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Celebrations of Manifestation Focus With-In… …For With-In Light Reveals All

Namaste Y’All, It’s been quite a while since I’ve set down to write a blog instead of just posting an article I’ve read.  There were many reasons for taking a break after a fantastic 2013 One Peoples Public Trust thrust, the “Let’s Pull Together Tour” (June/July) on my Warrior, the 5d Media Network OPAL Tour across parts of the US (visited in Texas) and then launching I-OPEEN (October) with Keimpe and Ron, which I shutdown in August 2014 for many reasons.  Changes nothing more than changes…. After the “Let’s Pull Together Tour”, I wrote a “Thank You” paragraph with the following inquiry:

The big question is: “Would I do it again?”  Yes, but not on a motorcycle.  Now I have to prepare the Beast for a Western states tour maybe?

I would have loved to gone out again in 2014, but it wasn’t meant to be.  I didn’t know how I would fix up my RV that I have owned since 2010.  I was living on $600 a month so there were no extra funds for repairs. Although the Beast did not have many miles on it, it was not ready to be driven across Fort Worth, let alone across the US. (Spring 2011 photo) 108When I dropped out of the system in 2011, I lived over 2 years in the Beast.  Almost every amenity quit functioning within that time frame.  One air conditioner died, and not long after the other AC bit the dust.  I took cold showers for about 6 months and slept in 107 degree temperatures during the summer.  20110105_35 Friends asked, how did I do it?  Well as with any situation One finds themselves in, you acclimate to your environment.  However there were many positive and life-changing occurrences during that time: I had the largest garden that summer I have ever had; I lost weight and got much healthier.  I had many good times during those lean years. I was privileged and blessed when I started dating Brenda, (my Soul Mate).  With meeting her and becoming One I Am together, I ended up having the time to be involved in 2013-2014 activities mentioned above with her encouragement and blessing. In July 2014, I realized I had left some of my energy on the table with the IRS.  I had not filed income taxes since 2010 and in that year alone, over $14,000 was taken from my checks by the PRIVATE CORPORATE criminals.  I hate doing taxes, but I gathered all of my records and quickly filed 2010-1013.  There was the money I had been looking for to fix the Beast. WP_20150504_011I started working in September 2014, with the purchase of two new air conditioner/ heat-pump roof units.  It took about a month to remove the old units and install the new ones because of the extremely cold weather we had at that time.  I purchased and installed a 60-watt solar panel to maintain my batteries when I first moved the Beast to a storage lot in 2013.  I also removed and replaced all of the vents on the roof and also fixed the leak I had on the back end since 2010.  I just finished the roof last Friday. WP_20150504_005

I had a motorcycle rack added back in early March.  I spent 3 and a half days taping up the Beast and painted the exterior trim and over the original pinstripes on the bottom section.  I still have the top section to finish painting black and hope to finish in the next 2 weeks. WP_20150504_002 I spent a month in League City, TX with my son at his shop, JCKustomz, LLC during April.  I worked 12-14 hours per day for 4 weeks.  I took one day off during that time.  The work performed included:

  • Removed all of the windows, cleaned and sanded, painted exterior black, replaced with new putty and resealed them
  • Rewired and replaced the running lights with smaller LED units
  • Painted the wheels
  • Replaced windshield wiper motor
  • Replaced steering stabilizer
  • Replaced all shocks
  • Rebuilt 4-barrel carburetor (by expert neighbor)
  • Installed K&N filters for better air flow
  • Removed, cleaned and fixed original window shades
  • Wallpapered the interior


  • Installed faux (tin-looking) ceiling tiles
  • Removed interior front dash trim, cleaned, painted and reinstalled
  • Removed stove exhaust hood, cleaned, painted and reinstalled
  • Removed the microwave and built a storage cabinet for pots & pans
  • Applied carbon-fiber looking vinyl on refrigerator and other areas
  • Installed back-up camera, back-up lights and some additional signal lights
  • Installed central vacuum system (Redneck ingenuity with a wet/dry vac)

V__074E My son, Jonah, completed the following:

  • Replaced the dash with new vinyl (woven leather look) on the dash
  • Modified the original curtains (a blending of old and new)
  • Installed sound-system
  • Installed new driving area carpet

