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Journey to Morocco – Part 1

Posted on 21. May, 2013 by Lisa M. Harrison in Lisa’s Blog, Posts…

As I write this it is the 15th May 2013, just passed midday. I am on a train bound for Sydney International Airport where I will meet up with Vera Payne and Mark Hoza, together we will begin over 30 hours of travel to arrive in Tanger, Morocco.

Don’t ask me why because I don’t really know.

Don’t ask me what I plan to do there because I don’t really know that either…

The only thing I am certain of is that I MUST spend more than 1 day on 3 different planes to travel ½ way around the world to meet up with a group of people I only know online (with the exception of Vera) so we can venture into the Sahara Desert and do GOD KNOWS WHAT ????

That I know….. that and how ridiculous it all sounds now that I am writing it down….. but it gets better, or crazier, depending on your perspective.

As I sit on this train it feels like I am on my way to the final act of a play that I have been cast in for eons. The curtain is finally poised to close (but it’s just a feeling) and I have no idea what comes next. Is there a curtain call, I hope not. I am ready to go straight to the after party, raise a toast and read the glowing reviews on humanities stellar performance in the play called “DUALITY”, “A tragicomedy of unheard of scope and ambition….”

Although it feels like eons have led to these NOW moments, it has only been 5 short months since my inner and outer worlds got turned upside down. December 26 2012 to be exact. That is the day The One People’s Public Trust (OPPT) went public and changed everything for all of us.

I spent the next few days reading the UCC documents filed by the OPPT and listening to an interview conducted by Brian Kelly for the americankabuki website, with Heather Anne Tucci-Jarraf, one of the trustees of OPPT.

There was something about this woman’s voice, I couldn’t put my finger on it but I knew that I knew her voice. She had a magnetic quality, she exuded truth, at least for me, a truth and a familiarity.

I had spent my life up to that point looking for answers to questions I just seemed to have been born with. When I was young I thought I was strange because mostly what I saw, was all the things that seemed wrong with the world. I never understood why the world is the way it is and I have spent the last 20+ years actively researching to understand it on many levels, spiritually, legally, economically, culturally, historically etc.

I have spent last few years in particular talking with people, researching, questioning both externally and internally, much of it very publicly, in an attempt to understand the problems, find solutions, and prepare for a transformation that I believed deeply was coming…

But it never looks the way one thinks it will, the universe always manages to surprise me.

Before the end of 2012 I was talking with Heather directly and through her connected with D (, American Kabuki ( and Brian Kelly ( and that’s when things really got weird..

I spontaneously began to lucid dream. I was spending night after night with these guys in various scenes, mostly ‘intense negotiation’ scenarios with Military, Government, Divine, Galactic and Angelic beings. The intensity of these meetings had me waking in a sweat and/or arguing in my sleep.

It was not long before speaking with this small group became a daily occurrence as we debriefed on our nighttime activities. My connection to and feelings for these ‘strangers’ made no logical sense but it could not be denied.

Now here I am, just a few short months later on my way to Morocco to meet up with them all in person just because we feel compelled to do so. To do a job that we don’t all consciously understand all the pieces of yet, just that it is connected with the FINALE.

Of course there have been many times when I have questioned ALL of this over the last few months, particularly this trip. I am not a great passenger on any form of transport, prefer to be in the driving seat. Flying would have to be my least favourite. 2 hours before I left the house I had a call from Julien Wells, one which I was very happy to receive. He said I had come into his consciousness on the way to work that morning and he saw that I was surrounded by Angels, somewhere between 12 and 20. He said I was so protected right now it was as if I am wearing Angelic Armour. I could not get shot, harmed or even arrested at this point. They were both protecting me as well as supporting me in the DO’ing I am about to do. This triggered the memory of an event that had happened the day before,. I was outside cleaning a backpack to bring with me when suddenly a black form appeared in front of me, as if someone wearing black had instantly manifested about 2 feet away from me. I jumped back and just as quickly it was gone. I brushed it off and went about the rest of my packing. On hearing this Julien had an aha moment and explained that my visitor was one of the ‘men in black’, I had attracted their attention and they were scoping me out. That is what triggered my angelic assistance, he also added that the angels are with me to stay for the time being. I said ‘you have no idea how much I needed to hear this right now considering I am about to get on several planes and go to Morocco”. The surprise for me was that he had no idea I was going at all let alone that day.

