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The House of Windsor – All the Queen’s forces and all the Queen’s men – PART 1:

By Duke Mehal Rockefeller:

The start

Highlights for Reference: by Dave Stewart: Some Photos added:

1) When looking into the Windsors background behind the facade the Brother hood Agenda and Black Nobility Bloodline is  very bleak.

2) The Signing in Ceremony of Elizabeth II was June 2nd 1953 and all regalia were taken form the Tower of London and  kept under Westminster Abbey In the House of Jerusalem.

3) Westminster Abbey Built 1065. William the Conqueror then conquered England under the instructions of Black Nobility of Venice 1066.

4) The Ceremony was steeped in reptilian-Aryan tradition even the stone she sat on was stolen in 1246 From Scotland, meant for Ireland from Israel via Egypt known as Jacob’s Pillow.

5) The Windsors are of a Black Nobility bloodline of the Brotherhood, and the Queen was crowned in the Brotherhood ceremony inside a Brotherhood temple.  

6) Philips Nazi Roots and the British King, Edward VIII, was also a Nazi supporter and Philip maintained communications with him after his forced abdication in 1936.

7)  Nineteen presidents of the United States have also been related to Edward III and thus the line of Prince Charles.

8) The Queen Mother, formerly Lady Elizabeth (El-lizard-birth, El-lizard-birth) Bowes-Lyon, comes from a lineage seriously Brotherhood-reptilian Scottish aristocratic family.

9) If the Nation wakes up to the theft of 300 palaces and 20,000 bits of priceless artwork from other Black Nobility

10) The Queen owns Virginia Company and assumes vast wealth from USA citizens retrospectively and it does not stop there.

11) It is forbidden to mention the queens wealth in parliament:

12) Delta Airlines : Notice the name, too. Delta (the triangle or pyramid) is a major symbol which is why the U.S. military unit elite is called Delta Force. Formation of the Chinese TRIAD, Trilateral commission ETC ETC.

13) The British Crown still owns America (possibly on behalf of the Vatican) and, with the London-based Brotherhood, he Pornography collection in Congess is known as Delta.

14) More than 500 foreign banks have offices in the City of London and in 1993 UK-based banks accounted for 16% of the global lending, a staggering figure for these small islands. The interlocking directorships between these banks and businesses are simply breathtaking.

15)  Add to that the control of the media via organizations such as the BBC, the Reuters news agency, Hollinger Inc., Thomson, News Corporation, Pearson, Reed Elsevier, the Washington Post, New York Times, NBC, CBS, ABC , etc., etc

16)  They are related to all the titled criminals who are stealing the planet and causing death, destruction and misery all over the world. If you are British or Commonwealth  You are paying for all of this:



Part 1 By Duke Mehal Rockefeller:

All the Queens Horses and All the Queens Men: Part 1

In many ways, the House of Windsor condenses almost every element of this story. Son of a Black Nobility bloodline who are knowingly working to the Brotherhood Agenda and when you look behind the facade what you find is indeed very bleak. The Windsors are the most prominent reptilian family on the planet and operate in the heart of the global manipulation. There are “messengers” of a class and not the top of the pyramid, but are near to those who are.

The very coronation of the British monarch shows the true background to the Windsors and their predecessors. When she was crowned Queen Elizabeth II on June 2, 1953, all the regalia of the ceremony, the crowns, scepters, robes, sphere and bracelets, were taken from the Tower of London and kept at night in the House of Jerusalem in Westminster Abbey.

This chamber is where the scholars met to translate the “authorized version” of the King James Bible under the overall supervision of Sir Francis Bacon and Robert Fludd, the Grand Master of the Priory of Sion ( Priory of Sion ). The British royal family still holds the copyright for this!. The Jerusalem Chamber is lined with cedar wood brought from the Lebanon because that was the wood said that was used to build the Temple of Solomon.

The tapestry in the chamber depicts the Judgment of Solomon. Westminster Abbey, the “catholic church”, is in fact a Pagan temple. Even the floor is made of black and white squares like a Freemasonic temple.


In the beginning of the ceremony in 1953, the Queen sat on the Coronation Chair and under her bum was the Stone of Destiny which Edward I had stolen from the Abbey of Scone (pronounced “SCUN”) in Scotland in 1246. The Stone was supposed to have been brought to Ireland from Israel via Egypt and is also known as the Pillar or Jacob’s Pillow. I think the basic issue that is correct, but there is much more to know about the detail and its true meaning.