WP_20150505_001 WP_20150326_006 And with all of that work completed, I still have much to do before we hit the road on May 30.  And that is the reason for this blog today, which is to officially announce to the world a new tour with the theme:

“Manifesting Common-Unity in Your Comm-Unity”

Unlike the “Let’s Pull Together” Tour, I am not requesting any financial support from any One.  The only support I Am looking for is:

A quiet country place to park the Beast Sustenance for the Beast is easy (Plug it in to 110V source) A donation of $10/day will be given for this kindness

So if you have some property in the country and will allow us to park for a day or two or three, we would greatly appreciate it and would love to meet you and your family.  I know many that participated in the “Let’s Pull Together” Tour have asked when I would make another trip.  I would love to see any of you again and will pay you for the little bit of electric we will use.  The RV is mostly a 12 volt system, so plugged-in 115V electrical usage is usually less than $50/month when parked and plugged it. Our first stop upon leaving Fort Worth will be in Athens, TX for a few days with a Facebook friend. I do have a goal of being in Maryland by July 1 for a 4th  of July celebration with family and friends.  Therefore, if you are interested in hosting us for a couple days, please send  an email at:

We’ll be heading northeast after leaving east Texas and my first instinct is to head towards  Memphis, TN for a a couple days.  I Am hoping Jason Hall still leaves out in the country north of the city, because I would love to see him and his family as well as have hooking up with Bill Moore again.  What do you say guys?  Can you put up with me for a couple day again?  Contact me if you can participate.

Timing of this event – Flexibility in every moment of Now Thrust – “Manifesting Common-Unity in Your Comm-Unity”

I plan on going north to Maine and then head back down to Niagara Falls, NY and across possibly Canada.

Again, if you are interested in hosting us for a couple days, please send  an email with name, address, phone number to:

Looking forward to hearing from some of you and pray that every meeting will be ordained by the Great Spirit.

If you are wondering why I call my RV the Beast, well I’ll share that with you now:

In 2006 when I was going through a separation and other life changes, I had a buddy that was going through the same thing with his family.  His wife was “very religious” and attended a cult church with a very domineering and controlling pastor (especially with the women).  I had just left the church myself and had made the decision based on bad advice from associate pastors, that I would listen to no One else except my own heart for answers.

I met my buddy’s wife one day after we had been friends for months.  It was a short five minute meeting and I had mentioned how a husband and wife should honor and uplift One another.  Well as soon as I walked away, she looked over at my buddy and said, “Of all your friends that I’ve met, Angel has the blackest heart of All!”

Well my buddy started calling me, “Captain Blackheart”.

When I got the RV in 2010, I started calling it “The Beast!”  My reason was (in my best pirate voice):

Aye Mates, where else would Captain Blackheart live, but in the Belly of the Beast!


Angel Lucci Streets of Love – unconventional

The first stop of the One People – “Lets Pull Together” Tour in Memphis was a perfect confirmation of what happens when like minded lights come together. Two weeks notice and both myself and Jason were out of town the week prior, which left us almost unable to plan anything. I got over the idea of needing a space pretty quickly and Angel never had any expectations to begin with. It seemed he was happy to meet us and have decent accommodations.


Jason and Bill at the Madison

Angel brought perfect weather to Memphis and we created more of the same for the next couple days. The week before it was in the mid to high nineties the entire week and humid. The first day, skies were clear blue with little humidity and 92 degrees. The next day we had perfectly clear skies, puffy clouds and an unseasonably mild 89 degree temperature putting us in heaven and smiles on our faces.


Angel and Bill on the Rooftop

The weekend was no different than old friends getting together going out and seeing the sights. The only difference was people were saying hi to us everywhere we went so it was really easy to tell them about the trust that they are apart of and hand them a business card size reference for further research. It’s really empowering telling people that the corruption at the highest levels has been documented addressed and remedied.


We met, shared stories and laughed with a great many people in 48 hours. We basically went out on the town and shared smiles and information everywhere we went. The Madison Hotel rooftop we were at for awhile offered great views but we got warm In the sun and didn’t feel like waiting until sunset to move on.

