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This is email received from Stacy, Patrick Cody Morgan’s sister who has been keeping us updated on Cody’s illegal incarceration.

Yesterday, in a travesty of justice, Cody was sentenced to 27 years in prison for a crime he DID NOT COMMIT!!!! The Pope, Queen and others got 25 years for GENOCIDE!!! What is wrong with this picture?? My family is devastated – they do not know about you, WONDERFUL people. They don’t have the hope that I do that this wrong will be righted. Cody is on his way to a FEDERAL facility today, where, we have no idea. I hope and pray we hear from him soon. We will get the transcript in a day or so of yesterday’s proceedings. They kept cutting off his mike and we know the recording, so we don’t know if EVERYTHING that was said by either the judge or Cody is completely on the transcript. Cody was so eloquent and the judge was flustered because Cody called him on so many things. Previously, in his trial, he would not even sit in the Defendant’s chair as he said, he was not consenting to being the defendant, as they had NO jurisdiction over a “living man”. He never really defended himself at trial. When the judge mentioned this, yesterday, Cody said, “I was NOT going to defend myself against fabricated fraud and lies. That was what the jury was presiding over. I let my paperwork stand as my defense. I filed my Affidavit of Facts and backed it up with a Bond. YOU have NEVER refuted ONE of my facts, you were defaulted out and you, still have never rebutted anything. I find that very curious.”

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Published on Feb 5, 2013

The following clip was recorded live on 3 February 2013 during Freedom Central’s live weekly broadcast on Finding Voices Radio.

Freedom Central was delighted to speak to Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf and Angel Lucci, about the One Peoples’ Public Trust, and what it potentially means for the freedom of humanity.

Following on from the disclosure of the One Peoples’ Public Trust, over the last month or so, Freedom Central explores the potential for possibly the biggest break we as humanity have had in our battle for freedom.

“This is either the biggest hoax of our time, or the biggest break humanity has ever had”

Mel V – Freedom Central

“From the old paradigm banking position, right now, the People’s Trust and the One People, All Equally, have the only valid, lawful, legal commercial paper worth anything on the Planet! And as far as what’s backing it, truly what’s backing it is Prime Value, but as of right now, all the gold, silver and precious metals is backing it!”

— Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf,
Trustee, One People’s Public Trust 1776

It was a great show, if I must say so myself… I’m such an Anarchist!

Angel Lucci