The Archbishop of Canterbury turned to the north, south, east, and west (the four points of the Pagan cross) and the congregation shouted “God save the Queen”. This was symbolic of the story in the Old Testament describing the crowning of ‘Saul’ as King of Israel when people shouted “God save the King”. This cry can be found eight times in the Old Testament when the Kings of Israel are crowned. The Queen sat on the Coronation Chair holding the Egyptian symbols, a scepter and a rod. On top of the scepter is the Maltese Cross and on the rod there is a dove.

She also later holds an orb with a Maltese cross on top, the same as those used by the Dutch wing of the Black Nobility ( Black Nobility ). Babylon is now London and Queen Elizabeth is seen by the Brotherhood as a symbolic successor to the legendary founder of Babylon, Queen Semiramis, who was symbolized as a ‘dove’. The Queen was also anointed with oil at their coronation, the ancient tradition Aryan and reptile-Aryan that goes back thousands of years. The word “Christ” means “anointed”.

The oil in the coronation of the Queen was the same mixture as used in the ancient Middle East. It was carried in a gold vessel called the Ampulla made in the form of …. a dove. This is symbolic of messeh fat used in Egypt by the Royal Court of the Dragon ( The Royal Court of the Dragon ). The anointing at the Coronation is supposed to elevate the monarch to the rank of High Priest, in this case, appropriately, High Priestess of the Church of England as both head of state.

While this was happening, the Archbishop of Canterbury said:

“As kings, priests, and prophets were anointed: and as Solomon was anointed by Zadok the priest and Nathan the prophet, so be thou anointed, blessed and consecrated Queen over the peoples that the Lord your God has given you to rule and govern ….

This is pure Brotherhood symbolism. The “Lord your God” means “gods” of the ancient world, the “gods” reptiles. The crown used in the ceremony dates back to the time of Edward the Confessor. He was the King of England who built the original Westminster Abbey in 1065 and then the current was started by the Templar controlled, Henry III. Edward died in 1066, the same year that William the Conqueror and his St Clair supporters invaded England and won the Battle of Hastings under instructions from the Black Nobility of Venice.

The Corona Crown is set with 12 jewels along with two depictions of the Maltese Cross which was one of the most prominent symbols of the Nazis. In the exodus created by Levitas hear of the Breastplate of Aaron which is set with 12 stones. The same stones, in the same order, published in the British Crown. The Archbishop placed his hands between those of the Queen to pay homage to the new head of his Church and kissed his right hand.

Then he said:

“The Lord Almighty …. establish your throne in righteousness, that can stay forever as the sun before him, and as a faithful witness in heaven.”

This is almost a repeat of the words used in God’s covenant with David in the Old Testament. The ‘Lord Almighty’ was formerly El Shaddai or Ishkur, the son of Marduk, who says he was the son of the scientist Anunnaki , Enki, the guy who, according to the Sumerian texts as translated by Zecharia Sitchin , was the created the human-Anunnaki hybrids with Ninkharsag. The Windsors are of a Black Nobility bloodline of the Brotherhood, and the Queen was crowned in the Brotherhood ceremony inside a Brotherhood temple.  

This will make sense of what you are about to read.

philip_naziWindsor blood

Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor, or Queen Elizabeth II, is, like all the royal families of Europe, is the bloodline of that pivotal figure in making Britain, William III, Prince of Orange, the man who ordered the creation of the Bank England. She is also related by blood to earlier Black Nobility invaders of the British Isles, like William the Conqueror. It is a descendant of Robert the Bruce, Kenneth MacAlpine, and the Kings of Scotland, and is related to the Irish Kings going back to the ancient coronation ceremonies at Tara.

The Queen Mother, formerly Lady Elizabeth (El-lizard-birth, El-lizard-birth) Bowes-Lyon, comes from a lineage seriously Brotherhood-reptilian, Scottish aristocratic family which connects with the Bruces, Stuarts, MacAlpin, and down through the Kings of Ireland.

His father was Claude George Bowes-Lyon, the 14th Earl of Strathmore, and his mother was Nina Celia Cavendish-Bentinck. The wealth and power of many of these lines owes much, sometimes all, to William of Orange and those who controlled him. It was William who made a Bentinck the first Earl of Portland in recognition of services rendered and the second Bentinck / Duke of Portland married into the Cavendish fortune to become the Cavendish-Bentinks, the line of the mother of the Queen Mother .