The next day Jason and his wife Rachel met Angel and I at a small farmers market in midtown. We passed out foreclosure flyers and business cards. We basically lit the place up another notch and after we were about done the guy we first gave a flyer to decided to tell us that we can’t pass those out there. We didn’t want it back so we made him keep it.


Bill, Rachel, Jason and Angel

We decided to go to the downtown farmers market after that which is much larger and also has musical entertainment as well. In this case a sultry, seductive and perhaps a bit sassy and oh so smooth bluesy, beautifully dressed female vocalist with an electic guitar to accompanying her.  Did I mention she had a really sweet voice too? We ran out of flyers and cards pretty quick at this venue but enjoyed our time there as the sights, sounds and smells did not disappoint and neither did the receptive people we shared with.

We shared the evening with my best friend and his wife over some spicy Jamaican fusion food. They took to Angel pretty quickly and we headed back to my place for more laughs on the deck as the local hot spots were so crowded we couldn’t even find a place to park. It was a whirlwind weekend that felt like home.


Amy, Glenn and Angel

Connections were made, energies shared and spirits soared. What more can we ask for? What a great way to kick off The Lets Pull Together Tour.


Thank you Bill for taking the time to share the experience that we all shared in Memphis!


7/16/2013 UPDATE:

The One People – “Let’s Pull Together” Tour.  I Am Home… I left from Ostrander, OH at 1:45 AM and rode straight through 1150 miles to Fort Worth in 18.5 hours.  I Am glad to Be home!  I traveled a total of 4,354 miles and only visited 11 states and 9 cities (11 meetings).  I passed out over 600 cards to different people along the road letting them know about OPPT and to “Do the research!”

If any One wonders what happened and why didn’t I finish out the tour.  Well, “What we have here is failure to communicate” moment.  It was meant to be as it all come together.  I only had two stops left and the distance between them prohibited me from heading up north to Minneapolis from Columbus, OH and then all the way back down to Kansas and then Fort Worth.  Also, I was ready to go home!  I contacted the other two stops and headed south. 1,150 miles later and 18.5 hours.

I want to thank every One of you that donated to the One People – “Let’s Pull Together” Tour.  Not only the financial donations, but hosting the meeting, coordinating the gatherings, providing meals, driving me places and riding together, and introducing me to so many awesome people.  The big question is: “Would I do it again?”  Yes, but not on a motorcycle.  Now I have to prepare the Beast for a Western states tour maybe?

Thank You All for a wonderful time!

  • (B) June 28/29 –  Memphis, TN with Bill Moore & Jason Hall (9 hours 500+ miles)
          Excellent time in Memphis!   A great success and one that generated
    enough energy to carry through this entire tour!
    (Click to read Bill’s article of the event)
  • (C) June 30 – Richmond, KY with Sheri Gordon (9 hours 500+ miles)
          A beautiful event, challenging, yet satisfying!  Another gracious host and Sheri’s Coming Out-Energetically Party to the Ones we Love the most… Sheri made a connection with Bob Wright and she will be driving to attend the July 10 event in Wilkes-Barre.
    (Click to read summary of meetings from KY, NC, MD)
  • (D) July 1 – Holly Springs, NC with Kelly Killian Sutton (10 hours 600+ miles)
          We had a wonderful time sharing among one another.  It was again a very good energetic event. We listened to The One People Show and discussed with excitement the probabilities of accessing our value.
  • (E) July 2 – Baltimore, MD with Dan Witt (6 hours – 275 miles)
         Dan Witt went the full mile!  Twelve of us came together at a public pub to change the energetics of Baltimore and the whole state of Maryland.  This event will be spoken of and shared by those involved in the many moments of Now! (Click to read summary of meetings from KY, NC, MD)
  • (F) July 7 – New York City, NY with Grant Williams and Prince Arthur Taylor (4+ hours – 175)
          Grant Williams pulled together 7 wonderful people and Isa opened up her home in West Greenwich Village, Manhattan for this event.  I feel that much energy was anticipated and manifested during the hours spent together in sharing the changes that are coming onto our blue planet.  New York City will be a different place when this crew is set loose.
    (Click to read the article about NYC and Mahopac Falls)
  • (G) July 8/9 – Mahopac Falls, NY with Bobby Peck
          Bobby Peck and I put 150 miles plus on our bikes on July 8th. It was an enjoyable time as we traveled out into the beautiful scenic landscape of the Mahopac Falls area.  The July 9th meeting went well with a complete group of guys that are awake and aware.  They are also doing their “due diligence” on OPPT also.  All of the guys except one were master martial artists.  Coincident? (Click to read the article about NYC and Mahopac Falls)
  • (H) July 10 – Wilkes-Barre, PA with Bob Wright – R&R Stop
    I had a great time visiting with Bob and his extended family, Eneida and her husband, John, Bobby Peck, Sheri Gordon and others.  Bob has a heart of gold and I met many people.  The tour must have taken its toll on my body because as soon as I set down, my eye lids became very heavy and I have must looked like a bobble head doll!  I ended up early in the evening falling asleep in the lounge chair and eventually went to bed.
  • (I) July 11 – Butler, PA with Mary Andreassi
    An excellent meeting in Butler with Mary, Caroline Tibbetts, and many others who showed up.  Mary and some others are coming tonight to Pittsburgh, so if you are close to the east side of the city by Carnegie Mellon University, contact Caroline for directions.  
  • (J) July 12 – Pittsburgh, PA with Caroline Tibbetts
          Caroline Tibbetts, and many others who showed up to this meeting at Carolyn’s beautiful 1920’s town-home in Squirrel Hill.  We had a great presentation, lively discussing and met the most interesting people.  One woman had worked at the UN for years and had a many personal stories regarding the corrupt government system.  Overall, many were challenged to be the change they desire to see. 
  • (K) July 13 – Ostrander, OH with Kathy Kelly
          Kathy and I had a time of relaxation and fellowship!  This girl lives in paradise in a beautiful home provided by the universe through I-U/V exchange.  It does work… Ask Kathy! I stayed two nights with Kathy after leaving Pittsburgh.  Frank, the elderly gentleman she cares for, opened his home to me and he was a real hoot!  We had a great time. 


Lets Pull Together Route

The Route is set and no more changes at this point… Thank you every One of you who are hosting or planning on attending The One People – “Let’s Pull Together” Tour!  I’m taking off Friday morning for Memphis.

If you have any questions about a meeting, please contact the Hosts by email to get directions.  As the location is set, I’ll be posting it on the schedule above.

Helmet States


Thank You Rob Crabtree for Your Support
on The One People – “Let’s Pull Together” Tour




If you want to attend a meeting along my route, contact the host on the bullet-list above.

AI am also available to talk to the Sheriffs or Police Department in your area during business hours, in order to educate them as to the changes made by the One People’s Public Trust UCC Filings and their liability under the new lawful landscape.


Success Sourcesbt


I will be presenting the OPPT1776 Presentation during the meetings.  The audience should range from  those people that have no knowledge to minimal knowledge as well as those who have been following for some time and they want to know more.


I’m expecting a 2-3 hour session which includes a Questions-and-Answers period where more in-depth discussion can take place.


I am asking for contributions now from any One who desires to help with this The One People – “Let’s Pull Together” Tour.  I will use any donations received for the tour which includes preparing the bike for the trip (oil change) and I’ll probably need a maintenance or a tire somewhere along the route since I’ll be traveling  over 4,300 miles.  I will definitely pay it forward, as led, if I receive more money than needed for the trip.

I have received a $450 total donation so far.  I could surely use  little more but this is a great start.

Any amount is gratefully received and will be used for the Tour.  I’m estimating I’ll need $40-50 per day to do this The One People – “Let’s Pull Together” Tour.  I’ve not had a “real job” in 2 years.  I’m doing this only through the donations from the One People.  Thank You All for any energy you apply to this tour.  I want to see every One and know this tour will be a game-changer for All of Us!

I am accepting contributions through PayPal using my email address ( at this time.  I will also be using the I-UV exchange once it is activated and accessible.  Any amount contributed is lovingly and gratefully received and I thank you for helping me spread the news of the One People’s Public Trust.

I am hoping and praying that you’ll desire to be a part of this The One People – “Let’s Pull Together” Tour!

Let’s BE the change we desire to see in the world!

Thank You for your help…