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July 3 – Havre de Grace, MD

I left Baltimore early after having a late evening with the Crew!  I arrived in Havre de Grace within 45 minutes and visited with my Dad as he went to the bank.  My baby brother, Mark, put my ass to work building a deck within an hour of arriving.


It took us 3 days of about 6 hours each to complete the project.  Much happened during that time.  I went down to Concord Point Light House to get a photo.  It is one of the oldest working light houses in the country.


While I was there I saw the light and miracles upon miracles began to happen.  I came into a relationship with Sweet Baby Jesus while in Havre de Grace!  You just never know the events that will change your life!


The deck came out great and we had it completed before the party he had planned for July 6th.


We had a great time on Friday night as we visited First Friday in the downtown area along the water front of the Chesapeake Bay and Susquehanna River.  Havre de Grace has a long history in our country.  I found out several years ago that my grandfather, Orlando Angelucci ran Canadian Whiskey for Al Capone way back then.  My Dad said he remembers Capone coming into the house my father was born in and still lives in today.  He is 82!


I also caught up with some of my other brothers and sisters while I was there.  I had not visited with my baby sister for years and we had a chance to visit for a couple of hours.  My nephew, John and my niece, Sam woke up and took a photo with me before my departure.


July 7 – New York City

I pulled into the Bronx, NYC at about 10 AM on Sunday morning. Grant Williams is an awesome guy and is actively involved in OPPT.  He is definitely a DOer!  We visited for several hours with his room mates and talked about the actions being taken by them to make the New Paradigm a reality.


We headed down to West Greenish Village, Manhattan for the meeting at 4 PM.  I rode down there and I can say with experience that NYC definitely has more pot holes than New Jersey!  I had a chance to visit a pub while waiting for the others to get off the mass transit system.


We had a great meeting with about 7 people including the Eternal Essence Embodied known as “The Flo”.  I feel that much energy was anticipated and manifested during the 5+ hours spent together in sharing about the changes that are coming onto our blue planet.  New York City will be a different place when this crew is set loose.


As I prepared to leave, I reviewed my directions to exit NYC and to ride to Mahopac Falls.  I had a great time and was exhausted by the end of the day.  I love all of these folks and look forward to connecting again sometime in the future.


I want to thank Grant and every One that showed up in NYC.  Check out the “Let’s Pull Together” Tour review by Grant Williams on NYC: upRISING:

July 8 – Mahopac Falls, NY

I came up to Mahopac Falls after the meeting in the Village.  On Monday, Bobby Peck and I put 150 miles plus on our bikes. We went to Orange County Choppers and looked at all the wonderful bikes that they have created.


I was telling Bobby I’m glad I had not run into any police especially in NYC. I am glad I did not get pulled over by NYPD on this bad boy!


It was an enjoyable time as we traveled out into the beautiful scenic landscape of the Mahopac Falls area.  We rode west traveling through the winding roads and hills of the Shawangunk Mountains and even saw the Catskill off in the distance.  A beautiful day with mild weather and a cool breeze.


Visited with a great friend of Bobby’s, Joe Britt, Jr.  He is an architect and a genius in building energy-efficient homes.  His home is amazing and it costs him 10 cents a day to heat his indoor pool.  Check out his website,


On the way home we rode past the Hudson River and even got to see West Point off in the distance behind the boats.


We had a great evening meeting at an wonderful restaurant, Eveready.  It was the best food I’ve had eating out this whole trip!


We have a larger meeting planned tonight at Panera Bread near Mahopac Falls.  We are 10 minutes from Connecticut and only 90 minutes North of NYC.  Come on out and join us at 7 PM for a great time with like-minded people.  Contact Bobby at for the exact location.

Check this post tomorrow for an update of the meeting.


July 9 – Mahopac Falls, NY

Another day of riding and sharing with every One that crossed our path.  We had a great breakfast at George’s Place across from Lake Carmel.  Paul Revere must have eaten there because they had a statue of him across the street.  Who knows?


We stopped at a deli and was given a bag of about 10 day-old hoagie rolls.  I thought we were going to eat them later, but I was in for a surprise.  We stopped at the Chuang Yen Monastery in Kent, NY.  The bread was for this school at the Monastery.  They are an unruly bunch!


The grounds were beautiful and the Temple simply amazing.  I’ve been to other Buddhist Temples in Texas, but this one won the prize.


This guy was giving a hook-em horns or an Illuminati hand-sign.  He looked kind of angry if you want a personal opinion.  And you know how opinions are, every One has one!


The meeting last evening was great.  Many connections, feeling of Oneness and a sense of knowing we have met before and it was not in this life-time.  Every One of the men there had done their due diligence on OPPT and were definitely wide-awake.  All talked of coming together again very soon and to continue meeting and bringing others with them!


All but One in this photo are Master Martial Artists!  I felt protected in this group for sure!

Bobby Peck is riding with me this morning to visit Bob Wright so another day of sight-seeing and connections that are changing our world!