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“the new earth movement is uniting humankind in a common cause promoting self-determination, freedom and prosperity amongst all people of the world. we offer beautiful homes in enchanting locations, within fractal communities of conscious people. we invite you to contribute time, resource and creativity towards manifesting this great collective vision”



health sovereignty

regeneration of environment

primacy of peace, justice & liberty

protection of indigenous and cultural wisdom

harmonization of global commerce with sustainability

elimination of all threats posed by wmd & nuclear weapons

the cultivation and appreciation of all spiritual & cultural values

the establishment of ethical and accountable governance worldwide

the advancement of our education & new modalities for learning

furtherance of all individual freedoms, rights & responsibilities

elevation of beauty, artistic expression and human creativity

the restoration of honest and open debate in our media

the safe-harbouring of breakthrough medical cures

protection of technological advancements

the promulgation of free energy

economic reform


humanitad is an international non-governmental, non-profit, self-funding organisation committed to the promotion of tolerance and fellowship between all peoples of all nations and faiths. we do this through the development of programs and initiatives which serve human and planetary betterment, and via the facilitation of coherent and progressive exchange amongst international leadership.

earth sanctuary status offers an immediate and lawful way for people to transcend the illusion of national identity and borders, as well relinquish ideas of ownership in favour of custodianship and guardianship. it enables a clear and uncompromising exit from the grasp of rogue bureaucracy and undesirable enclosures. underpinning the earth sanctuary platform is the earth sanctuary universal trust; which will serve as an extraterritorial protectorate for the lands and communities within its global family.

the exemplar-zero initiative demands a policy-perspective recognition of the urgent need for a harmonious balance between the built and the natural environment. it also invites an active consensus between governments, industry and grass-roots ushering in environmental sustainability. the e-z initiative fosters and incubates breakthrough sustainable technologies and solutions, and was launched by humanitad as a planetary initiative at the united nations millennium plaza in new york city in 2010.

the natural world organization is being positioned as a multilateral organization with a simple mission. it challenges inappropriate governance and decision-making which directly or indirectly harms human and planetary well-being. the organization houses its own law commission which serves to advance its objectives.

the new earth project is a pioneering initiative to unite humanity in a common cause: to define a world shaped by conscious people, in order to bring about healthy, joyful and prosperous lives. people all around the world are rising up and demanding that overbearing government stands down. none of us want our world to be coloured any further by the engineering of wars, surveillance-culture, forced vaccinations, food-stamps, corporate recklessness and media-manipulation. we are ready for a different civilizational download…

the new earth vision invites us to end that old order – now! – by our own consent, across the seemingly impossible divides. it offers a comprehensive blueprint for accomplishing this…

new earth communities: pioneering social experiments serving as nationwide exemplars for the ideal sustainable, conscious community.

new earth institutes: international centres of excellence and innovation in consciousness, advanced sciences, healing and wellness.

new earth retreats: places where students, visitors and visionary patrons alike can experience the world’s most advanced educational, technological, rejuvenating and healing facilities in flourishing natural biospheres.

new earth festivals: a unified global focus event presenting a sustainable vision for a New Earth through the joyful celebration and exposition of art, music, theatre, dance, food, new sciences, healing and wisdom.

new earth portal: a pioneering immersive online portal serving as the planetary ‘touchstone’ for all of the new earth communities, residents, programs & initiatives around the world.


Additional Information:

The world is quickly changing and We The People are waking up. A new page in history is about to be turned and the forces of domination are volleying with the forces of freedom. New programs and systems are rolling out almost daily, promising to bring our long awaited peace and prosperity. But which ones are simply re-packaged systems of control? How can we discern the wolf in sheep’s clothing?I have devised a wolfsheep test consisting of 5 questions to apply to new offerings.
Is it……1. Flexible or rigid?2. Transparent or secret?3. Pure or homogenized?4. Simple or complex?5. Empowering or coercive?

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