This makes the Windsors blood relatives of the Cavendish family, the Dukes of Devonshire of Chatsworth House. The title of Earl of Strathmore was given originally to the Queen Mother’s ancestor, Patrick Lyon, in recognition of his support for William of Orange. In short, the ancestors of the Windsors were fundamental in putting William of Orange of the Black Nobility on the British throne after which the Bank of England and the power of the City of London was firmly established.

The Queen Elizabeth (El-lizard-birth), through her Hanoverian ancestors, and others, carries the bloodline of the Black Nobility in Germany and all these strands, be they Irish, Scottish, German, Danish, Swedish, whatever, back via the Black Nobility Venetians through to the Phoenicians, Egyptians, toSumer, and reptiles .

The bloodlines are incredible and Prince Charles can trace three thousand lines of decent alone from Edward III (1312-1377), the monarch who formed the Brotherhood grouping the Order of the Garter ( Order of the Garter ). Nineteen presidents of the United States have also been related to Edward III and thus the line of Prince Charles. The Windsors even have a blood connection to that Brotherhood stooge, Mohammed, the official founder of Islam.

William of Orange, William III, died in 1702. He and his wife, Mary, left no heirs and so Mary’s sister, Anne, became queen. Anne was the last of the Stuart monarchs because although she had 17 children of her husband, George of Denmark, she survived them all. In 1714 the scene was set for the takeover of the British Crown by the German Black Nobility family, the Hanover.

They were closely related to the House of Hesse which would become the launching pad for the House of Rothschild. The first Hanoverian king was George I. I could not even speak English and refused to learn. He began life as minor German nobility, great-grandson of the infamous James I, and ended it as King of Britain. This guy kept his wife, Sophia, in jail for 32 years for his alleged adultery with the Swede, Philip von Konigsmark, who was never seen again and was rumored to be under the floorboards of George’s Hanover Palace.

George II became king in 1727 and died in 1760 while sitting on the toilet suffering from acute constipation. Yes died of shit-or rather the lack of them, and there can be many monarchs of you can say have literally died on the throne. His grandson became George III, whose reign spanned the American War of Independence and an enormous expansion of British power.

George IV and William IV followed before we come to Queen Victoria, who reigned as Queen of Great Britain and Queen-Empress of the Empire of 1837-1901. At that time the Empire British (reptilian) controlled 40 percent of the Earth’s land mass and more than a fifth of the population. It was the greatest empire the world had ever seen.

Victoria married Prince Albert of the German Black Nobility House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha and had nine children who married the other families (family) of Europe. Victoria has an image of being very prudish, but like the Rothschilds, Winston Churchill, and other apparent pillars of the establishment, was a frequent user of cocaine and heroin. Drug parties were held at the royal summer residence at Balmoral in Scotland. The first son of Victoria and Albert became Edward VII, a Grand Master of English Freemasonry, who reigned until 1910.

It was then, during the First World War, the name of the royal house was changed from the German Saxe-Coburg-Gotha to the House of Windsor. The German name, Battenberg, was also changed at the same time, 1917, the anglicized, Mountbatten. The only reason for this sudden change was public relations. The Germans and the British were slaughtering each other in the trenches of northern France at the time.

In 1936 came Edward VIII who abdicated to marry an American divorcee, Wallis Simpson, and was replaced by George VI, the father of Queen Elizabeth, and husband of Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, the Queen Mother.

George died in 1952 and his eldest daughter Queen Elizabeth II was crowned in Westminster Abbey in 1953. By then he had married an equal member of the Black Nobility, Prince Philip of Greece and Denmark, Baron Greenwich, Earl of Merioneth, Duke of Edinburgh. He was born in Corfu, the son of Prince Andrew of Greece and Princess Alice of Battenberg, the great granddaughter of Queen Victoria.

Philip a Battenberg, took the anglicized version of Mountbatten and, after his marriage to Elizabeth, the British Royal house became the House of Windsor-Mountbatten. Or rather it was Saxe-Coburg-Gotha-Battenberg. This arranged marriage was arranged by Lord Louis “Dickie” Mountbatten, uncle of Prince Philip. Philip is extremely well represented by Black Nobility genes (reptiles), a reason why he found so irritating having to walk behind his wife according to royal protocol.

The Queen is the great granddaughter of Queen Victoria and Philip is also related to Victoria through his mother. One thing to remember is that the “families” of European royal families not at all, are one family, offshoots of the same bloodline operating to the same Agenda. Some will do this more enthusiastically than others, of course, but this is basically how it works.

