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This is really a great documentary. There is much information that I have never seen before regarding McCartney’s death. Very well documented and researched.

If you have even the slight interest, watch it!

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The Winged Beatle 2012

Paul McCartney Really Is Dead: The Last Testament of George Harrison – In the summer of 2005, a package arrived at the Hollywood offices of Highway 61 Entertainment from London with no return address. Inside were two mini-cassette audio tapes dated December 30, 1999 and labeled “The Last Testament of George Harrison”. A voice eerily similar to Harrison’s tells a shocking story: Paul McCartney was killed in a car crash in November of 1966 and replaced with a double! British intelligence, MI5, had forced the Beatles to cover up McCartney’s death to prevent mass suicides of Beatle fans. However, the remaining Beatles tried to signal fans with clues on album covers and in songs. Until now, the “Paul is Dead” mystery that exploded worldwide in 1969 was considered a hoax. However, in this film, the mysterious voice on the tapes reveals a secret Beatles history, chronicling McCartney’s fatal accident, the cover up, dozens of unknown clues, and a dangerous cat and mouse game with “Maxwell,” the Beatles’ MI5 handler, as John Lennon became increasingly reckless with the secret.


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Published on Jan 3, 2013

George Harrison’s friends, family, and bandmates unite for a tribute concert on the one-year anniversary of his death.

1. Eric Clapton & Ravi Shakar — Intro / Itroduction [0:00]
2. Anoushka Shankar — Your Eyes [6:30]
3. Jeff Lynne — The Inner Light [15:14]
4. Anoushka Sankar & Ravi Shakar’s Orchestra — Arpan [18:19]
5. The Monty Python — Sit On My Face [42:28]
6. The Monty Python — The Lumberjack Song [45:12]
7. Jeff Lynne — I Want To Tell You [49:15]
8. Eric Clapton — If I Needed Someone [51:57]
9. Eric Clapton — Old Brown Shoe [54:31]
10. Jeff Lynne — Give Me Love [58:52]
11. Eric Clapton — Beware Of Darkness [1:01:55]
12. Joe Brown — Here Comes The Sun [1:06:06]
13. Joe Brown — That’s The Way It Goes [1:09:21]
14. Jools Holland and Sam Brown — Horse To The Water [1:13:22]
15. Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers — Taxman [1:19:19]
16. Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers — I Need You [1:2242]
17. Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers — Handle With Care[1:26:05]
18. Eric Clapton & Billy Preston — Isn’t It A Pity [1:29:51]
19. Ringo Starr — Photograph [1:37:24]
20. Ringo Starr — Honey Don’t [1:41:28]
21. Paul McCartney — For You Blue [1:45:00]
22. Paul McCartney — Something [1:48:12]
23. Paul McCartney — All Things Must Pass [1:52:48]
24. Eric Clapton — While My Guitar Gently Weeps [1:56:41]
25. Billy Preston — My Sweet Lord [2:02:55]
26. Jeff Lynne & George’s Band — Wah-Wah [2:08:12]
27. Joe Brown — I’ll See You In My Dreams [2:15:13]