Sydney Airport – May 15, 2013
Sydney Airport May 15 2013

Here I am (left) with traveling pals,

Vera Payne and Mark Hoza.

I won’t bore you with the details of the trip because thanks to my angelic entourage it was completely smooth and uneventful..

We landed in Morocco at 3:30pm Thursday local time and there was Heather waiting for us with a big, warm beautiful smile of welcome. And so it begins…….


Be sure to go to Lisa’s site by clicking the graphic below. May every thing their hands touch bring much prosperity to every One on the Planet!



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Universal Public Service Announcement

— by Cindy Kay Currier, Spokesperson for the Peoples’ Common Law Court


The document being read can be found on We Rise Together.  Click the graphic above.


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Top Secret News YouTube Channel

Published on May 9, 2013

The secrets you’re about to discover have been hidden from mankind for centuries for a perfectly good REASON
Take a look at this!

Aspartam…. The Truth is Here, not out there

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One question that stood out about the Powers That Were:

How powerful are the Bildebergers and the group above them make these plans for genocide?

Not as powerful as, We the People…

                                 …They don’t want us to know We have that Power!


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Chase Binnie YouTube Channel

Published on May 6, 2013

CapitalOne Bank manager decides to post the Foreclosure Flyer in the employee break room at the bank.

I had to post this guy!  He cracks me up and his laugh is fantastic and full of excitement!



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This is an excerpt from a Skype room conversation this morning May 2, 2013

[8:05:26 AM] Heather: In response to Francesca’s message (or whomever was making the legal/lawful/commercial opinion) that the OPPT filings are/were inapplicable to the Italy Corp (Berlusconi has had a very hard time of it :*)…. the opinion stated below is opinion and it is INCORRECT (if you read all the filings from 2000043135 and all amendments thereunder you do know)…as we have always stated, any one could do a duly verified declaration of rebuttal to the DECLARATION OF FACTS, to each point, point by point, with specificity and particularity….which no one to this day has done…. ;) (heart)

Here is Francesca’s (or another’s ?) opinion regarding Italy for absolute reference:
we have a problem serious one. some one tell the ucc filling are not valid for italy, and not valid at all like oppt have use it.

Quoting from: “ [8:30 AM] francesca_c: Il documento cardine di tutta la diatriba é l’UCC-1 fiancing statement. Ecco a cosa serve: “Una UCC-1 financing statement (abbreviazione di Uniform Commercial Code -1) è una forma giuridica attraverso la quale un creditore comunica che ha o può avere un interesse in una proprietà personale di un debitore (una persona che ha un debito verso il creditore come tipicamente specificato nel contratto di creazione del debito). Questo modulo è depositato al fine di “perfezionare” l’”interesse di sicurezza” di un creditore (un atto che da priorità e garanzia sulla possibilità di riscuotere un debito nel caso il debitore non assolva al suo impegno di pagamento), dando avviso pubblico che egli reclama il diritto di prendere possesso di e vendere alcuni beni per il rimborso di un debito specifico e che su questa vendita egli ha priorità. Tali avvisi di vendita si trovano spesso nei giornali locali. Una volta che il modulo è stato depositato, il creditore stabilisce una priorità rispetto ad altri creditori del debitore. Questo processo è chiamato anche “perfezionamento dell’interesse di sicurezza” nella proprietà – cite_note-3 … I diritti del creditore nei confronti del debitore … si basano sui documenti di credito …, e non UCC-1 financing statement. [Nota di Redazione: questo documento non da alcun diritto sul bene reclamato, tale diritto va dimostrato documenti alla mano]
Buona giornata!!!! Baci…H

[8:12:42 AM] Heather: Francesca, we did them absolutely right…I will not redo or alter them….


perhaps identifying and making transparent the source who stated that they were not applicable or correct may help you and the others identify if there is an agenda or incompetence (whether by circumstance or intentional design)….if they were incorrect…I would either be dead, in jail, or disappeared well before now…

they are not incorrect and we made them transparent so that all “the attorney’s of the universe” could have the opportunity to do a DECLARATION OF REBUTTAL as stated above…absolute gratitude, love and peace to you Francesca. (heart)

[8:13:04 AM] Heather: In boca al luppo, cara mia!

[8:17:16 AM] Oliver T: What if there are non of these? “Always seek the advice of educated, reputable and honorable scholars of law first, before any action involving the law.””

[8:17:20 AM] Heather: we have moved way past the well-worn opinion of “UCC is not applicable in….the OPPT filings are not done right….etc.”….IT IS DONE…
and all has moved on. Correct Diane and Oliver

[8:17:50 AM] terra.e.: Yay, Heather! You got that right! They always remove what is in their way – and you are still here and intend to be for some 1000+ years, right? And in our 30s for that matter….. JOY (sun)

[8:19:56 AM] Heather: Quoting from: “ [8:17 AM] Oliver T: “Always seek the advice of educated, reputable and honorable scholars of law first, before any action involving the law.”
Heather: “Oliver….I always was asked “do you know any honest attorneys?” An oxymoron to some degree, yes…however, it is more a matter of incompetency by design…the design of the principals & co of the former slavery systems…attorneys are compromised the moment they become an attorney, but they don’t know that…those that do, well….they make a choice…same as I had to make….

[8:21:19 AM] Heather: Quoting from: “ [8:17 AM] terra.e: and you are still here and intend to be for some 1000+ years, right?
Heather: in this energetic pattern…just around 6,000 years ;) …then I will choose what to DO next (heart)

[8:21:57 AM] terra.e.: Lol! You got it, siSTAR (heart)

[8:25:41 AM] Heather: Quoting from: “ [8:20 AM] terra.e: I bet all these paid esquires are sweating reading the filings, as there is not much they can do…..
Heather: to say they are not valid is ALL they can muster and keep pushing the old as long as it goes (wave)those who know, are really excited to BE free…those who are agenda, are not happy and scared…
those who are spouting out of their mouth, but not putting their full responsibility/liability behind it (rebuttal) are just schilling and hoping for the reward (absent guarantee) that they were promised if they pushed the “opinion”…and there are those who just don’t care as long as their pay checks are cashing in…and those are starting to be chipped away at as of 2011…
SOOOOOOO if they don’t know, they sense, if they don’t sense, they DO know shortly…I send them absolute love, peace and gratitude absent limit (heart)

[8:27:43 AM] terra.e.: Heather, tell us what else is new…..

[8:51:20 AM] AOn Gaia: hello Heather, that was not a question asked by Francesca, that’s done by a lawyer who has targeted us. And is willing to take legal action against the site manager (that’s me) as long as the information we provide to him to his questions.

The main question is this: After depositing the document 200043135 in which you do not declare the debtor, as required, they sell deposited others (Amendment) where the debtor is fictitious. According to him, this is why no one has been able to answer.

[8:51:33 AM] francesca_c: can be an agenda… is political involved

[8:55:24 AM] AOn Gaia: he assumes that the principal document is the l’UCC-1 Financing Statement, where no debtor is mentioned

[8:58:31 AM] Heather: Quoting from: “ [8:51 AM] AOn Gaia: hello Heather, that was not a question asked by Francesca, that’s done by a lawyer who has targeted us.
Heather: thank you for clarifying and confirming where I knew it was coming from And is willing to take legal action against the site manager (that’s me)take legal action AGAINST you? or work with you? Please clarify for me…

[8:59:42 AM] AOn Gaia: yes against me

[9:00:40 AM] Heather: Quoting from: “ [8:51 AM] AOn Gaia: as long as the information we provide to him to his questions.
Heather: his questions or the one he works for? who does he work for? firm, private individual? that will tell you a lot….
After depositing the document 200043135 in which you do not declare the debtor, ncorrect…it is all recorded in the perpetuity filing that is Doc No. 2000043135.

[9:00:58 AM] AOn Gaia: I’m talking with him, I think he just needs to be assured that all the operation was legal asking that questions. Otherwise he feells in right to take care of people attacking us

[9:01:58 AM] AOn Gaia: this is his quote:

“No one can answer UCC documents simply because the main document, the UCC-1 Financing Statement does not explicitly state who is the debtor, and because the amendments declare fictitious debtors. No one will ever nobody available. But it is not over here. The dichiarzione UCC-1 provides only a “right of priority” in the case in which the property dimostrarre than reclamanto. Property, of course, must be documented. These documents are missing. Finally, it is not true that these documents “were raised to the law” are simply the public declaration that someone does have unpreciso receivables from the debtor, so that the name of the debtor is required. BUT they have no legal value other than to indicate the priority of liquidation in bankruptcy and provided always that the property is demonstrated.”

[9:04:53 AM] AOn Gaia: Heather he is just an Individual Lawyer saying that he acts for freedom purpose and anti scam But I know he has political connection

[9:05:07 AM] Heather: Quoting from: “ [8:51 AM] AOn Gaia: they sell deposited others (Amendment) where the debtor is fictitious.
Heather: I do not know what he is meaning to say here….please have him clarify…because all the filings have EVERY THING from the original perpetuity filing to every last amendment.

According to him, this is why no one has been able to answer.If that is his opinion then perhaps it would be wise for him to seek legal counsel that is well-trained and versed in the matters at hand before he attempts to do any kind of formal rebuttal…because that would be with his full responsibilty and liability…

I am loving and grace-filled, but any official rebuttal is with his full responsibility and liability…as we are fully responsible and liable for the DECLARATION OF FACTS and everything we DO. (heart)

Continue reading at:

[9:06:31 AM] AOn Gaia: Thank You heather We’ll use theese informations to taking care of him





The Absolute-Data-Exchange is a site where you can source documentation, contact addresses, and guidance, to help you make a clear statement to the Powers-that-Were, telling them that their day is over, and we – the people – are taking back our freedom, our value, and our sanity.

Our CRM is a highly advanced database driven portal giving you the opportunity to select OPPT documentation and send it directly to organisations (including alleged government departments and institutions) helping to educate the good people who are still working for the old system.

We are BEings, and we are all eternal essence, so it is up to us to “play-nice” and educate our brothers and sisters who have not yet been informed about the new legal and social landscape. By sending courtesy notices and information about the UCC (Uniform Commercial Code) filings you can make a real and tangible difference, paving the way to a new world, with new rules, new opportunities, and a brighter future.

Join together, our strength is in numbers, and only the creator (whatever you believe that to be) has any rights over us.

With honour, love, and unity.

The Absolute-Data-Exchange Crew


All I can say is go check it out!


I recently watched The Hobbit on DVD.  The conversation of the following scene caused me to pause the movie.  I grabbed a pencil and paper and have documented it here:

Scene: Galandriel and Gandalf were on the veranda after the Dwarfs had left Rivendell.


Galandriel: Why the halflin?

Gandalf: Saruman believes that it is only power that can hold evil in check. But that is not what I found.

I  found that it is the small things, every day deeds of ordinary folks that keeps the darkness at bay.  Simple acts of kindness and Love.

Galandriel: Why Bilbo Baggins?

Gandalf: Perhaps it is because I’m afraid and it gives me courage.



It reminds me of our recent journey on learning about the One People’s Public Trust and about the foreclosed private corporations impersonating countries and governments,.  I Am particularly referring about the People that have been actively involved with the OPPT from early on and any One else since then, who has completed their due diligence by:

  • reading all the UCC filings, articles, blogs and any other sources dealing with the OPPT
  • listening to almost every conversation, talk, YouTube presentations or Internet radio commentary about OPPT they could find
  • preparing OPPT presentations, videos, radio  programs, graphics, logos, posters, websites, blogs and more
  • participating in FaceBook Flash Mobs, emailing lame stream media outlets, and other social networks
  • conducting OPPT meetings in their communities, churches, homes and public places
  • studying and completing the Courtesy Notices and Invoices to make others aware of the changes in the Lawful landscape of the Earth
  • communicating with friends, neighbors, community leaders, national leaders, and any One else who will listen about OPPT
  • challenging the current paradigm of fear, separation, and lack and sharing a new paradigm of Love, One-ness and Abundance
  • challenging the corrupt corporations that have stolen from All of us through utility charges, fraudulent mortgages, unlawful repossessions, and operating slavery systems
  • changing the way they think about them selves and others using the wisdom and understanding of Love for All as One
  • understanding that it is only through One’s Heart can they really begin to walk as I Am Universal Value without limits


There are many who have not completed their due diligence and are working to do so, please be patient with them, help them and lead them to educating themselves and others. Some will never relinquish the love of power to control others.  And we call them evil. They are afraid of change; they are afraid of us; and in their fear, they strike out at those different from them, or with different ideas.  Do not let them walk over you.  Just stand up to them with Love and you will begin to see change in their hearts.  Remember, we are All Eternal Essence Embodied.

There are those that believe that it is only power that can hold evil in check. But that is not what I found.

I  found that it is the small things, every day deeds of the One People that keeps the darkness at bay.  Simple acts of kindness and Love.

Keep up the good work! It’s not over until it’s over and it is what it is! Continue to do good and Love all ways. Remember it’s the journey that creates the adventure!

And the adventure is just beginning!  April Showers bring May Flowers!