An example of this is the way Prince Philip’s clan became the royal family of Greece. After British Intelligence had organized a coup against King “Greek”, Otto I (a German!), And removed him from the Greek throne in 1862, selected to Prince William, the nephew of the Danish king, to become King of Greece. I know this sounds ridiculous, but for the Black Nobility this is like a multinational company covering its executive vacancies.

Prince William of the Danes became King George I of Greece. (No, you did not misread that.) William, sorry George, eh, eh, yes George, married a granddaughter of the Russian Tsar Nicholas I and Prince Philip is related to seven Tsars. Lineage has huge connections in Germany and also Norway, Denmark, Sweden, and most of the royal lines of Europe. One of his ancestors is Christian, Count of Oldenberg, who died in 1167, and, as I mentioned before one of the two people who founded the European dynasties of the Black Nobility.

Philip was in line for the Greek throne when, while still a child, another coup removed the Greek monarchy and the family fled to France where he began his education at a private school in Paris. In the years 1931 and 1932 the four older sisters married Philip German-Austrian aristocracy. Margarita married a grandson of Queen Victoria, the Czech-Austrian prince, Gottfried von Hohenlohe-Langenburg, Cecilia married a great grandson of Queen Victoria, Georg Donatus, Grand Duke of Hess-by-Rhine, the pair of Sophie was Prince Christoph of Hesse, and Theodora married Berthold, the Margrave of Baden.

Berthold’s father was Max von Baden, German Chancellor during the First World War. Max von Baden founded a school near Lake Constantine in Germany via his personal secretary, Kurt Hahn, who was trained at Oxford, the first training ground for new recruits for the Brotherhood.

Hahn was head of the Intelligence Bureau in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Berlin during the war and was the director of Max von Baden at the Versailles Peace Conference Rothschild controlled. He went to his school in Schloss Salem fascist that Prince Philip was sent to be “educated”. At that time was under the control of the Nazi Party and Hitler Youth, the “science” of Nazi race in the curriculum.

It had quite an impact on Philip as we shall see. Kurt Hahn had left before Philip arrived, but was not finished with the business of “education”. Hahn, a fascist to his core, went to Scotland and began Gordonstoun Academy, the school where Prince Charles was sent to be indoctrinated. Hahn the fascist also became an advisor to the British Foreign Office.

After four years in the Hahn German Nazi school, Philip was sent to Gordonstoun on November 16, 1937 when the approach to World War II accelerated. The British public school system, and its equivalent in the United States and elsewhere, are a vital part of the Brotherhood network. Is the field of recruitment and training designed to produce or psychopaths or mentally and emotionally broken people who have learned to do exactly as they are told.

You just need to talk to some of those who have experienced it to know what is mind control operation. There are support groups to counsel people who have been mentally and emotionally scarred for life by what happened. It is legalized child abuse. In Britain, children of the aristocracy and wealthy families (and lesser known) are taken home at the age of six and cast in her first school approach or “prep”.

‘Prep’ means preparation to be indoctrinated. I feel unloved and frightened when their parents escape, leaving them in a strange place among strangers. I repeat that these children have only six years. Can you imagine the effect of that on a small child?. From the formal living without prep school sweetheart go to public school.

Cameron borisEton and Harrow are the most famous and Prince William, the heir to the throne behind his father, Prince Charles, was sent to Eton. In these prep and public schools, children or conform to the rules, regulations and thought control or they incur the wrath of black suits, black men. The system of “toil” in which younger children are made slaves for seniors has encouraged the desire to dominate and control others and introduced youngsters to the ‘joys’ of inflicting pain and torture to others. A friend of mine who was determined not to be broken by the endless beatings he received from both teachers and older children, was forced to stay in ice-cold baths in an attempt to break his spirit.

It is from these schools, and the universities of Oxford and Cambridge, that the often deeply imbalanced people emerge who enter the positions of financial, political, military and real. The psychopaths among them give the orders and those of broken spirit do as they are told without question, as they have been trained to do.

tony_cherie_blairThe lack of female company encourages homosexual activity and many of these people find it very difficult to relate to women. I’m not condemning homosexuality, by the way, each on their own as they do not impose someone else. I’m just explaining what happens, that’s all. There are some strange situations in such schools that are designed to affect the minds of the children involved. Sexual abuse is definitely part of that.

Tony Blair, the Brotherhood chosen one who became British Prime Minister on 1 May 1997, attended public school called Fettes College in Edinburgh, Scotland, where one of his close friends was the school chaplain, the Very Reverend Ronald Selby Wright, a figure higher than the Church of Scotland. De Selby Wright was later revealed that he was a pederast persistent abusing children in Fettes and elsewhere. Blair, who is close to the Windsors, went to Oxford University and became a lawyer in the ancient Inns of Court at Temple Bar in London.

