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Hour of Truth #14, radio show with Michael Tellinger – official announcement

Hour of Truth 14 – Michael Tellinger – official announcement

December 12th 2013.  – live at Radio Liberum.

Special guest:

Michael of the Tellinger family, South Africa.

First 2 minutes will be in Croatian language and then we will switch to English.

Featuring interview with Michael, founder of UBUNTU party & Liberation movement, author,  researcher, scientist.

20:00 hours – Moscow, Tbilisi etc.

19:00 hours – Johannesburg, Cairo etc.

18:00 hours – Berlin, Zagreb etc.

17:00 hours – London, Casablanca etc.

12:00 hours – New York, Montreal etc.

11:00 hours – Houston, Winnipeg etc.

10:00 hours – Denver, Edmonton etc.

09:00 hours – Los Angeles, Vancouver etc.

Dec 13th – 04:00 hours – Sydney

Dec 13th – 03:30 hours – Adelaide

Dec 13th –  01:00 hours – Perth

Links for the show:



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Hour of Truth 9 – Announcement – Max Igan

20th/21st August 2013. – live at Radio Liberum.

Due to time zone and our guest being from Australia this show will be moved 4 hours ahead.

00:00 hours Aug 21st – Moscow, Tbilisi etc.

22:00 hours – Berlin, Zagreb etc.

21:00 hours – London, Casablanca etc.

16:00 hours – New York, Montreal etc.

15:00 hours – Houston, Winnipeg etc.

14:00 hours – Denver, Edmonton etc.

13:00 hours – Los Angeles, Vancouver etc.

Aug 21st – 07:00 hours – Sydney

Aug 21st – 07:30 hours – Adelaide

Aug 21st 08:00 hours – Perth, Shanghai etc.


Max Igan, Australia.

First 2 minutes will be in Croatian language and then we will switch to English.

Featuring full interview with Max Igan – learn more about what Max does at . Join us and listen what Max has to say on various subjects, including but not limited to OPPT. The Holy See will be our center topic.

Click on picture to listen the show:


Backup link is HERE .


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Hour of Truth – #6

Originalni audio zapis sa glazbom možete poslušati OVDJE .

You can listen original audio file with music HERE .


Thank you Vladimir and Drazen for the opportunity to be on your Hour of Truth Croatia!

Keep up the great work y’all are doing!