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I Am posting another message from The Ruiner.  I hope those who really read these posts are receiving the wisdom embedded in his writings.  I have read many comments saying The Ruiner is an Illuminati plant, he says he is writing fiction, it;s already proven that he…, etc… Yet no references to these comments are given.  Accusations really, probably based on some other One’s writings.

I really do not care if what I post upsets any One! I see some comments that attack the fact that “GASP!” I Am posting some thing from “The Ruiner”.  I feel these people fail to grasp the wisdom that is hidden in so much information because they JUDGE some thing about the Being bringing the message based on Others’ judgements and opinions.

One must study, if One desires knowledge.
One must lack judgment, if One desires peace.
One must quiet their mind, if One desires wisdom.
One must seek their heart, if One desires truth.

–Angel Lucci

TheRuiner posted on

The Beauty of Humanity


Aside from very rare exceptions, all of you reading this, at this time, are Human.

Whether your soul identifies itself as Reptilian, Pleiadian, Lycan, or any other. Or whether you are incarnating for the first time from 7th or 10th or Two Trillionth density;

You are, right now, Human.

Embrace this.

You have been controlled, manipulated and abused by other beings of different densities and races (non-humans) because you have something they don’t. You are capable of things they aren’t but want to be. You have an experience unlike and far more intense than any other race at any other density. – Not better, not worse, just different-

Because you are Human.

We have several waves of “wanderers” and “walk-ins” and “starseeds” who thought they could handle this form and this density but -in some cases- underestimated the intensity of this particular experience.

Being Human.

They came in for a purpose, but for many if not most, they forgot what that purpose was. So they looked outside themselves for answers – as Humans tend to do- and they found them.

They were told they are not human, they are ET, or higher density, trapped (not my word for it) in a human body.

From there they spent many years spiraling off trying to remember where they “came from” and who they WERE.

Meanwhile, what they ARE, is Human.

Eventually they remembered or at least thought they did and in doing so remembered they have a purpose. So they went looking outside themselves for answers – as humans tend to do- and someone told them their purpose was to raise the vibration of the planet for humans.

Yes. True. For Humans.

You, right now, unless you are that rare exception, are Human.

So yes please!!! Raise the vibration for yourselves. For us all. For Humans.

Being Human is beautiful. When your conscious mind returns to its higher density or ET state it sees this as one of the most beautiful things within creation.

Being Human is as beautiful to even the Highest Density ET Beings as watching a child play is to any of you readers.

Absolutely remarkable to watch this process of growing and discovering and joy and laughter and even the tough lessons can seem beautiful when we observe them occurring for children.

If the joy and vibration of a happy child isn’t exactly the energy that we truly want this world to made from.. Honestly there is no hope for this world. Let the snakes have it.

Back to my point

Be Human.

Hi guys,
It’s ok to be human. In fact, it’s better than ok. It’s beautiful and amazing.

Signed yours sincerely,
The Universe.

It’s a short trip. But it’s action packed and full of twists and turns. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll sing, you’ll scream, you will bleed and you will heal and everything you do will matter to you once you cannot do it anymore so just ****ing enjoy it while it lasts.

Be Human. Right now. FOR NOW.

RIGHT now, you’re at the most transformative period of Human history to occur in at least 20,000. Look back at that past period of time and you will see the gravity of my statement. It is all intended. ET or Higher Density beings alike should embrace this.

Raise your vibration or consciousness for you and you are doing it for us.

Take Kare of you, for us.

Be Human. For us.

How about “Service to everything”. Ourselves and others. We are the same anyways, right? All one?

Well; RIGHT NOW, we have individuality to explore. Right now we are Human.

What woulda, shoulda, coulda been – blah blah blah.

You are Human RIGHT NOW and being Human is beautiful.

EVERYTHING serves the whole.

You came here to be Conscious Co-Creators of a Human experience.

Be Human and Co-Create. Don’t worry about the passing of time. Just enjoy the experience.

“Ride on the spiral of our divinity and, STILL BE A HUMAN”