The public school system is horrific and schools such as Gordonstoun and Schloss Salem, which Philip attended, are at the extreme end even of that.

Prince Philip’s family was in favor of the Nazi Party and by 1935 Prince Christoph, the husband of his sister Sophie, was a colonel in the SS on Himmler’s staff and head Forschungsamt an Elite intelligence operation controlled by Hermann Goering . The Forschungsamt gathered intelligence on Jews and others whom the Nazis wished to destroy, worked with the Gestapo, and also spied on members of the Nazi Party itself.

It was they who carried out the famous Night of the Long Knives when Hitler removed his key opponents. Christoph and Sophie named their eldest son Karl Adolf, Adolf Hitler and Prince Philip would be involved in their education. Christoph’s brother, Philip of Hesse, was related to the King of Italy and was the official liaison between the fascists of Italy and Germany. At the same time, the British King, Edward VIII, was also a Nazi supporter and Philip maintained communications with him after his forced abdication in 1936.

The official reason for this was Edward’s relationship with the American divorcee, Wallis Simpson. After just 325 days Edward went into exile to the Rothschild mansion in Austria and later settled in Paris. The Paris home was bought by Edward Mohamed Al Fayed in the 1990s and Diana and Dodi Fayed visited the house in the day they died. One of the biggest supporters of Eduardo was the fascist pederast and Satanist Lord Louis Mountbatten, uncle of Prince Philip and Philip route to the British royal family.

Mountbatten was a great grandson of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert and was born at Windsor Castle in 1900. While Mountbatten (Battenberg) was apparently fighting on the British side during the war, was maintaining communications with his, and the Windsors, German clan via his sister Louise, the Crown Princess of Sweden and wife of King Gustav. Louise was Prince Philip’s aunt.

At the end of the war, in June 1945, the British king, George VI, the father of Queen Elizabeth and husband of the Queen Mother, sent the former MI5 officer, Anthony Blunt, to the Kronberg Castle of Philip’s sister, Sophie, and her Nazi husband Prince Christoph of Hesse, to recover correspondence between the British royal family and their relatives Nazis.

Blunt was the “Finder photographs of the Queen” and a world expert in the paintings of Poussin, the initiate who painted pictures called The Shepherds Of Arcadia which very much related to the mysteries of Rennes-le-Chateau . Blunt was exposed as a member of a unit of the “KGB” in British Intelligence along with Burgess, MacLean and Philby. The fifth man, who was never named, was Lord Victor Rothschild (see And The Truth Shall Set You Free). In fact it was a unit of the Brotherhood and, ultimately answerable to the KGB.

When Blunt was finally caught in 1980, Queen Elizabeth apparently demanded that not questioned on his clandestine mission to Kronberg Castle. Lord Mountbatten, this arch manipulator for the Black Nobility, held key positions at vital moments in history. He was Supreme Commander in South East Asia during the Second World War (where Prince Philip also served) was the last Viceroy of India and the Governor General for British withdrawal, and was First Sea Lord, the top of the marine British, while the British invasion of Suez in 1956.

Mountbatten was killed by an IRA bomb in Ireland in 1979, but as these terrorist groups subcontract ‘hits’ each other the true origin of the assassination can not be said for sure.

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I am posting this to point out that we should not be so quick to judge others that we know little about.  It is always best to do your due diligence through research and investigation when it comes to sharing personal information about people.  When we judge others actions and/or motives without knowing them personally, we run the risk of being judged by the same standard that we established to judge them.

Enjoy the dialog and make sure you learn more about the New Earth Project.  We are the change we desire and it’s not meant to be a cliche.


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Dave who would speak in ‘Light’,

You have spelled my name wrong – it is with a ‘C’ and not an ‘S’……

Your controversial and entirely inaccurate posting on me and aspects of my life’s work tiptoe very dangerously into false-light invasion of privacy. Should this prove out to cause harm or loss to me or any of the initiatives or organisations which I have founded then it will become a matter of law – and redress will likely be sought by our legal team, which, if you have done your homework you will know to be fairly robust. Please see this note to you as a courtesy to you from a fellow man – and also as a polite notice requesting that you stand down from pursuing libellous contentions which you may believe have no victim. I am a political activist and a human rights activist – and I have done this stuff for many years and to great effect in some cases – and with unmitigated failure in others. But what I have never done is chosen to stake my claim in the world by denigrating others, slandering them, demeaning their work or making it up as I go along.

