templar, who started the first sort of (inaudible) … interest … (inaudible). They don’t even distinguish these little characters with any features. They’re just sort of in their little blobs of human representation. What they should have done is have these guys in sort of knight uniforms and have them represented in castles. This one little thing was a three-minute cartoon sketch within Thrive trying to represent how the money was started without leading it back to Rome. All roads lead to Rome. Anything that tries to point away from Rome is part of the illusion and the distraction. That’s how I knew Thrive. When I saw that, I was like “Hang on.” You know what you say is “What do we know?” Always look at “What do we know?” And that’s why “Hang on. This isn’t right.” There’s so many things. I can point out so many things with Thrive. Right down to the facts that there was a woman there, an elderly lady, her name was (inaudible) Marx Hubbard. I mean, that’s L. Ron Hubbard, she’s related to L. Ron Hubbard, the guy who started Scientology. So, there’s a lot there. There’s so much that you could go into and start picking apart with regards to Thrive. Off the Thrive topic, I don’t really want to get into that too much more. Let’s see if that (inaudible) record our conversation.

Heather, what is your best advice to people on the ground now around the world? How do we now actively start stopping the slavery? Stopping the suffering? Get it to a place where we can just DO and BE whatever it is we want?

Heather: Well, first I would state this, anything that you see in the slavery systems right now, it has been turned off. The only energy they’re running on is what was in the tube, so to speak, when the spigot was turned off. They’re scrambling around right now for any energy that they can go in and steal from. They’re having to do it amongst themselves at this point, because the people are just BE’ing and DO’ing. So that is key and I knew it was going to be key. Everyone knew it was going to be key. It’s why we spent so much time trying to manage the “cover-up” (?).

So, BE’ing and DO’ing is the most important thing that you guys can do right now. Because if you BE, that means they can’t take value or credit from that BE’ing. Because you’re going to consciously be BE’ing. Now, you may not know how to BE, but it’s as simple as having conversation like we’re having now. It’s as simple as looking in the archive. It’s as simple as going out and interacting with your children. It’s as simple as going out and saying when someone approaches you, you have to do this. “Well, wait a minute. This is who I BE. Now, tell me who you BE.” And be kind. Be gracious. Understand that not many people within the slavery systems right now are comfortable, because they are feeling a lot of guilt. A lot of them entered into that system thinking they were really helping people. So, at this point, BE’ing and DO’ing is very important. It is the key.

Mel: Yeah. Absolutely. That’s a wonderful note to end on. Heather, thank you very much for your time. I know it’s precious being a mother of four. What a wonderful thing you have done. Your wisdom is really of an advanced spiritual level. Definitely everything you said is resonating with me. It’s been such a (inaudible) to get this information from you. Thank you so much. Let’s do it again.

Heather: Mel, thank you so much for the opportunity. I really look forward to doing some more.