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My Accessing Value Story

 About 12 weeks ago, I was living in California and being evicted. I did not have a job or any money. I was living day to day because my Son, who was a Navy Corpsman at the time would moneygram me what I needed to keep the utilities on. I was also living next door to some very dense energy people who were messing with me and the property on a daily basis.

I know that I am eternal essence absent limits and I am capable of manifesting as Creator. So, I got my game face on, stood in my power and intended an energetic, rather than  monetary exchange for housing. I spend a lot of time in the Removing The Shackles Skype room and was sharing my dilemma with my Soul Family there.

I got a personal message from a Sister, she told me that she had a place in Ohio, that she and her roomate were looking for a heart connection. I was told there was a beautiful home on a large piece of property, room and board was included in exchange for being a live in caregiver/companion to an 80 year old angel with second stage Alzheimers. I asked for the address and google mapped it. What I saw took my breath away. The universe had responded to my intention within 48 hours.

The next thing I had to accomplish was transportation. I owned a Honda Accord and also have 3 amazing 4 legged Canine kids. Making the 2400 mile journey in the Honda was out of the question. I looked into U-haul, but was totally against transporting them in the cargo hold and the cab was not large enough. I decided to trade my Honda for an SUV. I was enroute to Los Angeles to trade for a Nissan Pathfinder. I seized the motor on the 5 Freeway. It took me all night to secure a ride from the San Fernando Valley 100 miles North back to Bakersfield.

Talk about stuck! Eeeegads!!!!! I started pondering my situation and looking around for items I had of value. I had an 18k gold solitaire diamond ring I had paid 295.00 for on eBay 2 years ago and a 32″ LCD TV with a stand. Once again, I stood in my power as a Creator BEing and stated my intention to trade these things for an SUV. Next stop, Craigslist. It took 2 weeks to find someone willing to trade, but I found one. I traded for a 1997 Ford Explorer XLT with only 120,000 miles. Turns out that the truck was 40,000 miles under mileage for the year.

I packed my mutts and…

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Make sure you read the rest of Kathy’s story by clicking the link above.  In addition to these blessings of intent, Kathy has time to host a meeting of The One People – “Let’s Pull Together” Tour on her fantastic property:

July 13 – Ostrander, OH (Kathy Kelly )
      CONTACT: Kathy<> for time and location

Send her an email if you’d like to make that meeting!  Check out the details and the cities I will be visiting!  I Am excited and leaving Friday morning June 28! Looking forward to meeting every One that is participating!