In order of priority. Priority always being matters of the heart:

1) My Sister is a very fine sculptor – living in Portugal and has always had a penchant for mythology – mostly Graeco-Roman mythology. It is her preferred subject matter in fine art and sculpture – and her pieces are strikingly beautiful. She lives with her young daughter and a couple of dogs on a lovely landholding in the Algarve hills overlooking the ocean. Like you and I she has a heart and a soul – and is sensitive to other peoples sorrows and pain. She is one of my favourite people on earth.

2) Ciro Orsini is a famous Italian restauranteur and impresario in the film and music world. He is beloved by all those who come in to contact with him and a dear friend of mine over many many years. He is proud of his heraldry – coming as he does from a Napolitan lineage which claims two popes and a Prince of Naples. He is a non practicing Catholic – but retains his faith and is a great believer in the Almighty. Not Satan or Lucifer. This – despite his tendency to strike rock and roll poses for photographs which are dangerously akin to those occultist poses which many of the practising dark-hearts in the music business also strike. Something those of us who adore him find amusing. A kinder and more sympathetic man you are unlikely to meet. He is actually fairly well known in parts of Europe for his charitable works. If you publish your charitable works openly – I promise that I will personally ask Ciro Orsini to publicly notify you of his contributions directly.

3) As for the FUNDERS AND LOGOS – you got that bit all wrong. If you read the site you would learn that all of those are sub-organisations initiated by Humanitad. They were dreamed up by me – and I designed all of the logos personally. I did so in order to retrieve some of the symbols from the covert elites – and to effectively do so in plain sight. The NWO we named specifically with that acronym in order to put the New World Order folks on notice in a gentle but meaningful way. If you research the inordinate amount of work I have had to do working within the multilateral community and amongst governments – as well as travelling countless times around the world to build a global diplomatic network sufficient to pull of our grand creative vision with some real support and infrastructure – you might give a little more credit than you do. Nobody funded the organisation other than myself and a handful of people very close to me – and our organisation is entirely voluntary – check the records which are public record.

You then write:


Wrong again – and stepping dangerously close to the edge here. John is an amazing gent and a real trojan who happens to be expert in Constitutional Law – something we are very involved in. Why don’t you look into the way in which we have intervened in major human rights violations against a former Ukraine Prime Minister Tymoshenko and the leading Indonesian religious figure Anand Krishna? Its all out there – on the web! If you wish to do some real journalistic work or investigative work then do so – and do it properly. Because then you will learn that you are close to facing private prosecution for libel and slander.

Finally – I know more about the Jesuit Code, the Illuminati bloodlines, the Luciferian complex, the Babylonian Priesthood, Neo-Canaanite Ritualism and the shenanigans of shadow-governments and institutions than you can shake a stick at. I have written extensively on these subjects and published widely the State of the World Reports and other essays which shed LIGHT on these covert subjects for many years. Or is that part of the Jesuits diabolical plan as well?

How on earth do you find the time to spin this stuff around into its opposite? I understand that you imagine that that is how the ‘jesuits’ do it – by deploying the time tested strategy of helter-skelter and all of that – but please! plug in to your intuitive faculties and work out who is who and where the real fight is. Because chaps like you are throwing the game for the real warriors of light. Badly.

If you honestly wish to disengage from the serpent matrix and get into a space which truly invites yourself and all goodly folk to inherit the earth then go to and register. On the other hand one might choose to take a microchip in the arm from your local government healthcare professional and put in an application for food-stamps in the coming months and years.

I am NOT a public servant. I am NOT a publicly elected official – I am a common man who grew up in a war in Africa and then chose to put his life to the service of others whilst not compromising creative expression – fairly simple stuff.

If you wish to speak with me directly or email me directly – then do so. My contacts are published openly.

Peace be upon you,


Humanitad / New Earth

  • Thank You Sacha : First, I apologies for spelling your name incorrectly : Second, it would be highly appropriate we spoke of these issues and soon. My E-Clinic Skype addy keeps being removed : I am limited to chat messenger until the skype issue is more secured: I shall send you an email without delay: Thank you for your courteous contact and informative content. I am pleased to note that the micro-chip scenario is not an option. In Light Dave.

Sacha: This post has been suspended until further discussion : I have considered your points and due to your point number one : this article could be seen as over splendor. It is more important we defend those that are unnecessarily caught in cross fire: This is seen by me as pointless in the original observations of research in this article and I thank you for your direct approach and have responded as I see appropriate. In Light Dave: